Knightfall Recap 4/01/19: Season 2 Episode 2 “The Devil Inside”

Knightfall Recap 4/01/19: Season 2 Episode 2 "The Devil Inside"

Tonight on HISTORY their new drama series Knightfall airs with an all-new Monday, April 1, 2019, episode and we have your Knightfall recap below.  On tonight’s season, 2 episode 2 called, “The Devil Inside,” as per the History synopsis, “Now back in the Knights Templar Order as an Initiate, Landry continues his training under the harsh guidance of Talus, the battle-hardened Initiate master.

DeNogaret implores King Philip to build a legal case against the Knights, seeking the aid of a former Templar to help carry out his plan. Prince Louis is tasked with a shocking secret mission.

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Knightfall begins tonight with two parents who begin to pray as their child weeps for them, the priest says they are worshiping their false god and will not be shown mercy; only punishment as he lights the wood on fire under them. Meanwhile, the knight’s templar are reminded they eat for sustenance, not pleasure. Quentin (Michael James) jokes about remembering sustenance and pleasure as a “peach.” Master Talus (Mark Hamill) instructs them to take 7 chews for each bite as one jokes that when he became Templar, they were only allowed 3 chews per swallow.

Quentin talks about how he was taken from his father’s castle, but his father chose for the rebels to slit his throat than to pay them off. He is told it is still better to be raised by a bastard than to be one. Kelton (Daniel Campbell) says it is great to be surrounded by all these bastards, as Rhone (Dean Ridge) tells them he wasn’t a bastard. When one mocks that he did 8 chews, Talus forces him to vomit it out and orders Landry (Tom Cullen) to clean up after the fool.

At the castle, King Philip (Ed Stoppard) is forced to drop his ax by his son, Prince Louis (Tom Forbes) who reminds him that the people do not know about Queen Joan’s (Olivia Ross) affair and he must give her a proper royal funeral. The king denies his right to a funeral, but he has the right to mourn the mother he loved.

Talus trains the knights, who call them fat and will not eat for two days. The older knights are betting that Landry will fail like the others. Talus talks about when God lets it rain on them, it also rains on their enemies. Talus orders them all to climb the walls, which they struggle from being slippery. Landry reminds them when brothers work in unity, this challenge is about brotherhood and they need to become the ladder; instructing them how to become a human ladder. Surprising everyone, they manage to hold each other up; Landry saying he will hold up all the men himself, ordering Quentin to rise to the top. Quentin falls from the top but rises again and under Landry’s strict commands they win the challenge and Quentin is given permission to drop the rope as all the others helped him. Some are not impressed, but Talus is!

William De Nogaret (Julian Ovenden) greets King Philip and Prince Louis as he discusses how the Knights are congratulating themselves on how they crept out in the middle of the night with their gold but left them with the Paris Templar itself. Philip tells Louis to use it as part of his campaign of the Knights Templar. Louis mocks them both but De Nogaret wants him to wait until he can build an ironclad case against them on charges of heresy and blasphemy. They are all over Europe and widely revered in France. He suggests the best way to force out the grievances is to have a former Templar bring it out against them; Philip agrees.

Louis doesn’t like that his father is siding with the scheming DeNogaret and wants to know how they are going to make Landry suffer for what he has done to their family. Philip tells Louis to gather his wolves as there is prey to be hunted. Meanwhile, Landry advises Rhone to commit things to memory before he gets into trouble. He must strip himself of all worldly possessions, passed or otherwise. Rhone says he is supposed to say these prayers every night a certain amount of time, he would avoid an unnatural death. The young men complain as Landry says this isn’t about the war, the chews nor the rocks but rather about discipline, obedience, and humility along with the ability to follow orders without hesitation. He begs Rhone to trust him to get rid of the necklace from his mother.

Philip continues to burn all of the Queen’s clothing, as Princess Isabella (Sabrina Bartlett) learns the marriage to Edward has been finalized. He grabs her face, saying she will be Queen of England and his brother will be the King of France and all that should be what makes her happy. She gives up after she says this is not what her mother would have wanted. DeNogaret interrupts them, saying Pope Boniface VIII (Jim Carter) has arrived in France to pay his respects to Queen Joan and to watch the King squirm.

King Philip greets Pope Boniface, but only DeNogaret is the one to kiss his ring. He immediately says they need to lay aside the discord of Philip attacking his most trusted and faithful servants, the Knights Templars. He offers his condolences as Philip is forced to say that Queen Joan was a remarkable woman. Philip is more interested in what the Pope plans regarding the state and church; he finally gives in and explains that he will declare submission on behalf of every man must submit to the Bishop of Rome for his salvation. To put it simply, either submit or be damned.

