Chicago PD Recap 04/24/19: Season 6 Episode 19 “What Could Have Been”

Tonight on NBC their drama Chicago PD returns with an all-new Wednesday, April 24, 2019, season 6 episode 19 called, “What Could Have Been,” and we have your Chicago PD recap below. On tonight’s Chicago PD season 6 episode 17 as per the NBC synopsis, “Intelligence’s investigation into the murder of Burgess’ boyfriend threatens to reveal a dark side she was unaware of. The real motivation for his murder uncovers a much more unsettling truth.”

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Chicago PD begins tonight with Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) waiting at a restaurant, messaging Blair Williams (Charles Michael Davis), wondering where he is. She leaves him another message, saying she is heading home but it would be great if he called her. Kim calls Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins), asking for a favor; off the books.

Kim finds Blair’s car, calling his name but something doesn’t feel right as the car is cold. She continues to call his phone, hearing it in an alleyway. She draws her gun, but finds Blair on the ground, begging him to stay with her as she calls 911; promising him that she is right there.

Sgt Trudy Platt (Amy Morton) assures Kim that the paramedics have him and he is still alive. She looks at the blood on her hands as she is told she did really good. She has no idea what happened, but it looks like two rounds, but she doesn’t really know. Sgt Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) comes to the scene, gathering as much information he can from Kim; but Dep. Superintendent Katherine Brennan (Anne Heche) calls Voight over knowing the victim is Kelton’s advisor; both wondering why he was there and wants to keep everything hush. He reassures her if they find something ugly they will keep it quiet.

Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda), Kevin, Jay Halstead (Jesse Soffer) and Adam Rusek (Patrick John Flueger) inform Voight that this area is known for trafficking drugs. Kim is certain that Blair never had a problem with drugs and he barely ever drank. Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) reveals there is at least $20K in Blair’s trunk causing Voight to order the team their duties. Kim wants to go to the hospital but Trudy returns telling Kim that Blair died on route, offering her condolences.

Later, Kevin comes to see Kim, telling her that Blair’s family has been notified. She is more concerned that they are running with this as a drug-related homicide. She packs, saying she can’t meet his family at the airport because last night she was planning on ending it with him. She can’t sit with his family as she doesn’t belong there; she simply wants to work.

At HQ, IU is brought up to date on the case, Kevin reveals that Blair did get popped for possession when he was 17, finding 7 grams of cocaine on him; but his parents had great lawyers and he didn’t get punished. Adam shows them that Blair was communicating with a burner phone, attempting to buy something; Antonio says it sounds like a drug deal to him. Voight tells them to roll out, Kim telling Kevin she is coming.

Adam and Kim walk into the Green Lounge, the bartender says he didn’t see the guy, Kim smashes a bottle on the floor ordering him to look at the phone or she will nail him with a violation. He admits Blair was there for half hour at the bar. He met with a “black dude”, he only heard it was about money, feeling it was just some rich guy coming there to buy coke. There are no security cameras in the bar, Kim and Adam proceed to the parking lot. She insists she is fine, but Adam tries to tell her if she needs someone to lean on he has her back. Kim begins to walk away but notices a camera across from them.

Hailey and Jay look over the footage, the clothes match what Blair was wearing. They get a license plate registered to First City Fellowship, having multiple drivers. Hailey and Jay go to the church looking for Rev Dennis but find a destructive property and a body in the back room with several gunshot wounds. Hailey asks Dennis who shot him as she tries to keep him alive until EMS arrives.

Jay and Hailey walk with Voight, updating him. It looks like Dennis might have known the shooter, but he was definitely not a professional as there are two bullets that completely missed him. Kim learns Dennis is definitely an ordained minister, confusing her because Blair was not religious. Hailey gets the confirmation that the gun that killed Blair also killed Dennis. Antonio says no one on Kelton’s staff recognized Dennis’ name; there is only a political divide as Kelton was drowning at the polls. Kevin comes in, revealing that Dennis wasn’t always a man of God, he has 3 drug charges, running for G Park Lords. Antonino thinks maybe he used the church as a front as a church is a great place to funnel money. Voight wants them to take this step by step, telling his unit to “peel and bag em.”

