Knightfall Recap 4/15/19: Season 2 Episode 4 “Road Before God”

Knightfall Recap 4/15/19: Season 2 Episode 4 "Road Before God"

Tonight on HISTORY their new drama series Knightfall airs with an all-new Monday, April 15, 2019, episode and we have your Knightfall recap below.  On tonight’s season, 2 episode 4 called, “Road Before God,” as per the History synopsis, “A clue about the whereabouts of the Holy Grail sends Templar Knight Landry on a life-or-death mission to find the lost Cup of Christ.”

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Knightfall begins with the Initiates are battling it out in the pouring rain and mud as Landry (Tom Cullen) punches his way to the top. The Knights and Initiates are ordering him to yield and he does; causing Landry to throw his sword and shout out. Landry has passed the last Initiate ritual and he is welcomed back with honor to the Knights Templar with Talus (Mark Hamill) nodding.

King Philip (Ed Stoppard) walks to William DeNogaret (Julian Ovenden) complaining about how long it is taking to train his men. De Nogaret promises he won’t be disappointed when his men defeat all the Knights Templar. When one of the King’s men isn’t pleased with the situation he kicks someone but the Templar, Gawain (Padric Delaney) who has converted and betrayed the Knights, knocks him down. Princess Isabella (Sabrina Bartlett) asks her father who that is and Philip says he is the key to his victory. Booda encourages the men on destroying the Templars.

Prince Louis (Tom Forbes) finds Queen Margaret (Clementine Nicholson) praying for her to bear a child; he joins her in prayer before they begin to kiss. He tells her he won’t sleep with her tonight as she pleads for him to talk to her, but he leaves.

King Philip tells Denogaret to tell Gawain that they have one week as war is upon them. DeNogaret recommends him to advance his legal campaign against the Templars by taking advantage of the fiery room of infants. Philip questions how he knows this is only a rumor and not true as a Templar killed his wife. He promises to hear claims as DeNogaret suggests him to open his audience to the public as they deserve to know the truth about their beloved Templars.

The Initiates are told it is time, kneeling down as the ceremony begins and they are welcomed into all the favors and suffering of their brotherhood. Each is given their new shirt and swords. Rhone the Merciful (Dean Ridge), Landry is welcomed home and earned the right to call him brother, not master. A bell rings outside with the Knights going outside, they are approached by a man who is wearing a mask; they learn the pope has been murdered.

King Philip talks with DeNogaret, and an astrologer who talks about the sun aligning with mars and Pluto. DeNogaret says Gawain sent some men to watch the roads to Rome as he called loyal followers of the Pope to spread rumors about the King. Gawain admits he captured two of the men but the third got away but is severely wounded. Philip orders him to hunt him down and kill whoever is there in order to halt the rumors.

The Knights discuss what has happened as Landry insists they are not rumors and Pope Boniface has been murdered by the King. They continue to talk into circles as some suggest he is using this as a chance to murder his dead lover’s husband; he admits Philip is his enemy but they must see where this is headed. When the Knights seem to be turning against Landry, they are reminded their duty is to the Pope; they will wait for an election of a new one and obey his instructions but they need to inform them that the Pope is dead.

Landry goes to see Gabriel, the one who was wounded; but Landry is happy to see him. Gabriel wants to know his fate but is not allowed to ride to Rome nor anywhere near the King. He says 20 years ago the Templars were men of action as Landry confirms the Paris temple has fallen to the King and he no longer the master of any temple as he sinned. Gabriel reveals one of the King’s men who attacked them was a former Templar who had an injured leg. Landry knows it is Gawain, making Gabriel question how a holy man would fall so far.

Isabella asks Margaret why she is crying, calling her sister and shouldn’t bear her suffering alone. She says she tried to talk to Louis last night but he tried and then got distracted. Isabella feels at least he tried but Margaret says if she doesn’t produce an heir she is replaceable and trapped like a bird. Isabella mocks her, saying Romulus is far from trapped, showing her how the hawk flies free into the trees. She tells her not to worry about things as she will be a mother of many children; while her future lies in England where her maternal destiny lies in the hands of a sodomite. She reminds Margaret they need to do whatever they must.

The new Templars joke but Rhone tells them this is nothing to joke about as his sister was 5 years old and killed by a Leper when their father sent her out to find some berries. He says it is the leper’s fault that she got the disease, as he snatched her and when he was done with her he returned her to her family so they could watch her die. He feels that monster should have died for what he did; one feels all men are equal before God but he says they are monsters. Talus who hears the conversation reminds them they are soldiers of Christ and must be regarded as such. He requires their assistance for a task.

DeNogaret bows down before King Philip then tells a woman to tell everyone what she told him. She says white clothes, red crosses took her husband and her baby from her arms, slitting his throat. She begs them to imagine her pain, begging King Philip to help her. Philip raises her up, promising the Templars will pay for this on his honor of King; they will suffer as she has suffered. He says everyone one who has suffered under the Templars will be compensated with coin and bread. She says they must burn in hell, but stops when she sees Prince Louis. She shouts out that he is the one, but he hugs her tightly, saying he is his father’s right hand and promises that the Templars will be dealt with accordingly. He tells everyone she is hysterical but tells the crowd they have his word for justice. He walks the woman out, refusing for her to speak again; causing DeNogaret and Philip to exchange worried looks.

