Chicago PD Recap 01/16/19: Season 6 Episode 11 “Trust”

Chicago PD Recap 01/16/19: Season 6 Episode 11 "Trust"

Tonight on NBC their drama Chicago PD returns with an all-new Wednesday, January 16, 2018, season 6 episode 11 called, “Trust,” and we have your Chicago PD recap below. On tonight’s Chicago PD season 6 episode 11 as per the NBC synopsis, “A defense attorney is murdered after a fundraiser, and Intelligence must confront the world of campaign finance, which makes them reconsider their decision to back the current pro-police mayoral candidate.”

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Chicago PD begins tonight with Adam (Patrick John Flueger) fighting with Sgt Hank Voight (Jason Beghe), over his decision to take the blame. Adam is mad that Voight feels he is the only one who can live by a code and it is in him just like it was in Al (Elias Koteas). Voight tells him he isn’t Al nor him, he is just a kid who has his whole life in front of him and this is the one chance they had to make it right. Voight shoves Adam into the locker, saying he takes the heat and the bullets because this is HIS unit!

Voight and Kim (Marina Squerciati) walk the Mayoral campaign as Kim wants to know if Antonio (Jon Seda) is returning to work. He says it is up to Antonio and introduces her to Bernie Hoffman, who plays for the opposite team as he is a defense attorney. Dep. Superintendent Katherine Brennan (Anne Heche) thanks everyone for coming and introduces who she believes to be the new mayor, Superintendent of Police, Brian Kelton. He acknowledges Voight, saying he is the “best of the best” when it comes to police. He promises that coddling criminals will not help the citizens of Chicago; he doesn’t want to work with gangs, he wants to crush them!

Adam stands with Hailey (Tracy Spiridakos) when he gets a call, only to learn there is no news yet. Adam wants to change out of their clothing and had a beer, but she declines. They hear a call of shots fired only a few blocks away, informing Voight and they head to the scene. Once inside the house, Adam finds a dead body; there is a door that closes upstairs and they breach the room, where Voight tells Anne to stand down as he is there to help. He disarms her, holding her as she cries out that they shot Bernie.

Adam reveals some jewelry was stolen, the place was tossed a bit, but there is no sign of Hoffman’s phone. Jay (Jesse Lee Soffer) says Anne is clean and the shell casings are from a 9mm, but there was no evidence of a break-in, so either Hoffman knew his attacker or he was having some kind of meeting that went south. Bernie’s jaw is broken, so Voight wants them to check out the people he was associated with. Hailey is able to find out the vehicle type and that two African American males were inside. Brennan and Kelton arrive at the crime scene, where Kellan says he spoke to him briefly and demands that no stone will be unturned for this one and wants to be kept in the loop.

Back at IU, Adam talks about all the cases Hoffman has in trial and they are all in jail. Kevin (LaRoyce Hawkins) shows the other 23 violent offenders who are out on bail; one person stood out, Andre Griffin who is a major player in Southside Hustlers. There was a huge argument between Hoffman and Griffin, with Griffin throwing around furniture but Hoffman calmed the staff down saying it was about a bill. Hoffman received a text just before he died about a deal, the message came from Inglewood.

Griffin is interrogated by Voight, who shows him a photo of Hoffman. He said he would never hurt the guy who has gotten him off several times and he is going to follow Hoffman’s advice, asking for a lawyer.

Voight learns from Adam and Kim that Anne’s jewelry was just brought to a pawn shop and as Voight tells them to check it out, Antonio walks in. Adam says he is glad he is back, revealing he just dropped his daughter off to see a therapist. Antonio confronts Voight, saying he can’t let Adam take the fall, but Voight tells him they are beyond that and have to let the process happen.

Adam and Kim are able to retrieve the jewelry and the kid pawning the stuff looks like a nerdy young kid. Kevin and Voight find the young man, Devante quickly and reveal they have surveillance of him trying to sell stolen jewelry. Voight tells him to speak or he is staring at a lifetime in prison. Devante says he never went inside, so they change their approach asking if his cousin, Andre Griffin was the other guy. Jay comes in, showing Voight a video of Brian Kellan coming out of Hoffman’s house; Jay wants to know why Kelton would like to their faces.

Kelton is talking to the locals, about keeping Chicago pointed in the right direction but someone says if he wants to help them, the CPD need to stop killing their children. Voight walks with him, gives a brief timeline. Kelton admits he was there but gone by 9:30 and definitely didn’t kill him. Voight wants to see his service weapon and will process it anonymously so a good officer won’t get dragged through the mud. Kelton says Bernie Hoffman was working on a personal matter for him and will make sure Hank gets his gun.

Voight tells Hailey that Kelton was there but they have to wait to see what the gun says. Kevin spoke to the county jail, where a woman who was taking care of Devante since he was small and he would feel like he would have to take care of his aunt. Kevin works it as Devante admits he loves his aunt; Kevin suggests if he works with CPD, his aunt could be home with him by tonight. Kevin knows that no one wants to snitch on the family but wants to know who he owes his loyalty to – the woman who raised him or the punk who put him in that chair. He nods his head, saying he was with Griffin but was outside the whole time. Griffin told him he was at the house to pick up something and caught Hoffman recording him on the phone, so he shot him and made it look like a burglary. Kevin tells Devante they need more than his word.