Trudy introduces Kim and Antonio to Maya Williams (Denyce Lawton), Blair’s sister. She is looking for answers, Kim says she’s got this one and takes her into a private room. Kim admits they have a few leads, asking if Blair had a problem with drugs. Maya reveals their family has always been a little complicated; Blair got arrested in high school but the drugs were actually their father’s. They all covered for their father’s addiction, Blair’s intentions were good, causing Kim to smile.

Antonio and Kim begin to search through Blair’s hotel room, finding binders on people; including one on Ray Price (Wendell Pierce) and his entire family. Antonio tells him there is something with her name on it, figuring she would want it. She opens it and its a heart pendant on a necklace. They return, telling Trudy and Voight what they found. Adam returns with a file on a woman who is not so clean and holy; she can probably tell them who the real Dennis is.

Voight and Adam know Casey was sleeping with Dennis, explaining that she met him for dinner a couple of days ago, he arrived late; showing up upset after a silver Escalade dropped him off. She worried that maybe Dennis fell off; the vehicle was some sort of official car that said: “Future Chicago” or something similar. Voight knows the vehicle arriving to see Ray, asking Ray to tell him what is going on?

Ray offers Voight a drink, who asks how he knows Dennis Reid. Ray says he has lived in his ward his entire life, admitting he spoke to him a few days ago. He laughs when Voight calls Dennis the “good reverend” but the word was he was selling the product again and he confronted him. It is 3 weeks before the election and he didn’t need any more bodies dropping in his ward. Ray is upset that Dennis couldn’t have stayed out of his own way; he guesses that the local shot caller took him out, a guy by the name of Nate Lewis. A straight up gangster who has been selling blow and killing young black men for the past 10 years.

Kim and Antonio go to Nate’s door, who tells them if they don’t have a warrant he doesn’t talk to the police. Kim says talk now or they will return in the middle of the night with a warrant and will toss his house and car. He tells them to kiss his ass, but Kim claims to see drugs in plain view, barging into the house. He denies knowing him, Adam ordering him not to charge at him, Kim making him sit down and they begin to search his house. Hailey finds a baggie of cocaine while Hailey and Kim go to check the garage. They find a gun in his car, wrapped in a garbage bag.

In interrogation, Voight informs Nate the gun is the weapon that killed Dennis Reid and Blair Williams. He maintains he doesn’t know Blair but he has known Dennis for years. Voight says they have the murder weapon and motive, with this arrest they could put him away for life; telling him to take that into consideration as they are trying to help him. He demands a lawyer as Antonio attempts to comfort Kim, saying it may not be what she wants, but at least they have something. She walks out of the room thoroughly disappointed. In her locker, she opens the card Blair left her, “Kim, I can’t wait for what the future holds.” Adam checks on her, asking her to talk to him. Kim lets her guard down, saying Blair wanted to stay in Chicago but she was going to tell him to leave as she didn’t see them together long term but she should have told him to stay and that she was falling in love with him. He was a good and honest person and there is no way he was involved in a drug deal. This case doesn’t make sense, feeling no one believes her, but Adam does. He apologizes to her, repeatedly.

Kim sits in Voight’s office, admitting that she and Blair were sleeping together and she liked him a lot but she is still rational and he is not a drug dealer nor a user. Voight reminds her they have credible evidence this is linked to drugs. She asks him for 48 hours before he charges Nate, she wants to be sure either way.

Kim talks to the entire unit, saying Blair was only about politics, he played hard and probably dirty. The money in his trunk has something to do with politics and probably has something to do with Price. Antonio questions her theory but she brings up Jasmine Price as Blair did a full background check on her; Voight tells them to do the same.

