Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell & Back Recap 02/13/19: Season 2 Episode 7 “Boardwalk”

Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell & Back Recap 02/13/19: Season 2 Episode 7 "Boardwalk"

Tonight on FOX their Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell & Back airs with an all-new Wednesday, February 13, 2019, season 2 episode 7 and we have your Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell & Back recap below. On tonight’s Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell & Back season 2 episode 7 episode called, “Boardwalk,” as per the FOX synopsis, “Gordon Ramsay’s “Hell On Wheels” travels to Boardwalk 11, a gastropub and karaoke bar in Los Angeles.

After intense investigation and surveillance, Chef Ramsay and his team discover a lack of commitment from the restaurant’s staff and owner, resulting in more customers coming for the karaoke than the actual dining experience. Ramsay will try to bring this failing restaurant back from the brink of disaster—all in just 24 hours.

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Tonight Gordon Ramsay heads to Los Angeles, California with his Hell on Wheels, in an attempt to fix the restaurant/pub/karaoke business “Boardwalk 11”. The owner is Steven Spear, whose dad, Alan is a successful restaurant owner of “Brass Monkey”. Kat the former manager/bartender thinks Alan doesn’t put up with crap and Steve didn’t inherit anything from his father. Steve opened two other restaurants, but due to the recession, they failed. The business is in debt over $300,000, but Steve does everything in the bar, making the employees feel like they are doing something wrong.

Brandon is the cook, while Kat is the head chef, who worked really hard to get where she is. She is young and is frustrated they are not taking her seriously. She tries to be accommodating, but it gets to be too much as she can’t hire and fire anyone. Keith admits coming into work hungover, while Richard comes in late, saying he called Steve who said it was okay for him to come in late. Kat feels Steve is taking on too much, so everything gets half-assed done.

Chef Gordon Ramsay disguises himself as a long-haired biker. The restaurant feels like it is two completely entities, with the bar being state of the art and the restaurant part completely neglected. Gordon and his company order some classic gastropub classics. Everyone feeling that whoever bought the place gave up on it a long time ago. Gordon says the sliders are rancid and the meatballs are disgusting. He cuts into the burger, the buns are soaking wet and the meat is gray.

He doesn’t even get out of his disguise before he tells all the customers to put their knives and forks down. He tells the cooks that they should be ashamed of it, as it was embarrassing. Dirty menus thrown down, the food arrived so quickly. He asks Kat, who tells him the meatballs were cooked 4 days ago. Steve says the food is the best they can do. Gordon tells everyone that Boardwalk 11 is closed and for them to meet him outside; introducing them to “Hell on Wheels.”

Steve says he is tired but one of the customers says he has known Steve for over 20 years and the food is good. Gordon asks if he is blind and then tells everyone to watch them carefully. The video reveals a filthy kitchen as one cook tells them to shave off the moldy part of the food and cook it. Cockroaches are running around the kitchen. Staff swearing in front of customers while others joke about making Richard take the breathalyzer again. Steve insists this is the best he can do as Ramsay questions his standards and discipline. He reveals they don’t have a manager when Gordon asks him if he is delusional and calls him a moron.

He tells the staff to call home and tell them they won’t be home for 24 hours, telling customers their meal tonight was free but he’d like to see them back in 24 hours.

When asked why they are failing at everything at the restaurant, they say there is no accountability, no discipline for punctuality and there is no passion anymore. Kat explains how Steve asked her to be the manager in the other restaurants, but when they failed, he demoted her here. Kat, the kitchen manager says Brandon is always on time but he has no sense of urgency. Richard is late 3-4 times a week. Keith gets distracted very easily.

Gordon reads the reviews for the place, revealing the male staff makes inappropriate comments to women; but when they told the manager he has no control over his staff. Gordon shows Steve a video of the words and actions of his kitchen staff, which he finds repulsive. Steve says he isn’t going to tolerate the problem and Gordon tells him to stand up and fix it. He needs to protect every female customer and staff. He points to Keith, saying he is a liability. Steve immediately fires him as the clock is ticking. Gordon brings in his renovation team, asking them to do anything Brian and Theresa say.

Brian says he is going to transform the place into a gastropub with a retro vibe. Gordon agrees but needs to turn his attention to the kitchen. Kat reveals no one cleans the vent above the stove, as he says it could ignite at any time. Gordon says they can get shut down for serving the rancid meat. He throws out the celery, saying it is limper than the owner. He tells Richard to get Steve as he is furious at what he is finding. He shows Steve that he is throwing out thousands of dollars in product. Steve says he knows, but Gordon is angry no one is taking responsibility. Kat is frustrated that no one will listen to her, as she wants real cooks in there. He orders them to get this kitchen clean; Steve complains about how they are going to get is clean without professional cleaners.

Gordon finds Steve outside, who is fed up that too many things are wrong. Gordon wants to know if Steve has given up, saying the pity party has to stop. Steve feels after 17 years he may be done there! 20:09 hours left!

