Knightfall Recap 4/08/19: Season 2 Episode 3 “Faith”

Tonight on HISTORY their new drama series Knightfall airs with an all-new Monday, April 8, 2019, episode and we have your Knightfall recap below.  On tonight’s season, 2 episode 3 called, “Faith,” as per the History synopsis, “After suffering a casualty, the Knights Templar prepare to exact revenge.”

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Knightfall begins with Landry (Tom Cullen) turning around and seeing dozens and dozens of dead Knights, but it is only a vision he had while staring at the Crucifix. The gates are opened with Tancrede (Simon Merrells) bringing in the deceased body of Draper (Nasser Memarzia); all the Initiates and Knights stand in shock as Landry touches Draper’s face. Ulric (Jim High) asks the men to take his body as Landry yells at Talus (Mark Hamill), feeling he should have let him go with the Knights; but Talus said they would have been burying him too, ordering him to step back.

At the palace, William DeNogaret (Julian Ocenden) presents the former Templar Gwain (Padraic Delaney) to King Philip (Ed Stoppard) and Prince Louis (Tom Forbes). Louis checks him over but calls his men away on important matters. King Philip advises DeNogaret to go gentle on their friend as he doesn’t have the stomach either one of them has Philip orders Gwain to get on his knees for his king, explaining that DeNogaret thinks Gwain should be employed by the king. Gwain explains he could help them destroy Landry and all the other Templars. King Philip feels insulted by the choice DeNogaret made to help them. DeNogaret gives him a bag of coins and Gwain leaves.

Outside the palace, Prince Louis greets Queen Margaret (Clementine Nicholson) with a kiss, thrilled to see her back. She wishes he would wait on his mission as they have so much caught up to do. He advises her to get settled in his mother’s old chambers as she will soon be queen. She does as he wishes but hopes he returns quickly. Princess Isabella (Genevieve Gaunt) greets Margaret, reminding her that Louis is not the only one who has rule in their blood; but Margaret promises her there will always be a place for her in this house.

DeNogaret barges in, telling the Excellency to get dressed as the King is waiting for him. He is very shaken by the visit as he is sharing the bath with a woman.

Landry begins to clean up Draper’s body, apologizing for what happened. He promises that his death will not be in vain as he places the coins on Draper’s eyes. Quentin (Michael James) asks Landry what he is doing and is told this is their sacred duty to purify the bodies; showing him how to do it. He wonders if the men that have done such horrible things can be forgiven by God; Landry says that is up to God.

King Philip stares are the throne where Queen Joan (Olivia Ross) sat and smashes it with an axe as DeNogaret and Archbishop Raymond DeGoth (Stephen Fewell) walk in. Philip throws the wood pieces into the fire, saying it is a bit chilly in there. He shares with the Archbishop that the Pope is dead. Raymond wants to accompany the body back to Rome, but Philip feels this could be beneficial for both of them, suggesting he would like someone of like-mind to be the next Pope; like Archbishop DeGoth.

Prince Louis dressed as a Knight knock at someone’s house, asking for some water. He reveals his wife is at the market but doesn’t have a son. He confesses he had a son, but he caught a fever two days after his birth and didn’t make it through the night. Unfortunately, he can hear the creaking of the floor, which is where mom and babe are hiding. He says his son was buried behind the Church of the Holy Virgin, but Louis draws his sword and begins banging on things until the baby starts to cry. He tells Jules that he should not bear false witness, slitting his throat with the blood pouring on both his wife and baby. She pleads for her son’s life as Louis said he would give him mercy if he wasn’t born when he was.

Louis gets very frustrated when he is unable to perform sexually with Queen Margaret. She feels in time his heart will heal from his mother’s death and they will have healthy sons.

Talus continues to train the Initiates, saying they need to learn to battle without holding the reins. Landry does it flawlessly and Kelton (Daniel Campbell) up next; he falls quickly. Landry says these men are not ready to fight Luciferians as Talus says God demands they defend his principles as any man who dies defending God’s Will, dies an honorable death. Talus orders Landry off his horse as the initiates are supposed to attack him.; one by one Landry takes them all down. He willingly admits that if he needs to take on the role of the enemy to prove that his Initiate brothers are not ready for war, he will do so.

Philip and Louis are sparring when Philip needs the task completed that Landry’s child isn’t alive. Louis feels he can trust Margaret but Philip reminds him that she is still a woman very capable of lying and deceiving. Louis blames his father on the reason Margaret hasn’t borne him an heir yet. Philip demands he do that now, while he is there; if not he needs to find a woman who can bear him children.

Gwain goes to see a witch who places her concoction into his knee, at first terrifying but then relieving.

Kelton and Quentin hope to be like Landry, but drop the conversation when Talus approaches and sits beside them. He says DeNogaret has declared war on the Luciferians, informing the initiates they will join the fight as Knights Templar and win in God’s Holy Name. The younger ones plead with Landry to tell them what to do. He tells them to never look for guidance from another man as they need to look inside themselves instead.

Gwain arrives to speak with Louis, who is talking about their home and how he used to break bread with all of them. He openly admits he hates Landry and all of the Templars. Louis invites him inside as Gwain says he is the best swordsman in all of France. Louis talks about his great uncle who went to war and had some great stories that even made him want to join the order. He doesn’t profess to be a man of God, as Gwain says that is just what men use to hide their heinous crimes. He wants to know why Louis called him there. Louis draws his sword to Gwain’s throat, asking about his loyalties; Gwain squeezes the sword, pouring blood, asking if a blood oath will do?

Landry is outside at the crucifix, when Tancrede comes down with the Templars, saying they are riding out in the morning to where they know the Luciferians are. Landry thanks Tancrede for always believing in him and wants him to know he loves him for everything he has ever done for him. Tancrede looks concerned but they hug as Landry tells him it was his honor to call him his “brother”.

Landry wakes up before dawn and quietly leaves the barracks, he takes several swords and weaponry, quietly leaving the sanctuary of their home. One of the Initiates spots him leaving as Landry makes his way to the Luciferian camp where the fires still burn and animal skulls are around. He begins by killing on in his sleep before he is attacked by several of them; a group too big for Landry to handle; even getting stabbed by a pitchfork by one of the women. It is clear Landry is outnumbered but refuses to give up.

Landry climbs on his horse and attacks as many of them as he can before his horse stumbles and they begin to beat him. He is just about to get the axe in his chest when Talus arrives and kills the rest of them. Landry collapses to the ground. Talus hits Landry, saying he didn’t give the Initiate permission to leave the grounds. Landry wasn’t intending on going back, but he wasn’t allowed to do that either; reminding him that God is the only one who will decide who lives and dies.

Talus says God has not abandoned him but given him instructions on how to mend his soul. God’s light shines in Landry, no matter how great his sins are it could never extinguish the light. Talus reveals he was a prisoner for almost 10 years after the fall of King Arthur; he prayed for death and to go home to his fallen brothers. Talus believes to this day there is a reason God spared his life. He advises Landry when there is nothing to hold onto, hold onto his faith.

The two return to their sanctuary with everyone staring at the two while they ride up to the crucifix where Landry kneels down, crying. Talus bows beside him as all the Knights and Initiates join him in their own personal prayer.