Chicago PD Recap 10/23/19: Season 7 Episode 5 “Brother’s Keeper”

Chicago PD Recap 10/23/19: Season 7 Episode 5 "Brother's Keeper"

Tonight on NBC their drama Chicago PD returns with an all-new Wednesday, October 23, 2019, season 7 episode 5 called, “Brother’s Keeper,” and we have your Chicago PD recap below. On tonight’s Chicago PD season 7 episode 5 as per the NBC synopsis, “A murder in a Bulgarian neighborhood results in a challenging investigation when locals won’t talk to police. Ruzek has a clash with a patrol officer.

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Chicago PD begins tonight with Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) finding Adam Rusek (Patrick John Flueger) in the break room. They are given a file of addresses to knock on the doors about several home invasions. Adam jokes that he doesn’t have a problem with coffee, he has a problem without coffee; unfortunately, Officer Leavins knocks it out of his hands, causing Sgt Trudy Platt (Amy Morton) to comment on the coffee all over the floor and he has to clean it up. Adam feels bad for the recruit but Officer Werner (Phil Tyler) calls the recruit really dumb. Kevin thinks he needs to be like that but Adam doesn’t like the bullying of recruits. Their bickering stops as they hear a call come in on the radio.

They arrive on the scene where a young man informs them they were robbed and the blood on him is from his uncle. Kevin calls for back up and an ambulance, with their guns drawn, they approach the restaurant where the uncle has been shot. Kevin and Adam enter, finding a the man shot, he is trying to tell Adam something but it isn’t in English. He dies before he can reveal anything.

Sgt Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) informs the IU that they are running point on this robbery/homicide. Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) reveals the victim’s name is Nickolay Lukov (Yuri Rutman) who just opened the restaurant, tallying up receipts when a couple of guys came in a robbed him; the same MO as 3 previous robberies in the area. Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) says the robbery crew has upgraded from robbing residences to businesses now. Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) explains they made off with approximately $14 grand, but there were no witnesses except for the owner’s son, Peter who flagged them down. He was able to describe one of the men when he took off his ski mask. Voight dispenses the team to scour the area and question the neighbors.

Peter is outside with his father, who tells Adam he has no idea what the Bulgarian comment was that Nickolay was trying to say. Peter is able to repeat it, which basically is about forgiveness. Voight is told that if anyone in the neighborhood seen anything they will not share it with him as the neighborhood is mostly people from the Balkans, but he refuses to take him up on his offer.

Back at the precinct, they learn most of the cameras and street pods have been vandalized and the area is notorious for not cooperating. Voight plans to return to the area when Kim comes up revealing one of her Cis had information about a silver SUV that has patches on it that were dropped off at a salvage yard on the South Side. Adam and Jay go to the yard but are ordered to get off the property by the owner who is tired of cops. Adam says they are investigating a murder, but he is told to get a warrant; causing Kevin to stop Adam from doing anything dumb because he already has too much heat on him. Adam promises they will see him again.

Voight returns to the restaurant, concerned about Peter; both knowing that Nickolay’s death affects him for years. They toast to his deceased brother as Voight wants to know how they are supposed to help if no one speaks to him. He is told the neighborhood is guarded as they come from an ex-communist state and won’t speak to the authorities. Voight suggests they change their views together and he agrees.

Adam and Kevin call in the C PD to follow the owner and he is pulled over and arrested for having a gun in the car. He isn’t pleased to see Adam, refusing to tell them anything about his business; even calling Kevin his “boy”. He spits on Adam who starts banging his head around, and he ends up spills everything he knows, which isn’t much, other than he left the scrapyard by an app. Kevin and Adam want to kick him, but Werner says they need to book him and they will blame the cracked lip of recruit Leavins; who reluctantly agrees. Adam says they will right up the papers as the kid has no idea what he is getting himself involved with. Leavins gets into the car without a word as Adam gets angry that Werner is putting him in a bad position. Werner says he will write the paper, but Adam needs to mind his own business when it comes to him and his recruit. He tells Kevin to take care of him.

Jay puts a photo of Gregory Barnes on the board, believing he was the guy who dropped off the SUV; Voight tells Kim to get him. Adam and Kevin find out their guy contacted a lawyer and is making a lot of noise, but Werner made up the report and is the only one who lied. He is concerned the recruit is going to roll on him, Voight walks in on their conversation, demanding to know what the hold up is as Werner asked Platt to fix this and if she can’t, they all need to stick to what is in the report.

Adam is calling for backup when they are ready to get Barnes, but absolutely no one responds to them. They spot Barnes on the street and decide to go after him, Kevin reporting they have a runner. Gregory has a gun as they give chase. Kevin is able to arrest him but Voight wants answers from Adam as to why patrol screwed them up for backup and he confesses he may have caused an issue, but he promises to handle it.

In interrogation, Gregory denies robbing anyone, saying he only carried a gun for protection. He scrapped the car as it was cheaper to scrap than keeping it running. He insists he sold the car to a black guy he never saw before, which they know is not the truth. Voight gives him one last chance to speak his peace but he demands to speak to a lawyer. Vanessa Rojas (Lisseth Chavez) says the gun comes back clean and not matching ballistics, so Adam suggests they speak to Peter again as he did see one of the men take off his mask.

