Chicago PD Recap 02/27/19: Season 6 Episode 16 “The Forgotten”

Chicago PD Recap 02/27/19: Season 6 Episode 16 "The Forgotten"

Tonight on NBC their drama Chicago PD returns with an all-new Wednesday, February 27, 2019, season 6 episode 16 called, “The Forgotten,” and we have your Chicago PD recap below. On tonight’s Chicago PD season 6 episode 15 as per the NBC synopsis, “Voight’s (Jason Beghe) “stay out of politics” stance is challenged as Intelligence uncovers the details surrounding a prolific serial killer.”

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Chicago PD begins tonight with Kim (Marina Squerciati) waking up after a night with Blair Williams (Charles Michael Davis). He explains how he needs to go to work to dig up information on the opponent in the polls. She doesn’t want to talk about business. Meanwhile, Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) meets with Ray Price (Wendell Pierce) at a Black-Only diner, talking about the latest numbers on the poll. He needs to fight back any way he can but Voight tells him he doesn’t get involved in politics. Voight gets a call but before he leaves Price warns him that Kelton will shut down the IU as quickly as possible.

Hailey (Tracy Spiridakos) and Adam (Patrick John Flueger) are sitting with their CI, Lexie (Cynthia Rodriguez) when Voight walks in. He agrees that she can keep her medal as Lexie makes fun of Adam’s beard. She is more than ready to take down LaMont, Voight doesn’t want her in the room when they take him down as she recalls that the last time she did this was with Alvin Olinsky; someone she calls a “good dude! As Voight admits he misses Olinsky.

Adam sits with Lexie as he attempts to make a buy with Lexie. She tries to leave, but Adam is forced to reveal where they met. Lamont takes the money when Kevin (LaRoyce Hawkins) barges in revealing he is Chicago PD. Back at the squad room, Adam, Kevin and Antonio (Jon Seda) are talking about how beautiful everything went; they share a toast with Lexie before Voight tells her she did a great job and there is a going away present in there. Voight promises to pick up coffee and drive her to the airport as she is moving to Ohio to her mom’s.

The next morning, Voight finds Lexie’s front door broken in and he calls for backup. There is blood on the door and smashed the glass, her broken nails and scissors with blood on it but no sign of the informant. Adam reveals a neighbor heard a scream come about 5 that morning. Voight orders for a BOLO to be out in all major cities as Kevin arrives saying no one has seen Lexie anywhere, not even the club. He is hoping Lexie cut the perp with the scissors and it might have his DNA; he wants no stone unturned and demands Kevin checks out everything and everyone.

At the IU, Antonio and Hailey show that in her phone records only one caller popped and it is Keith Stinson. He is the owner of the club she dances at, he has a prior for sexual assault and called her 4 times an hour before they heard screaming. His prints are in three places inside the apartment, Jay (Jesse Lee Soffer) believing he went over there to stop her from moving. He stops Voight from going over there, saying they will get him the right way.

Hailey and Jay arrive to see Keith at the club, who has surveillance to back up that he was at the club. He admits being to her place several times but is more than willing to help any way they need. He tells them about a tall, white male who was desperate to give her big time, but she never answered the phone. Jay leaves to the car but Hailey stays behind to talk to one of the dancers, named Devon. She wants to know why they are there now when 3 dancers went missing and were found in dumpsters, while some are still missing. Hailey admits that she has been on the job a long time and never heard anything; she gives her a card asking her to come and file a report.

Jay is shocked to hear this as Hailey thinks they should be digging in this right away. The car called away when they learn a Tony Hill who lives down the street from Lexie just used hr debit card. Kim and Kevin quickly spot Tony, who runs. Kevin pulls his gun but doesn’t need to use them when Adam drives through the underpass and stops him.

In interrogation, Tony says he has nothing to do with this as he just got out of prison. Voight shows him pictures of him using the card 2 hours after she was reported missing. He says he heard the scream but a blue van left. He did go into the house and steal some jewelry. Voight orders him to give a statement and then they will swab him for DNA, after which he will sit in a holding cell until they can prove he isn’t lying.

Hailey stands with Jay and Antonio when Voight and Adam join them. Hailey reveals the DNA matches from the other 3 murdered dancers and they are officially dealing with a serial killer. Hailey shows the Intelligence Unit Shanele Martin, Rachel Jones, and Gina Ramirez and the cruelty they endured before being sexually assaulted and killed. All had 18 puncture wounds and everything happened in 2016, according to ME reports he kept them alive for 24 hours before dumping them. There are no FBI reports in any files and ther3e3 are still several women missing, all dancers. Voight is startled to learn that the commanding officer at the time was Brian Kelton. The killings stopped at 3 years ago, and quiet until now. They believe Lexie is still alive as she is only missing for 6 hours; Voight wants them to help Lexie as much as she has helped them through the years.

Voight calls Hernandez, asking him to call as soon as he can. Superintendent Kelton arrives, recalling they didn’t even have a suspect back in 2016. Kelton says he will find Hernandez as Voight confirms they know Lexie who has helped them through the years, saying she deserves everything they got. Kelton wants Voight to hand the case over to homicide; something he feels would be a waste of time, so he insists they need to keep him up to speed. Kevin and Adam reveal Keith was by Lexie’s place at 5:15, meaning he was there around the time of the screaming.

