Grey’s Anatomy Recap 03/14/19: Season 15 Episode 17 “And Dream of Sheep”

Grey’s Anatomy Recap 03/14/19: Season 15 Episode 17 "And Dream of Sheep"

Tonight on ABC their hit drama Grey’s Anatomy returns with all-new Thursday, March 14, 2019, season 15 episode 17 and we have your Grey’s Anatomy recap below. On tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 17 called ‘And Dream of Sheep,” as per the ABC synopsis, “Ties are strained as Andrew and Carina confront an unforgiving family history.

Meanwhile, Teddy and Owen work together on a married couple who is expecting, and Amelia attends a conference for alternative pain relief.”

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Grey’s Anatomy begins tonight with Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) running out of the lab as Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) comes off the elevator and finds an overly exhausted Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) leaning on the wall, after spending all-nighter there. She gives him coffee as a peace offering, saying she is glad it is going well with them and it is none of her business. They find a private moment, making plans to spend a night together. She excuses herself to go to work and tells him to go home to sleep.

Dr. Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) is training Dr. Dahlia Qadri (Sophia Ali) and Dr. Levi Schmitt (Jake Borelli) to perform surgery by cutting the skin off fish. Dr. Casey Parker (Alex Blue Davis) jokes about if the people at the fish market spent 4 years in medical school. Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary) walks in, wanting to cancel going onto live television in the morning as it won’t be about her genius surgery but more about her being the love child of an illicit affair from Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) and Ellis Grey. Jackson reassures her that this is still a good thing; not to be nervous and it’s too late to cancel. Jackson shows the doctors his patient Rick Burns (Reverent John Atom), as Schmitt smiles, saying they are making fish people!

Miranda goes to see Dr. Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) about all the ethical issues they have involving Dr. DeLuca Sr.s idea; the liability considering his history of mental illness. Dr. Taryn Helm (Jaicy Elliot) interrupts them just after Alex raves about how well his mother, Helen (Lindsay Wagner) is doing. She suggests they go check on Dr. DeLuca’s lab, where both Andrew and his sister, Dr. Carina DeLuca (Stefania Spampinato) are arguing loudly with their father. DeLuca Sr. explains how one of his lambs died, calling it a “minor setback”. He orders Carina to leave, feeling she doesn’t like the way he works. Bailey tries to push Alex to say something, but he remains mum.

Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) and Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) wait in the ambulance bay, as Owen reveals that Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) is out of the picture and he is late because of it; even though he feels he can handle Leo on his own. Kim didn’t say anything about Owen’s situation but he feels like he is suddenly auditioning to be a father.

Amelia runs into Dr. Atticus “Link” Lincoln (Chris Carmack) at a medical convention. She says she became interested in this after the mass overdose. She admits she is newly into this, but Link says he goes to these 3 times a year and tomorrow he is doing a lecture. She agrees to go with him to an acupuncture seminar, saying she’d prefer to get poked, but after being embarrassed she excuses herself, leaving Link smirking at her.

Owen does an ultrasound on his patient as Dr. Nico Kim (Alex Landi) walks in. He is only concerned about his wife who is 5 months pregnant. Owen promises to be right back and check on his wife; he tells Teddy that their unconscious patient is 5 months pregnant and he wants her to switch patients, but she refuses.

Alex wants a report on why the lamb died; Carina doesn’t want to work on this project, saying that their father is bipolar and even though he brought it there, he could ruin it if Andrew lets him; Alex demands the report. Meanwhile, Jo Karev (Camilla Luddington) approaches Maggie, wanting to know if she ever got her DNA tested, showing Maggie that she just got her results and needs Maggie to be with her to open them. Maggie congratulates her on winning the genetic lottery, with no markers for any genetic diseases, but once Maggie leaves, Jo realizes she is probably first cousins with Martha Thomlinson; shocking that she has a cousin, but Casey offers to do a legal search and find her. She agrees if he finds her, can he find out who her mother is; also implying that Jo could find her own mother.

Amelia ends up lying beside Link, where he tells her they are not supposed to talk, as the vibrations help them. She admits she isn’t supposed to be there but seems to be enjoying it.