Talus brings out some of the new Templars to help ensure Gabriel has a safe passage to Rome; Talus orders them to hurry up. Landry leads the pack, talking about the poor souls living in the forest. He thanks Tancrede (Simon Merrells) for him becoming a Templar. Tancrede reveals a woman from his past has come back into his life, but it was God’s Will for her to become a nun and led him onto the path he is on. He seeks an impossible dream as Landry admits he misses Joan with all his heart. Tancrede is glad to have him back, even if it is only for a companion in misery.

Isabella and Margaret drink by the fire as Isabella says she is right to worry about her future as France is not always nice to their queens but Louis loves her and that isn’t required in marriage. She admits she would tell her if she knew that; they toast to being sisters as Margaret lays back drunk staring at the trees and leaves; Isabella leaves with two of the guards, only looking back at Margaret.

The Templars continue on their journey when they arrive at a temple. They are welcomes to the Church of Lazarus. They join the Templars there, who continue to wear their masks. Gabriel tells them he must wear his mask in his own house for their sake. Landry encourages him to remove it and when he does, the younger ones turn away as Landry offers him to fish, smiling. Rhone is told if the maiden can survive, so can they.

The Templars sing in the church as Talus signs the cross; Tancrede sits down and watches them while the others stand. They all remove their masks and kneel; Rhone feeling very uncomfortable. He refuses to shake his hand, saying their hymns sounded good which surprised him. Rhone is told they worship God with clean hearts and Rhone should learn the same. He talks to the woman, who is filling the lamps with oil. She says, believe it or not, there is such thing as humiliation. She reveals that she lives among them and is also a Leper. She mocks him for not being very brave for a Templar.

Landry asks Gabriel about his wife and son, learning they are still living on his lands; something which surprised Tancrede as Gabriel admits he acquired this disease and instead of inflicting it upon his family he joined the Order of Lazarus, seeking a purpose. He knows his absence is taking its toll, just as his flesh is withering away so is his son’s memory of his father. He says until there is a cure, his desires are impossible, asking for God’s forgiveness.

Louis frets about the pressure he is under, like the weight of a stone put on his chest. He feels he cannot breathe nor lie beneath it. He worries that Philip’s hatred for his mother consumes him. He is concerned about failing to become a father; if he can’t sire a child he may as well be burned alive. Louis walks towards the woman, saying he has tried everything but nothing has worked. He pours blood at her feet, saying that is all remains of her child. As she begins to whimper, he says there is no greater pain than a child being separated from its mother and he did it. He said as he separated them, they will be reunited, he cried into her lap, saying he wishes to be reunited with his mother too.

Landry sits in the church, staring at the crucifix when Talus sits behind him. He admits he misses his daughter, and it weighs on his soul. Talus says no child is better off without their father. Talus says he cannot undo his past but only learn from it. Landry reminds him that he can’t associate with her for both their sakes as he would be banished again. Talus reminds him of the man that was banished no longer exists; saying Landry has been reborn and he is her father; he is all she has in this world and he needs to protect her.

Someone arrives at the door when it is opened, the King’s men rush in and a sword fight begins. They struggle to close the door, just as Landry spots Gawain. They brace the doors, looking around at their wounded and dead. Landry reveals to Tancrede that it was Gawain outside. Gawain orders the men to get rid of the door, shouting out to the Knights of Lazarus, ordering them to release everyone they harbor including the Knights Templar.

As they continue to bang against the door, the Templars learn the Order doesn’t have any weapons as they are not accustomed to spilling blood in the house of the Lord. All men refuse to be taken prisoner again so Landry stops Gabriel, who apologizes for involving the Templars but Landry says they have fought side by side and tonight they will die side by side. Gabriel says there is no way out but Landry says God will provide a way as he always does.

Suddenly they start a fire in the church and the Templars grab their shields. Landry sees the fire and says God has provided them with an answer. Gawain and the King’s men finally breach the door but once inside they see all the Knights holding lit candles. He shouts for the men to stop when he sees the line of oil on the ground but it is too late; they drop the candles and most of the men are on fire. The Knights draw their swords, led by Landry. Rhone ends up saving one of the Lepers from the Order of Lazarus by killing one of the king’s men.

Gawain sees Landry who shouts out his name after lighting the end of his sword on fire. He seeks him out in the heavy smoke but is separated when a part of the roof collapses, leaving them on either side. Landry points his sword as Gwain vanishes.

The following morning, Louis joins Margaret in bed, kissing her to wake her up. He asks for her forgiveness. She says he can tell her anything but for now, he tries to make love with her. She asks what has happened as he explains he is no longer burdened with troubles.

The Templars help the order clear out the church of all its damages. Gabriel tells Rhone he has a clean heart, who simply nods. He thanks Landry for standing with them but he assures him they will always answer his call. Gabriel removes his glove and shakes hands with Landry. Talus comes out, telling them it is time to say goodbye to him; explaining he is going to alert the other Temples as they are at war and need to warn them before the storm hits. He orders Landry to go see his daughter before King Philip removes the chance from him. Tancrede will take him as Talus bids them farewell, reminding them to act with swift justice and kill the same.

King Philip is eating his feast as Isabella smiles at him; Louis is told by Margaret there is absolutely nothing wrong, but are interrupted when Gawain barges in. When King Philip asks him the meaning of this… he says “Landry!”


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