Steve says he needs Gordon’s help, but he feels if Steve doesn’t wake up he will take his team and Hell on Wheels out of there. Steve says he gave up a while ago, as he stopped caring. Gordon thinks Steve is like a zombie right now and it is hard to get him over the hump; as well as getting the team motivated. Brian says it is a toxic atmosphere as Steve’s negative energy has taken over the whole staff.

Kat, the kitchen manager, meets with Gordon saying she comes from humble beginnings. She worked really hard, only getting better and better through experience. He shows her the new menu, everything cooked fresh. He admits he has never been in the situation where the owner hasn’t been up to relaunching his own business, so he encourages her to find her own voice. Gordon shows her how to cook all the individual dishes. He reminds her that it is important for her to “own this” moving forward. He wants her to work with Brandon and Richard and if they cannot cut it by tomorrow morning, they need to go. 18:42 hours left, he informs Brandon and Richard that he is not screwing around anymore.

Chef Ramsay feels if Kat can’t own this, they are screwed, with dawn approaching, the reno team is still feeling the workload. Gordon even helps them, as no one on the staff lending a hand. Gordon sits with Steve, telling him to step back and give them the reins to run this, as he doesn’t have a choice. They call Kat over and Steve asks her if she can start managing the bar again. She wonders if he will let her and he apologizes for taking it away from her. She is happy to be the GM again, quickly telling staff what to do, giving life to the team.

Time is running out with the kitchen staff. Mary takes over the kitchen as Gordon calls Kat over. Steve tells her that he is leaving the kitchen in her hands, including the hiring and firing. She is bursting with excitement to prove she can do it. As soon as Steve leaves, she calls Richard over to the side, saying given his performance and how extensive the menu is, he isn’t equipped to do this and she lets him go. He shakes her hand, upset but needs to roll with the punches. Kat makes a call, asking someone to come in and help with dinner service.

Steve feels like he wants to work tonight but Gordon tells him to go home as he is asking his talent to step up to the plate and they don’t need to be micromanaged. Steve says he will come by later on to see him. Gordon meets Alfredo, saying Kat has confidence in both of them and shows them the new equipment in the kitchen. He hopes with Steve gone, Kat can step up and this is the beginning of something exciting if both women can use their voices.

The kitchen works on making one of everything on the menu, but the burger has too much “salad” on top. He pleads for someone to take ownership in the kitchen. He gives them a pep talk about communication, reminding them to give it their all tonight as they are in a different league. Boardwalk 11 is set up for success, but the real test is about to begin as the customers count down the last 10 seconds as the doors open.

The men who came in with Gordon, love how different it is. The dark décor is gone with a cool, disco lounge vibe. Kat brings customers to their table as the kitchen gets their first ticket. Gordon reminds them they need to talk in the kitchen, not just nod. He says they need to talk and talk all night long. The first dish has a hard-boiled egg, not a poached egg and he tells Brandon to get a grip, wondering if he gave up. Kat is running behind on the tickets, revealing customers are getting impatient.

When GM comes back, Gordon stops everything as nothing is going out. He gets extremely frustrated with Brandon not talking. He calls Kat outside, confronting her about bringing the two guys in; all he wants is for her to find her voice and prove to herself and Steve that she can do this. She uses the overwhelming tickets as an excuse, so he tells her if she doesn’t want to do this, she needs to tell him now!

She insists she wants to get through the service and she is doing the best she can; saying she will use her voice more. Gordon says she needs to tell them what to do, as that may help. GM Kat tells customers they have changed things in the kitchen and food will be out soon. Kat talks and Gordon feels the kitchen is talking but needs to sing in order to catch up. He encourages them to keep going as customers seem happy and the food is now going out. He hopes that Boardwalk 11 might be back on the right path. Customers are raving about the food.

Gordon shows both Kats that the place is packed, saying their job was well done. There is a lot more work to be done, and they cannot give up on the plan. He says his goodbyes to them, but GM Kat worries about “tomorrow.” The Kats are both in control but Gordon wants them to stay in charge and brings Steve back to see how things are going. From outside, Steve thinks it looks amazing. He says both Kats are working well, and this will work if he keeps the structure, but he cannot control them. He promises he will stick to it as this is a fresh start. Gordon says his job is done and tells Steve to enjoy this, but let his staff run it.

This is the first time Gordon launched a restaurant without the owner; if Steve goes back to his old habits, it will definitely collapse.

3 Months Later…
GM Kat reveals Kat from the kitchen got demoted because she made Steve feel uncomfortable due to her bossiness and attitude, revealing she is on the edge of going back to her old job. Kat is no longer the GM because right after the show, Steve told her he couldn’t afford a GM. Keith is back as a bartender and Richard is back in the kitchen, feeling Steve didn’t learn anything from Gordon Ramsay at all; other than he doesn’t like him.


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