Dance Moms Recap 09/10/19: Season 8 Episode 18 “Reunion: Kids Tell All”

Dance Moms Recap 09/10/19: Season 8 Episode 18 "Reunion: Kids Tell All"

Tonight on Lifetime Dance Mom returns with an all-new Tuesday, September 10, 2019, season 8 episode 18 and we have your Dance Moms recap below. On tonight’s Dance Moms Season 8 Episode 18 “Reunion: Kids Tell All,” as per the Lifetime synopsis, “Jai Rodriquez joins the newest members of the ALDC as they dish the dirt on Abby, the moms, secret crushes and more.

Tonight’s episode will surely be filled with the usual Dance Moms drama. So make sure to bookmark this spot and come back for our Dance Moms recap from 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM ET! While you wait for our recap make sure to head over and check all our Dance Moms recaps, news, spoilers & more!

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On tonight’s dance mom reunion its the children’s turn to speak about events that happened during the season. They open up with a fun and upbeat group performance. They are asked nationals and being the champs, the children all felt that they were happy and got a chance to prove to Abby that they were good dancers. Brady is asked how he feels about being the only boy dancer and the girls admit that each of them has crushes on him. Brady clarified that he and Pressley are just friends and nothing more. Brady reveals that there was huge pressure on him being Abby’s favorite dancer and was given the nickname Brabby.

They move onto the Abby mispronouncing GiaNinas name throughout the season. They talk about GiaNinas solo that was dedicated to her grandmother who has since passed and she got very emotional about that, she is then asked to perform the solo dance which is very an angelic piece. Hannah is the focus as they discuss why she was so depending on her mother to express how she feels and the push from Abby for her to be more dependent. The children then go into speaking about weird moments they shared from Brady farting to then Brady being kicked off the team by Abby.

He expressed how sad it was for him and that he thought it was the end for him and when he came back it was the best day of his life, he expressed that he missed all the girls equally. Brady and Pressley perform a duet together ironically themed “Geek gets the Girl”. The children then play a game with the host by saying what they really wanted to say to Abby during the season, and the children really let loose without worrying about repercussions, they talk about her outfits, hair, nails, and how she pronounces their names and certain words. Then go on to talk about their rival studio 19 and how they tried to sabotage Sarah, which then leads down the road to the big blowout between Abby and Sarah’s mom and the hard choice during one fight where Sarah had to pick whether to leave with her mother or stay and dance with Abby which she decided to stay.

Next up the host discusses Lillian’s evolution as a dancer and one routine is explored as she performs in a stray jacket as a prop, she walks us thru the moment and she executed it so well and admits she was nervous at the moment. They focus on her being believable due to her using her facial expressions during her performances. The children then go on to perform their award-winning group performance “Broken Hearts”. Then Pressley speaks up on her mother being picked on constantly by Abby about her fashion sense and Abby making remarks about her cleavage area a lot.

Lilliana discusses learning her mother likes mimosas and Hannah learning her mother cried a lot during the season. Then the new dancer of the group Paris is brought and she gets teary-eyed speaking about how there was so much pressure on her being the new girl, from the moms critiquing her and how she felt disappointed in that moment, but then she pulls thru and performs just as well as the other children in the group.

As the show comes to a conclusion each child speaks on how they feel about the dance group possibly not coming back to the school they all share that they want to return and would be devastated if they didn’t come back. They all share how thankful they are to get the experience to dance for Abby Lee and gaining friendships with each other, and they close out the show with a group performance and group hug.