How to Get Away With Murder Recap 10/03/19: Season 6 Episode 2 “Vivian’s Here”

How to Get Away With Murder Premiere Recap 09/26/19: Season 6 Episode 1 "Say Goodbye"

Tonight on ABC their hit drama How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM)  airs with an all-new Thursday, October 3, 2019, episode and we have you How To Get Away With Murder recap below!  On tonight’s HTGAWM season 6 episode 2, “Vivian’s Here” as per the ABC synopsis “Michaela, Asher and Connor gear up for their last semester of law school, and take on a weighty case involving an illegal immigrant who wants asylum.

Meanwhile, Michaela boycotts going to class after a blowup with Annalise about her father. Elsewhere, in an unexpected confrontation, Annalise learns a shocking truth that makes her question everything she thought she knew.

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HTGAWM begins tonight with Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) welcoming everyone to their last semester of law school, she is simply there to give them enough rope to hang themselves on their own cases. Their first client is Hector Diaz (Oscar Daniel Reyez), who crossed the border illegally from Mexico and now wants asylum. Asher Millstone (Matt McGorry) asks about the rumor that Laurel Castillo (Karla Souza) dropped out so shouldn’t someone get her seat? Also Michaela Pratt (Aja Naomi King) is also absent.

Annalise recalls the argument she had with Michaela, explaining that she was volunteering the case for her father. She claims Michaela wants her to make sense of her pain, but she cannot explain why her father gave her up but she didn’t know the man as he was a stranger to her. She apologizes but Michaela issues a warning, calling her a bitch before she leaves. The free seat goes to Asher. Asher and Connor Walsh (Jack Falahee) inform her that Michaela is home boycotting Keating’s class. Connor wants to know why he was picked for the K5 and she sarcastically says he is her secret baby; as they all are.

At home, Oliver Hampton (Conrad Ricamora) and Michaela continue to follow the trail of her birth father’s incarceration records. Oliver suggests they stop looking because he is the one who shot her mother, but she wants to continue and finds him in a Louisiana prison from 2001-2005. Oliver feels maybe he got released there but Michaela tells Annalise who is just calling her that they lost her father in Hurricane Katrina. Annalise tells her to stop this, that she can be angry with her but she cannot miss class. Annalise is trying to have an adult conversation with her but Michaela challenges her to fail her and she will take her to the disciplinary board about her relapse. Vivian Maddox Marsha Stephanie Blake) approaches her from behind demanding to know who she has pissed off this time?

She is angry that Annalise couldn’t be satisfied with just stealing her husband, she had to take her son, Gabriel Maddox (Rome Flynn) too? When Annalise wants to take it somewhere more private, Vivian feels she can fight a case in Supreme Court, she can definitely handle her in public. She claims Sam Keating (Tom Verica) knew about Gabe being his son the same day he told her that he was going back to Annalise; but he chose to be with Vivian over Annalise, who wasn’t pathetic enough to take him after that. She demands to know if Annalise killed Sam. Annalise says she never killed anyone in her life, but she could try her.

Frank Delfino (Charlie Weber) goes to the bank and asks Rachael if the key he has that was in Laurel’s possession is for one of their safety deposit boxes. She takes the key and she confirms that Laurel is one of the key holders but without proof of who he is she cannot release any more information. Meanwhile, Annalise gets off the elevator at Caplan & Gold, where Connor is first and Asher is the second chair. She calls Gabriel into her office, informing him that his mother is there and confronted her on campus. He had no idea, but she suggests he goes to talk to her.

Tegan Price (Amirah Vann) walks into Annalise’s office calling her “menopause girl” and they joke around but she receives a message from Nate Lahey (Billy Brown), for her to meet him at her place in 15 minutes. Tegan jokes that she is her boss now and could cut off her funds to her clinic if she doesn’t listen to her. Annalise says that Sam’s ex is in town and everything dealing with Sam is a “thing”. She says she will be a better employee tomorrow but Tegan says she is looking for more a friend than an employee.

Connor and Asher arrive to find that their client is an 8-year-old little boy, sitting on the ground, cowering under the table. Hector scribbles out the pictures that Connor draws and he has to wonder if Annalise did this to him just to torture him.

Annalise meets with Nate and Bonnie Winterbottom (Liza Weil), giving them everything Frank found on Vivian, worried that Frank is off doing something stupid; Bonnie promising to find him. She also wants Bonnie to find something on Vivian that will scare her back to Chicago. Nate pulls out his phone, showing a photo of Tegan with Jorge Castillo (Esai Morales), it was the same time Laurel was kidnapped 10 years ago and it was Tegan who got him released at that time.

