Chicago Fire Recap 05/08/19: Season 7 Episode 20 “Try Like Hell”

Chicago Fire Recap 05/08/19: Season 7 Episode 20 "Try Like Hell"

Tonight on NBC Chicago Fire returns with an all-new Wednesday, May 8, 2019, season 7 episode 20 called, “Try Like Hell,” and we have your Chicago Fire weekly recap below. On tonight’s Chicago Fire as per the NBC synopsis, “Severide and Boden search to uncover whether arson was the cause of a fire at a hair salon. Mouch, Herrmann, Otis and Kidd make a startling discovery in tracking down the missing piercing nozzle from Engine 27.”

Tonight’s Chicago Fire season 7 episode 18 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it.   While you’re waiting for our recap make sure to check out all our Chicago Fire recaps, news, spoilers & more, right here!

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Chicago Fire begins tonight with Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) bringing in flowers to the firehouse table. She tells Emily Foster (Annie Ilonzeh) she is trying to brighten up the room. Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) says they are so pretty as Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg) complains that it is way too early to be this perky. Randall “Mouch” McHolland (Christian Stolte) claims he is allergic to them but Brian “Otis” Zvonecek (Yuri Sardarov) tells him these flowers don’t have pollen and he is probably getting a cold.

Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) asks Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) if he is moving after he saw all the boxes in his car, but Severide reveals it is Benny’s stuff as his house sold and he needed to clear it out. Cruz wants the George Foreman grill and Kelly gives him the keys. Stella wonders how tough it was for Kelly but he says the worst one will be the cabin up North, and he is heading there after next shift. He spent a lot of time there but feels he is going to sell that place too. Brett is told she doesn’t need to get rid of the flowers because of Mouch.

The Engine arrives from Firehouse 27, and they are demanding to have their piercing nozzle returned to them, but Herrmann insists they returned it at the scene. They are told they had the chance to come clean and now he has no choice but to report them to his Battalion Chief. A call comes in and the Truck 51 takes off to the fire. Chief Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker) disperses everyone as Severide sees residents using the fire escape; he tells Cruz that they are going up.

Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) tells Otis and Kidd to clear the units above the fire. Casey and Mouch go into the burning building looking for people inside as Severide tells the residents to take it nice and easy down the stairs but an elderly woman falls. Casey is concerned that the fire is spreading fast as Kelly comforts the woman saying they will get her out of there as soon as possible. Casey and Mouch notice flammable canisters and are unable to escape before they explode.

Once outside, Boden takes a deep sigh as Casey says the building is clear. He allows Herrmann to go in with the hose as Severide helps the woman into the basket and lowers her down to his crew. Brett and Foster are there to take her to Chicago Med, saying they will check vitals on the way. Niya (Zenzi Williams) is asking if the woman is okay, she is a customer of her salon and a friend. She freaks out, worrying about her dog Miles, but she cries that this can’t be happening as Severide holds her back from running into the burning building.

Back at the firehouse, Mouch sneezes complaining about the flowers, but everyone thinks he has a cold as he was sneezing on the truck too. Boden wants someone to explain how he got a thousand dollar invoice for a piercing nozzle. Otis, Cruz, Mouch and Herrmann insist they are not thieves so Boden calls Steve, saying he doesn’t appreciate anyone questioning the integrity of his firehouse, and tells him the next time he has a problem with Firehouse 51, he should come to him man-to-man.

Sylvie and Emily talk about being at the salon for hours and hours. Brett is distracted when she sees Kyle Sheffield (Teddy Sears), Emily says hi but quickly leaves so Sylvie can talk to him. He hasn’t been by the firehouse because he has been busy. They joke about him watching “Property Brothers”. They laugh as Kyle is called back to his office as someone is there to see him. They both feel it is nice to see each other then part ways.

Casey and Kelly are called into Boden’s office where Captain Hubble (Erin Breen) wants their statements from the salon fire. She reveals there are signs pointing to arson as Kelly says he feels for the owner as she seemed like a sweet person; he is told not to as it looks like she is the one who started the fire. He isn’t saying this isn’t arson, but he is positive she didn’t do this because she was devastated at the scene. Hubble says she sees this all the time in insurance scams and neighbors did confirm the salon was under water. When Kelly brings up the dog, Hubble says they didn’t find any dog; suggesting it was never there. Kelly is certain that she wasn’t faking it; when Hubble says she is going to Chicago Med to talk to her, Kelly offers to go with her as he connected with the salon owner. Boden gives him one hour.

Cruz says he is going to use the grill on next shift, making Stella a believer out of her since she calls it basically a steamer. Otis is looking through boxes when he discovers something shocking. Everyone from the truck is called into the bunker room, where they find out they do have the piercing nozzle. Herrmann quickly covers it up, believing another shift might have tossed it aside. Stella is excited that they are going to sneak it back to 27 without anyone knowing; especially after the way Boden defended them. Herrmann says they are doing this right after shift, Stella says she is great at capers, explaining her escapades in high school.

Niya promises Miriam she will be right there as Hubble and Severide come to see her. Apparently, Miriam has a serious spinal injury, saying she has no one else as her husband died the previous year. When Niya asks about her dog, Hubble says they have some questions for her. She shows footage of her dog being inside the salon but Severide notices the cameras shut down a half hour before the fire started. Hubble finds the timing strange, causing Niya to question her accusations. She loved the salon, it was never going to make her rich but it was her dream. Miriam is family and she would never put her family in danger like that. She tells Severide they need to find out who did this and he guarantees he will. She sends him the link to the video.

