Grey’s Anatomy Recap 03/28/19: Season 15 Episode 19 “Silent All These Years”

Grey’s Anatomy Recap 03/28/19: Season 15 Episode 19 "Silent All These Years"

Tonight on ABC their hit drama Grey’s Anatomy returns with all-new Thursday, March 28, 2019, season 15 episode 19 and we have your Grey’s Anatomy recap below. On tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 19 called “Silent All These Years,” as per the ABC synopsis, “When a trauma patient arrives at Grey Sloan, it forces Jo to confront her past. Meanwhile, Bailey and Ben have to talk to Tuck about dating.

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Grey’s Anatomy begins with Dr. Jo Karev (Camilla Luddington) telling Dr. Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) that since Dr. Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) is returning as Chief tomorrow, she has only this day to present her fellowship. Alex demands to know how long they are going to avoid dealing with what happened between her and her birth mother.

We flashback to Jo ringing the doorbell and Vicki Ann Rudin (Michelle Forbes) answers it, trying to calm down her kids that are yelling at each other. She checks her mail as Jo is surprised she has kids; just before Vicki closes the door, Jo reveals she was born at a local hospital and was dropped off at a fire station a couple of days later and she believes Vicki is her mother.

Miranda and Ben Warren (Jason George) are driving Tuck (BJ Tanner) to school, where they discuss his school project; he quickly refuses an invitation to dinner with them as he has a “thing” with a girl named Kelly at school. They both spot him putting his arm around Kelly, looking questioningly.

Jo bumps into a woman, Abby (Khalilah Joi) who has a bad cut on her face. She seems confused, asking Jo if she has ever had a garbage sort of day as she leads her to the ER. She tells Jo that she smacked her face with a cabinet as she was putting dishes away; since the cut is deep Dr. Dahlia Qadri (Sophia Ali) cleanses it. When Dr. Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) walks over to them to tell Jo that Bailey has arrived; Abby is terrified and grabs Jo’s hand causing Jo to refuse to leave her side. Once they are alone, Jo closes the curtain telling Abby she is hurt and Jo is there to help her. Abby sits up, takes off her scarf, showing deep handprint bruising and lifts her shirt off her belly to show massive dark bruises. Jo takes her hand, promising that she has her and isn’t going anywhere.

Jo only wants to talk to Vicki, but she insists that Jo cannot be there. Just as she is closing the door, her husband, Daniel Rudin (Brian Oblak) walks up to the house with their dog. Vicki explains that Jo is a Mormon. Jo tells Vicki to meet her at a diner up the street, they will have one conversation and never hear from her again.

Jo sits at Ira’s Diner but is just about to leave when Vicki walks in, saying the coffee there sucks and works at the Mayor’s office, trying to serve the poorer communities. Jo tells her she doesn’t need her damn money because in her head all she ever thought was her birth mother worked in a diner half as nice as this and maybe graduated high school later than usual and was scraping by on the kindness of strangers because she had no one. Vicki only wanted Jo to have a better life.

Jo finds out the names of her siblings and that Daniel is a lawyer, but nothing like Jo’s father. Jo tells her she wasn’t better off because she moved from foster home to foster home that got so bad, she went to live in her car. When a man finally told her he loved her, she believed him even when he beat her so bad she couldn’t see. She demands Vicki tell her that her life wasn’t better than Jo’s. She picks up her purse saying she is leaving; causing Jo to say at least she is consistent. Vicki feels Jo came to punish her but she simply wants to know where she came from.

Vicki sits back down, giving her their ancestry and health information. Jo gets angry, saying she wants to know everything she cannot find out by spitting in a tube. Jo learns her father died in a motorcycle accident 10 years prior. Jo grabs her bag as Vicki says that death was too good for him. Jo is upset that she is taking about her father. Vicki tells her that he was a TA, and she said yes to a date with him but then he started kissing and touching her; she said “no” and fought him and 9 months later she had Jo and five days after that, she didn’t.

Back at the hospital, Jo and Qadri cut off all of Abby’s clothes as she admits there is no one to call and she doesn’t want to bother her husband who is off on a business trip. She jumps when Dr. Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) knocks at the door but she does allow her to do an ultrasound to see if there are any internal injuries. Qadri looks away in tears but is able to pull herself together as Teddy tells her there is a tear in her diaphragm, causing her internal organs to move up into her chest. She agrees to the surgery as long as she can go home. Teddy calls Qadri out of the room, saying they will book the OR but wait to give her the antibiotic fluids because her wounds are consistent with being sexually assaulted, so they need to wait to see if Abby talks in order to preserve the evidence.

Teddy returns to the room as Jo asks more about what happened, but Teddy reminds her they don’t have to tell them anything as they can get a counselor for her to talk to. She says she doesn’t want any more doctors and when she lies about the wounds, Jo calls her on it, making Teddy reprimand her. Abby demands to know what they are trying to say and Jo says she can still report it but if they do the surgery they erase the evidence. Abby feels if she does this kit, it will hide in the back of a police station always leaving her wondering when the bomb will go off as a jury of her peers believes a woman who wore a skirt too short or too many cocktails after a fight with her husband over dirty laundry. She feels whatever the man drank will be his excuse. She wants to know if this kit will save her own ass and make her husband believe her.

