Mayans M.C. Premiere Recap 09/17/19: Season 2 Episode 3 “Camazotz”

Mayans M.C. Premiere Recap 09/17/19: Season 2 Episode 3 "Camazotz"

Tonight on FX their hit biker drama, Mayans M.C. airs with an all-new Tuesday, September 17, 2019 episode and we have your Mayans M.C. recap below.  On tonights Mayans M.C. season 1 episode 3 called, “Camazotz,” as per the FX synopsis, “Mayans seek justice while Galindo’s deal takes an unexpected turn south of the border.”

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Mayans MC begins tonight with the Mayans gathered around the table watching the video of the shooting that happened while Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes (JD Pardo) and Angel Reyes (Clayton Cardenas) were on the road; President Obispo “Bishop” Losa (Michael Irby) demands to know what happened, saying it needs to be answered. They know the girl on the video is named Hope (Vanessa Giselle) and apparently she was screwed up from a very young age as her mother used to sell her for dime bags as a young child and she is now at the clubhouse looking for sanctuary. They want to minimize the blow back, and everyone at the table agrees.

EZ and Johnny “Coco” Cruz (Richard Cabral) tend to Hope, offering her food and drink but she only wants alcohol to calm down when Bishop emerges with the crew. Coco says she is holding out and doing okay; EZ feels everything was done in a panic as Coco is concerned that it has been hours since Hope hasn’t had any drugs so Bishop feels it will be another hour or so and she will be willing to do anything they want her to do.

Marcus Alvarez (Emilio Rivera) approaches Miguel Galindo (Danny Pino), informing him that the house is well guarded and Miguel tells him he can go home, but this whole Agra Park thing is turning his wife Emily Thomas (Sarah Bolger) inside out as she worked so hard on it. Miguel tells Alvarez there is nothing he can do about it yet, as Emily told him not to mix his illegal business dealings with the legitimate ones.

Mini (Melany Ochoa) wakes up to hearing someone crying out, she thought it was Luisa “Adelita” Espina (Carla Baratta) but when she barges in the room, she finds a woman tied to the bed and having sex with another man who calls Mini a “freak;” causing Adelita to demand him to apologize to Mini, which he does. Adelita returns her to her room and she looks at her awful scarring at her room, but Adelita says the scars are small and make her special but she wants to be like Adelita.

EZ cleans up the clubhouse, he asks Angel is he wants to know why he asked Bishop to sponsor him but he says that he doesn’t because it hurts and they should just do what they came up there to do in the first place. Bishop returns and they announce that Hope told them everything and that dirty cop is going to die and they are going to bury Medina.

Emily is on the phone, ending the call on a high note, saying she was on the phone with a friend from school who is a business manager. She takes the baby from Miguel, informing him that Iliana has been borrowing money from her mother, meeting with her only the previous week. She admits that Iliana was more her sister than her nanny and it must have killed her to ask her mother for money. Miguel cautions her about using it against her as it is considered a bribe, but Emily thinks this is just business but Miguel wants him to do it so she can keep her hands clean. He says the first favor sharpens the blade.

Dita Galindo (Ada Maris) tries to take the baby out of Emily’s arms to get away from the argument but Emily orders her not to touch the baby! She profusely apologizes and walks away, making Emily feel bad, she gives their son back to Miguel and ruses off. Alvarez returns, informing him thatLincoln “Linc” Potter (Ray McKinnon) and the FEDS are on the property.

Emily comes outside when Potter talks to Miguel, saying there is nothing on his schedule today, Alvarez is told he is not allowed to go with him, but they are told he is going to Palm Springs. Emily apologizes to him as Miguel tells him to keep an eye on their queen and to check on his mother’s new friend. Alvarez reassures Emily saying they knew this was part of the game and this was going to happen. Dita, in the meantime, has her phone in her hand, when he places a call to Felipe Reyes (Edward James Olmos), telling him he has been on her mind and she had a dream about him writing her another letter.

EZ pours himself some coffee as Coco prepares to inject Hope with some more drugs, he admits to Bishop that sometimes he doesn’t know how to compartmentalize some of this stuff to which Bishop admits too. He apologizes about Medina, who Bishop brought in two years prior and he didn’t get in the first time around because Bishop voted no to him the first time around as he had romanticized about what a club should be the first time around. He warns EZ to stay close. Theya re told the cops are approaching.

Miguel and Potter are traveling and approaching the border, where they talk about trivial things about shopping and going home and making homemade soup. Potter, refuses to give too much personal stuff.

Alvarez goes to the underground, where Adelita is with Mini and giving instructions. He doesn’t like that being in the underground cave isn’t the most comfortable place. Alvarez asks about the incident the previous night and she reveals how the customer made a horrible comment about her face and sometimes how they forget she is just a child. Alvarez sits beside her and shows Mini the scar he has all the way up his leg, another one on his shoulder and belly and his back, j ust to mention a few. He looks at her face, saying the marks are reminders of who they are as they are survivors, strong and brave. He tells Mini she is not a mouse but a lion like Adelita; people see them and will retreat from their strength and there is nothing more beautiful than that. Mini wraps her arms around Alvarez’ neck, causing Adelita to choke up a little.

A few of the crew bring in Hope into an abandoned building, where she is high but has no clue where she is. They are told to keep her away from the windows as Coco warns EZ that today they are going to kill a cop and it might trigger a lot of memories, so if he has any doubts of this he needs to walk; but they are interrupted by Angel and EZ acts like everything is fine. Bishop walks Hope through what she needs to do, promising to keep her safe, but she questions whether they are friends as she doesn’t even know them. EZ crouches down in front of her, introducing himself and so does Angel, calming her down; everyone one of them doing so, one by one.

