Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) Premiere Recap 09/08/19: Season 17 Episode 1 “Birthdays and Bad News P.1 “

Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) Premiere Recap 09/08/19: Season 17 Episode 1 "Birthdays and Bad News P.1 "

Tonight E!’s most-watched series Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) returns with an all-new Sunday, September 8, 2019, season 17 Premiere episode 1 and we have your KUWTK recap below.  On tonight’s KUWTK season 17 episode 1 is called, “Birthdays and Bad News P.1” as per the E! synopsis, “Khloe invites her ex to True’s first birthday party, but an uncomfortable confrontation in front of family and friends leaves her questioning her decision.

Khloe decides to throw Kourtney a birthday party, but Kourtney’s anxiety about turning 40 threatens to ruin the celebration. After dealing with debilitating pain in her joints, Kim receives a devastating medical diagnosis that could change her life forever.”

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On tonight’s episode of keeping up with the Kardashians, Khole tries a new curly hairstyle, also Kim thinks she’s pregnant and takes a pregnancy test which turns out negative she has symptoms that leads her to think so. She seizes the opportunity tho to prank Kris with a fake test from someone who is pregnant on the film crew before she reveals she’s not.

Khole tries to keep in good spirits after her very public and humiliating breakup scandal with basketball player Tristan Thomas, she feels as if him sending flowers and texting and FaceTiming are overbearing and he’s only doing it because he got caught cheating publicly with ex-family friend Jordan woods who was Kylies best friend. Khole is extremely humiliated and feels as if there is nothing he can say or do them to get back together.

It’s Kourtney’s 40th birthday and she gives Khole the task of planning it, she doesn’t want an extravagant party she rather something more intimate and private with the family. Kim and Scott Disick share a serious conversation about her physical health and he feels as if she takes on so much and she needs to go to a Dr because her body and joints in her hands are hurting her more and more and interfere with her family and lifestyle.

It’s also Kholes daughter Trues birthday and shes also planning the theme, it’ll also be the first time her and Tristan are in the same place since their breakup and she’s having anxiety about that. Kourtney is having a hard time with everyone making her birthday a big deal, Kourtney has a scare as she finds out about a bald spot in her head. Kim’s is self-diagnosing herself on Google and has symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis..which leads her to go into the doctor because of her hands were swollen and hurting and her Dr runs some tests.

Khole continues to recurved massive bouquets of flowers from a guilty Tristan Thomas but says she’ll only talk to him if he does therapy. She doesn’t want him at their daughter party because she feels all eyes will be on them instead of celebrating Trues first birthday where the spotlight and focus should really be. Kim and Jonathan head out to Jonathan’s new burger venture and he literally feeds her as since she dramatically says the food is too heavy for her to lift.

Kim and Khloe feel Kourtney is being overly dramatic about her birthday but they continue with the planning. Khole and Tristan did a therapy session to move along with Co-parenting and now she feels like un-inviting him to Trues birthday party Kris is against it and feels her father should be there regardless of Kholes and Tristan’s personal issues.

All the cousins come over to blow out the candles on a cake for True, Kourtney also goes to a plastic surgeon to get treated for the bald spot on her head, Kourtney and Khole argue over her birthday party. Later she and Khole discuss the real reason to her outbursts and Kourtney has a breakdown about her turning older and what path in life shes on, along with some personal decisions she’s made and worries about her love life.

Kim shares her opinion to Khole about how she feels pertaining to Tristan being at Trues birthday party and she doesn’t feel he should be there due to it going to be a bad spectacle, but Khole already made her decision to invite him. Khole privately meets with Tristan to get over the weirdness of the in-person interaction before the birthday party and shares that he tries to kiss her and his focus was really on Khole instead of True, but Khole feels he takes her kindness for weakness.

It’s the day of Trues birthday party and it’s an extravagant party with ponies, decorative flowers and balloons with the theme being pastel colors. Tristan shows up and Khole goes over with True to take a family picture with him. Khole feels uncomfortable as everyone is staring at them but Khole keeps her focus on celebrating Trues birthday and it all goes well despite the awkwardness.

Kim notices Kanye and Tristan talking for a while and she heads over to find out about what. Kim discovers Tristan is against Kanye’s song was used to the narrative on Khole and Tristan’s drama and this pissesKhoke off and she runs off crying at the party.