Knightfall Recap 4/22/19: Season 2 Episode 5 “Road to Chartres”

Knightfall Recap 4/22/19: Season 2 Episode 5 "Road to Chartres"

Tonight on HISTORY their new drama series Knightfall airs with an all-new Monday, April 22, 2019, episode and we have your Knightfall recap below.  On tonight’s season, 2 episode 5 called, “Road to Chartres,” as per the History synopsis, “A clue about the whereabouts of the Holy Grail sends Templar Knight Landry on a life-or-death mission to find the lost Cup of Christ.”

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Knightfall begins tonight with Gawain (Padraic Delaney) entering the dinner in the palace, causing King Philip (Ed Stoppard) to put a knife to his throat; upset that he had Landry (Tom Cullen) in his grasp and returns with empty hands. Prince Louis (Tom Forbes) is enraged but his father orders him not to speak as he has unfinished business which he needs to oversee directly. Philip orders everyone out, telling Gawain he provided him with a purpose and a life filled with generosity. He calls for William DeNogaret (Julian Ovenden), saying Gawain is no longer Marshall of his men at arms. He tells Gawain he failed him and this is the result, ordering the soldiers to get him out.

Philip tells DeNogaret to get his army ready as they are going to march and attack the Templars. He is tired of DeNogaret’s borings. Denogaret shouts at the king who asks if he has forgotten his place. DeNogaret says he has a few items left, however, if he attacks prematurely he will be breaking the laws of the state but Philip yells that he is the state and as God’s holy ruler it is time for him to demonstrate his power; they will attack them presently, the legal case be damned.

Gawain stops DeNogaret in the hallway, saying he can help him with his case, reminding him he is a former Templar who knows all their secrets and where they are hidden. Meanwhile, Louis goes to see the bereaved mother and wife, trying to get her to eat; but Louis says he won’t kill her as she hasn’t done anything to him. He tells her that she serves a purpose, she may be in chains but she isn’t a slave. She talks about imagining a life where she could be with her husband and raise her son; Louis won’t kill her but he has taken her life. Before they can continue their chat, Louis is called out of the room.

Louis is informed that there is a rumor that the Templars are killing the newly born. He also learns that it might have occurred in a chapel, with witnesses seeing a Templar coming and going on more than one occasion and this convent is known for taking in cast-off infants. Louis thanks him, promising this act of savagery will be dealt with. Louis immediately reviews the baptism papers and there is no record of a baby being baptized in the convent. He orders for the horses to be prepared, there is more prey to be hunted.

Landry and Tancrede (Simon Merrells) overlook the convent, as Landry questions if this is a mistake and he was never meant to be a father. Tancrede says it is a blessing some of them will never experience.

Meanwhile, the new Pope arrives vowing to see the Templars return to their former glory. He is going to issue new orders and send them on a crusade to Jerusalem, reclaiming the holy city as theirs. He is told this might be unwise as the King has declared them his enemy and the stories are that Philip killed his predecessor. He doesn’t listen, saying their job is as executioners and need to act as such, saying they have to spread the word as he sees fit. He says he will take care of King Philip himself.

Queen Margaret (Clementine Nicholson) is organizing her room as her maiden tells her that Louis is often in the temple; she doesn’t want him to be fetched as she will visit him instead. Landry walks in as his daughter is being breastfed. She covers up and encourages him to play with his little girl. He talks about Queen Joan is a remarkable woman who is incredibly missed. Tancrede watches from a distance but Mother Superior informs him some of the Templars have arrived, Tancrede and Landry go out to greet them. Outside, Landry and Tancrede open the gates to see Prince Louis and his men dressed as Templars.

Louis pretends to be a Templar from far away, he says they were told about members of the convent doing unspeakable acts as Landry observes that they are not Templars. Tancrede and Landry tell them their names; Landry has his sword drawn, saying Templars carry swords, not crossbows. They are able to lock the gate and tell the nuns to get out to safety. Landry tells them where to go as they will be right behind them. Louis busts through the gate to find only Landry and Tancrede there; he and his men circle the two Templars and a sword fight ensues’ quite vicious between Landry and Louis.

The nuns rush off with the wetnurse as Louis is more determined than ever to kill Landry but just as he is about to kill the Prince; Landry is knocked down by another. Prince Louis notices them escaping with the baby and gives chase by horse. Landry takes a crossbow and runs after them, shooting an arrow directing into Louis who falls off his horse. Landry is told they have to go by Tancrede as Louis rises and removes the arrow from his side.

Tancrede and Landry ride out to where they were supposed to meet the nuns; Tancrede calling out for Ann. Landry feels he shouldn’t have come but Tancrede reminds him that Ann and baby Eve would have died if they didn’t; questioning how Louis could do such a thing. Landry knows the order came from the King who somehow found out she was alive but Tancrede promises that it won’t happen.

DeNogaret visits Gawain, asking him to enlighten him about the Templars. Gawain gives him a history lesson, explaining the Templars are known for the respect they have for their former members. The Templars don’t worship God but also him and he knows where the idols are. DeNogaret questions whether this is really so Gawain wants to know if he really wants to kill the Templars.

