Grey’s Anatomy Recap 02/14/19: Season 15 Episode 13 “I Walk the Line”

Grey’s Anatomy Recap 02/14/19: Season 15 Episode 13 "I Walk the Line"

Tonight on ABC their hit drama Grey’s Anatomy returns with all-new Thursday, February 07, 2019, season 15 episode 13 and we have your Grey’s Anatomy recap below. On tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 13 called ‘I Walk the Line,” as per the ABC synopsis, “A sea of patients flood Grey Sloan Memorial after gunfire goes off at a parade. A blast from the past throws Maggie off her game on the same day that Meredith tries to talk to her about dating Deluca. Meanwhile, Owen and Amelia get some potentially life-altering news about Betty.

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Grey’s Anatomy begins with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) talking about boundaries and why they are in place. Teddy (Kim Raver) knows she can’t live at the hotel forever, but tells Tom (Greg Germann) that she would really miss the bacon in the lobby. Owen (Kevin Kidd) interrupts their intimate moment, as Teddy backs away, saying they are staying at the same hotel and they ride in together. Teddy excuses herself, Owen goes away leaving Tom standing alone and confused.

Alex (Justin Chambers) tries to convince Jo (Camilla Luddington) that they can keep a plant alive. Jo notices that his photo is on the wall, and feels this is a moment that should be celebrated and takes a picture of him beside it, saying he is going to send it to his mother, but also going to frame it. A couple of interns thank Alex for breakfast, something Miranda (Chandra Wilson) notices and Alex confirms that he does it once a week with them, saying it helps with morale. Miranda voices her concern to Richard (James Pickens Jr) about still being out for another 2 months.

Owen finds Jackson (Jesse Williams) bringing in Harriet to the daycare, they talk for a brief moment before Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) informs him that rehab called and Betty (Peyton Kennedy) has run away. She has time to cover her service, taking Leo, saying this thing with Betty is more of a marathon than a sprint.

Meredith talks to Maggie (Kelly McCreary), saying she is thinking about going on a date with DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti); Maggie insists she isn’t mad, but Jo stops her saying she is mad at her because she stood up Link (Chris Carmack). Meredith can’t take everyone being mad at her, as Levi (Jake Borelli) tells Maggie he is on her service today and first up is Kimberly Thompson, a name that gave Maggie her chills. She is surprised to learn that it is the same Kimberly (Kiki) from med school. Kiki instantly insulting Maggie for the way she looked in school. She is impressed that Maggie is the head of cardio but doesn’t need to explain the old graft in her heart is conking out. She knows no one will touch it, asking if “Magpie” will save her life?

Owen races outside with Parker (Alex Blue Davis), where they heard there was a shooting downtown. The first patient arrives, as the father wonders why someone would bring a gun to a parade? Alex stops the pipers as Parker updates him on what is going on. Owen needs Alex to help with intubating the son as Seamus (Billy Boyd) refuses to leave his son’s side. Owen orders for x-ray and to page Jackson.

Taryn (Jaicy Elliot) is on rotation with Teddy, they are about to release their patient to her two men, but she had never mentioned her dizziness and whistling in her ears. She feels this is all nonsense and it only happens when she moves her head too quickly. Teddy wants a head and neck CT done, asking her to page neuro. Teddy thinks the artery is constricted and needs to make sure everything is okay, suggesting both the men wait for their Lucille.

Amelia is about to leave the hospital when she is stopped by a couple, learning they are her parents. Carol (Jennifer Grey) confirms that Betty called them from rehab, but they told her that Amelia is her legal guardian. Amelia realizes that Betty gave her a fake number and explains how she met Betty, also inadvertently about Leo.

Seamus wants to go up to CT with his son, something Owen allows. Suddenly bagpipes are playing, causing Owen, Jackson, Richard and Alex to go to the ambulance bay. Owen loves it as Alex asks them to stop, but they say they are trying to find a way to lift Colin’s spirits. Amelia tells Owen that Betty aka Brittany’s parents is there, but they have no idea about Leo.

Maggie needs Jo and her cutting edge medicine to help her with the case today. Bailey says no, but Maggie reminds her how weird it is for her to ask for help. She gives in but tells Maggie to clear it with her next time, not Alex.