Teddy gives her oxygen and gets her to relax a bit. Jo reveals her own terrifying story of spousal abuse but never had the chance to hold him responsible. She feels one day she might want justice and Jo wants her to have everything she needs to do that; once they assure Abby that her husband will never know she agrees to the kit. They need her to verbally consent to the tests, swabs, photos, bite marks and hair samples. It is a trying process, but Abby remains very brave, consenting to all of it. She cries but Jo never lets go of her hand. She finally breaks down crying when Teddy tells her they are done; Jo holds her.

Vicki admits she never told anyone she was pregnant, at least until years after the rape happened; it’s like she doesn’t even acknowledge Jo’s existence. She explains her process of how long it took for her to even see it as “rape.” She found a way to move forward, Jo is furious that she didn’t even once try to find her. Vicki reveals she was petrified every second of her pregnancy as she had to see his face every day in class and she worried that Jo would be a boy and be exactly like him; every kick and movement of her pregnancy reminded her of that day.

Baby books talk about the instant love a mother has for their baby, she tried to convince herself that she would do that with Jo. She left the hospital, wanting it to only be the two of them, staring and holding her until that love came; and it did as her heart cracked wide open. But in the end, it was never just them as she was a constant reminder of him. Jo spent most of her life, doubting and leaving them before they could do it to her. She has friends, a husband and a job she loves, but she still was walking around waiting for her to find Jo and if she would ever say sorry. She says Vicki didn’t do the best she could, as she could have brought her to an adoption agency rather than toss her away like garbage.

Vicki tells her it is easy to judge her now but back then she wasn’t in her right mind. She replays the entire rape to Jo, as he laughed, promising they could do it any time she wanted to. He stole her mind that night and for 9 months she was a zombie and had to pretend she wasn’t dead inside; giving birth to Jo and seeing her face made her feel for the first time, but it took her mind years to come back but part of it never did. She knows Jo deserved better but she didn’t have that to give Jo.

Jo tells Vicki about her own pregnancy and how her ex-husband cracked her ribs, so she knew she couldn’t raise a baby in that fear in danger. She never told anyone she had an abortion, it isn’t that she is ashamed of it as it was something she had to do. She tries to touch Vicki’s hand, but she pulls it quickly away apologizing. She tells Jo that she has Vicki’s father’s eyes and her hair and the “fire in the belly”. She is sorry that she is still only doing the best she can. Jo wipes her tears as Vicki walks out of the diner, leaving her all alone again.

Teddy tells Abby they need to do her surgery now, but she says the last time she was put out, all she sees is his face and begs for all of them not to leave her. Jo tells her they don’t have to put her out. Outside, Miranda and Ben talk about Tuck and how she wants him to be happy and have the butterflies. She feels they need to talk to him about respect, empathy, consent, and condoms. Ben suggests he could sit down with Tuck, even though it can be on Miranda; it was his dad that talked to him about it.

DeLuca informs Dr. Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) that he cannot enter the ER; he is confused as to why only women are allowed in. Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) asks what is going on as Qadri says there is a patient that needs all of them, so all the women line the walls as Jo asks Abby if she is ready to go. She looks down the hallway and sees women surrounding her; she holds Jo’s hand and says she is ready; tears rolling down her face as the women nod to her with courage and pride.

Once in the OR, Jo promises her she is staying right there beside her as she watches them put her under. Teddy says she has seen soldiers brutalized like this and what Jo did today with Abby was not protocol, but as Jo apologizes, Teddy feels it should be! Abby wakes up with Teddy, Jo, and Qadri right at her side; they were able to repair her diaphragm and her chest tube can come out in a few days. Jo says the kit will remain at the hospital until she decides to report it, admitting it is not their call to make. Teddy feels Abby should speak to someone but it doesn’t have to be her husband. Teddy reminds her this is not her fault as she didn’t ask for this and there is nothing she did to deserve this. Abby says she can’t as Teddy promises to check on her in a bit. While they were alone, Abby feels her husband, Jack is going to look at her and only see a broken person. Jo reminds her this doesn’t define her – she is a survivor. Jo explains how she gets nauseous when she sees men who wear the same shoes her ex did and hit her with, but none of it was her fault. Abby repeats that several times, then asks if she has a phone. Abby asks Jo to stay, she says for as long as she needs and Abby takes the phone.

Ben takes Tuck out for dinner, who was talking about consent. Tuck thought they were simply just having burgers as Ben says that was before talking was just talking. He reminds him to pay attention to the girl he is with and care about her feelings as much as he cares about his own. He talks about her saying “no” and it is a time out/game over. He wants Tuck to he happy and safe, forcing Tuck to repeat everything he just said. Once the serious part is over, Ben asks what Kelly is like.

Jack is at the hospital, holding Abby’s hand, listening to her story as she files her report with the police. Jo walks away from the room. Alex wants to go out for dinner, or chill out with Jo but she says she has had a rough day and simply wants to go to bed suggesting he goes out to celebrate with Meredith or something. Alex stops her, saying with all his family crap he won’t judge her. He just wants her to talk to him. She doesn’t want to talk about it, she just wants to go home alone and sleep. Jo leaves Alex confused in the hallway.


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