Tegan rushes over to Asher, who called her saying it was an Annalise emergency, but he reveals Annalise isn’t answering her phone. They need a translator, revealing their client is 8 years old and very adorable. She crouches down and begins to speak to him in Spanish and gets him to draw a man holding a gun, but it turns out it is ICE.

Gabriel calls his mother, leaving a message, asking if she is dead in a ditch saying it is the only excuse he is taking for her not calling him back. Michaela arrives at his apartment, saying she needs his help in finding her father as he is lost in the system. She says all the frustration she is feeling is his fault and begins kissing him abruptly stopping when he announces his mother is there. He reveals that he only knows because she stopped to see Annalise first. She wonders how mad Vivian is that Gabe is there.

Suddenly there is a knock at the door and she barges in anyway, demanding to know if Michaela lives in the apartment as they are getting redressed. She orders her to go home so she can talk to her mom.

Annalise explains that attorneys get incomplete case files and usually only meet their clients on the first day of court so they are lucky she let them meet him before. She tells him to go and act like an actual lawyer. She insists nothing is wrong but they reveals Vivian is there. Gabriel wants to know why his mother went to Annalise and lied about it. She admits the thought crossed her mind about them being together. She feels Annalise is brainwashing her son and he confronts that she is the one who lied about his father never meeting him and he did meet him when he was 11. She is shocked, saying his grandmother never knew about it. She never wanted him to know because she knew he would be hurt just he is now as Sam was not a good man and he couldn’t learn to be a good man from a bad one. She begs him not to shut her out. He orders her to leave and give him some time. He got this job despite her not because of her. She leaves.

The K4 try to figure out why Vivian is back in town. Michaela informs them that Gabriel confessed to her that he kind of killed his mom’s boyfriend. Bonnie in the meantime gets a call from Frank who says dad’s in trouble with some bookie in the mountain. She tells him she needs help because Vivian is there. Frank has to go because Jorge approaches him in the visiting area.

Jorge claims to know nothing about Laurel, the same thing he told the FBI; even though Frank knows Xavier took her. He pleads with Jorge to help him find her.

Oliver barges in on Michaela’s shower, saying he was able to find her father who started a charity for domestic violence in prison. He insists it is his father because he has her eyes. Frank shows Jorge the key he found, that Laurel shares with a family member. Jorge says he knows that kick in the heart, knowing how much his daughter hates him; he doesn’t know why. He warns Frank that she is probably going to do this to him, Annalise and the rest of them but the biggest tragedy in all of this is Christopher. He tried to save him like every other man in her life. He suggests if Frank wants to worry about someone, he should worry about the sweet little boy.

Annalise dismisses the class when no one can come up with a good way to win Hector’s case. She tells Gabe he needs to go back to Chicago with his mother and should forgive her. She made one big mistake, as she was high only because she was in pain. He needs to forgive her and be a man. It’s something he wants to do. Asher approaches, even though she asks for some space. Once Gabriel is gone, he tells her that Gabe is the one who killed Vivian’s boyfriend and that is the way they can end the threat. Annalise tells him they cannot use that against him; they cannot keep hurting people and not expect them to hurt them back. He says what happened with Laurel and Christopher was not her fault. She tells him to go help Connor. Her phone rings and it is Nate, who informs her that Tegan is hanging out with Vivian Maddox!

Vivian says she is coming as a concerned parent, but Tegan says there are always rumors; but Vivian says Annalise is involved in illegal activity. Vivian reminds her if Gabriel and Annalise get caught doing illegal things while working at the firm she knows she would sue them. As soon as their meeting is done, Tegan talks to Annalise saying Special Agent Telesco (Melinda Page Hamilton) is pissed off at her, so she sent in Vivian to take Annalise down. Annalise asks her flat out if she is playing her, but she says she is her friend here but she is making it really hard. Tegan says she didn’t tell her because the last time she gave her bad news she ended up in rehab but if she can’t trust her, she is one of the only friend she has there. Annalise thanks her.

Michaela calls Gabriel informing him that she is in Virginia at the prison where her father is supposed being housed. He tells her that Annalise told him to go home but Michaela feels that is a decision only he could make; she needs to hang up before they can finish their discussion. Michaela is told her father is now in Upstate New York for the past 2 years.