Voight returns to the club with Adam, demanding to know from Keith what happened. He says he didn’t make threats, he offered Lexie more money and she promised to stay through the summer. He refuses to say anything else as he knows the CPD is trying to pin this on someone. Adam holds him in the chair as Voight begins to choke him. Keith admits he was there but never touched her. He saw the blue van of a guy who comes to the club and he is a freak he ordered out of the club. Voight is furious he watched the man go into Lexie’s place and did nothing. Keith describes the man and he did take down the license plate at the club.

Trudy (Amy Morton) stops Voight, saying Hernandez is not out of the area as the sheets show he is in town; Hank realizes he is hiding and needs Trudy to find him. Voight is able to find Leo at a bar, who quickly apologizes for not returning his calls. He says he can’t talk about the case, but Voight tells him that this guy took a friend of his but is running out of time to find her. He tells Leo he doesn’t want to go to war with Voight, revealing they didn’t work the case hard because Kelton was up for promotion. He did contact the FBI, which gave them a profile but Kelton told them they were not needed. Leo is shocked to learn that the profile is missing from the file and it was Leo who told Kelton, who pulled everything from the case that could possibly bury him. C

Voight stops Kelton at a press conference, saying he is trying to get his hands on the FBI profile that was taken in 2016. He doesn’t care why he took it nor why he buried the investigation, saying he spoke to the review officer and they both knew what he is looking for. He has 14 hours, if he is lucky, to find the man who is torturing and raping his friend. Kelton says he understands but he claims to not be aware of the profile. Antonio calls Voight with information on the van and they race off to the scene the van was seen at.

Voight wants everyone to stay in the shadows as they will sneak up on him, not the other way around. Voight and Antonio find a trail of fresh blood going to the basement and he informs the team. Once downstairs, they find several knives and other torture equipment, including all the pictures of th4e dancers he has caught over the years and what he has done to them. Lexie’s coat is spotted in a cage and Antonio sees a body, but before they can uncover it someone walks into the basement. Voight grabs him, saying he is simply looking for one of his workers – the body Voight finds.

The supervisor was right and didn’t see anything as Voight is about to see if they can find any other information but he is called back to where the crime scene investigators show him at least 4 sets of skeletal remains, all female who have been there for years. They appear to have been stabbed by the same sharp object; Voight calls for the dogs to be brought in. Kim worries about Lexie still being alive as Jay comes in revealing there is a blue van parked a mile away.

Voight breaks the van window open, turning the music off and call the crime lab as there is blood and Lexie’s necklace and religious pendant on it. He reveals how Lexie saved Voight’s life a few years ago and he knows that is hers as he bought it for her. They review train stations, where they see the killer is using a Metro card and are sure they got him.

Kim informs the team that the man’s name is Steven Sawyer, even Keith identified him as the creepy guy from the club. He has no rap sheet but Voight refuses to hit his house until they know where he is hiding Lexie. They find his phone’s location and he is inside a restaurant drinking wine as Voight tells them to stay patient, place a tracker on his car. Hailey is about to put tracker on his car but has to stop as he comes out. He talks to Hailey, saying he is lost and asks for directions but as she leaves he looks at her very suspiciously.

Voight tells everyone to follow him old school but they don’t want him to figure it out. Sawyer unlocks a gate and walks into a 5 story building; Voight tells everyone to stay put as he does a check on the address. He tells everyone to get inside the building without being seen. Voight runs over as homicide arrives with their lights flashing, as orders from the station. Voight orders homicide to stay on the perimeter as he needs this SOB alive.

Inside, Voight holds a gun to Sawyer, ordering him on his knees, but the homicide detective repeatedly shoots him; killing him before Voight can find out where Lexie is. Voight argues with the Detective as Jay says they are not giving up and they have maintenance keys. Voight wants everyone on the street waiting by as they track the GPS on his car, hoping he used that to move Lexie.

They quickly arrive at a house, where Voight shoots the door hinges off, everyone calling out for Lexie. He finds a trap door in the floor, where Lexie is laying underneath. She has no pulse but she is warm, Voight immediately begins CPR with the tea helplessly looking on.

Outside, Voight is told by Hailey they did everything they could. He will call her mother in Ohio and all the victims parents, so at least they will have some closer. He admits Hailey is right as none of this is on him. He charges towards homicide about coming in hot and blowing their one chance to find Lexie alive. He confesses they were going on orders from the Superintendent and the perp had his gun out, Hank knows the gun was in Sawyer’s pocket the entire time. When he refuses to apologize, Voight punches him repeatedly and Jay pulls him off.

Voight finds Price at the diner and tells him all about the case, including how Kelton ordered an officer to walk away in order to keep his crime stats low. Voight gives him the copy of an email Kelton backed off on one of the worst serial killers in Chicago history to get promoted and a lot of women’s lives could have been saved. Hank hands it to him, saying he can do what he wants with it. Ray Price welcomes him to the fight!


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