Talus confronts Initiate Rhone, telling him to strip in front of everyone as they were supposed to rid themselves of all worldly possessions. Talus reveals Initiate Michael is the one who told him, but instead of praising him, Talus orders him to get out of his sight as the Temple is no place for someone who would betray his brother and he leaves. Landry says it is his, but Talus salutes him for attempting to take the blame, and now the punishment is for all of them to lift bags of rocks until sundown. Talus calls Landry, Quentin, Rhone, and Kelton, saying he has another challenge for them, cut down a tree, debark it and carry it back on foot. Talus wishes them luck in not cutting off each other’s fingers and toes in the dark.

Prince Louis is presented with the scrolls of all the infants that have been baptized there. He is told he cannot take those scrolls as it is church property and the only proof these children were given a guarantee into heaven. Louis assures the priest he will not be sinning today as he reviews the scrolls and his men kill the priest.

Saint – Felix – De-Caraman, The Occitan 1279AD

The young boy sits at the burned wood and picks up some of his parents’ ashes into a satchel, weeping all alone. The five Initiates wander through the woods, talking about old folklore their parents talked about when Landry finds the tree they need to take down.

Tancrede (Simon Merrells) brings the new bible that Brother Angus (Brian Caspe) has worked on for the past 6 years, presenting it to the Mother Superior. He hopes she will illuminate the manuscript and the Knights will make a significant donation. He comments on how he forgot how her eyes light up by the candlelight, with him asking how she is. He sees the baby girl, learning how she is taken care of by the nuns. Tancrede holds her, saying she rarely cries just like her father, kissing her gently on the forehead as Mother Superior smiles.

Landry and the Initiates stop what they are doing as they hear a woman wailing in the forest. Landry tells them to get their axes and dust their torches. They come upon a Luciferians ceremony as a woman’s throat is slit and they celebrate. Unfortunately, they are discovered, but Landry quickly and quietly kills the first one, ordering the others to get into a formation as they battle it out in the darkness. Quentin is repeatedly stabbed as Landry begs him to stay with them, but they are forced to run when the rest of the Satan worshippers chase them.

Landry runs with Quentin on his back, begging Draper (Nasser Memarzia) to save him but they are unable to. Landry is blamed for this, as Quentin lay dead. Talus tells the Knights to enter the forest and Landry screams for them to get him a horse. Talus reminds him he has done enough already, but he swears he held formation aside the others. Talus says this is a task for Templars and he is only an Initiate and he doesn’t give a shit how he feels about it.

The Templars are quickly under attack, all shot by arrows; but when one looks up, they see it is Louis; who orders his men to strip the bodies. Landry, who is praying at the temple has his mouth covered and dragged away. He is tied to a wooden bar, where they say he will be burned to death; all the old Knights brand him with a cross on his chest. They untie him and return him to where he was praying before being discovered. Landry is able to rise from the ground as Louis continues on his path of destruction and vengeance. He carries the scrolls as he hears a baby crying and draws his sword.

Landry continues to pray at the cross when Tancrede returns and finds the brand. Landry says he did it to himself as there is no place in the temple for a man who betrays his brothers as Tancrede begs him not to lie.

King Philip’s men are on a rampage as he kills the guards inside his castle, something Denogaret witnesses but walks past completely ignoring. He barges in, positive that King Philip wouldn’t damn the Pope. DeNogaret talks about his parents, that Boniface lit himself, that burned his parents alive. He informs him that he was their young child, saying he went to church, prayed and read the bible believing everything his men had taught him; but he couldn’t understand how a God of mercy would do that to a child, watch his mother’s skin sizzle like a pig on a spit. He doesn’t believe in a heaven and hell, other than what retched men like Boniface created. He lived the hell after they killed his parents. His Uncle found him, taught him Latin and the law so he could free this land of false prophets like him.

Pope Boniface rises, saying he believes he remembers his parents as they were heretics and blasphemers who deserved their fate and he has no right to judge his actions. He swears he is an heir of Saint Peter and DeNogaret is not there on behalf of the King as he can’t share his true beliefs with his own master. He shouts that he pities him but a former Templar emerges, saying he isn’t one anymore and refuses to defend him. DeNogaret reveals that King Philip left the means of the Pope’s disposal was left up to him. He snaps Boniface’s neck and makes a cross on his forehead with his parents’ ashes, saying “the Pope is dead, long live the pope!”


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