Casey spots Sylvie holding the vase of flowers, asking if everything is all right. She admits she saw Kyle at Med and is holding the flowers because Mouch keeps complaining about his allergies, she was going to hide them under his bed. She confesses it was weird but nice to see Kyle; Matt understands as Sylvie finds it strange that he isn’t coming around the firehouse probably because of the breakup. Matt apologizes for his role in the split, but Sylvie admits it was doomed from the start and it is time for her to move on; it’s just taking her longer than expected. They joke about how he still hasn’t cleared out Gabi’s locker.

The ambulance is called and Sylvie knows the place as she takes a spin class there; Olivia (Samantha Massell) gets them to follow her to help this girl who fell off her bike. Everyone clears the space and find the girl’s scalp wide open as her hair is caught in the wheel.

One of the cyclists doesn’t know what happened, as Sylvie says they need to cut her hair and clean up the blood to see what is going on. Olivia brings them some towels, Brett telling her to hold onto her while Emily wraps her head, they get her in the chair with Olivia raving about Sylvie’s job. Olivia apologizes for Jason, saying there are no real men in spin class.

Mouch, Otis and Cruz are in position as Stella and Hermann watch them from the car, telling them to hold up; once the truck is clear Herrmann tells them to get it done. They have no idea where they keep it so Cruz tells them to just pick one and drop it in. Mouch makes a lot of noise and ends up sneezing, causing Kevin Klinginpill (Aaron Munoz) to catch them, asking what it is worth to them for him to remain quiet; Herrmann and Stella bail from the situation.

Sylvie sits with Casey, saying they are more than capable of moving on and mentions how the woman in her spin class would be perfect for him. He isn’t so sure about the blind date but Sylvie promises it will be casual and no pressure. Meanwhile, Stella is concerned about Kelly still being at the fire scene, saying he is using this as a distraction to avoid dealing with Benny’s stuff. She wants to reach out, but Emily warns her that every time she does it ends in disaster. Otis confronts Stella about leaving men behind; Emily asks about the caper not going well but Stella doesn’t want to talk about it.

Severide and Boden walk through the salon with Hubble. He says the cameras are still connected but Hubble says she is just following the evidence but Severide tells her he is trusting his gut on this one. A man, Gavin Harkey (Peter Goldsmith) approaches, asking who he can sue since he was a tenant upstairs and just wants to know whose fault it is, certain it was an electrical fire. He confirms there was an outage before the fire, that happened for about 5 minutes and it was 20-30 minutes before the fire. Severide says that explains the cameras going out as Boden questions who killed the power.

Outside, CFD discovers the case is still in tack but finds rust and one of the lock and tabs. Boden believes Severide as someone did this, making sure the cameras were down long enough for them to set the fire. Severide asks Boden if this looks familiar to him as Hubble follows a scent; she moves a cardboard box, revealing a dead Miles; besides a bloody crowbar.

Severide shows Casey what they found at the scene, saying the arsonist is in the wind but he is able to do this and no one is the wiser. Severide feels this is familiar somehow as Casey looks at the photos of Miles, saying whoever it is, is a nasty piece of work. Severide wants to look through the old arson files.

Everyone who was involved in the caper, suggesting to Boden that they take on Klinginpill into Firehouse 51. He doesn’t buy their charade so Cruz blurts out about the piercing nozzle being at their place the whole time but no one realized it. Boden asks if he is to hire Klinginpill in order to keep him quiet. Boden calls Steve from firehouse 27, revealing the truth and is sending the “knuckleheads” to his firehouse to wash all their rigs from stem to stern. They excuse themselves as Otis tells Mouch the next time he should try an antihistamine.

Stella finds Severide looking through the files; he says something is familiar about the salon fire. Stella confronts him about going up to the cabin after shift, but he says the cabin isn’t going anywhere. He tells her he will get there, but he wants to figure out this case first; Stella offers her help which he thanks her for.

There is a party at Sylvie’s place, where Otis begins trivia. It is funny how Sylvie and Casey are finding out how much they have in common, Matt has nothing in common with Olivia. Sylvie wants to switch to charades and Matt guesses right away what Sylvie is doing. Sylvie asks Olivia if Matt is great, she agrees.

Niya comes to see Severide as he is sorry about her dog. She wants him to find whoever started the fire, saying the surgeons couldn’t help her and Miriam will never walk again. Severide finds Hubble saying something about this case is nagging at him, hoping he could go through her system but sees the timing device in an evidence bag. Severide realizes something, saying he needs to check first and leaves.

The crew is washing the rigs, Klinginpill reveals he got a permanent position at Firehouse 27, thanking them for changing his life. Olivia informs Sylvie that Claire (Holly Dowell) is doing well and hopefully will be back to spin class soon. Sylvie offers to give Olivia Casey’s number, but she says he is an awesome guy but the thing is Sylvie should be the one with Matt Casey. Sylvie denies an attraction, saying he was married to her best friend, but Olivia says they are meant for each other; causing Sylvie to think.

Matt comes to see Kyle, saying he broke up with Sylvie because it would interfere with his job. Kyle says he wasn’t coming around because he was trying to be sensitive for Sylvie. Matt pushes him to come back as the gang and Sylvie need him. Kyle asks about Sylvie being tough as Matt says she is tough but also a great girl; Kyle says she is the best. Matt leaves with a curious look on his face.

Severide goes up to the cabin, searching through drawers and Benny’s files until he finds the case of Dorman Fire, Lincoln Park 2004. He was right about knowing the scene and immediately goes to Boden’s house saying he knows who torched the hair salon, someone his father has been hunting for 15 years.