Kim and Hailey go to see Vanessa, wanting to know about Jasmine Price, she agrees to talk when Hailey reveals they are cops. Her and Jasmine were roommates but they ran in different crowds. She says Jasmine disappeared from school for a little bit and she said the same thing to the guy a week ago. She forgot his name, and when Kim mentions Blair; Vanessa says that is him. He was asking about a guy she was dating from the city before she took a leave of absence. She tells them that Blair was kind of crazy, Kim shows her a photo but the picture is Dennis.

Voight talks to Ray and jasmine, who says she started drinking and partying, forcing her to miss a semester of school to get her head on straight; she is now heading onto law school. She admits she hasn’t spoken to Dennis in about a year. When asked if there was anything unusual that happened, Ray stops him but Voight says he is trying to be respectful but he has two dead bodies. Jasmine says other than partying there was nothing shameful. Ray is very proud of his daughter, confessing he was embarrassed to tell them that she was dating Dennis, it drove him crazy and tries to pretend it didn’t happen. Ray reminds Voight in three more weeks he will be mayor and together they are going to do great things.

Voight tells his team what Jasmine said, leaving them no further closer. Voight tells them to focus on the time Jasmine was with Dennis, but nothing is to go into the report. Jay and Adam begin to go through the police reports from that time. Kim says she deleted her social media but her iCloud is loaded with photos and she looks like a completely different person. They wonder why everything wasn’t deleted, but Kevin recognizes a woman in the photos as Anna Welk, who has priors for a possession; but then died of a cocaine overdose. Kevin asks for the thumb drive because they need to get it to Voight immediately.

They watch the video of Jasmine, holding tons of money kissing Dennis; suddenly Anna is done snorting some coke and falls to the floor, seizing. Jasmine screams Anna’s name but Dennis is taking her away. Voight goes to see Ray, saying he saw the video and it is bad as Jasmine is seen bragging about selling cocaine to this girl and she overdosed. She calls ray instead of 911, there is no police report causing Voight to guess that Ray made the problem go away.

Voight believes Blair found the video, making Dennis reach out to him saying he had something of value. Ray insists it isn’t what he thinks. Voight is tired of the lies and omissions; not knowing who he really is. Ray says Voight is right that Blair called him, revealing he knew about the video, wanting him to step down but Ray told him to go to hell. Ray hesitates as Voight asks who did the murders but Ray’s wife walks in.

Ray tells her it is best to leave them alone, asking Alicia to go but she tells Voight the “smooth-talking prick” was going to ruin their lives. Voight tells her to stop talking, but she says he didn’t care about them or all they were going to do. Ray orders her to shut her mouth but she tells Voight she Killed Blaire because she couldn’t let him ruin their lives and family. She then went to kill Dennis, she breaks down in Ray’s arms, who is only shaking his head. He pleads with Hank, not knowing what to do. Voight tells ray to stop talking now.

Voight returns to the precinct, walking solemnly to his office, not even answering Antonio who asked how everything went with Price. Voight says he has a confession on the Blair Williams/Dennis Reid murder case. He has it in writing and verbal; it is off the record, so unless they negotiate a good deal they will act like it never happened. He knows a decent lawyer could prove reasonable doubt.

Voight says they want to murder 2 and gets seven years. Voight says everything is laid out in detail and this is credible. He shows him a video of Ray Price, who takes the blame on himself; confessing about the video Blair Williams found; killing him when they fought. He killed Dennis Reid in a fit of panic. He planted evidence on a known dealer Nate. He is filled with regret and remorse but he did it for one simple reason – he loves his family!

Kim looks at the board when Adam sits with her. She feels the same about drugs, politics, and guns. Kim informs Maya to brace the family for all the media, as Chicago is large and will be all over this story. Maya says they are taking Ray back home so he can at least be with family. She thanks Kim, who reveals she was dating Blair and thought it could have been something that was truly amazing. Maya walks away as Kim is wearing the necklace.

Voight comes to see Ray, giving him a flask. He is happy to hear they made the deal for seven years. Ray takes another swig, saying he was really close; three weeks away from being the damn mayor of Chicago. Voight shakes his head, saying it would have been a hell of a thing. Voight toasts him and takes a drink of his own.