Teddy tells Lucille what is going on and that Tom will do the surgery; insisting they have nothing to worry about. Tom tells Jules that his wife is in good hands, they all laugh as she says Marvin is her husband. Tom is confused by the situation so Teddy says Taryn Helm will be there to prep her for surgery and escorts Tom out of the room.

Kiki is in the machine when she talks to Maggie about school. Meredith learns who Kiki is and why she is calling her “Magpie”. Maggie says this one used to belittle her every time she was in school, she was vicious and mean. She shouts that she hates her, causing Meredith to not want to talk to Maggie. They look at the scans, all wondering if Kiki could survive a replacement as Maggie is upset that she used to lie in the dark wishing she was dead. Jo says Maggie is “dark!”

Jackson finds Maggie, talking about another kid getting shot and it probably won’t make the news; she is absent-minded, explaining that she has to do surgery on someone she is shaking with rage over this woman and now she needs to try to not kill her. Jackson says if he kills her, at least try not to do it on purpose.

Owen and Amelia explain to Betty’s parents that she was pregnant when she left. They show little Leo to them as Carol asks if she can hold him. Owen takes a deep breath. She says he has “Brittany’s” eyes and can’t believe this is real. Owen learns their last name is Dickinson and storms out of the room, saying he can’t be there.

DeLuca watches as Meredith walks past the board talking to Dahlia Qadri (Sophia Ali) about the surgery and what they need to look out for. DeLuca and Meredith make eye contact, completely zoning out on the conversation. DeLuca walks away and Meredith follows him, telling him in private he can’t look at her like that at work, as they are professionals and that is distracting. Meredith hopes she is the one acting weird, but DeLuca says when his sister dates his exes, she doesn’t ask for permission, she dives right in. When Meredith asks him how that makes him feel, he understands the point.

Maggie walks into Kiki’s room, saying she agrees with the other doctors and they cannot help them. Kiki says maybe she doesn’t want to help her because she was the bitch from med school that made her life a living hell. Maggie insists it is too risky to do it but Kiki pleads with her. Maggie admits she hates her as she tortured and abused her and if anyone can repair her heart, she can’t imagine why she would want it to be Maggie. Kiki is hoping to have a chance to make things right with everyone. She didn’t want to come there but Maggie is the best, asking her to take the “win” and help her.

Owen says they will have to open Colin’s chest to see if there are any other injuries. Jackson will stand by and repair his hand when they are done with the chest. Seamus talks about another shooting that he was involved in Scotland where 16 school children were shot at. He is worried about his son dying as nothing will change because of it. He wants to hold Colin’s hand but gets upset that Colin was simply walking down the street. Owen promises him that he has his son.

Richard spots Bailey, who is staring at the pictures on the wall, she asks him what is wrong with this picture. She wants to know why Alex’s photo is there since he is only an interim. She complains how the world is anointing Alex Karev for all her blood, sweat and tears. Richard reminds her of a story, how Bailey saved a patient he was dealing with for a long time and she is the one who gets the gifts for it; but they should have been his gifts. It is simply how life goes sometimes. She switches the pictures around, everyone staring at her in the cafeteria.

Tom and Teddy talk about the relationship between Marvin, Jules, and Lucille. Tom wonders which one Teddy is – the torch bearer or the one getting burned. He completes his work and walks out. Meredith finds Maggie saying if she is against this, she won’t be with him because they are sisters and that is all that matters. Maggie says since there is a rule about operating on people they love, there should be a rule for operating on people they hate. She can’t be the person who won’t do something when she can. She explains the procedure and the odds when Meredith suggests another option. It is risky as hell and Maggie has never done it before, but Meredith says she will assists and since she is her sister, she will have her back.

Alex says this isn’t the first kid with a gunshot he has dealt with this week; Jackson loses the pulse in his hand and feels he needs to operate now, but Colin crashes. Meanwhile, Carol watches Leo from the window, as Amelia says she has called all of Betty’s friends. John goes to book a hotel room in case Betty comes back. Amelia can imagine living with the fear of not knowing where Betty was. Carol learns the father was never in the picture for Leo as Amelia assures her she never thought anything about Carol’s parenting. She talks about how Brittany started using drugs and became someone she didn’t know anymore. She admits she missed her before she even ran away; wondering if she can keep doing this. Amelia says she took Betty in because she was an addict too, but she didn’t want to see her mom after she got clean because the shame was too great. She tries to comfort her, saying her little girl is still in there somewhere.

