NCIS Fall Finale Recap 12/17/19: Season 17 Episode 10 “The North Pole”

NCIS Fall Finale Recap 12/17/19: Season 17 Episode 10 "The North Pole"

Tonight on CBS NCIS returns with an all-new Tuesday, December 17, 2019, season 17 episode 10 called, “The North Pole,” and we have your weekly NCIS recap below. On tonight’s NCIS season 17 episode 10, “The North Pole,” as per the CBS synopsis, “Gibbs and the team assist Ziva with “the one thing” she said she would need to take care of before returning to her family.”

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Ziva said there was one last thing before she can return to her family. She also told Gibbs that she has to do it alone and that’s why he couldn’t help her. Then she seems to have caved. Ziva supposedly had her friend Odette reach out to Bishop and Bishop wasn’t told much. She was just told that Ziva needed her to do something. This something was to meet with a man named Mir. Bishop was to give him a hundred thousand dollars in exchange for a flash drive and the flash drive should have been dropped off with Odette.

Only Bishop didn’t hand over the flash drive when the moment came. She first wanted answers because she was getting pretty sick and tired of being brought in without any answers to what was actually happening. Bishop first wanted to know what the flash drive held. She tried to get the truth from Odette and when that hadn’t worked she then turned to her own team. Bishop later called everyone in to tell them what happened. She handed over the flash drive to McGee and McGee opened it for them.

There were a bunch of photos found on the flash drive. There was one photo of someone holding Ziva’s friend Adam Eshel hostage and the team believes that’s the photo Ziva was after, but before they could investigate further, Gibbs came in with Ziva. Ziva, as it turns out, hadn’t known that Bishop was involved. Her friend Odette did that without her knowing so and the whole thing left Ziva upset. She truly hadn’t wanted to involve anyone from the team. She wanted to look for Adam herself and thankfully Gibbs pushed through her stubbornness because he needed to know what was going.

Ziva was forced to explain everything. She said that Adam has been helping her. She said Adam infiltrated Sahar’s group in order to get close to them and that he tipped off Ziva once he found out the group was going after Gibbs. Unfortunately, that tip also outed him as a spy. He was then taken a hostage and Ziva wanted to rescue him. She quickly realized she wasn’t up to the job by herself and so she did as Odette suggested. She relied on NCIS. The old team still cared enough for her to do her favor and so they didn’t have a problem with tracking down the men from the photo.

It had been easy for them to find Adam. Adam was later found badly beaten but he would have been okay if they got him treatment in time. Ziva and Gibbs had tried moving him only first Adam had something to say. Adm said Sahar was still alive. The woman that they had killed had been decoy. The real Sahar was still out there and it seems Ziva did know her. Ziva just didn’t know from where. She was looking for a reason on why this person wanted to destroy her life and Adam was just about telling her what it is when an explosion happened.

Ziva and Gibbs fell down an old shoot. They had inadvertently left Adam alone when he needed them and sadly it had taken them a while to get back to him. By time they did, it had been too late. Adam died from his injuries. There was nothing they could do to bring him back and so they focused on he gave them. He told them the real Sahar was still out there. She also appears to still have her henchmen and therefore Sahar was going to keep coming for Ziva if Ziva didn’t stop her. Ziva was angry and so was Gibbs.

They thought this was all over. They now know that Sahar had used one of her underlings as a decoy and that the woman is shrouded in mystery. No one knows what she looks like. They don’t know her motivations or how many people she still has at her back. Sahar was perhaps more dangerous than ever. The team tried getting answers and the only way they could do that was by using their dead henchman. The guy had a UV Stamp from the VIP room that Bishop frequented to get the flash drive.

This means Victor Mir knew more than he said. Bishop went back to the club with a better outfit and she got him to distance himself from his security team. When he was alone, the team moved in. They beat up Mir until he gave them answers and that’s when he revealed that Sahar goes by the name Sarah. She was pretending to be a waitress with a kid. Her son name was Phineas and they were Gibbs’s new neighbors. It seems Adam was telling Gibbs not Ziva that he knew her. Gibbs was close to Sarah and her son and he even consider them friends.

Then again it did explain why Sarah let her son hang out with a man whose house blew up. Parents would usually have been a little more cautious and so Gibbs wasn’t as surprised as he thought he would be. He quickly went over to their house, but Sarah wasn’t there. She’s been leaving Phineas home alone while she “works” and she made the kid promise not to say anything because she told him it would look bad. Phineas was the only innocent in all of this. He didn’t know why his mom was in trouble or why Gibbs was looking for her and so he made Gibbs promise that his mom would be okay.

Gibbs tried to get to Sarah first. Only Ziva beat him to it because she found out where Sarah was going to be from Mir and she was so set on wanting to kill her that she didn’t tell anyone else what she was going to do. But the later between Ziva and Sarah hadn’t gone Ziva’s way. Sarah almost killed her and the only reason she didn’t was because Gibbs showed up. Gibbs killed Sarah and he ended this. It seems had Sarah had done all of this because she was with Ziva’s brother Ari and she wanted to avenge his death, but her plan failed. Sarah was dead and her son was now in Gibbs’s care.

Gibbs was holding off on breaking the news to Phineas but eventually he’ll tell the kid that his mom passed away.