Chicago Med Recap 10/09/19: Season 5 Episode 3 “In the Valley of The Shadows”

Chicago Med Recap 10/09/19: Season 5 Episode 3 "In the Valley of The Shadows"

Tonight on NBC their medical drama Chicago Med airs with an all-new Tuesday, October 9, 2019, episode and we have your Chicago Med recap below. On tonight’s Chicago Med season 5 episode 3 called, “In the Valley of The Shadows,” as per the NBC synopsis, “Dr. Choi and Dr. Marcel don’t see eye-to-eye over the treatment of a patient’s chronic pain and rumors start to circulate about Maggie.

Dr. Manning works to help a young boy, but her treatment suggestions are challenged by the parents who believe in only using holistic remedies.

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Chicago Med begins tonight with Dr. Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt) finding his wife, Carole “CC” Charles (Paula Newsome) about to attempt to make a cake for their daughter’s birthday, but she stumbles in the kitchen and he rushes to be by her side. Meanwhile, at Chicago Med, Dr. Crockett Marcel (Dominic Rains) is flirting with a couple of nurses when April Sexton (Yaya DaCosta) walks in and learns she is being paired with him for the day, he calls himself “lucky”; causing her to ask Dr. Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) what his take is on the new doctor and he feels he is someone who doesn’t take things seriously. They are interrupted by nurse Maggie Lockwood (Marlyne Barrett) who sends him to treatment room 4 but no explanation.

His name is Shep and he was diagnosed with GBM a terminal brain cancer a few weeks prior. He just placed a call to a company called “CCI” and the plan is to preserve his body until they can find a cure for his condition and they are on their way there to “freeze him”. He understands he has to be declared dead first and needs Choi to do that for him. The cocktail he has been drinking will put him to sleep and declare him dead; he has a DNR, but Choi tries to treat him, causing Maggie to order him to stop.

Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson) comes to CC’s side to find out she fractured her wrist and will be in a cast for a few weeks; she jokes that her arms used to be longer. She wonders if there is another operation they could do, but it is not recommended. Daniel feels it isn’t worth it as the cast is the least worse option. Sharon suggests getting a nice cake from the bakery for Robin Charles (Mekia Cox), but she needs to pull Daniel away for another situation. She insists she is fine and he can go.

Choi fights that Shep is committing suicide right in front of them and doesn’t understand how this is a gray area but this is complicated. Dr. Sam Abrams (Brennan Brown) admits he reviewed Shep’s case and he is terminal, he could give him treatment but it would only give him 18 months at the most. Choi feels he is too young to make him this kind of decision. Choi wants to pump his stomach before the drugs get through his system, Choi says Daniel has 40 to 45 minutes to speak to Mr. Shepherd before he loses consciousness.

Maggie wants to know why there is someone named Paula who is going to shadow her so Sharon says she is going to be her new oriented considering everything she has on her plate. Maggie insists she is being treated fine with her cancer treatment but Sharon tells her to humor her and keep Paula with her.

Dr. Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto) meets her patient, Keisha, who hurt her leg as she was retrieving a hot cup of water from the microwave for her mom. She has second-degree burns so she will give her sedation and a quick scrub to speed up the healing process. Natalie finds Phillip Davis (Ian Harding) in the hallway with the kids, saying they had put some snacks together and wanted to drop by and bring her some too. He quickly kisses her and they head off to the park. Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) bumps into them in the hallway but Phillip won’t even allow him to say hi to Owen. Will talks to Natalie about some programs she can use for her brain injury in hopes that she can get some of her memory back. He offers to get the details on the program, and she agrees.

Daniel meets with Shep, talking about CCI and how “far out” the stuff is he is planning. His family doesn’t understand what he is planning and he knows that Dr. Charles is there to determine if he is sane enough to make this decision; he gives him a hypothetical, but he starts to fall asleep so Daniel tells him to make a decision now before he passes out. He talks about the Apollo astronauts who went into space with calculations only going on what was written on paper with a pencil and they must have been crazy to go there leaving their children and wives. Daniel says Shep is remarkably clear-headed for what he is going through. Choi informs Dr. Charles that Shep’s parents are on their way and hopefully they will get here on time to say goodbye to their son.

