Elementary Recap 05/30/19: Season 7 Episode 2 “Gutshot”

Elementary Recap 05/30/19: Season 7 Episode 2 "Gutshot"

Tonight the CBS series Elementary airs with an all-new Thursday, May 30, 2018, season 7 episode 2 and we have your Elementary recap below. On tonight’s episode called, “Gutshot” as per the CBS synopsis, “Holmes and Watson try to work a stateside investigation from London when someone close to them is gravely wounded by an unknown perpetrator in the U.S. However, Holmes’ stateside legal trouble—the result of a confession to a murder he didn’t commit—threatens to derail their efforts”

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Two teens who just spray painted a city street find Gregson. He is on the ground face down. They run, choosing not to call.

Later, Marcus sits with a man, telling him he wants to thank him for helping the captain. Joan shows up. She has just arrived from the airport. She wants to help. Sherlock stayed behind, he is going to help from London. Joan heads back to the old house. Inside, she sees Sherlock. He asks if Marcus bought her story that he was in London. He did, she tells him. Without furniture or electricity, Joan wants to know why they are here. It was our laboratory for a long time, he tells her. They talk about the case. Gregson was shot down on purpose. This was no accident. Marcus isn’t moving on with Gregson in this state. Joan gets a text. She heads to the hospital.

At the hospital, Joan talks to Gregson’s wife. She doesn’t have much to share. They didn’t talk about work much. Meanwhile, Sherlock is working with the witness, the man who called in after finding Gregson. He tries to jog his memory with some cash. The witness mentions hearing brakes. Sherlock figures that Gregson wasn’t coming from the precinct like they thought. Sherlock heads home. He and Joan go over what they know paired with this new information. They determine Gregson was at the local baseball field. They head there. Sherlock finds a bullet in the field. They determine where Greyson was positioned, near the baseball shack. Sherlock sees the bullet hole. He pulls down the wall, discovering a body in the wall.

At the coroner’s, Marcus and Joan are told the body is that of a young male teen named Tim who was shot. They wonder why or how Gregson got on the case.

Sherlock and Joan visit Tim’s mother who shares her ex-husband, an officer at the 16th precinct, told everyone he ran off. He never really looked and so the cops followed suite.

Marcus meets with Tim’s dad who tells Marcus he was a bad seed. He spent a lot of time scrubbing his record, helping him get out of trouble. Marcus meets with several people who. Knew Tim. They report that Tim was violent and trouble. One teacher mentions a friend of Tim’s, Dylan.

Joan and Sherlock sit in their apartment. They talk, Greyson isn’t doing well. Joan thinks he needs to go see him if he gets worse. Marcus calls. They have a new suspect, Dylan. He has a bad past.

Joan and Sherlock find Dylan in a park. He didn’t know Tim was dead. He thought he split. They ask about Gregson. He knows nothing. He mentions Tim borrowed his car more than 6 months ago. He got it towed. Dylan just got it back. Joan and Sherlock search it. They discover evidence that Tim was going to try and sink the Long Island Ferry after finding blasting caps 

Joan heads to visit Marcus and tell him what she has found since he isn’t to know Sherlock is in New York. Marcus has to tell the Feds. Joan is going to talk to Tim’s mother again. Sherlock secretly goes with her. The mother becomes angry, telling them her son isn’t a bomber. They mention that he was making a fertilizer bomb. She shares that he did start running with the wrong crowd. She also mentions that someone used her credit cards for charges related to fertilizer. But she thought it was fraud, not Tim. 

Sherlock visits Gregson and talks to him, forgiving him for letting it all fall on Watson to save his daughter. Gregson’s wife comes in. She admits she heard some of what he said, about forgiving him but nothing more. She tells Sherlock that Gregson loved him and missed him.

Joan and Marcus narrow down the other suspect, who helped Tim, to a man they already talked to named Patrick. He claimed Tim beat him up at a bar. It looks like they were actually friends. The SWAT team heads to his house and takes him out without an altercation.

At the precinct, Patrick admits to killing Tim and shooting Gregson. He shot Gregson after he realized he was on to him. Joan thinks he is lying, he must have know about the ferry. Patrick denies being part of a larger plan. Joan heads to see Sherlock and tells him what she knows. They agree, it looks like Tim and Patrick were probably part of a possible terrorist cell. Sherlock tells Joan to stay and he will head back to London. She cannot believe that he wants to do this but she agrees.

The next day, Sherlock surrenders himself alone to the authorities for the murder of Michael Rowan.