Bull Recap 09/30/19: Season 4 Episode 2 “Fantastica Voyage”

Tonight on CBS their drama Bull inspired by Dr. Phil McGraw airs with an all-new Monday, September 30, 2019, episode and we have your Bull recap below.  On tonight’s Bull season 4 episode 2 called, “Fantastica Voyage,” as per the CBS synopsis, “Bull sees a visionary whereas the federal government sees a con woman, when he helps the defense of a charismatic entrepreneur, Whitney Holland, who’s accused of defrauding investors in her seemingly groundbreaking water filtration system company.

As the trial gets underway, Bull focuses on selecting jurors whose belief systems allow them to see his client as a dreamer who never meant criminal intent.

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Tonight on Bull, Dr. Jason Bull gets a client that is asking him to represent her in a federal whistleblower case that a former employee has turned on her and states that the water product she was trying to pass off as a scheme, and she’s charged with wire fraud and lying to companies.

His partner Benny doesn’t fully agree they should represent her and feels as if she didn’t sound convincing enough proving her innocence to then. But Dr bull takes her as a client and, as to begin the jury selection process and try to pick jurors who will help him win his case.

They weed out the ones who wouldn’t help and try to manipulate some into thinking the same way as they plan to defend their client. During the trial, Benny makes his arguing speech that the former employee who’s a whistleblower stands to make a profit of the government wins against his former employer Whitney.

The bullshit team does some research on Whitney and find out some inconsistent lies she’s told about her past, for example, her writing bad checks in college and being forced to leave, also her story on how her father died was a lie as well, Bull decides to do a polygraph test on her for himself.

Bull proceeds to ask Whitney a series of questions during the polygraph test to try and figure out if she’s telling lies to cover the truth or tells the truth to cover lies, Whitney intrigues Bull and he decides to move forward in representing her and her water filter company and the claim that she can clean large supplies of water state and citywide.

Whitney takes the stand and she’s questioned by the DA and in closing arguments, all the lies she’s told investor are exposed, Bull and his team prepare for the worst during jury deliberations. Bull apologizes to Benny because he insisted on taking Whitney as a client and he admits Benny was right they should’ve passed on her due to all her lies and inconsistent stories have come out.

Surprisingly the case is a mistrial as one juror is undecided, the judges adjourned the case and Bull gives 7 months to come back and retry, to give Whitney time to prove her water system works and it turns out the juror who was undecided is the one who’s taken interest in Whitney’s water system and wants to help find her further research. He’s the same juror that Bull and Benny handpicked during jury selection to have the casework in their favor and it all worked out.