Devante sits at a booth in a diner, as Voight tells Kevin if he gets to squirrelly to pull him immediately. Kim suggests Antonio go slow and if there is any time he wants to talk about what went down, she is there for him. Devante says in the cafe that “this ain’t working” and Kevin decides to pull him. Kevin walks out telling Devante to go home and contact him if he hears from him. Suddenly the same car Antonio had spotted twice on the block pulls up and shoots Devante several times; Kevin gives chase and is shot. Voight begs Kevin to stay with him as he shouts that they have an officer down!

At the hospital, Antonio is beating himself up for screwing up the one job he had to do. Trudy (Amy Morton) waits with the rest of the officers for news. Kim tells Antonio to keep it together as this is not on him. Voight appears, saying Kevin is going to be fine but it was a tricky surgery. With Brennan at his side, Voight says the best thing they can do for Kevin is get back out there and bring this prick in! It was an African American driving the car and the casings match the Hoffman murder too. Voight wants them to squeeze Griffin’s crew until it hurts; telling them to do whatever it takes.

The IU breech a building where Antonio and Kim give chase to a runner. Antonio jumps off the stairs and on the hood of the car, telling him not to move or he will light him up. Reggie ran because he had product on him; Antonio says if he gives him Andre Griffin he will not reveal the product. He quickly gives him the address of a stash house as Antonio arrests him. Kim calls Antonio “Superman” but she wants to take the pills from him, admitting she doesn’t trust him right now. She loves him and this is how she is going to do it, Antonio gives her the bag.

The stash house is breached, Jay finds his bankroll but the headline is all the signs for Brian Kelton to be mayor; Jay asking what Griffin would want with all the mayoral signs? The money is from Brian Kelton, as everyone knows he has been lying to them from the get-go. Jay walks through the timeline with the IU, so they know the who and the why; concerning Kim about where this is headed, but Voight feels if this leads back to Kelton they will arrest his ass and when asked, no one says they have a problem with that.

Trudy comes to see Kevin at the hospital, who says you can’t keep a good brother down, while he sits in his chair. She tears up admitting she was really worried about him and to never do that again. Kevin is busy trying to remember the tags, even as he thought he was drawing his last breathes. He didn’t see the driver but is able to start on the license plates. Trudy reveals that Devante died on the table and they are no closer to finding Griffin.

At the unit, Adam is able to find the information from Kevin’s partial; but before they can continue talking, Kelton arrives, apologizing for not coming to the hospital. Kelton looks at the board while Kim calls Voight on the phone, discreetly informing him that they found the car and it is outside the house of Andre Griffin’s baby mama. Voight tells her to go with Adam and confirm the car, hoping he will be there.

Kelton offers any help he can to Voight, who appreciates but says they are good. Voight smirks as Kelton wants a “direct” answer about the case. Voight tells him that is a funny word choice because nothing about his involvement, in this case, has been direct. When asked again, Voight tells him they are working the case; Kelton warns him that he is playing a dangerous game, something Voight says directly back to him.

Adam and Kim talk about how they could be walking into the end of their career. They find the car, Adam calls it into Jay, telling him to do his thing. Jay, Hailey, and Antonio arrive at the door where Jay tells her that he is maintenance and needs to check the units, which will only take 5 minutes. She allows him in, asking him to hurry up. She places the baby in the highchair as Jay wanders through the apartment, finding a gun under the mattress. She approaches him with a knife but drops it when Antonio and Hailey come in and cuff her.

Deja lies that she hasn’t seen Griffin in days. She insists she didn’t kill anyone but Jay tells her if she doesn’t cooperate she will never see her kid again. Voight says Andre is going down and if she wants to join him, that is up to her. She reluctantly tells them Andre was driving her car yesterday after he dropped her off at work. She talks about a big fancy black SUV that pulled up beside him and he spots to some lady who got out of the backseat; learning it is a white lady with blond hair. She had glasses and looked like some college professor, Voight shows her a photo of Brennan and she confirms it.

Outside the room, Voight tells them to get a warrant prepared and they are getting Griffin; not caring if he comes out in a bag! Adam and Kim pretend to be working on their car battery as Griffin arrives at the flophouse. He makes a call as Voight tells Antonio to wait until he gets out, once he exits Voight tells them to take him. Jay is able to arrest him without incident.

Andre is smiling because Voight thinks he has won, but Voight says he can’t protect them anymore; he calls Voight a “fool!” Voight leans in and tells Andre that he hopes his lawyer is a good one and walks out of the room. Brennan arrives at Voight’s office, closes the door and tells him to release Andre Griffin. She talks about weak evidence and the defense will tear this one to pieces. She reminds Hank that they had an agreement, bringing up Al. She wants him to solve this one in a hurry as he says he knows it was her who tipped off Griffin as his girlfriend, Deja saw him.

Brennan tells him not to question her loyalty to CPD, saying she owes everything to Kelton. She says nobody wants this as Voight is furious that she stood by him when Kevin was in surgery and then she went and warned Griffin. Voight shouts that she crossed the line, she says he would know that better than anyone. She tells him to look the other way and release Andre Griffin. He tells her to get the hell out of his office.

Kelton and Brennan are on a press tour when Voight comes in hot. Jay stops him, saying he needs to let this go as Kevin will be all right; but Jay reminds him if he calls these two out in public, it makes him look bad and they have to play this smart and patient as they are playing the long game here. Kelton and Brennan reach them, smile and nod their head as Jay reminds him that this IS Chicago!


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