Bluff City Law Premiere Recap 09/23/19: Season 1 Episode 1 “Pilot”

Bluff City Law Premiere Recap 09/23/19: Season 3 Episode 1 "Pilot"

Tonight on NBC their new law drama Bluff City Law airs with an all-new Monday, September 23, 2019, episode and we have your Bluff City Lawl recap below.  On tonight’s Bluff City Law season 1 episode 1 premiere called, “Pilot,” as per the NBC synopsis, “In the aftermath of her family tragedy, top corporate attorney Sydney Strait (Caitlin McGee) decides to put aside years of personal conflict with her father Elijah (Jimmy Smits) to rejoin his legendary Civil Rights firm and take on a chemical company whose product may cause cancer.

No sooner is Sydney back, when she stumbles on a secret Elijah has been keeping from her that may change everything.

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Bluff City Law begins tonight with Sydney Strait talking about her job and how she holds a family’s lives in her hands and how what she says and what she does will determine the life they will have. Edgar Soriano (Mo Gallini), a custodian at a highschool for 15 years and his wife Maria (Elena Varela), a waitress who works double shifts since Edgar got sick and their daughter, Eva (Sara Angelina Rivera) who is trying to get into medical school so she can cure her dad. Edgar is Sydney’s client and it is her job to find him justice. Her job is supposed to be rewarding but if you lose, it will destroy you.

6 weeks earlier
Earl Davis (Mark Rowe) is questioned, as he is blaming tobacco for his issues but she brings up his wife’s 3 affairs and his multiple hiring of prostitutes for his throat problems. Elijah Strait (Jimmy Smits) comes into her office, but she demands to know how her receptionist let him in. He informs her that her mother died, devastating her. The funeral is at the family home, but after everyone leaves, Sydney and Elijah sit on the porch having a drink feeling her mother would have gotten a kick out of them sitting so quietly on the porch.

Elijah shows her his case, asking her if she was representing the Sorianos would she be able to win the case? He wants her to come back to his firm and fight by his side, something they both know and her mom knew too. He feels their differences could be their strengths. She doesn’t like him, asking if he expects her to ignore how he treats her and all the years he cheated on her mom. He accepts that she won’t forgive him and she can hate him but the world is running out of heroes. He feels when you lose the love of your life that you don’t want to lose out on one more moment with your incredible daughter. Sydney leaves to go to a bar.

The following day, Sydney walks into her dad’s law firm warmly greeted by many as Elijah goes to see Jake Reilly (Barry Sloane), asking if he feels his position is compromised in any way because of Sydney he will help him get a job at any other firm but gives him a case to work on. Meanwhile, Elijah and the lawfirm learn that Edgar’s prognosis has changed and it is worse than expected. Sydney explains they can expedite it; asking if they want to settle or win? As soon as they leave, Elijah wants Sydney in his office and Anthony Little (Michael Luwoye) says Sydney as upended two years worth of work in 2 hours.

3 weeks later
Edwin James (Nick Basta) admits some of the studies had errors and didn’t send them in. They are easily able to prove the reports were getting thrown out did in fact prove the farm was using chemicals that were cancer causing.

Meanwhile, Jake meets with his client, who feels being in jail is a violation of his civil rights. He tells Jake there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow as he is guilty. He stands up and is escorted back to his cell. Jake has no idea what to think as he was given the case specifically by Mrs. Strait. When Sydney returns to the office, Jake asks her if she knows why her mother would have wanted him to handle the George Bow case? Her ex-husband is the chief detective on the case and he asked to be introduced and she says it is okay but they have a strict no work line policy. Harvey agrees to meet with Jake the following afternoon, only because her mom was asking. As they return to the car, Jake tells Sydney it is obvious that the cowboy still loves her but she broke his heart. She receives a call that Sanford wants to discuss a settlement.

They are offered $200,000 and Sydney tells them that won’t even cover medical expenses so she is told by her father to listen or walk out and she leaves the restaurant. The offer isn’t accepted and outside Sydney tells her father the next time he tells her to walk out of meeting she will keep walking. He suggests she does something with her anger, as everything isn’t in black and white. He advises her to take away the attack dog mode and figure out why he is trying to give them an offer.

