Legacies Recap 01/31/18: Season 1 Episode 9 “What Was Hope Doing in Your Dreams?”

Legacies Recap 01/31/18: Season 1 Episode 9 "What Was Hope Doing in Your Dreams?"

Tonight on the CW their new supernatural series Legacies air with an all-new Thursday, January 31, 2019 episode and we have your Legacies recap below.  On tonight’s Legacies season, 1 episode 9 called, “What Was Hope Doing in Your Dreams?,”as per the CW synopsis, “During a stressful week of exams, Hope, Rafael, Landon and MG’s attempts to study get thwarted by the arrival of a new monster who feeds off their worst fears. Meanwhile, Hope struggles with a secret she’s been keeping from Landon.

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Legacies begin with someone wanting information on Seylah Chelon, the woman who is claiming to be Landon’s (Aria Shahghasemi) mother. He finds the file and the word ABSORBED is written across the page. He can’t help but wonder how she was thrown into the pit 20 years ago, but alive last night. The security guard returns, and the mysterious man, sneaks out the file, saying he must have been wrong and is escorted out.

At the Salvatore School, it’s midnight and a creature knocks on the window, causing one of the young children to open it; but when they turn around, the witch is floating towards them. The young child wakes up screaming from their bed.

2 AM Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) asks Alaric (Matthew Davis) when he thinks the next monster will show up. Alaric feels they should tell the students some of the truth, but Hope reminds him of how she is protecting Landon. He has wondered about his mother, his entire life and the night he meets her, she dies? Hope pleads with Alaric, saying this is her secret to keep. He feels they can do things more responsible, calling an emergency meeting now that they have found another Malivore artifact, they were hoping to contain it before another monster attacked.

The students from the lower grades have already been moved to another house, but the older ones are told they are much more equipped than those in the world to handle a monster, so once they know what they are dealing with and everything is contained; anyone who wants to evacuate the need to contact Emma (Karen David) or Dorian (Demetrius Bridges). He cannot cancel the exams because of monsters and promises everyone they will get through this.

Landon talks to Rafael (Peyton Alex Smith) about Hope being MIA, but he jokes that Hope is pretty much superwoman. Rafael encourages Landon to look at the good things in his life and he is glad Landon is back.

Dorian quickly loads the younger children on the bus as MG (Quincy Fouse) is sound asleep in his bed and Alaric is napping on his desk; both startled awake after a strange witch approached them in their dreams.

Hope wakes up Rafael, who passed out sleeping in the library. He thought he heard Hope tell him that he was very cute when he slept and she begins kissing him. Suddenly a man jumps in demanding to know where it is. The man snaps a belt as another witch dressed in black says he knows what she wants. Rafael wakes up from the nightmare with bruising on his arms.

7 AM Alaric and Hope talk to Rafael about his nightmare. He shares that it was one of his old foster dads who used to use a belt on him, but he didn’t know who the woman is. Alaric grabs a book, knowing the woman in the black veil is pretty specific and shows Rafael the exact picture. She is known as a “night hag” which is a malevolent spirit that is trapped in the astral plane and can only attack in nightmares. They are all safe as long as they stay awake; Alaric encourages those who don’t want to stay and fight to evacuate.

Landon questions Hope about their amnesia trip, she only wants to focus on this issue right now and the best help he can be is by evacuating. Hope is staying, so he declines and heads off to class. Hope struggles to stay awake in her room as she writes “DO NOT FALL ASLEEP!”

4 PM The students who stayed behind are given tea and busy studying. MG suddenly has bloodshot eyes and blood pouring from his mouth. MG says just because Vampires have been like this for the last century doesn’t mean they have to stay that way; he shoves his way out and does a book presentation for the class. Landon falls asleep, where he asks the teacher how he is supposed to be going an exam on his first day; she tells him if he doesn’t complete it he cannot stay. He breaks his pencil and is told to get one by the window but as he stands up he is in his boxer shorts as everyone jeers at him. He realizes he is in a nightmare and when the night hag tells him he must burn in hell and bring it home. He stabs himself with the pencil. He is the first one to bring the wound back from the nightmare.

5 PM The senior witches have made patches for keeping the students awake. Alaric feels horrible as Hope is healing Landon’s hand as Alaric explains “home” probably means Malivore. Alaric knows once Dorian has everyone settled they will be able to do more. In legend, the night hag is not supposed to be able to hurt anyone outside of the astral plane, but his wound says otherwise. Alaric wishes Landon would have evacuated with the others. Landon doesn’t want to go because he just got there and Alaric and Hope have been better to him than anyone in his life. Alaric Advises him to let Hope be, and she will talk when she is ready.