Daniel is told Caroline is insistent on having her surgery and he rushes off to see her. A woman walks into the ED screaming for help as she holds a newborn baby covered in blood. Dr. Marcel immediately starts working on the baby. Nicole says she is the mother and April wants to get her to lay down as she lost a lot of blood, she mistakenly calls the baby a boy as Marcel says she can stay, but someone needs to get her a chair.

Natalie tells Keisha if she wants to sleep she can go ahead. Her mom informs them she has been a little lethargic lately but her doctor felt nothing was wrong, she suddenly starts seizing and they have no idea what is going on.

Maggie is fatigued as Paula rambles on and on so Maggie tells her to check all the drug expiration dates as she tries to catch her breath. Will asks Natalie about Keisha, who had a fever last week, but nothing was out of the ordinary. Will realizes she said two different meds but she tells him she misspoke and asks him not to make a big deal out of it.

The baby is in an incubator and the mother wants to know how long before she can get the baby out of there. April asks if she thought of a name, but she needs her to fill out the forms for the birth certificate and they need to let her OB know she gave birth. She says she recently split from the baby father, but she will fill out as much as she can. April wipes the cut on her hand, but she tells her she needs to see a doctor if not for any other reason to make sure she passed her placenta. Dr. Marcel wants her to simply change into scrubs and she can stay with her baby.

April, outside of the room, says something is off with mom and wonders why she is so resistant to see a doctor and if she didn’t just deliver this baby they need to find out. Dr. Marcel says drawing someone’s blood without consent, it is considered assault. April says if he doesn’t help her she will call DCFS on his patient. She makes a valid point when she tells him that it would be her free hand that would have been cut if she was cutting the cord, making him pause.

Dr. Charles comes in with CC’s oncologist, who advises against the surgery because of the high risk of infection due to her chemo. CC feels the surgery is absolutely necessary because she needs to make the cake for her daughter and this isn’t about what anyone else wants, only what she wants. Dr. Charles is called back to the ED again and CC urges him to go. He begs her oncologist to make sure CC doesn’t make any rash decisions until he comes back.

CCI arrives, saying they do not condone what Shep is doing, they are simply a service company. He hopes Shep’s parents are not a hindrance as they don’t have a second to spare. Choi learns about what they are going to do to his body. Choi informs the Shepherds that Dr. Charles is there, as Shep’s heart stops and he is legally not allowed to do anything. Daniel asks if there have been any more personality changes in him and his parents agree they have noticed the changes and Choi immediately begins to work on bringing him back.

Shep is on life support and has to be on it for at least a few more hours until the drugs go through his system. CCI decides to stay as the transport is already paid for. Choi is glad that Charles made that call, but they are interrupted when CC comes down, furious, feeling that Daniel forbade her from having surgery. He takes her aside, saying he didn’t forbid her, he just wants her to take some time but she says this is not about baking the cake; it is about how precious time was and she doesn’t want 4 weeks with her hand tied up. He calls her selfish, as he just got her back. CC tells Daniel that she feels the same way but this is her choice. PERIOD!

April is told she made the right decision calling Child services, but they are unable to wake up Nicole because Marcel gave her drugs to relax her. April is infuriated with him, claiming he sedated her on purpose, telling him to stay out of her way.

Maggie takes her meds as Doris (Lorena Diaz) questions why she was given a lackey. She sends Paula off for a coffee run. Will approaches Natalie as Keisha’s father Daryl arrived and had a lot of questions. She knows she has to talk to them but she doesn’t have any answers. There is no bleed, but blood work is normal, she wants to do a spinal tap. Will wants to know if she wants him to take over the case, in case she is feeling a little rusty. She demands to know why he is fixated on her getting her memory back and feels it is all about him, thinking she will remember why she came to see him that night and hoping to hear what he wants to hear. Will stops Monique from ordering the LP and informs Nat that he is taking over the patient as her parents have lost confidence in her as she came in for burns and now she is in a coma. She begs him not to do this but he tells her they want her off the case.

