Chicago Med Fall Finale Recap 11/20/19: Season 5 Episode 9 “I Can’t Imagine The Future”

Chicago Med Fall Finale Recap 11/20/19: Season 5 Episode 9 "I Can't Imagine The Future"

Tonight on NBC their medical drama Chicago Med airs with an all-new Wednesday, November 20, 2019, episode and we have your Chicago Med recap below. On tonight’s Chicago Med season 5 episode 9 called, “April receives unfortunate news that makes her question her future with Ethan. Dr. Charles and Maggie see tough times on the horizon. Natalie’s memory from the accident starts to return.

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Chicago Med begins tonight with Dr. Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto) waking up after dreaming about the night she met Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) in his car; recalling how he told her the truth about Phillip Davis (Ian Harding). April Sexton (Yaya DaCosta) meets with her doctor, who informs April that tests indicate she has a low ovarian reserve. She realizes that Dr. Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) really wants a baby but it is her fault that they have been unable to have a baby. She suggests they check out IVF and the earlier the better. April doesn’t know how she is going to tell Ethan this and them being able to work out.

April comes home, Ethan thinking she was at the gym just as he is getting ready to leave for two months for the Navy as he is a Reservist. She finds the book “The Expectant Father” in his things as he tells her he is only looking towards the future and April avoids any more conversation.

Caroline “CC” Charles (Paula Newsome) wakes up with Dr. Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt) sitting in a chair as she tells him she slept great. He told her he is staying home today, wondering about her pain level and convinces her not to talk him out of it. CC tells him that she wants him to remarry, something he ignores and goes to the kitchen to cook. When Daniel is alone he breaks down in tears.

Natalie tends to Ben Campbell (Charles Malik Whitfield) as Maggie Lockwood (Marlyne Barrett) stands by. Ben has an extremely low white blood cell count and low platelets. He knows it isn’t good, something Natalie confirms. She suggests he get some rest and asks Maggie to contact her if there are any changes but to keep him as comfortable as possible. Natalie is approached by Dr. Elsa Curry (Molly Bernard) who informs her of a pediatric patient, Sofie Davis. Natalie wants to keep the case as Sofie has been her patient, she asks Elsa to come with her.

They arrive at her room, as Natalie explains to Elsa that she is having more memories from the night of the accident. When they walk in the room, Natalie is greeted by Phillip’s sister and her husband, who has no problem telling her that Phillip says a lot of things and is a pathological liar. She learns he asked them to come to the hospital and he bailed on Sofie; both believing that he won’t be back.

Dr Crockett Marcel (Dominic Rains) informs his patient that his catheter is blocked off as his brother tells them he is not a match for a kidney transplant; April tells him that he has an infection but the good news is he can stay on the transplant list. Crockett promises he will get through this.

Ethan meets his patient who is a young male, who has passed out. Ethan informs his family that the insulin is making him better but is concerned about his kidneys and asked for a specialist to see him; Crockett and April knock on the door, explaining they have a patient who also needs a kidney and his brother is willing to donate but isn’t a match. They suggest a domino transplant as Ethan promises to bring it up to his patient and family.

Will meets his patient who was involved in a car accident. His patient, Geordie has down syndrome and is there with his father. Will learns that Geordie is a healthy kid, but they think he has whiplash but just to be sure he wants more Xrays to be sure.

Ethan and Crockett talk to Mrs. Schiller who is willing to donate a kidney, even though she has heart issues. She nods in agreement to give her kidney to Crockett’s patient. Ethan excitedly shares the news with April then brings up the book and how he wants to see a urologist before he leaves to make sure he isn’t the problem as to why they are not getting pregnant. April gets upset, saying she is sick of the pressure and now she isn’t even sure she wants a baby anymore and storms out of the room.

Will returns to see Geordie, saying his CT scans came back normal. He wants to go back to skating as his dad shares that he competes in the Special Olympics. Will is about to release him when Will informs him that his hands feel tingly. He doesn’t feel Will poking his hands and is unable to squeeze his hands as tight as he did before, so Will asks if they can do an MRI.

Natalie finds out that Sofie’s aunt and uncle plan to adopt her. Natalie introduces them to the specialist who will do Sofie’s procedure; everyone shocked to learn that Phillip signed a DNR for the infant. Natalie doesn’t think he would do this, but the guardians say this is typical Phillip; because Sofie isn’t perfect he would definitely sign the paperwork, something that confuses Natalie but they explain he was only acting as a devoted father because he gained something out of it – Natalie! He feels that since she isn’t in the picture he doesn’t need Sofie anymore. The specialist leaves, saying she is not comfortable performing the surgery on a child this young who has a DNR.

April informs her patient that he is going up for surgery in an hour and a few hours later his brother will go in to donate his kidney. Crockett begins the procedure. In the meantime, Ben’s fever goes up even higher as Ben tells Maggie he had a dream that he was fishing but it wasn’t nice because he hates fishing. She moistens his lips, and as she cried he reminds her that she is the closest thing he has to family and learns that he didn’t make any arrangements. He tells her that his folks are in a cemetery in Florida and he wants his ashes placed with them.

Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson) tells Natalie and Elsa that the DNR is valid and will not allow guardianship for this emergency. Dr. Isidore Latham (Ato Essandoh) understands the refusal as the baby is likely to arrest. He is certain if Dr. Connor Rhodes (Colin Donnell) were there he would perform the surgery again, so he agrees to do it.