Hope wants a sparring partner, and fights with Rafael; the fight gets extremely physical, both end up laying on the floor, laughing. She is sorry for all the things that lead him to be such a great brawler but she is glad to have such a great partner. Rafael asks her to be cool with Landon, as he is waiting for the other shoe to drop and when it does, please be gentle with him. Hope admits she has been avoiding him because there is a lot going on, as she is being as honest as she can be. She is surprised to learn Rafael has never lied to protect someone.

Landon stops Dr. Saltzman in the hallway, took his advice and believes he found something. Alaric follows him and maybe they aren’t dealing with a night hag but a Oneiori, which is a black queen shape-shifting dream demon from Greek mythology. Alaric stops Landon from explaining why to Hope, telling her to kiss Landon for him as he races off.

8 PM
Hope and Landon explain to the other students what they are dealing with. She will be able to get the Oneiori, but she will need someone to grab her into reality – just like Freddy Krueger. She isn’t going to force them to stay, but Landon, Rafael, MG, and Kaleb stay to fight. Hope says it is “nap time”.

10 PM
Alaric wraps up the urn into a bag, telling Hope he is taking the urn as far away from the school. Hope protests but Alaric reminds her that it is his job to take care of ALL of them, and that is exactly what he is going to do. She says he is human and fallible and could be killed. He reminds her that he has been kicking supernatural ass much longer than she has been alive and leaves. Alaric calls his daughters, who are with their mother. He wants them to know that he loves them very much.

Hope finds Alaric asleep at his desk, with Landon standing behind her she feels that he must have just been too tired. Meanwhile, Alaric is driving the jeep away from Mystic Falls, stopping when he sees the Mystic Falls sign again, knowing something is wrong.

At the school, Hope begs Landon not to do this as the monster can use his biggest fears against him. He calls her sexy and although she isn’t sure there is anything he can do to stop it; she leans in and whispers something in his ear, then loudly wishes him sweet dreams.

Alaric steps on the gas, as the Oneiori sits in the backseat, telling him that he knows what she needs. He slams the truck into a tree, shouting, “rise and shine!” He jumps awake at his desk.

In the gym, everyone begins their own nightmare. Kaleb looks like Hannibal Lector, forced to watch a movie that repeatedly says Vampires are bad. Rafael dreams about being chained to a tree while he transforms. MG dreams of kissing a girl, but her head is severed. Hope joins Rafael in his dream, saying he could never hurt her as she wants to be with him. Hope lays down on the floor in the gym when Landon dreams he is standing in a classroom, where the walls are closing in on him. MG says he wasn’t feeding off of humans as Kaleb is told he is nothing. Landon struggles because he is afraid of small spaces. Rafael says he would never do this to Landon and shouts that Hope isn’t real.

Kaleb, MG, and Rafael all try to jump her but she vanishes. Landon tells the hag to show her real face and the true monster emerges. Landon tells him to come with him to get the urn. Everyone wakes up, except for Hope but the dream demon has arrived at the school, alive and on the plane. He rips open the Mikaelson safe, but it isn’t there. The ceiling is shaking as Rafael says that Hope was only being a badass in his dream. The monster and Hope are on the ground, just as she is being choked; Alaric arrives and Hope is able to stab both the monster’s eyes. MG says Rafael was right – Hope is sexy as hell!

Alaric watches as the students return to their rooms. Hope asks Rafael if he is okay as she has been waiting all night for the other shoe to fall from him. He talks about first meeting Landon, and his crazy need to protect him; something he never told Landon about. He was being a hypocrite as he will always do what is best for Landon, even if that means lying but he has to protect him in other ways too. He feels him and Hope cannot talk like this anymore; he retreats to his room.

MG tells Landon and Rafael they are now part of the super squad. MG and Kaleb rap as Landon plays the guitar. Hope tries to sneak away but when Landon spots her, he follows her to the fireplace. He begins talking about how he spent most of his life, afraid and unsure; and coming there made him feel like he had something to lose and it didn’t help that he felt she was avoiding him. He fought the demon and now knows he doesn’t need to be afraid. If Hope has changed her mind about being with him than he will work only harder to change it back. If she needs to lie and keep secrets, that is okay; but it is his job to bust his ass until she sees him as someone to confide him. He refuses to be afraid about losing her because he will always be the guy who finds her again. She pulls him into a kiss.

Hope meets with Alaric, revealing she only stashed the urn under her pillow. He feels they were really smart on the job while he fell asleep. Hope says they need a new plan and Alaric is sure they will think of something.

A man arrives at the door, saying he is from CPS; wanting to know about Rafael, but he is there about Landon. He informs them that if these boys are no longer in their care he will hold off on the charges if they will tell him where the boys are. He wants to know if they have any belongings that Landon would have left behind and they invite him inside.


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