Madam Secretary Recap 04/14/19: Season 5 Episode 19 “The Great Experiment”

Tonight on CBS Madam Secretary airs with an all-new Sunday, March 31, 2019, season 5 episode 19 called, “The Great Experiment,” and we have your Madam Secretary recap below. On tonight’s Madam Secretary season 5 episode 19, as per the CBS synopsis, “Elizabeth prepares to officially declare her candidacy for president, but she must deal with the fallout from a news article alleging she had an affair with President Dalton during her CIA days. Also, Mike B. and Jay adjust to the growing pains in their expanded roles as campaign staffers, and Elizabeth calls for a UN criminal tribunal against Myanmar military leaders over their treatment of the Rohingya.

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The team comes to Liz’s to start on her campaign. Matt has the speech ready for Liz’s big announcement. They all need to decide what roles each one will have. Russell shows up. He didn’t know there was a party. He has come to share that a report is coming out that there was a love relationship between Conrad and Liz during their CIA days. She is shocked and upset. This is going to throw a wrench in her announcer plans. Later, Liz and Henry talk. They need to tell the kids in advance.

The next day at work Liz learns from Jay that China has sold a jet to Asia. Unfortunately, they cannot do much right now because they need China to help fight against Myanmar who is treating their own people violently. She calls Ming and gets right to the point, telling him they know about the jet which was sold to a general in Myanmar. She wants to create a tribunal. The team gathers after her video chat to turn on the TV and discover Owen Callister is running for president.

Liz arrives home. She is tired and angry. She doesn’t want to tell the kids tonight but they know something is up and they need to know so they don’t worry. She breaks the news. Jason is annoyed she doesn’t want to comment publicly while Stevie seems to understand.

Henry calls Isabelle to meet after the article of Liz and Conrad’s fake love affair goes public. He wants to know if she heard anything. Isabelle pretends to have never even heard anything even in the past. Henry knows she is lying. Liz told him prior that she and Isabelle used to laugh. He thinks it is her and heads home to tell Liz. They get into it. She tells him repeatedly that it is all a story and nothing more. They are interrupted when the Governor of Massachusetts shows up at their door.

The governor isn’t inline with Owen and his beliefs and wants Liz to join the GOP. Jay and Mike B. Come over so they can talk.

The next day, everyone is acting strangely towards Liz. Liz pulls Nina in after she tells Kat she would rather be transferred then work with the Deputy Chief. Liz asks for more information as to why. Nina shares that he is on a private informal list of men to avoid on the Hill. Nina agrees to show Liz the list if she keeps the names to herself.

Liz meets with Isabelle who swears it wasn’t her and that she only lied to Henry because she didn’t want to feed the fire.

Kat meets with the deputy to show him the informal document of a woman who accused him of bad behavior. She informs him that they will be investigating which makes him nervous and angry.

Liz talks to Conrad about the Myanmar people. She asks him if he favored her at the CIA as Isabelle said. He admits he did. She was and is smart, thinks for herself and is diligent. She smiles.

Liz meets with Mike B. And Jay and tells them she is going to make a statement about the Conrad story after all.

Kat meets with Nina to introduce her to her new boss. Nina is thrilled to see the deputy go. Meanwhile, Liz sits down with Jane Pauley to announce that the stories about her and Conrad are a lie and to discuss the hate of Owen and his run for president.


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