Teddy and Carina are able to tell their patient, Lizzie that she is bleeding from her abdomen but they need to find where it’s coming from. She is happy to know her baby is okay from Carina, so Teddy pulls Carina outside, reminding her that she may see a healthy baby but Teddy sees a mother with a belly full of blood and she might have to remove the uterus along with the baby. She orders Carina to keep her mouth shut and not speak to Lizzie again without her consent.

Jackson continues his teaching, saying Brazil has been using Tilapia skin for years to heal burns, which Qadri finds fascinating; Richard, on the other hand, cannot handle the fish smell. Jackson says they use the skin but the rest of the fish is a medical waste; something Richard feels is a waste. He can’t wait to see next as lambs grow in a bag and fish repairs burns.

Miranda finds Helen Karev in the cafeteria, who says she doesn’t travel a lot; although she is enjoying her stay it is getting to be a bit much for her. She hasn’t told Alex nor Jo because they have been so busy, but she feels she will be better when she can get home. Owen finds Teddy, who was able to save the baby. Owen is impressed with her saving the baby as she asks about the husband; Owen wants her to go home and get some sleep as her and the baby need it; even saying Tom could rub her feet, but she reveals he is out of town. She sits in the chair in her patient’s room, so Owen grabs a chair and joins her. She puts her feet up, saying since he is there he can rub her feet; which he does.

Amelia feels loopy, saying she needs a meeting, but before she and Link can find a place to relax, she slumps to the floor and tells Link about Betty, who was her foster kid that was an addict that she tried to get clean but then her parents returned and Betty left with them. She confesses that she misses Betty, not knowing if she is okay. She admits that she feels like a mess, but Link says she sounds like a parent. Amelia thanks him before saying he is chiseled like a statue. After they joke, they almost kiss as Amelia suggests they both go to their own rooms as he has a presentation and she isn’t fit for human contact.

Teddy is sound asleep in her bed as everyone is working on Lizzie. Her baby bottoms out and Teddy says they need to book an OR. Owen wants to take it over, as she doesn’t need to be there when this woman loses her baby; she tells him to just get the father.

Andrew tells his father that Carina hasn’t turned on him, but everyone is getting concerned about him. He tells his dad to let Carina be, demanding to know how Carina is going to lose her patient’s baby. Teddy tells Carina that Lizzie needs an emergency hysterectomy, but when they arrive in Lizzie’s room, DeLuca Sr. is busy telling Lizzie that he can say her and the baby.

Amelia runs into Link in the morning, as they both are planning on checking out the nerve block seminar. Link says he doesn’t think Amelia would want to go to it. She wants coffee and he says there is some in his room, but she declines the invitation.

Meredith tells Jackson his nickname is “the ruler of Atlantis”. He feels this is cool, as there is no more need for painful skin removal. He mentions Andrew’s spray-on skin, referring to him as Meredith’s boyfriend; she says that she has a bad feeling about Andrew and his dad; insisting Andrew isn’t her boyfriend, but he says Richard and Maggie say otherwise.

Miranda confronts Alex, saying that his mother wants to go home and he really needs to monitor her. He feels that Miranda is prejudice about people with mental illness as she first went after DeLuca and now his mother. She calls him a “jackass” reminding him that she also has a mental illness but she copes with it, taking her meds every day but some days she needs to ask for help; his mother can’t ask him that and it is his job to make sure she can ask him.

Teddy pages Alex, revealing that DeLuca Sr. spoke to her patient without her consent; but she wants to know if they can really save her patient’s, 21-week-old baby. She is excited, but Alex isn’t so confident, not responding.

Jo stands with Jackson as Maggie has her interview. Maggie talks about her father, the one who raised her, saying Richard Webber is a bonus and she is very lucky to have him; life-changing. Jo tells Jackson that what she said is a sign about her finding her birth mother. Jackson says he reconnected with his father and it was very painful, so unless she is looking for a specific answer she should avoid it. Jo says Jackson took the sign away.