A woman is brought in to the ED, where her belly is cut open and her uterus was cut wide open. April immediately tells the police about Nicole and she is up in the NICU with this woman’s baby. Marcel orders April to stop as she needs to help him and let the police do their job. April glares at Dr. Marcel as they rush into surgery. He wants to try and save the uterus but the OB/GYN says they should do a hysterectomy. He feels she is only 23 and the baby might not survive. Marcel calls Maggie to see if she is scrubbing int, she is outside the OR, holding her chest when Paula spots her, asking if she should jump in but Maggie swear she is fine.

Choi tells Shep’s parents that the drugs he took keep doing this to his body and stopping his heart. His mother tells Dr. Charles they didn’t want him to go through with this plan of his, the thought of his head just floating around in some warehouse disturbed her. He says Shep explaining what was going to happen was impressive, and she wants to know what they are missing. He suggests they need to listen, understand and then allow them to go on their journey alone. Her husband berates Dr. Charles saying he gave them the power to make a decision and now are judging them for making them.

Will finds Phillip with the kids in the lunchroom, where Will tells him this is probably not the best place for kids as a lot of scary stuff happens there. He closes the blinds and says now there is nothing the kids can’t unsee. Will See Natalie going into Keisha’s room, he demands that she cannot be near his patient. She shows the pigment spots on her feet as her body isn’t producing enough cortisol and she is immediately coming back when Natalie gives the right medication to her; her parents are pleased.

Marcel is having difficulty keeping his patient warm. He is told to pack up her body, Maggie begins to feel weak and needs to leave the OR, April being called in. Paula is willing to cover for Maggie who is in the bathroom. Maggie laughs at Paula, telling her to get out of the bathroom, but she refuses to be spoken to like that as Maggie begins to cry.

Chicago PD Haley Upton (Tracey Spiridakos) is there, learning the mother is going to make it, even though she lost a lot of blood. The victim is Louisa Nash and Nicole and she are coworkers, this morning she invited her over to give her baby clothes. She chloroformed her and took the baby. She recently lost her son to leukemia and the police were lucky enough to get an anonymous tip about Ms. Burke and were about to find Louise in time.

April dresses Nicole’s hand as she tells April to take care of her baby as she will come for him as soon as she can. Sharon escorts Haley out the back way to avoid all the media. Daniel checks on Shep and finds out his parents have decided to honor their son’s wishes, this way someday they might get their son back. Choi announces the time of death and his parents leave so CCI can begin their process.

Natalie feels Keisha might have another disease and is referring her to a specialist, Will is upset that he made it clear that he was the primary. She sees that Phillip is there, but Will is angry that she wasn’t thinking straight as this should have been caught from the beginning and wants to oversee all her cases until he knows her TBI isn’t adversely affecting her patients. He was hoping they could do this off books, if not, he can talk to the board as this is for her own protection. She feels he is punishing her for something else and storms off.

Louisa is able to open her eyes, told where she is and that she is okay and asked if she would like to meet her baby girl. The NICU nurse reveals to April that Marcel gave Nicole enough drugs to knock her out and while she was he drew some blood to see if she really delivered the baby. She calls Marcel a “badass” and makes her promise not to tell anyone.

Sharon tells Maggie that Paula quit and calls Maggie stubborn, so if she doesn’t want the hospital to treat her medically she is getting help. She approaches April and says she would like to train her for the position formally, assuring her it won’t be a problem working with Dr. Marcel. Sharon thanks Maggie for taking that step as she also promises her that Med will give her better care than East Mercy.

Daniel comes home to find out CC went home with Sharon, admitting she didn’t get the surgery and they will check her wrist in 4 weeks to see if she still needs a cast. The kettle whistles and Daniel lifts it for her, grateful that she listened. She jokes that he better not mess up her Baked Alaska cake.