Masterchef Junior Recap 05/21/19: Season 7 Episode 12 “The Restaurant Takeover”

Masterchef Junior Recap 05/21/19: Season 7 Episode 12 "The Restaurant Takeover"

Tonight on FOX Gordon Ramsay’s Masterchef Junior continues with an all-new Tuesday, May 21, 2019, season 7 episode 12 called “The Restaurant Takeover,” and we have your weekly Masterchef Junior recap below. On tonight’s Masterchef Junior episode as per the FOX synopsis, “The Top Six junior home cooks tackle the most daunting challenge in MASTERCHEF JUNIOR history when they take over Michelin Star Los Angeles restaurant Mélisse. To rise to the occasion, the teams face an intense environment, hungry guests with high expectations and the wrath of Gordon Ramsay. Find out which team makes it straight into the semifinal and which team will be sent into eliminations.”

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We are down to the top six young home cooks, but only one of them will win the glory of being called the next Masterchef Junior winner. The next challenge is the Masterchef Junior restaurant takeover. Because it is such a huge endeavor, the judges will be picking the teams.

Sadie, Aaron, and Malia will be on the Red Team. Che, Ivy, and Reid are on the Blue Team. The captain of the Red Team is Sadie. The captain of the Blue Team is Red.

The junior home cooks travel by limo to meet up with judges at Melisse, where the challenge will take place. This is where home cooks will be responsible to run a real Michelin star restaurant. In fact, Melisse holds two Michelin stars.

The judges give the chefs white jackets. The cooks meet one of the best chefs anywhere in the world, Executive Chef, Josiah Citrin. The chef is about to an amazing presentation, they need to pay close attention. First, start with the appetizers; Pan-Seared Prawns with mixed vegetables. Next is Pan-Seared Halibut with mushrooms and brown butter chardonnay sauce. On to the entrees now; Filet of Beef with Porcini mushrooms, glazed carrots, and charred leek puree, and Truffle Crusted Lamb with French Green Lentils and Artichokes.

The judges tell the home cooks that age can no longer be an excuse, the diners have no idea who is preparing the meals. They will also be serving chef Josiah his own dishes. Chef Ramsay says he will be expedited to keep the standards up.

The kitchen is getting really stressful, Gordon is talking very fast and stressing out the home cooks. Gordon calls out the Blue Team and tries to get them on track. Aaron tells Aaron to stop being complacent.

Appetizers are starting to go out, the home cooks are moving on to the entrees. Chef Josiah is served appetizers from both teams. The Red Team’s prawns are a little overcooked. The Blue Team’s prawn is cooked perfectly but it could use a little more sauce. The Blue Team did well with the zucchini flower, the Red Team’s flower was non-existent.

Reid is having issues cooking the filet, he needs to pick things up. Gordon stops the Red Team and tells them to shape up, protein has to be cooked first before the garnish. Aaron tries to help Reid, but he breaks down because he burns the filet. Gordon gives Reid a pep talk and shows him how to baste the filet. On the Red Team the filet is plated, Gordon catches it and its raw. Sadie is being a great team captain, she is really communicating with her team. The last plates went out, Chef Josiah has his entrees. The Blue Team did well, the Red Team did just as good. Chef Josiah is really impressed with the Masterchef Junior Chefs.

The judges introduce the home cooks to the diners and they are all shocked at how young they are; ages 8 to 12.

Time to announce the winning team based on the diners feedback, it is going to be decided back in the Masterchef kitchen.

The diners had a lot to say about the teams; all wonderful comments. There can only be one winning team, there is no pressure test, it will be an immediate elimination.

The winning team is both teams. There is no losing team, they both did so well. It was evenly matched, they couldn’t decide on a winner and a loser. This is the first time in history that a dish was not returned to the kitchen.