Carina and Andrew confront their father again when Alex barges in, informing him that he cannot offer fake procedures to his patients. He says he has a living subject, but Carina tells him that he is a mess; Alex telling Carina she needs to come to help him fix things. Andrew orders his father to stay in the lab as he has done enough; once everyone leaves he smashes things in the lab. Teddy tells Lizzie that the procedure has not been approved, but Lizzie says she is giving them the approval to try it. Alex apologizes, saying he cannot do it as she cries about them letting her baby die. Carina promises to deliver the baby and will try to keep her comfortable for as long as she can so they can at least hold her.

Link does his presentation, but keep exchanging smiles with Amelia. He explains the surgeries and how he prescribed him opioids for the pain; which eventually caused his patient Jason into a drug addict and admits he was obviously his first drug dealer. He admits that had he had to do it again, he would do it exactly the same; causing Amelia to storm out of the room.

Lizzie’s surgery happens as Alex refuses to intubate the baby, saying it would simply be cruel. They complete the hysterectomy on Lizzie. Andrew returns to the lab, demanding to know how his father could give someone such false hope; but he is certain he could have saved her life. Andrew says they don’t know if the baby would have survived or any brain deficits. His dad tells him that he sounds like the rest of them.

Andrew comes to a realization, saying this is exactly how it was that night – the night four people died. His dad says 7 people came in and he did the job that needed to be done; Andrew shouts that it is all because he didn’t want any help. Andrew gets angry, saying a mother will watch her baby die due to a car accident, but that is merciful compared to watching her baby in some bag. He pleads for his father to see that wondering if he is too sick to see that, but all he wants to know is how the baby is doing. Carina and Alex hand the tiny baby girl over to her crying father, as he holds her close.

Teddy watches as Lizzie breaks down when her husband reveals the loss of their baby. Owen chases down Teddy in the hallway, as she collapses in his arms, crying. Tom walks in and spots the two together, but instead of telling Teddy he is home, he quietly leaves the hospital.

Alex has a meeting with all the DeLuca’s in his office. He believes in his research but what he did to the patient is a major breach of protocol. He orders Andrew to not interrupt him when he shouts that he might have been able to save the baby; calling Alex, Andrew, and Carina cowards and lazy. He screams at Alex, saying he doesn’t deserve his research and he will take it and go.

Richard is outside the hospital, hosting a fish fry for all the tilapia that was going to be thrown out. Alex pleads with Miranda to take the chiefship for two days. She protests at first, but he says he needs to fly his mother home and Miranda was right; Miranda promises to try to fill his shoes and he needs to thank his mother for her hat.

Link arrives at Amelia’s room, saying she missed the good part of his presentation so she closes the door in his face. He tells her through the door that he didn’t have a choice but to give Jason those drugs and she would have done the exact same thing. She denies it, as she knows how addiction works. He explains Jason’s injuries and his talk of suicide. He would never give someone those pills blindly and so far there is no alternative. She yells that he failed Jason and he died. Link says he quit medicine for over a year, but he got mad and came back. He feels the system is broken and he is doing everything he can to fix it.

Amelia pauses, saying she obviously missed the good part as he says he is trying to make it right for Jason as she is for Betty. He feels maybe they can work this together, like Batman and Batman! She walks close to him and agrees. He asks if she still wants to hit him but she says no, but she does have a hair trigger and it can get scary. She apologizes, saying she is in a weird place these days; he says he can roll with weird. He invites her out for dinner, which she agrees with but then stops and kisses him. He feels he is taking advantage as she is in a place and she is very pretty. She tells him the feeling is mutual and begins to undress him, reminding him that this isn’t going anywhere but just an alternative pain release.

Maggie locks the door, talking to Jackson about making a merman. She closes the blinds, saying while she was on tv talking about herself, he was doing something that can heal people around the world. She climbs on him, saying that is the sexiest thing she has heard all day. He throws everything off his desk, saying he made a Merman as they get passionate.

Jo says goodbye to Helen as Alex walks out with her, taking her home. Meredith finds Andrew, who admits his father is arranging transport back to Italy and she can tell him that she told him so. She doesn’t want to and it bothers her that he’d think she would. He doesn’t want to be around people right now, so she offers her support before walking out.

Jo finds Casey, who says he can find her mother and she wants him to. He says he has already done it and her name is Vicky Rudin, living in Pittsburgh. Jo isn’t sure how to process it.


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