Chicago PD Finale Recap 05/22/19: Season 6 Episode 22 “Reckoning”

Chicago PD Finale Recap 05/22/19: Season 6 Episode 22 "Reckoning"

Tonight on NBC their drama Chicago PD returns with an all-new Wednesday, May 22, 2019, season 6 episode 22 finale called, “Reckoning,” and we have your Chicago PD recap below. On tonight’s Chicago PD season 6 episode 22 as per the NBC synopsis, “With Kelton’s election all but assured, Voight and his team must go off-book in a last-ditch effort to save Intelligence from getting axed.”

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Chicago PD season 6 finale begins tonight with Sgt Trudy Platt (Amy Morton) meeting with Sgt Hank Voight (Jason Beghe), Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) and Adam Rusek (Patrick John Flueger); she informs them that Internal Affairs (IA) has officially taken over the investigation, making them all realize they found something that could prove Antonio was guilty. Voight tells them they are going to fight back.

Voight visits Katherine Brennan (Anne Heche) at her home revealing she was right about Brian Kelton (John C. McGinley) coming after them, but she already knows that Kelton is digging into the death of the guy on Sullivan Street. Voight says he needs to make moves too and needs Brennan to give him a weak link as the election is in less than 36 hours; she offers him a gangbanger named Wilson Young.

Voight returns to the IU office and informs everyone about Wilson Young, who is in the gang South Side Hustlers with several priors. Adam says he has been a major player and has never had any charges against him in 4 years because nothing will stick; he has a protector – Brian Kelton; the bottom line is Wilson is Kelton’s “fix it” man. They need to find him with something really dirty, something he can’t wiggle out of and force him to flip on Kelton. Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) has an angle he can play with one of his CI who hangs out with the gang. Voight wants him to persuade her to make a deal and everyone suits up.

Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) sits at a kids’ playground, while Kevin goes undercover and meets with Wilson. Kim informs Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) that Wilson is in play as he places a tracker on Wilson’s truck, opening it while Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) tells him that him doing that so fast is scary! Wilson is hesitant, saying he is good and not looking to expand as Kim tells Jay to hurry up because Kevin’s act isn’t working. Kevin attempts to stop Wilson from leaving and he shows him the gun in his waistband. Hailey thinks quickly, driving directly into several garbage cans; Wilson chastises her but she apologizes for her brakes. Jay is able to escape Wilson’s vehicle before he returns to his truck; Kim confirming the trackers are working.

Wilson is busy dealing while Kevin worries about them being able to pull it off; they overhear about a cash drop hoping it all leads back to Wilson. Adam has to leave for a call from IA, as Kevin tells him if there is anything he needs. At IA, Adam is told by the agent, David Heller (Matthew Rauch) the blood they found on the scene doesn’t match him nor the offender, Jason Rizzo. Adam reminds him that he said he was not injured in the altercation, but the issue is that the DNA on Rizzo is in the system and it isn’t Adam. He advises Adam if he wants to amend his statement now would be a good time, but Adam denies saying any more.

Trudy finds Antonio, Adam, and Voight outside; Antonio knows David Heller a little bit as he partners with his friend, Chris Boyd (Drew Powell). Voight asks him to find something out so they can neutralize him. Trudy informs them that Kelton is on his way up to the Bullpen. Voight acts surprised that he would be there; he wants IU to jump immediately on the double murder since homicide stalled on it. Voight says they will get on it after they finish this job with the narcotics unit; but if he is the boss, so they can switch gears for him, something he readily agrees to. Once he leaves, Voight tells Antonio and Adam they are not going to work on the murders but him being there proves he is nervous. Kevin messages Adam and they leave to assist him.

Kim tells them narcotics have confirmed the address is a stash house, but cannot tie it to Wilson; not enough for an arrest. Voight tells them they will gut the stash house as they don’t have time for warrants and everything else. He wants them using blackout gear that doesn’t announce their office.

