Chicago PD Recap 02/13/19: Season 6 Episode 14 “Ties That Bind”

Chicago PD Recap 02/13/19: Season 6 Episode 14 "Ties That Bind"

Tonight on NBC their drama Chicago PD returns with an all-new Wednesday, February 6, 2019, season 6 episode 14 called, “Ties That Bind,” and we have your Chicago PD recap below. On tonight’s Chicago PD season 6 episode 14 as per the NBC synopsis, “The team travels to a Wisconsin gun show to take down a supplier who’s manufacturing “cop killer” machine guns. Before going undercover together, Burgess discovers that Upton is dating Ruzek.”

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Chicago PD begins tonight with Sgt Trudy Platt (Amy Morton) meeting with a man from DC, telling him if their boss wants a favor, he can ask her himself. Blair (Charles Michael Davis) greets Kim (Marina Squerciati) as they had met before at a fundraiser. He offers her a ticket, which she accepts, after admitting she is not seeing anyone. Antonio (Jon Seda) rushes in, saying Sgt Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) needs them upstairs as the deal is on right away.

Upstairs, Adam Rusek (Patrick John Flueger) talks to Hailey (Tracy Spiridakos) who is trying to secure the camera. He thanks her for the vest for his CI, she says the bullets at this gun buy would go right through the vest; they jokingly play as Kim walks in. She informs Adam that Voight wants them to run point on this one. Adam grabs his coat as Tracy reminds him about the money, he wonders if he and Kim could ride in a separate car.

Davis arrives and the gun runner wants to know how many guns they want to buy. The runner wants to know if the CI is willing to put his life on the line for this deal; but when Davis walks away, Kim believes he felt her vest and they call off the sting. Davis opens fire on Kim and Adam, but Jay (Jesse Lee Soffer) is able to shoot and kill him. Voight assures Kim she did the right thing by calling it off.

Back at the IU, Kim says the only guns they could find were the ones Davis had. Kevin (LaRoyce Hawkins) reveals the only thing they know about Davis is he is a local boy just out from prison. Jay says he was at a gun show yesterday, where he could have bought the guns. Kim insists they have to go there, so Voight wants his guy at ATF to swear them all in so they can work across state lines. He wants everyone to stay off the radar and not inform the locals. Hailey tells Kim it was a good call but Kim worries that she shouldn’t have let Davis get so close to her; Hailey disagrees. She attempts to bring up her relationship with Adam, but Kim doesn’t want to talk about it, only focusing on the case.

Kim and Jay are at the gun show where Jay spots two guys who have been hustling customers all day but don’t have a booth. Kim approaches them, saying she overheard them and is willing to purchase, depending on what they are talking about. She takes a photo, saying she messages her brother, who wants 10 pieces, but she wants to see the merchandise. Jay distracts security as Kevin continues with the surveillance. Hailey decides to follow them on foot, but he immediately catches Hailey following them. Kim says it is her friend, causing Hailey to go with them too. Jay comes out but they have no eyes on them, and the men take Kim and Hailey at gunpoint before Kevin and Jay could get to them.

The stop the truck in the middle of nowhere, as they search their purses and find only $500. He points the gun at Kim, who tells him that her brother is only an hour away at the store. Meanwhile, Voight is furious that the team lost Hailey and Kim, telling them to run the cellphones for fingerprints. Kim and Hailey put on zip ties and are forced back into the truck. Antonio is running the spiderweb tattoo to no avail. Trudy ran ballistics on the gun, hoping to find identifying markers on it while Voight says they are heading out to Wisconsin.

Logan (Trevor Long) is told not to hurt the women, but he orders them to shut up and stay still. Both women are left in the basement while Kim tries to get her and Hailey out of there. Hailey says the team must be getting close and the only way to stay alive is to stay put for as long as possible. Kevin has a picture but its not close enough for facial recognition. Trudy calls Voight, saying they know the mill that made the guns, it is owned by a Spencer Whalen who owns a cabin in Southern Wisconsin. Voight tells Adam that Antonio is taking lead, as he knows what is going on inside Adam’s head. He tells Adam to stand down and follow orders.

Kim knows what the Academy has taught them, but feels these guys are amateurs and would be spooked and run if they knew they were real cops. Suddenly, Logan returns with a phone saying for Kim to call her brother, but there is no service. There is a noise outside and they go out to check it, as the IU surrounds the cabin and able to take a man down. They find the guns as Voight demands to know where the women are; Jay says these aren’t the guys who were at the show. Voight grabs one, wanting to know who has them?

Voight brings the perp into another room as Jay demands to know from Spencer who the other guys are that took two of their officers. Voight says when cops go missing, all the rules go out the window. He grabs a hammer and smashes it beside his head when he claims he doesn’t have associates. He swears he doesn’t have associates, other than his cousin. He looks at the photo and says the smaller dude is someone who goes by the name of “Red.” He texted him a photo of the guns but the man never got back to him. Jay arrests him as Voight thinks this was a robbery from the get-go and the men that have Hailey and Kim don’t have any guns.