At the lineup, Peter looks at the men but says he is not sure. He looks at his father and tells Voight that he just doesn’t see the guy but he just isn’t sure. Vanessa tells Voight she found something interesting about the bartender Chelsea Roberts, as she lives at the same street address as Barnes so it is clear the two knew each other as Kim looks at their social media. Adam calls Platt to keep a hold on Barnes but he has bonded out an hour ago, Voight tells them to grab him but they are unable to find him. He did go home and grab a few things and left, but there was a suspicious white man sitting in a car watching him the entire time. Kevin thinks they may be partners in crime but Adam says it appeared like Barnes had no idea about the man.

Chelsea wonders why she is at the precinct. Hailey tells her to tell them about Gregory Barnes, she initially denies knowing him but Jay shows her a photo of the two of them. Hailey tells her they are not there to play games with her. Chelsea didn’t think anyone would get killed and probably shouldn’t have told him about the money kept at the restaurant but Peter kept bragging about how well the place was doing and she was scared for the future of their baby. She is 8 weeks pregnant, saying she wants to tell them everything but she thinks she should get a lawyer. Hailey says she can do that but then they cannot help her. She insists she cannot go to jail and relents on remaining quiet.

The IU Goes to a local motel, where Voight and the team breech the room, they find a body on the floor dead between the two beds.

No sign of forced entry, Voight hoping the techs can find some prints in the place. Trudy goes to speak about the complaint about Officer Werner. She hopes they can police their own and make this go away. He refuses, saying this guy’s lawyer will want his pound of flesh, but she reminds them that they have a history. The only thing he can offer is to lowball a plea, she wants to know what that will consist of and see what they can do.

Back at the IU, they are waiting on ballistics as Vanessa returns after doing a deep dive into Barnes, she finds that a Jack Cranston (Brian Slaten) has been in touch with Barnes and was just released from prison. Voight wants to speak to his parole officer and get a visual before they grab him. Jay and Vanessa’s visuals are blocked by a delivery truck as Adam and Kevin wait in another vehicle with no line of sight either. Hailey decides to do a walk by to get a visual, which she is able to confirm. She tells the team to pull the move but he grabs an innocent woman on the street and gunfire erupts.

They chase him into an alley after he shoots a woman in the leg; Hailey is frustrated, wondering where the patrol is as they are still being fired on. Cranston is ordered by Kevin to come out as Hailey and Jay quickly approach, but they find that he had a tunnel to escape and there is no containment; he has escaped.

Voight arrives on the scene, confronting Adam, saying if Patrol rolled up on this they would have had Cranston right now. Voight tells him to put it to bed whatever is going on between him and them. Platt brings Werner into a room telling him this needs to end. He says he never told patrol to leave Intelligence stranded, but she informs him that he didn’t need to say anything as they did it out of respect for him. She spoke to IAD and if he pleads to unreported force he will only get a 3-day suspension. He will lose his training officer status and would prefer to believe the recruit will stand behind him; Trudy isn’t so sure as he feels he shouldn’t be in this position.

She hands him an envelope from Rusek that has more than a week’s pay to cover more than the 3 days. She pleads with him, saying it may take a bit but she can fix this. He is mad that Rusek disrespects him and is not better than him because he works upstairs; they are both blue and he shouldn’t get a pass. She understands, asking him what he needs.

Voight and Adam are at the church wanting to show Peter some pictures, saying an ID from him with solidifying their case. Peter again says he is not sure, but after Adam encourages him he still refuses to give them an answer. Peter feels this is his fault and it was his mouth that brought this upon his uncle; so none of them are doing okay.

Kim presents Voight with a video showing how Cranston escaped; he carjacked a car belonging to a woman named Gina Morales, but neither she nor the car has surfaced and the GPS has been disconnected. Kevin and Vanessa are at the house to inform Gina’s loved ones that she has been kidnapped but they discover her car is at the back of the driveway, causing them to draw their weapons feeling Cranston is in the house. He drops his gun as Kevin holds his gun to his head. He kicks him to his knees as Vanessa enters the house, hearing a woman whimpering. She finds Gina alive but tied up on her bed.

Voight and Jay interrogate Cranston, who immediately pins the murder on Barnes, offering to wear a wire to prove it. Voight tells the team he is either one hell of an actor or he really doesn’t know Barnes is dead. Voight admits they are not looking for Cranston and need to find any pods that are working around the hotel.

Voight is sitting in the house when Peter and his father return home from the funeral. Peter is ordered to go upstairs by his father as Voight says he let himself into their place. Voight says he knows his brother Nickolay wasn’t asking for forgiveness, it was actually a plea for vengeance. He admits that Nickolay was dying, what man would not want to seek vengeance. Voight reveals he just found the same gun under Peter’s mattress, wondering what the chances are of ballistics matching. He quickly says the gun is his but Voight is too smart, asking why he would place it under his own son’s bed?

He offers to give Voight a confession, saying it was his gun and he was the one who killed that man. Voight knows Peter is the one who did it as he knew the man in the lineup and did it to earn his father’s respect. Voight has pod footage of Peter a block from the motel where Barnes was murdered. He pleads with Voight to put it on him, even though he didn’t pull the trigger, he is the one responsible. Voight turns off the light and escorts the father.

Platt calls Voight over, saying she couldn’t resolve the Rusek issue as Werner had an ask that is beyond her pay grade. Voight goes to meet Adam at a local bar, wondering if he can’t just take the calm, but they both know he cannot handle it. Voight orders him to make the things end with patrol and Adam is willing to do anything. Voight feels that is good to know and tells Adam to follow him, he brings him outside where Voight tells him Werner wants more than money for those 3 days suspension and brings him to an alley. Adam asks if he is serious, as Werner takes off his jacket. Voight says this is out of respect but he is not asking him to lose the fight either. Adam smirks and approaches Werner as Voight looks on.