They breach the house after throwing bricks through the windows, but when one opens fire on them; the IU has the four men on their knees with black bags on their heads, Voight shoots his gun and they reveal where the stash is hidden; they time it perfectly to escape with no one knowing they are cops. Halstead vents to Hailey that after this, they will be demoted back to writing tickets as Jay says he is going where Hailey goes because it is hard for him to find a good partner. Voight and the rest of the team listen as Voight tells them if Wilson moves, they move.; Adam leaves as Heller calls him back in, saying they got something.

Heller says new evidence has come to light and felt they should talk again. He claims to be trying to do Adam a favor and let him see what they got before he throws his life away. It is a photo of Adam staring at a man whom they believe just found with their offender. He doesn’t want Adam’s cooperation, saying he is trying to help him a step away from proving there were 4 men in that room and not 3. He is sure it is a detective from the Intelligence Unit, that went on furlough the next day; in what he is guessing is rehab. He understands that Adam is trying to help Dawson because they are friends, but he offers Adam immunity and has 24 hours to decide or he will be charged with perjury. He leans in and tells him that Kelton, the Superintendent or Mayor won’t let them let up and with the election in the bag, Adam’s worst enemy is going to be the Mayor of Chicago by that time tomorrow.

Antonio sits with Chris Boyd, saying a guy in his unit is mixed up in the case. Antonio admits he is in a bad place and doesn’t have a choice. Boyd says he will check him out, but it looks like he is the perfect cop, perfect wife and family, which means he has to be dirty. He firmly believes when you hang out with criminals long enough, you become one.

Voight tells Adam they only have him on video and prove he lied. Jay calls them in as Kim reveals Wilson is pissed off because he went to see the stash house and picked up two of his runners. He makes another call, reaching out to his supplier, Trey Guerrero. It means he is about to buy half a million worth of dope and if they get him on this, he will have no choice but to flip on Kelton. They move out.

Kim is outside with Kevin who is pretending to fix her car when Wilson arrives in his Hummer. Adam has him in view but has to move positions. Voight says as soon as they have a positive on Trey they will move in, but gunfire erupts as the surveillance van with Jay and Hailey inside is shot. Wilson is down but the suspect is running. Adam chases the gunman into an alleyway, where he, Kevin and Kim have lost him. Adam calls it in furious!

Voight tells the unis to hit the streets and start knocking on doors, giving Kim and Kevin crap about not having a secure scene because patrol is trampling all over it; they have no eye on the shooter and no idea what kind of car they had. Kelton arrives, saying their drug deal is not going so well, looking down at Wilson he asks him on what planet this is a “hot lead”? Voight wants him to start again, asking if his officers are okay, refusing to leave the scene as his officers were shot at. Kelton is pressing hard, so Voight questions him on knowing Wilson Young, even asking him about Wilson having friends in the Ivory Tower. Kelton suggests Voight and his team work the assignment he gave him, glancing once more at Wilson before leaving.

Antonio questions Adam for not keeping Wilson alive but chasing the shooter instead; the situation gets volatile when Adam feels Antonio should be thanking him. The two get heated and a shoving match ensues, causing Jay to separate them and Voight demanding them all to move into a private area. He asks if anyone has anything to say, and when no one does; Voight says someone knew they were going to be there and warned Wilson.

Hailey finds a burner phone on Wilson’s body, five calls to an unregistered number, revealing that the cops were looking into him and was promised that it would be looked into. Kim and Voight realize that Kelton knew their plan and orchestrated Wilson’s murder to cut them off. Voight doesn’t care how Kelton did it, they need to catch the shooter and convince him to flip on Kelton, ordering them all to keep their boots on the ground and figure out what just happened. Just as Kim and Kevin are going to go door to door, they learn that one of the neighbors fought the police entering so hard and then suddenly agreed; knowing there has to be a reason.

Voight returns to Brennan’s, telling her about Wilson’s death. He believes Kelton had something to do with it; he needs Brennan to reach out to Kelton’s driver to find out where he took Kelton, guessing he paid someone close to Wilson to pull the trigger; she agrees to make the call. Voight comes back to the precinct, saying it is no longer a hunch as Kelton was in the Southside yesterday and Wilson’s supplier lives on the block. Voight orders them to launch a BOLO on Trey as he was not at the meet, confirming that he knew about the setup. Kevin tells them the house with the flag was a field surgeon, he is clean but his nephew is a known runner (Deshaun Trotter) for Trey. They manage to piece it together and Voight orders them to grab Dion.