Logan walks with Kim in the woods, trying to find a signal. He feels he deserves her money as she is a woman and the world takes care of her; unlike him and his family. He orders Kim not to look at him, throwing her against a tree and points a gun to her chest, telling her to walk.

Adam is furious with Jay, saying this should have never happened, they should have been all over the women. Adam gets a call from Wisconsin, it is Kim pretending to be his sister, and the guns are good. She gives him a location, saying she only knows she is at the cabin. She tells him if he is short on cash to go into her locker as it is the same combo as always. She is able to give them a hint using the name of the gym. Kevin takes off to sent up for the wire transfer. Voight allows Adam to be involved as long as he plays it the way he is told.

Logan brings Hailey some water, but she asks him to redo her zip ties. He says his wife doesn’t know about any of this, she suggests rethinking about this before his friend goes off the rails and kills them both. She encourages him to go to the police and get ahead of this. She feels he loves his wife and if he goes to the cops, there is a good chance he can walk away from this. He pulls a blade to her throat, but she is able to talk him down, asking him to just redo her zip ties; but the second he cuts them, she physically fights him, unfortunately, he uses a wooden board and takes her down.

Trudy learns the hint Kim gave them is to one of the employees and they now have Logan’s name. Jay recognizes the face but the man has a history of violence. Trudy shares that Logan is living off the grid. Antonio arrives with the money. Meanwhile, Logan is mad that his friend left Hailey alone, but he tells him not to worry as she isn’t going anywhere. He has cuts and blood all over his face and hands, worrying Kim.

Logan ties up Kim again, telling her to wait there but as soon as they have the money from her brother, she will be free to go. Hailey is covered in blood, wounded on the floor but told if she pulls something like that again, he will put a bullet in her head. Once alone, Hailey says the right moment didn’t go as planned. Kim says the call went as planned all they have to do is to sit tight and wait for the team.

Kevin and Adam are in the pizza place while Antonio and Jay don’t see any movement until a blue pickup arrives. Voight tells Adam to let him take the bag and walk out, as there is a tracker in the bag. Adam sees the cuts and bruises on his face, saying this better be legit. Adam grabs his hand, but the guy says it happened in a bar fight and he didn’t do anything to his sister. Adam lets him go, but the guy notices Kevin and throws the bag at Adam. Voight, Jay, and Antonio go after him, but when Voight orders him to stop a car hits and kills him in the parking lot.

Hailey agrees with Kim that sitting there waiting to die is a bad strategy. Hailey is able to get the chain to Kim, who works on cutting the ties. Adam and the team stay as the coroner takes Billy’s (Adam David Thompson) body into their van. His phone was destroyed, but the truck is registered to someone else. Antonio spoke to a CI, who reveals the phone must have been within a 10-mile radius. Adam gets another call from Logan, who is antsy about his partner, hanging up after telling Adam the deal is off. Voight says they will scour the woods and find the prick the old fashion way.

Kim is able to free her hands and her legs. Hailey realizes she won’t be able to get her out of the chains. She uses her position, ordering Kim to go. Kim refuses so they work on another plan. Kim wants to start a fire, which they hope will scare the idiots while giving the team a signal of where they are. Hailey sits and worries as Kim takes off to start the fire.

The IU searches the woods, confident they will find Kim and Hailey. Kim spreads gas to fuel all over the shed but makes a noise-causing Logan to go inside. She quickly lights a match, setting the shed on fire; but not before Logan realizes Kim is gone. He runs down the stairs shouting at Hailey, demanding to know where her friend is. Hailey tells him it is over and he can go to hell. He tells her it is just getting started, but when he goes to attack her, he finds out she is a cop. She says they are both cops, and even if he kills her, he is done.

Kim rushes down the stairs and begins to beat him, but he is able to choke her. Adam spots the fire and they run towards it. Hailey is able to choke Logan with her legs, refusing to let him go even when Antonio and Adam arrive. Adam holds her, while Antonio pries him out of her arms and arrests him. Adam calls Voight for the EMT, saying they have got them; Kim doesn’t look too happy about Adam and Hailey being together.

Back at the Intelligence Unit, Voight says they are all happy Kim and Hailey came home safe, but what happened today cannot happen again. They don’t take those kinds of risks, the object of the game is to come home alive, no case nor criminal will trump that. He knows they have private lives but when they are working, they are one team with one purpose… PERIOD. No matter what is happening at home, it needs to stay there!

Hailey is in the locker room, with cuts and stitches on her face. She tells Kim she is on the mend while Kim says her throat has never been better. Hailey says there is something she needs to say to Kim, who agrees to listen over whiskey. Hailey admits she didn’t tell her about Adam because she dated a cop in her unit before who was Sgt, she couldn’t tell anyone about it because she earned a promotion, but everyone felt she got it because of her boyfriend. Her lesson was to keep her life private, which meant she wasn’t excited about anyone finding out about her and Adam. Kim gets it, saying they are good; together they toast.


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