New Amsterdam Recap 02/19/19: Season 1 Episode 14 “The Foresaken”

New Amsterdam Recap 02/19/19: Season 1 Episode 14 "The Foresaken"

Tonight on NBC New Amsterdam premiere with an all-new Tuesday, February 19, 2019, season 1 episode 14 called, “The Foresaken,” and we have your New Amsterdam recap below. On tonight’s New Amsterdam episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Sharpe struggles when a case hits too close to home and Iggy uncovers a patient’s surprising past. Meanwhile, Floyd makes progress in his personal life after some difficult news.”

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New Amsterdam begins with a man jumping to commit suicide. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Max (Ryan Eggold) chases down the doctor who has replaced Lauren (Janet Montgomery) who is on “vacation”. Casey (Alejandro Hernandez) is pleased to learn she is taking some time off, as Max asks if the doctor would stay on for at least 4 weeks; she wants to switch the nurses’ scheduling to a seniority-based one and then she wants them to use a supply tracking software, so they can keep better track of the medications and last she wants there to be no more double and triple shifts.

EMTs bring in the man who jumped off the building; he landed on his chest and together with Max, they are work on him; learning he is a Marine named Alex. Casey gets emotional as the doctor says the war is never-ending.

Helen (Freema Agyeman) and Dr. Panthaki (Sendhil Ramamurthy) kiss in a restaurant, as they both love being spontaneous; but worry about getting kicked out as people are staring. He takes off to the restroom, as Helen smirks, quickly following him. Floyd (Jocko Sims) finds Evie (Margot Bingham) singing to herself; he is so impressed with her voice, forgetting who introduced them. He stops short of saying “I love you” and instead tells her he is taking her out for the greatest dinner tonight. Iggy (Tyler Frome) has one thing to say – he tells his husband that he loves him about 90 times a day.

Vijay Kapoor (Anupan Kher) has a consult in the ED, but he notices that it is so calm there. She says it has to be calm and efficient, focusing solely on patient care; she reveals her other policy is giving him 10 minutes to diagnose a patient or discharge them. He struggles with it, but ultimately agrees with her. Dean (Ron Rifkin) finds Max, asking his help with Karen Brentley who is great with business but not an expert on healthcare. She wants the board to restructure the hospital and Dean is the only one who stands up to her. Max assures him he will attend the next meeting and turn it around.

Helen finds a woman, who is slumped over on the bench. She touches her, desperate to wake her up. She is quickly rushed to the hospital, where it looks like she had an opiate overdose. She wakes up frantically looking for her bag. Helen runs back to the park, where she finds a baby inside it. The baby is quickly checked over, as they realize she is not more than a week old and if Helen hadn’t found her she would have surely died.

Helen goes to see the patient, Wendy (Alice Kremelberg), asking if there is someone they can call for her or the baby. She admits she didn’t mean to hurt her but she couldn’t quit the drugs, even though she tried. Wendy says she never gave the baby a name.

Iggy goes with Max to see the Marine patient, who is still unconscious. Max gives Iggy the dog tags, showing him the xrays that reveal he is intent on hurting himself as his body has suffered severe trauma, repeatedly. Iggy says he will contact his contacts at the VA to see what he can find out. Kapoor meets with his patient, whose mother-in-law, Irene (Becca Lish) wanders into the room; she is told to leave when Kapoor learns there is nothing normal about her family. Kapoor is asking questions when the new doctor, taps her watch. He needs a more detailed medical history, saying he needs another 10 minutes, for calm efficiency.

Casey informs Floyd about the jumper in room one; he is shocked to learn Lauren is on vacation. The new doctor says that Lauren Bloom is not her concern, but reveals Max has asked her to take Bloom off the schedule for the next four weeks.

Floyd is scrubbing in for surgery when they realize something is up, as the blood on his dog tags doesn’t match the patient. Iggy barges in, saying that is not Alex Dimos, as Alex is a woman; causing everyone to wonder what he is doing with her dog tags.

Max greets Karen, who appreciates the lunch invitation. She is shocked to learn he is buying her food from a food truck. He says he is drinking his lunch and thought they should discuss some of her proposals. She wants to save him time, believes they can turn New Amsterdam into a profitable place while still putting patients first. She says the board is calling a vote to terminate Dean’s contract in tonight’s meeting. She likes max, as he thinks outside of the box. He is actually making money and helping people. She feels her, he and a new Dean could do this together.

Helen learns from Casey that Wendy left the ED after she surrendered her baby to the NICU, and she is no longer her baby. Mac stands with Helen outside the nursery as she updates him on the baby’s case. Max assures Helen they will help the baby get through this. He feels the surrender was a good choice, but Helen believes no choice is good. The baby isn’t responding to any treatment as Max suggests “rooming in” but it requires constant holding and feeding on the baby’s mother. Helen wants to do it as she can’t watch the baby suffer anymore.

Alex Dimos arrives at the ED, where Iggy has her dog tags. She explains the guy who had them is an Iraqi soldier who saved the unit more than once. She gave him the tags to let him know he was one of them. She says Mustafa didn’t break his bones, Al Queida did it. Iggy believes he became suicidal after he was released, but she says he was only in pain; focusing solely on getting out of Iraq. She says once he was in the US, he was happy when the whole Unit came to get him from the airport. Iggy wants to know why he would jump.

