Chicago PD Recap 05/15/19: Season 6 Episode 21 “Confession’

Chicago PD Recap 05/15/19: Season 6 Episode 21 "Confession'

Tonight on NBC their drama Chicago PD returns with an all-new Wednesday, May 15, 2019, season 6 episode 21 called, “Confession,” and we have your Chicago PD recap below. On tonight’s Chicago PD season 6 episode 21 as per the NBC synopsis, “Antonio struggles with his guilty conscience as he tries to take down a major drug dealer. In order to protect his team, Voight takes a big shot at Kelton.”

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Chicago PD begins with Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) sitting in an NA meeting, the recovering addict speaking says if she doesn’t come clean she will start using again and its the secrets that kill you. Antonio gets a message from Adam Rusek (Patrick John Flueger) saying they need to meet at the silos. Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) and Antonio learn a Supervisor called Adam this morning wanting to talk about the officer involved death from a few months ago as part of his statement aren’t adding up. Antonio feels he needs to tell the truth as he was the one who killed the guy, but Adam says they rolled the dice and covered it for him.

Voight feels it was reopened by Kelton, Adam saying they need to see him in a week. Voight orders them to keep their heads down, stay the course and don’t talk to anybody as Voight knows how to get in front of this. Just as they are about to leave, Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) reached out and needs some eyes. Voight tells the two of them to head over there.

Kevin meets with Hugo who says he has heroin but didn’t bring a taste of the pure. He is trying to start his own game and needs to make connections. Kevin says he is interested but doesn’t like the price. Hugo agrees to Kevin’s terms, suggesting he will meet him in the same spot bringing his money and Hugo to bring the brick; the story doesn’t sit right so Antonio suggests they tail him but then gunfire erupts. Kevin has Adam cover him when they have a gunshot victim down and it is Hugo. Kevin looks down at the phone as Hugo’s mother is calling out for him.

Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) tells the team about Hugo; Antonio spoke to a few CIS but none of them know of any gang affiliation with Hugo. Kevin reveals Derek Winslow is the one who calls the shots in the area; he is lowkey but his cousin got shot up last month and the word is a Mexican gang had something to do with it. Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) believes it could be retaliation, Kevin planning to put pressure on his CI to find out who the shot caller is.

IU surrounds Winslow’s car as he asks what this is all about. Voight arrives, Derek wanting to know what he wants from him. He insists that he had nothing to do with the Latino boy bleeding on his turf. Hailey grabs a joint that was in his ashtray, he insists it is medicinal, she tells him if he doesn’t have a card they are confiscating his vehicle. Derek swears it was no one forms his crew but someone did see a black van go screaming down the street right after the shooting. Hailey says if his story checks out, he can have his wheels back.

Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) goes to see Hugo’s mother with Antonio. She says Hugo was never in trouble always at school or working. She is positive he isn’t in a gang, moving there to keep him safe. She swears Hugo was not involved with drugs but Antonio finds a kilo of heroin in Hugo’s closet.

Voight needs a favor from Trudy Platt (Amy Morton), needing an introduction to someone with power that he can trust. He doesn’t have a choice about speaking to someone in the press, but he needs it now. Trudy tells him, Katherine Bradley. She agrees to set them up. Shortly, Hank meets with Katherine telling her the story about the serial killer they caught a few weeks ago; that the CPD knew about it, there was an email sent and the CPD covered it up under the words of Kelton. She says this story better be bulletproof because if she is taking a shot at the king she cannot miss!

Antonio and Burgess go to the restaurant Hugo worked at, denying knowing anything asking them to leave as the restaurant is about to get busy. Antonio promises they will be in touch. Afterward, Antonio and Kim stay outside and notice Alex DelToro, who is a major drug supplier that killed one of his CIS 9 years ago; but he could never prove it.

Back at the squad room, Antonio informs the team all about Alex DelToro; even him working this guy but there is nothing good about the man. He shows them Mike Flores, who was a low-level player that DelToro killed when he thought he was stealing drugs but they could never prove it. The connection between Hugo and DelToro is the restaurant which Alex DelToro owns. Jay, Kevin, Adam, and Voight go to the chop shop where the black van was discovered. Jay goes to speak to Fernando, who is an illegal immigrant. He was there when 2 people brought the van in. He says he couldn’t see them even though it was daylight. Jay says they don’t usually care about status but if he refuses to help he will turn him over to ICE. Jay asks again and he begins to describe them.

Voight goes to see Superintendent Brennan (Anne Heche), informing her that this case is about Alex DelToro, asking if they can grab him before he leaves the country and gives them 48 hours to hold him without probable cause. She agrees but then she asks to speak to him in her office, telling him that Katherine Bradley contacted her office for some clarifications about the serial killer his team pinched. She says he is making a mistake but Voight wants to know why she is protecting him. Hank feels if Kelton gets elected the first thing he is going to do is disband the IU, that isn’t peace, that is war!

Alex is held in interrogation, feeling Voight made some kind of mistake. He shows him the photos of a dead Hugo Campos. DelToro says he doesn’t know him, even when asked about him working as a busboy in one of his restaurants. Voight asks if he has an alibi, which he says he was with his wife, Claire. Someone knocks on the door and it is Trudy with Alex’s lawyer, informing them that he is done talking.