Back in court, the expert is taken off the stand as she doesn’t know the product they are fighting over. Sydney finally gets angry and asks the judge how much AmeriFarm is paying her and she ends up charged with contempt and sitting in a jail cell until Harvey bails her out. Back at the firm, Anthony feels Sydney is terrible for the case and the firm, she walks in the door and agrees with him. Elijah tells everyone they need to find an expert for tomorrow and Edgar prepared for tomorrow as they are out of witnesses and he nods at Anthony. Elijah is lectured that he needs to talk to his daughter and not be an ass; he built that wall around he and he needs to keep knocking it down now.

Sydney admits she doesn’t think she can accept a loss on this side of the law, looking at Edgar, his wife and his daughter. She doesn’t know how her dad does it. How does he handle the pressure when winning or losing means everything? He admits for years that is how he almost lost her mother. He tells her if she can learn to channel all this passion that she has than she can change the world. Jake goes to see Della Bedford (Jayne Atkinson) asking her why would someone confess to killing a 16 year old girl if you were innocent. The story doesn’t add up and the timeline is wrong; he feels the police might have framed the guy, but he doesn’t want anyone’s help. She suggests he ask George Bell why he has chosen guilty as his legacy.

Emerson (Stony Blyden) finds something on Amerifarm’s communications and calls Briana Logan (MaameYaa Boafo). We return to court and Elijah calls Edgar to the stand to testify. While court is on, Briana helps Emerson locate the woman in the letter. Edgar explains that the nozzle from the hose that was spraying the chemical came off so he jumped in his vehicle and drove with the chemical pouring all over his body, so that it wouldn’t reach the well of the school that was a few feet away, saving the children that were there.

When they begin to cross examine him, they question about diet soda, red meat, the sun; Sydney is outside the courtroom having a hard time breathing as Ava asks if they are going to win, Sydney seems shaken. Emerson runs in and tells them they found something from a German subsidurary of Amerifarm and found a doctor who they’re pretty sure proved that it causes cancer.

Sydney and Elijah meet with the doctor who admits she was excited about her results but she was rushed by lawyers and her lab was shut down and she was told she will be shut down and be bankrupt if she says anything. The results that Green Code is 500 times more crossengenic that cigarettes. She feels there is a misunderstanding as testifying will ruin her life as she has a family. Sydney tells her that Edgar has a family too. Outside, Elijah talks to her, knowing what these big companies do to people, counting on fear to keep them complicit. This moment is giving her the chance to hold them accountable for holding her regrettable for this.

Jake meets with George, bringing him a lot of apple sauce, promising him apple sauce everyday, confronting him on why he said he was guilty only after he was convicted so that his wife and son could move on. It worked as she met a good man and they have a good family, as his son went on to Georgetown, as they have beautiful messy lives so now it is time for him to have one too. George agrees.

Elijah calls the good doctor, Nancy which is objected profusely. They are called to the judge’s chambers, where they are denied the testimony for the testing the doctor may or may not have done. Sydney suddenly says her work is not all that matters and calls everyone back to court. Nancy never heard of Edgar except for this case, so she is asked if there is anything she would like to say to him. They object, but she apologizes to the family as she continues to blab about them raiding her lab and that this never should have happened. Elijah and Sydney both end up in jail for contempt as Elijah compliments Sydney on the brilliant question and giving them a chance in there, smiling.

Closing arguments begin, Sydney talking about how everyone wants a chance to take life on their own terms and how Amerifarms took that chance from him.

Outside, Jake tells Sydney her speech was inspiring and Harvey was the one who teared up, asking her if she is sure him sitting in her courtroom means nothing. She asks about the George Bell case and he reveals it will be a battle but he is on board. He admits that doing right by George is going to make things very difficult for her ex and she confesses that won’t be the first time she did that to him. She gets notice that the verdict is in.

The first question did Green coat cause harm to Edgar? YES Was Amerifarm aware of the potential dangers of their product? YES Did Amerifarm withhold knowledge of these dangers in an attempt to avoid responsibility? YES

The assessment of damages is $1.4 million in compensatory damages and $45 million in punitive damages. Anthony leans in and tells Sydney that this is the chance for the 85 people in the class action. Her father, writes her a little note that says, “Change the World!” Sydney goes to the bathroom washes her face and screams, cheering as the opponent comes out of one of the stalls. The Strait firm celebrates together at the bar.

Elijah and Sydney are at the firm, and he doesn’t know what to do as it is 2:30 on a Saturday afternoon. She wants to talk about her car allowance and vacation time. Suddenly Emerson barges in calling Elijah “Dad”, causing Sydney to look at him, asking Elijah, “What did he just call you??”