Kapoor talks to his patient about everything, but once again the doctor comes in. Kapoor says Dr. Kao (Christine Chang) needs her 10 minutes and closes the curtains again.

Max sits with the Dean, who feels that tonight is complete and he is out of a job. He reminds Max, that with him gone they could easily cancel his stuff too. Max says Brentley told him they like his changes and wants him to keep making them. Dean asks Max if he is going to vote for him, but Max says he is going to vote for what is best for the hospital.

Floyd pulls Casey into a private room, but he says Lauren really needed a break and is glad they finally made her. Floyd is startled to learn she was not on actual vacation. Meanwhile, Helen is thoroughly enjoying the nestling with Baby Doe. She is no longer crying nor shaking, as Max says she looks almost peaceful. He sits beside Helen, wanting to know what is going on in her mind. Helen feels there was nothing normal about this morning; as everything was out of whack. She believes the universe was trying to tell her something. He knows how much she wants to have a baby and her body is not cooperating and maybe Serah is the baby she was meant to have. She fondly cuddles her tightly as Max looks on.

In the ED, the doctor notices several doctors sitting outside Kapoor’s room. She calls Dr. Kapoor out of the room, saying she has tried to be very patient with him but 10-minute consults are her limit. She says this is her ED and her rules. He says for someone who doesn’t want to be like Dr. Bloom, she sounds exactly like him.

The Dean is rushed into the ED, where Max takes him into another room, taking care of him. Max then joins the board, saying Peter, the Dean had a heart attack but he is going to be all right with a quick and full recovery. He says this is the best place for that to happen as everyone loves him. He always pushes Max to be the best Medical Director he can be and couldn’t be this way without him. He leaves, thanking them for their on-going support.

Iggy talks to Mustafa, asking him what Alex doesn’t know. He remains mum for a little while but insists Alex can never find out. Iggy says whatever is told to him, remains confidential. Mustafa says somethings were better when he got there but when he goes out, people stare at him like he was a terrorist; some even saying it to his face. Iggy sympathizes, wondering if he thought about going home, but Mustafa says he can’t go home as he is considered a traitor there. He had hoped in the big city he would meet other Iraqis and be part of a bigger community, but they don’t understand him either as they haven’t been in the war. He feels completely alone and doesn’t belong anywhere.

Iggy returns to Alex, saying Mustafa need a lot of physical and mental therapy. Alex knows he needs more than that, willing to do whatever it takes to help him.

Helen is able to feed the little baby girl, kissing her and holding her close. She tells her to be bossy and tell her what she wants and when she wants it. She wants her to tell the world, as she deserves to be heard and always will. Helen cries as she snuggles with her. Max comes in, knowing her vitals are good and her heart is syncing to Helen’s just as if she were her mom. She wants to know if it would be so crazy for her to adopt her; Max steps into the room, saying there is someone there to see the baby. It is the baby’s father!

Helen and Max sit with the father, Helen explaining that the baby was born addicted to opioids. He says he tried to get her help but Wendy didn’t want to listen. He didn’t know about the baby until a few hours ago. He says Wendy might have come off the drugs and realized what she had done, causing her to call him. He tells them Wendy isn’t a bad person, she got hooked on the pills after a bad accident; had he known about the pregnancy he would have stayed and helped her stay clean. He is willing to jump through any hoops to step up and take his daughter home. He thanks them both for everything they have done, Helen crying as he swears to be a good dad.

Dr. Kapoor releases his patient, who leaves with her mother-in-law, grateful she missed out on the family hunting trip. Kapoor tells the doctor that she has Lyme disease and it took all the shift to figure that out, after he was listening to her whole story, including their passion for fly fishing; a breeding ground for ticks. He gives her a compliment for allowing this as his technique was obviously not overlooked by her.

Max tells Dean that the board obviously bought every word he said. He reminds Dean that they need to “go big or go home!” Dean says he is doing a great job for the hospital and hiring Max was the smartest thing he has done in his 50 years of medicine. Max is devastated to learn that Brentley already called him and let him go.

Floyd tells Iggy that he knows where Bloom is, knowing there are processes in place. He wants Iggy to listen to him since he is a therapist. He feels he is partially responsible, as a friend he thinks he should have seen this coming. Iggy tells him to give Lauren the space she needs to process this on her own as it is not something he can fix. He ultimately agrees.

Helen holds the baby before handing her over to her dad. Helen watches as they interact. He wants the baby to keep the name Helen gave her as “brightness” suits her. Iggy lets Sam and the whole unit come to see him; they all give him their dog tags, reassuring him that he is part of their family and one of them always!

Floyd apologizes to Evie outside, saying he wasn’t truthful that morning. He blurts out that he loves her and can’t leave anything unsaid anymore. She is the person he never thought he would find; someone he would travel and learn things with. He feels he needs to learn how to be a better friend. He can’t go to dinner with her tonight as someone is going through something and he needs to be there. He will only reveal it is a mutual friend as Evie tells him to go be a good friend, for both of them.

Helen’s new beau comes to see her. She worries he will think she is crazy but she asks him anyways. She knows it is too soon and she is getting too old to not have this conversation. She reveals she wants to have a child and needs to know how he feels about kids. He wanted to talk to her about the same thing, showing her a picture of two children, saying he wanted to tell her sooner but wanted to be sure about them first. Helen starts to cry.

Lauren stares out the window at the rehab facility when Floyd arrives. She is completely shocked to see him.


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