Potter brings Miguel to a hill in the middle of nowhere, as he defends the uprising, saying it was a protest against terrorists; they switch cars and are off again. Meanwhile, Hope is shaking like a leaf, smoking a cigarette when a jeep arrives and it is only one of the officers instead of both of the dirty cops; Bishop hopes she sticks with the plan. He screams at her to go get the phone, but she refuses, so the cop grabs her by her hair and drags her inside. He demands the phone and the video but Bishops warns him that Coco is their sniper and if he even sees him twitch his finger he will blow his head off and they couldn’t care less about the junkie he is holding right now. He releases Hope and Bishop pistol whips him, knocking him to the ground.

Emily stops Iliana, offering her a ride home when she comes out of the office, suggesting they can catch up and she agrees. Emily apologizes for having her head so far up her butt that she didn’t stop to think about anyone else. She knows how the fire devastated everyone, but Iliana knows it affected Emily and her house too. Emily knows when she married Miguel she burned a lot of bridges but used the controversy to avoid conflict and just end things. Iliana admits she never judged her but worries about her and her situation but she doesn’t throw stones and has always been there. She holds Emily’s hand.

They are getting Hope high again and try to get the second dirty cop there but aren’t sure how to do it. They are hoping they can get Hope to entice him to come out, but their hostage says he is not at his house as it is his wife’s place; but they will find the address on the phone as he is in Tahoe at his mom’s place. Iliana is staying at the Motor Inn, but when they stop, Emily asks Nestor Oceteva (Gino Vento) to give them a moment of privacy. Emily hands Iliana an envelope with a check after she found out she was borrowing money from her mother, Diana. She knows it is difficult to ask Diana for money but they both know asking her for money comes with a cost. Iliana is suspicious, but Emily feels maybe they can help each other. Iliana wants to know what help this money can buy; Emily is frustrated and saying she is just trying to find her place in all of this. She pressures her to take the money just from a friend. She feels she needs to give it to her more than she needs to take it. Iliana tears up and agrees to take the cashier’s check, thanking her.

Potter brings Miguel to a farmer uprising, where the rebel queen is now flying on the wings of a golden butterfly. Miguel doesn’t understand why he is there but Potter tells him the LO is not dead until Potter says it is dead; he is tasked with getting Miguel’s help in making sure that Miguel can get her bloody. Miguel stares at her as she stands on the truck raving and cheering on the crowds.

The Mayans manage to get a message to the second dirty cop, telling him his partner is outside the house and for him to come outside. He grabs his gun, puts down his beer and looks out the window, he spots Hope, who continues to text him to come outside. He walks out of the house as Coco stays in the car; several of the Mayans break into the house and end up in a knife battle with his mother; Bishop suggesting they show her the video of his sexual assault, the illegal drugs and the murder. He says what happened to Medina was an accident but he doesn’t care what the junkie whore thinks; causing Hope to bash him over the head. His mother jumps her and chokes her, making Coco shoot the mother in the head and killing her. Bishop tells him, he has no problem with that as they are told to clean it up.

Alvarez comes to see Felipe at the butcher shop, but he is quickly told both his sons are fine. He tells Felipe he was told to come there personally by Mr Miguel Galindo for taking care of his mother, but Felipe feels it isn’t necessary as it was the right thing to do. He suggests he asks Dita why she would come to him, but Alvarez says ever since the fire things have been difficult so Felipe tells him if there is something he needs to say, just say it. Alvarez hands him a card and says if Mrs Galindo gets lost again and ends up on his door step he is to call and they will come take her home; so this right thing he did never happens again. Felipe wants to know how Miguel’s entire army of men can lost eyes on an elderly woman?

Bishop shows the video to the crooked cop, revealing when they bury Medina’s body tomorrow, they willleave him dirty and he is going to point the blame somewhere else, on Russians or whoever but if the PD sniffs around their clubhouse; they need to treat their crew right and the video will never be used again, giving them his word.

Iliana puts her child to sleep before she looks at the check Emily gave her, suddenly Emily’s phone rings and she tells her that she needs more help to get back on her feet and maybe she can help her too. Emily says if she can do that, it would mean so much to her; they exchange good nights and hang u p. Emily calls Miguel, who reveals he just got picked up at the border. She admits she saw Iliana and they are going to help each other. He says he trusts her and will be home soon. He goes down to the underground, where he tells Adelita that he spoke to Pablo, as the work she has been doing with Paloma is makign a difference, including the riots. He reveals that Potter knows she is involved, but wants to get Paloma and make her bloody. Adelita sits down as he apologizes.

The second dirty cop stares at his dead mom as he is hung upside down from a tree and all the Mayans draw their guns, like a shooting squad and kill him.

The next day, Medina’s funeral takes place, everyone placing special items to be buried with him. EZ suddenly has a memory of being at a Day of the Dead Festival and not being able to find Angel. Happy Lowman (David Labrava) and Rusty Coones from Sons of Anarchy (SOA) arrive at the wake, offering their condolences. Meanwhile, Felipe spends time reading letters that Dita wrote him, clearly loving him while she was married to Jose. He looks at the urn of his wife’s ashes and apologizes to her.

Emily meets with Iliana, who hands her a book with everyone else’s bids inside. Angel tells Bishop he needs to ride out with EZ for the parole shit and should be back in a day or two, he thanks Bishop for working with EZ, and is glad he is working with him. Happy sits at the bar, ordering a drink while the brothers leave on their road trip together, riding past where John Teller 11-13-93 is etched into the rock where Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) father was killed by that trucker.

Happy returns home with both Angel and EZ having their guns to the back of his head and his dogs barking loudly.