Love & Hip Hop New York Recap 01/07/19: Season 9 Episode 6 “Own Your Truth”

Love & Hip Hop New York Recap 01/07/19: Season 9 Episode 6 "Own Your Truth"

Tonight on VH1’s hit series Love & Hip Hop New York returns with an all-new Monday, January 7, 2019, episode and we have your Love & Hip Hop Atlanta recap below for you.  On tonight’s season 9 episode 6, “Own Your Truth,” as per the VH1 synopsis, “Frustrated with her music career, Nya Lee swallows her pride and turns to Rich Dollaz for help — but not without paying his price.”

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Kimbella soon apologized for bringing up the drugs with Juelz. Julez doesn’t believe his past behavior or his drug usage was the reason why he was facing jail time, so he hated it when Kimbell brought it up because he thought she was trying to throw that in his face and that wasn’t what she was trying to do. Kim had wanted to talk about it because she thought that they needed to get past it if they had any hope of never going back there but she realized at the end that was important was Juelz’s trial. He needed all the support he could get if the trial didn’t go his way and so Kimbella wants to be there for him as well as their family. The kids were beginning to hear rumors about the trial from some friend at school and that was no way for them to get a true understanding of the situation.

While those two were trying to face a grim future together, there Joe Budden who seemed like he couldn’t handle experiencing one minor rough patch with his own girl Cyn. Cyn was emotional and she needed someone to talk to. She had tried to go to Joe and there was just never time for it because he was always at work. Joe likes to say that he’s out earning for their family though that didn’t explain why he couldn’t make Cyn feel special every once in a while nor does it excuse him when he confessed he had doubts about his relationship with Cyn. The more Cyn tries to get through to him the worst it gets and so now Joe wasn’t even sure he wanted to marry her. And so if this is how he acts when Cyn’s depressed then there’s no hope for their family.

He wasn’t fighting like how Mariahlynn was fighting. She’s was there whenever someone in her family needed something and sure she sometimes lashed out on social media when she faces people that try to judge her, but she also had a core support group with people like Jonathan and he was there for her as she took her own mom to court. Her mom had once again proven that she couldn’t raise a child and so Mariahlynn had had to take over with her baby sister. The little girl was growing up fast and she needed a mother. Mariahlynn knew that her mom would never shape up and so she was considering terminating her mother’s parental rights in order to safeguard her sister.

The fact Mariahlynn was willing to go so far had shown that she was truly sweet at heart. She was fighting for her sister and that never meant she wasn’t fighting for her career. Sometimes it simply takes sacrifices. Like what Nya Lee did. She knew that she had burned quite a few bridges along the way and she couldn’t keep doing that if she wanted to keep a career. So she reached out to Rich and she told him that she was willing to put in the work if he helped her with her career and so, of course, Rich had a condition. He said if she was willing to assist him with Sydney Starr and get Sydney where she needed to be that he would help with her career. And so Nya Lee agreed to help out with Sydney.

Sydney was struggling with her music. She had needed something big and Rich had gotten her a great song through Jaquae. It should have worked and instead, Sydney struggled with the song. She went into the studio and thought she killed it but then she came out and no one was feeling it. They said they weren’t hearing that Sydney wanted it and so Sydney showed off the song to Nya. Nya had wanted to like it and she couldn’t. The song wasn’t being rapped from a place of feeling and it sounded like Sydney was merely going through the lyrics rather than emotions. And so Nya talked to Sydney because they needed to get to what was holding Sydney back because even people that didn’t know Sydney all that well could sense it.

Sydney later admitted that she was still pre-op. She still has the genitalia of a man even though she no longer identifies as one and so she’s been lying to people telling them she was post-op. She said that she hadn’t wanted to be judged because she grew up with people believing she should die and thought if someone was ever going to love her that she had lie to them. It was also why no one in her professional life knew about her secret and so she let that all out to Nya. Nya did her best to understand her newfound friend and together they tried to work on Sydney’s music. She needed to open herself up if she was going to get the track right and being honest was the first step towards that.

Rich couldn’t always be there for his artists because he had some things going on that not a lot of people knew about. He was contacted by Jonathan about Anais and he agreed to a meeting. The first thing that happened was that Jonathan apologized for his behavior in the past. He was trying to be in a better place and it was why he was so concerned about Anais. Anais was too skinny to be healthy and she was posting pictures on social media in she looked sick. Jonathan had been worried about her and he wanted to reach out to her, but he couldn’t get in contact with anyone that would tell him something and so he went to Rich. Rich revealed that Anais has been in and out of mental facilities because she wasn’t well.

Anais was paranoid and believed people were out to get her. She was talking about the CIA and so she truly did need help. She has recently committed again and wasn’t in a good place. Rich told Jonathan this and he also mentioned that if Jonathan really wanted to help that he shouldn’t contact Anais. Anais and Jonathan’s friendship was toxic. It wasn’t helpful to either side because they were both sick and so Jonathan shouldn’t stir all of that up again. He thought that he needed to reach out because he still cared about Anais and that was all good and everything it just wasn’t what either of them needed. And so Jonathan realized he was going to have back off of Anais while she gets through her own demons.

And in the end, Juelz agreed to a plea agreement that meant he would only have to go to jail for a few months instead of a few years. So before he serves, his sentence he and Kimbella sat down to tell the kids what was really going on. And those poor babies couldn’t help crying.


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