Maggie begins the first cut in Kiki’s surgery, while Alex and Owen work to save Colin. Meredith is right by Maggie’s side as Teddy and Tom work together on Lucille. All the pipers wait anxiously in the waiting room, along with Julian and Marvin; all awaiting good news. Kiki is saved, as Maggie says Kiki has no one, leaving her emergency contacts open; that is the consequence of her actions and words.

Owen says Colin made it through surgery and is going to be okay; everyone cheers. Teddy tells Jules and Marvin that they will keep an eye on Lucille for any changes, but the surgery went well; the two men hug each other not knowing what they would do without her. Jules goes in to see her, as Marvin talks to Teddy about the look on her face. He says it is not like she thinks; Jules and Lucille have a great friendship and would never risk it on something so fickle as sex and romance. He is Lucille’s third husband, but she only has one Julian. He excuses himself to be by his wife’s side.

Alex explains to Seamus that he should survive as Jackson says his hand will heal with a few weeks in the hospital and some rehab he will be okay. Colin wakes up with Seamus thrilled to talk to him; causing Owen to run out of the room, telling Teddy he needs to get up to the daycare. She worries about him, following him into the stairwell as he explains that Betty’s parents are there and they had no idea about Leo. He knows he is going to lose Leo!

Meredith tells Maggie that Kiki was right, as she is the best. Meredith wants to know how Maggie really feels about her and DeLuca. She doesn’t want to be a Kiki, where she smiles at her to her face, but hates her outside of the room. Maggie has no idea what she is talking about, so Meredith tells her again that she was thinking about going on a date with DeLuca. Maggie admits she didn’t hear a word earlier, saying it isn’t weird, but it is surprising. She says Andrew is a good guy, but if he ever isn’t a good guy, she has got her back.

Owen hears John saying they have a crib set up in their room, along with diapers and formula. He stands next to Amelia as Owen says he cannot take him tonight but John says Leo is their grandson, but Owen says he is Leo’s family. John shouts that he isn’t leaving Leo with another drug addict, which Owen says they are not going to take him without a court order and if they try he will have them arrested for kidnapping; they leave in a huff.

Owen is furious Amelia told them she was a drug addict. She knows it is a painful situation and asks him not to be upset with her. She tells him if he wants to fight for Leo, then he can do that but he is only the foster parents and his grandparents want him; Betty is his mother. Owen yells back that her name is Brittany and she was never much of a mother. Amelia storms off.

The pipers play outside Colin’s room, causing them to smile. Jo finds the photos and puts Alex’s at the end again, smiling. Owen and Jackson grab their little ones and walk towards the door as the lone piper plays a beautiful song.

Meredith says there is a reason a baby’s first word is “no!” It is because it is the word they hear the most, from the second we are born we want to cross the line, push the boundaries and test the limits. But then we grow up and learn not all the rules are bad.

Miranda is in the office when Alex walks in. She tells him she wants to be Chief again and now he is off the hook. He says he likes the job and he kicks its ass, just like Webber told him too. It is way more money, so the answer is no. He is telling her no after the 6 months are up, she can have it back. She never expected him to survive his intern year, when he asks what she said; she tells him she is proud of him and slams the door behind her.

Teddy arrives at Tom’s hotel room door, saying there are certain friendships that are meant to be just that. He feels she didn’t have to come to his room to tell him they are “just friends”. She corrects him, saying her and Owen are very close friends, but she and Tom are something else. They kiss each other.

“Some boundaries protect us. Some lines keep us safe. The nice thing about being an adult is we can choose for ourselves.”

Teddy says she is really pregnant when Tom tells her the food he ordered with extra bacon and she walks right in. DeLuca finds Meredith, who had paged him. She says he is not taking her out tonight as she has 3 kids and is not getting on the back of a motorcycle. She is driving and they kiss quickly before leaving.

“We can screw the rules or make our own!”


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