Bonnie creates a criminal record for Vivian Maddox and presents the case to AUSA Victoria Crothers (Marie-Francoise Theodore), in order to see the sealed file. Vivian is on probation for drugs, which Annalise already knew but she was just charged with drug trafficking last year and is in no position to be threatening anyone. Annalise reminds her that she can die if she keeps fixing everyone else’s problems instead of her own. Annalise asks her if she can’t handle the fact that she can back because she loves her; she informs Bonnie they are coming for them and it is only a matter of time.

Connor tries to talk to Hector, but they cannot speak to enough of either language to communicate. Oliver returns, with a smuggled phone, Hector snatches it and hides under the table, where he calls his mother. Connor calls Annalise, explaining about Marisol, saying she is in Maryland and sent for Hector when she had money. She can speak to the gang violence; but Annalise said no because ICE uses children like Hector in order to get people like Marisol deported and Hector would go too. Annalise hangs up in order to buy some drugs.

The following morning, Frank comes into Annalise’s house. She gives him the meth, telling him to plant it on Vivian and she will take care of the rest. Frank dumps the drugs down the sink, reminding her they don’t know what kind of trap the FBI is laying out for them and they have to play it smart. He shows her the key and they both realize the other key holder was Wes; everything about Sam and Rebecca. Frank promises he will find a way in as he always figures things out.

Court begins and Connor calls ICE Agent Zach Mills to the stand, Hector panics and hides under the table when he sees Ice causing Connor to explain that Hector could not have been coached as he cannot speak after the trauma he experienced thanks to ICE. Tegan is not part of the charade as Connor explains this is the horror of his living conditions. Tegan stands up and helps Connor, saying the conditions Hector are in are not morally right. Prosecution is trying to defend caging little children as Connor fights about 6 children dying in those cages and he refuses to allow his client to die from neglect and cruelty under the hands of the American government. The judge wants to play Hector into foster care and asks for a continuance and tells them if they can argue a legal justification for the torture of children than prosecution has lost. She congratulates Mr Walsh on a job well done.

Outside the courtroom, Connor wants Tegan to promise Hector that he will get his mother asylum too and will get them reunited. He promises no matter what, something Tegan isn’t sure about but accepts the little boy hug.

Michaela flew 7 hours to see her “client” explaining to the guard that she wants to see her father, he is nothing to her but then she found him and he is a human being. A man, not a file. She found him and he is there. Her father is there and she doesn’t want to wait another night to meet him. The guard says she owes him a 6 pack and allows her in.

Nate brings a phone with live video of Vivian speaking to the FBI, causing grave concern with Annalise, but she goes to see her, informing her that Gabriel is the one who killed her boyfriend. She says she is being nice by not going to the FBI to tell them, she asks Vivian if she is wearing a wire right now because that would be really bad and they would know that her son slipped her boyfriend those pills that killed him. Vivian said Paul overdosed but Annalise said Gabriel wanted him to.

Bonnie comes into her office and finds special agent Lanford (William R. Moses) and Agent Avery Norris (Jennifer Jalene) in her office saying they are investigating the office for corruption; including a fake case file on Vivian Maddox. Bonnie sits down, begins to cry saying she knew Ron was talking to her son Gabriel and thought maybe putting pressure on his mother would turn up something new, but it was a terrible lapse of judgment. She is fired from her job immediately.

Annalise just wants Vivian to take Gabe and go away; something they both want. She wants them to go home, not understanding what this is all about since she stole her husband 25 years ago. Vivian admits things didn’t go the way they should have. Sam was the magic, someone who could see the ugliness inside of you but wanted you more because of it. She blames Sam for breaking the vows but she also blames Annalise. Annalise explains how things happened, Sam coming after her as one of his patients, she needed him to see her as her in order to feel worthy. It was never magic, it was all a lie!

Michaela is told they found him. Frank returns to the bank with fake ID saying he is Wes Gibbons and they open the box, unfortunately it is empty and Laurel is the one who emptied it 3 days earlier. There is a knock at Gabriel’s door and it is his mother confronting him on killing Paul.

Michaela arrives at Annalise’s house, furious that her father died a year ago after having a stroke. She blames Annalise that she could have met him if she had told her earlier. She was too late. She hates her. She screams into Annalie’s arms as Annalise holds the sobbing girl.

Michaela sits in an interrogation room in her graduation garb, picturing a casket and a floral arrangement with Annalise’s photo in the middle, a fire poker and blood splatter. Special Agent walks in and she demands to know what is wrong with these people as she is about to be a great lawyer and knows her rights. They inform her they have a dead informant on their hands and her fingers on the murder weapon. From where they are standing it is all over. She demands her lawyer.