The IU arrest Dion, saying he is wanted for the murder of Wilson and the attempted murder of Hailey and Jay. Voight punches Dion in the stomach, demanding to know who ordered him to kill Wilson. He whacks him in the legs again, saying he doesn’t have time for this, wanting to know who told him the police were after Wilson. Adam holds him as Voight gives him a chance to come clean, so if he gives him the information he needs he can be home with his girl within the hour, but if he holds back he will arrest his uncle and arrest him for harboring a fugitive. He tests Voight, who says he can respect him not turning on Dion, but a white cop? He doesn’t owe him a damn thing. He shows him a photo and Dion denies knowing him and demands a lawyer.

Voight tells the team he is smart and knows how to work a case but it is clear he doesn’t know Kelton. Everyone shakes their head, saying they don’t have anything that ties Kelton to this and Trey is in the wind. When asked what their next move is, Voight has no idea but will do everything he can to make sure Kelton doesn’t ruin their careers or disband this unit.

Chris Boyd jumps into Antonio’s truck, revealing the hooker is there several times a week, waiting to score but what Antonio doesn’t know is her father is Detective David Heller of Internal Affairs. Boyd says Heller is clean as a whistle and the only dirt he will find is her daughter, and it is up to him if he wants to use that information.

Adam sits on a bench when Antonio finds him, none of them finding a connection on Kelton. Antonio sits beside him, wanting to know why Adam is doing this since he doesn’t even like him. Adam says he doesn’t like most of his family neither but it isn’t just about Antonio. He knew there was only one choice he could live with when Rizzo went out the window; he doesn’t expect anyone to get it but without the cop business he doesn’t know who he really is.

Trudy asks Voight if everything is okay, but he holds her off. He learns from both Adam and Antonio there is nothing new and tells them to head upstairs but they pause when Trudy shows them a press conference where they are confident Brian Kelton will win the election. Voight nods to Trudy, Antonio says he has nothing on this Detective Heller, but can’t look him in the eye. Voight tells them to get the case on record, starting with putting Dion’s arrest on paper.

Voight shoves Adam into the stairwell, ordering him not to do this as he isn’t Al, but Adam says this isn’t his choice to make and storms off, with Voight punching the wall. Jay demands answers from Voight who says nothing is going on and needs him to go upstairs. Jay says if there is something he needs to know, he has to tell him so Jay can help him. Voight looks around, saying he is going to see Kelton and doing what needs to be done. He tells Jay this unit is going to be his someday and he needs to do it the right way! He walks away, confusing and frustrating Jay.

Jay returns to the IU office as they watch the news; Hailey follows him into the kitchen where he says he has no idea what is going on; saying Voight just left saying something about Jay running the unit. He is upset they lost. Hailey leans back reminding him that Kelton is who he is and his time for reckoning is coming! Jay doesn’t feel it will be done in time for the unit or them. Hailey says they have been partners for a couple of years and he will forget about her just fine. Jay stops her, but she promises they will be all right.

Trudy walks into the unit, saying IAD is there to arrest Adam, but she will take him down to save him the scene; everyone is opposed to it but he is charged with obstruction. Adam appreciates them wanting to come down but doesn’t want them to. Everyone is upset, but Antonio remains mum. Trudy walks Adam out, who touches the door; telling him to do more than keep his head down especially if he ends up in General Population, She tries to keep talking but Adam kisses her, saying he will be all right; Heller arrests him and escorts him into the car.

Kelton tells Chicago they have made history and elected change; everyone watches very solemnly as he promises to reform, transparency and hard work. He promises the city will give them every opportunity to succeed as their voices have been heard. Adam goes through the booking process as Antonio sits in the car, popping a pill. Adam sits in the holding cell as the barred door slams shut.

Kevin, Kim, and Jay arrive at a scene where they just got a call but have no idea what is going on. They walk into Kelton’s house and find him shot to death in the foyer. Squad cars are rushing all over as Voight is seen driving away.