Margaret goes to the temple calling out for her husband, but she hears the rustling of chains, asking them to step into the light, promising no harm will come to them. Margaret wants to know why she is there and why she is wearing one of her gowns. She tells Margaret that Louis wanted her to feel special after all that she has endured. When asked her name, she reveals she is Lydia and she is there because she had a husband and a baby son that Margaret’s husband took away from her.

Philip is presented with a new powerful weapon, the cannonball; the creators willing to show him its power. They set it afire, all thrilled when it blows up the wagon. Philip learns they have enough supplies to take the Templar’s temple to the ground. He wants to army alerted as they march tonight.

Louis continues to bleed, but he is told he has to go back to the palace. He refuses because his father ordered him to find Landry and his child and then kill them both; nothing will stop him from completing the task. He heats up and sword and cauterizes his wound. He stands up and leaves with his men, several dead lying on the ground.

Ann and the wetnurse continue to walk with Eve, saying they will spend the night there and finish their journey tomorrow. Margaret takes a hot bath, not being able to handle what Lydia had told her, she gives out a loud scream before going under the water. Prince Louis silences his men, holding his wound he approaches trees noticing they have snapped branches and follows the hoof prints; even spotting a hair in one of the branches. He walks back to his horse and they continue.

The wet nurse and Ann are determined to keep Eve from crying, both hiding when the door opens. Ann draws a sword while they hide but the baby won’t remain quiet. They are relieved to hear Tancrede call out Ann’s name. Landry thanks them for taking care of his daughter, he smiles at baby Eve and holds her for the first time; not knowing what to do next he kisses her forehead. Ann frets that she can’t go back to the convent as they were her family and life. Tancrede blames himself for bringing the child to her as it has given her nothing but pain. She doesn’t blame him because it brought him back into her life; but she blames King Philip and Prince Louis. Tancrede gently touches her face and about to kiss her when she reminds him that he is a Templar and she is a nun.

DeNogaret and Gawain watch as Gawain tells him the silver two headed skull is their downfall, as it is one of the Templars’ false idols. Together they represent heaven and hell and the only people who would have this is heretics. DeNogaret is surprised by him, feeling there is more to him than being a swordsman. He wonders if he is a friend or foe.

Tancrede and Landry watch over a baby and the nun’s sleep. Tancrede admits he hasn’t shared his thoughts with Ann in words. He feels he is a fool but Landry says he is just a man. Landry doesn’t regret anything about being Eve’s father but every time he looks at her he is reminded of who she will never have – her mother, Queen Joan. As he reminisces, Louis walks in, demanding the child, saying he has been searching for him and his bastard child for a while. Landry tells him he would have to kill him to get his child. Louis calls Joan a “bitch” and Landry physically attacks him. The others fight but Landry tells Tancrede to stay with them as he pursues Louis upstairs.

Louis is surprised that Landry would address him with such familiarity, wondering if he called his mother by her first name, like a whore. He feels God has answered his prayers since he wanted to look into the eyes of the man who defiled his mother. Landry is about to drop his sword when Louis says they are the same, loving his mother and worshiping under the same altar. Louis tells him he is a prince but Landry is a fool who would sleep with another man’s mother. Louis says his mother lost her life because of him but he is still drawing breath, under that cloak. Just their father in heaven sent his beloved son to cast out the fallen angels from heaven, his father, Philip sent him.

Landry shouts that he loves Joan, mourning her. Louis feels he is the one who robbed her of her life, but Landry reveals his father killed his mother in front of an entire army. Louis says his father loved her and isn’t capable of such a vile and disgusting act; Landry reminds him that his father sent his eldest son out to kill an innocent child. Louis struggles, saying Landry is responsible for his mother’s death and he will pay for his sins. He shoots the crossbow but the arrow misses Landry; when he turns around, Louis is gone.

The Pope arrives at the palace, where he is greeted by King Philip, Gawain, and DeNogaret. Philip wants to show him what he found disturbing about the Knights Templar, saying they are heretics and found something to prove it. Gawain brings the idol in as DeNogaret shows him the two-headed skull. He signs the cross on his chest, learning that Gawain used to be a Templar himself as the Pope says apparently he was blind and will get the Templars to expend themselves immediately.

Louis runs, shouting for them to open the gate, rushing down the stairs he walks into the cell. He knows he used to serve his father’s army and demands to know what happened to the queen; promising to restore his lands and set him free when he becomes king. The man’s lips are sealed so Louis offers him his ring to write with. He informs Louis that his father did, in fact, kill his mother. He falls back at the news, devastated.

Landry arrives at the temple with Tancrede and Ann and the baby. Landry is given stern looks as he walks his daughter inside. They are furious they have brought women into their temple, but they insist they need to be protected as King Philip has sanctioned the killing of babies with the intent of killing his daughter. GrandMaster learns the King has declared them the enemy but before they can continue their talk the bell sounds and the Templars see a massive army approaching. Landry shouts, “Prepare for war!”