Ethan’s patient stats drop and Ethan begins chest compressions, he tells Mr. Bill Schiller (Mike Peebler) to step out of the room, but they are unable to revive him. Ethan offers he apologizes as he announces the time of death. Bill mourns over his son, as Ethan watches.

Mrs. Schiller’s kidney is removed and they are good to go as Sharon just informs Bill refuses to allow them to take the kidney now that his son died and he is power of attorney. He wants his wife’s kidney replanted inside her and Crockett is ordered to not transplant the kidney.

Crockett, April, and Ethan are presenting their case to Sharon and Peter; no one knowing what to do as this is the first time it’s happened. Peter needs to present this case so Crockett is told to keep Mrs. Schiller stable and prep Mike for surgery still.

Geordie is introduced to Dr. Sam Abrams (Brennan Brown), who tells him that his spine is built a little differently and not working as well as it should; it is something they see in 25% of DS patients; they want to talk to his dad in the hallway. Outside, Sam gives him two options; with Will telling him his preference. He agrees with Will and not have the surgery as he doesn’t want to take the risk. He doesn’t know what to tell Geordie as the Special Olympics will not be allowed to compete with this condition.

Mike’s brother says he feels back for the Schiller family, but Mike could die without the kidney. Crockett, Ethan, and April find out that legal has made a decision and since Mrs. Schiller’s kidney was already removed from the body it was in possession of the hospital and the caretaker of it. The ethics committee feels the kidney still needs to go to the recipient and Bill’s wishes will not be honored. Ethan walks away, frustrated about how he has to tell Bill this. He confronts April about being “at him” all day and doesn’t know what is going on between them but it might be a good thing that he is going away, leaving in the elevator.

Daniel comes into the hospital, telling Sharon he needs a few more days off as he wants to take CC away for a few days. He informs her they are going to have an intimate bon voyage party and she needs to come. She cries as he tells her no need for that, as it will just be a little party.

Will hears Geordie screaming that the hospital has to fix him. He disagrees with his father and wants to have the surgery because he wants to fly and be free; Will understands how he feels. Maggie is informed that Ben needs to be intubated as he is just getting worse. Maggie comforts him as she is told that they don’t believe he has long. She knows but is devastated.

Natalie watches as Latham performs Sofie’s surgery, and her heart is failing as the alarms sound. They have to prepare for another procedure as her numbers continue to drop. Will watches the video of Geordie skating but is distracted when Geordie begins to scream again. His dad feels that this is his fault because he pushed him into sports, but Will says he loves the sport. He understands his fears but maybe this is about Geordie and what he wants. Will says he saw the video and heard him say he can fly and wants to be free. Geordie calls out for his dad out of fear as Will smiles over the two of them.

Latham finishes the surgery and takes Sofie off of by-pass. Her pressure is down and he believes the little girl’s health issues have been resolved. Ethan tells April he is not coming home, as he will just deploy from the hospital. He wants to be with Bill for when his wife wakes up. Ethan wants to know if she meant it when she said she didn’t want a baby; so she confirms that she doesn’t know what she wants. He reminds her that she has 6 weeks to figure it out.

Dr. James Lanik (Nate Santana) tells Maggie that Ben’s oxygen stats and everything is improving. He believes that Ben has a fighting chance and she needs to keep her fingers crossed.

Geordie learns from Will and Sam that he is going to sleep and when he wakes up he will be better, as Will nods to his father. He smiles as he spots Natalie and Elsa. Natalie suddenly stops as she tells Elsa that the night of the accident, it was the same as now. Sofie was recovering from surgery and she was told that Will loves her and she would be a fool to take him back. She grabs her throat, realizing she has been so unfair to Will.

Will brings Geordie’s dad coffee when Sam comes out and says Geordie should be back on the ice very soon and he would like to know when he is competing as he would like to come. He hugs Will, saying this was all his doing.

April learns from Crockett that Mike got a new kidney; the best news she has heard all day. She hugs him tightly and releases a big sigh. The two look into each other’s eyes and kiss, something that startles both of them. He asks her if she is sure she wants to do this?

Daniel and CC host their party where CC is able to enjoy the company as Daniel offers drinks. Dr. Robin Charles (Mekia Cox) arrives where she is greeted by her grandmother and mom. She wants to speak to Daniel alone for a moment as she tells him that she wants to come with them on their honeymoon. Daniel explains that CC wants Robin to remember her how she is tonight, happy and beautiful; surrounded by friends and family. Robin cries, knowing she will never see her again. Daniel just wants CC to call all the shots and live life out the way she wants. He holds their daughter, reminding her that her mom loves her and vice versa. He gives her a kleenex to wipe away her tears and kisses her cheek.

Ben’s tubing is removed as he wakes up. Maggie comforts him again. He smiles at her and says, “I am alive!” She calls him sweetheart and smiles. On the roof, Will watches several videos of Geordie skating as Natalie finds him, saying she remembers that night and she was coming to tell him she was wrong for the way she treated him. He feels it doesn’t matter but she says there is more, telling him that she came to say she loved him and wants to be with him. He tells her to stop as he reminds her that she told him to get out of her life and life has been good for him without her. She feels they can figure it out but he says they only hurt each other; there was a time he couldn’t imagine a future without her but now he feels free. He is sorry and walks away, leaving her alone and crying.