Masterchef Junior Recap 04/16/19: Season 7 Episode 7 “Camp MasterChef”

Masterchef Junior Recap 04/16/19: Season 7 Episode 7 "Camp MasterChef"

Tonight on FOX Gordon Ramsay’s Masterchef Junior continues with an all-new Tuesday, April 16, 2019, season 7 episode 7 called “Camp MasterChef,” and we have your weekly Masterchef Junior recap below. On tonight’s Masterchef Junior episode as per the FOX synopsis, “The Top 14 chef-testants head to the great outdoors for a chicken cook out. Hungry campers at the KIDS CAMP MASTERCHEF will decide which dish reigns supreme, and the winning team’s recipe will be featured in Family Circle Magazine. The losing team must face a coconut cream pie pressure test that proves to be not as “sweet” as it may seem.”

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Tonight on Master Chef Junior, the judges and junior home cooks go to Master Chef’s Kids camp. There are a lot of campers there, and they will be cooking for them. Since Malia and Jaala won the incredible cupcake challenge in the previous episode, they are chosen as the Team Captains for this challenge. They flip a coin, Jaala gets the first choice of her team.

Red Team: Jaala chooses Erin, Che, Kyle, Sadie, Brielle, Kate.

Blue Team: Maala chooses Evie, Rashad, Ivy Ben, Matthew, Reid.

Today they will be serving a summertime staple, chicken. Both teams have to serve 51 campers. Each camper will try each of the team’s dishes. The winner of today’s competition will have a huge opportunity to share their recipe around the country because their recipe will be featured in Family Circle magazine.

The team’s race to start making their chicken. The Red Team is making Grilled BBQ Chicken with roasted potatoes and chipotle buttered corn. The Blue Team is making Fried Chicken with baked BBQ beans and swiss chard.

They have to work with the chicken leg and thigh.

The campers are arriving, the teams are getting flustered. It is ten minutes until the campers sit down. It’s a tough competition, they have to make sure the chicken is cooked. The Red Team is already having issues, raw chicken. Gordon tells them they are going to lose if they don’t get it together.

Jaala is shouting and Reid is getting upset because he is the only one that is cooking the chicken and it takes time. Kyle tries to help Reid because he is really stressed out. Reid is upset, he starts crying. Christina tries to reassure him, she tells him that he can still turn this around, keep the eye on the prize.

The Blue Team’s chicken is raw, Aaron brings it back and Gordon shows it to them. He tells them there is no structure and no teamwork. Gordon checks more of the chicken and they are raw, he tells the team to take off the aprons. He gives them one more chance. Malia steps it up and gets the chicken back in the oven or frier.

Both teams did a great job, but there can only be one winner. The losing team will face the dreaded pressure test back in the Master Chef kitchen. The winning team is the Red Team.

Back in the Master Chef kitchen, there is no tougher challenge than a pressure test. There are so many things they can make with coconut, but this competition is about coconut Chocolate Cream pie.

They have everything they need and 75 minutes to make a flawless coconut chocolate cream pie. In the end, two cooks will be going home.

Everyone carefully being their pies up to the front.

Malia is first, hers looks beautiful and Gordon loves it – he says she raised the bar.

Rashad is next, the coconut cream is a little over wet, the chocolate cream was whisked too much, but Christina is impressed that he stuck with it.

Matthew things he did a pretty good job, Aaron likes it, it’s over the top with the chocolate and he loves it, the whipped cream could have been more fluffy.

Ben’s pastry looks too thick, Gordon says that it is undercooked, the chocolate cream is good, the whipped cream over whipped.

Kate failed on the crimping, it started to weigh down on itself, she didn’t add enough chocolate pastry cream. Christina says it is almost a coconut cream pie.

Ivy thinks she did pretty great. Aaron says the cream had to be whipped more. Aaron says the flavor is good.

Evie had a problem with her crust, it looks a mess and Gordon is struggling to just get a piece. The pastry is undercooked. Gordon says it is delicious, but unfortunately undercooked and the cream is over whipped.

The best pie of the evening belongs to Malia. Ivy, Matthew, and Rashad are sent up to the balcony.

Ben, Kate and Ivy did not have a good night and two of them are going home.

Aaron says based on those pies alone Ben should stay, Christina and Gordon agree.

Kate and Ivy are going home.


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