Hailey sits with Carlos, who says Alex is just an investor in the restaurant and since their father died when they were young, Alex stepped in the role. He says he has no idea about his drug dealings. Carlos denies driving DelToro anywhere that morning. Antonio says he has one chance to save himself. Carlos sticks to the story that someone stole the van.

Jay brings in the witness, who swears it is number 3, which isn’t DelToro. Voight reminds his lawyer that he has another 36 hours, as soon as she leaves they find out that someone sent their witness photos of a man with a gun holding his children on Mexico and he cannot help them.

Voight suggests they go about this case a different way. He suggests they do a full city check on the restaurant with the maximum interruption; shaking the tree and seeing what falls out. Kevin cuts the locks to go into Carlos’ office as Antonio and Hailey work on his brother, who swears his innocence. Antonio reminds him that if his brother doesn’t come up clean, Carlos will end up in jail. Kevin returns with a brick of heroin along with 6 other bricks; Kim confirming it has the same logo as the one in Hugo’s room.

Hailey and Antonio talk to Carlos in interrogation, saying he is looking at felony possession and if he doesn’t start talking, DelToro is going to walk and he is going to jail for 8 years. Carlos feels 8 years is nothing. Adam calls Antonio out of the room where Voight tells them they have a problem. He reveals the Tribune is about to publish an article about Kelton’s covering up the serial killings but the detective who can verify is in the wind; all Voight knows is Leo took a leave of absence and no one knows where he went. They need to move fast as the election is in a week; Voight tells them to dig into Leo’s financials.

Antonio meets with Doc in a diner, saying he needs a legal perspective, explaining the situation; but hypothetically. He wants to know if it is possible for this officer to take full responsibilities for everything after the fact, so he can live with himself and get the fellow officers off the hook. He is told the fellow officers would be fired and Antonio would get jail time. He tells Antonio there is no hypothetical happy ending.

Adam and Voight meet in private, where Adam reveals Leo is booked for a South West flight that leaves in a few hours under his sister’s name; they rush off to catch up and are able to stop him. He denies Kelton getting to him, saying he just can’t blow the whistle on Kelton as Voight says he has to do what is right. Leo feels his family needs protecting but Voight is angry that all those women who died should have been protected and if Leo doesn’t do what is right, it is on him. This is haunting them all. Voight says he is calling Katherine Bradley, saying Leo wants to talk to her; Adam says he is doing the right thing as Bradley takes the phone.

Antonio runs down the stairs only to see Alex DelToro is getting released. Alex says he remembers Antonio as the one who took a shot at him and missed; Antonio promises he won’t miss this time. Alex loves his passion as Antonio promises to get him; Alex tells him not to make promises he can’t keep. He walks right past Hugo’s mother, who wants to know if he has something to do with her son’s killing; Antonio admits they can’t prove it; no evidence and no confession. He apologizes, asking what brought her there. She gives him the envelope of money Hugo’s boss gave to her to pay for the funeral, saying the neighborhood was very sorry for her loss. Antonio shows her a photo of Carlos and she confirms it.

Antonio tells Carlos to take a seat, saying this is something he does as his guilt is killing him. Antonio says the crucifix on his neck is either his salvation or his noose and the only way to save his soul is to confess. Carlos says if he tells the truth, Alex will kill his brother. Antonio pauses when Carlos asks him if he would save his soul to prevent hurting the people he loves; Voight and Adam witness the interrogation. Antonio promises to protect his brother as long as he says what happened. Carlos gives in, explaining DelToro told him Hugo stole his drugs and they were only going to lean on Hugo and teach him a lesson, not knowing DelToro had a gun as he never said anything about killing anyone.

The Unit is ready as Voight tells them to put out a statewide BOLO on DelToro. Adam is told to take Carlo’s brother and stash him somewhere safe but when they go to the restaurant, he left over an hour ago. Antonio leaves his number but they learn Alex came by and picked him up in a white BMW. Antonio calls it in, saying this is a life or death matter!

They are at a marina where the last ping came from; looking like DelToro is going to smuggle himself out of town. They spot the BMW, with Carlos’ brother dead in the trunk. They spread out, searching with all the dockworkers, but Adam spots someone who doesn’t seem to fit in and they give chase. Once inside the building, Alex starts shooting at them and it is a life or death battle for them. Alex climbs to the top with Antonio right behind him, saying there is nowhere to run. Alex tells Antonio to arrest him, just as Adam gets to the top. Antonio lowers his gun, asking Alex if he thought he would get away with killing the young boy. Adam tells Antonio to put the cuffs on his and Alex isn’t worth it; for a few moments it looks like Antonio was going to throw him off the roof but he ultimately handcuffs him.

Adam has good news for Antonio, saying he just got off the phone with Voight. Tribune is going to publish the story exposing Kelton and it is over for them; the two men hug. Back at the IU, Kim congratulates Antonio for getting DelToro off the streets. Together, they watch the press conference where Brennan admits there was a cover-up, but she is the one responsible for it; Antonio can’t believe she is taking the bullet for Kelton. She’s handed in her resignation, effective immediately.

Voight finds Kate Brennan at the bar, who is wallowing in her sorrow as she felt she had a lot of friends but Voight is the only one who sees her. She got planked because Kelton was keeping evidence against her, they were playing checkers and Kelton was playing chess. Voight is worried about Kate, but she tells him to worry about himself as Kelton is coming for him!! He is coming!!