Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists Recap 04/17/19: Season 1 Episode 5 “The Patchwork Girl”

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists Recap 04/17/19: Season 1 Episode 5 "The Patchwork Girl"

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists returns to Freeform tonight with an all-new Wednesday, April 17, 2019 season 1 episode 5 called “The Patchwork Girl” and we have your PLL: The Perfectionists recap below. On tonight’s Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Episode 5 as per the Freeform synopsis, “Mona communicates with a mysterious stranger who promises insights into Nolan’s murder. Dylan struggles to concentrate on an important audition while being distracted by Dana Booker’s investigation. And the Perfectionists plan to clear their names ends in tragedy..”

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Pretty Little Liars (PLL): The Perfectionists begins tonight with Dylan Walker (Eli Brown), Caitlin Lewis (Sydney Park) talking to Ava Jalali (Sofia Carson) about Nolan Hotchkiss (Chris Mason). They are told they were never friends and once this is over with they never speak again.

Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse) pleads for Taylor Hotchkiss (Hayley Erin) to open the door as she has locked her inside but Taylor hops into her truck and begins driving the trailer away with her. Meanwhile, Mona Vanderwaal (Janel Parrish) goes to see Ray Hogadorn (Duffy Epstein) in the boiler room, shocking her that he lives there as he reveals that he has been living there since he was 15 years old. Mona wants to know where his girl is now but he says she couldn’t take the pressure. Mona threatens to report him living in the boiler room to school authorities but he challenges her, saying she won’t do that because she wants to know who has messed with her program. “Crystal ball”.

She wants to know what he thinks the list is for, as he suggests it could be a list of who killed Nolan. He knows Nolan was connecting some dots with him, Alison and Caitlin. He offers her peanut brittle again. Ava is working on one of her designs when she begins to scribble across it breaking her pencil; but when she tries to sharpen it, the sharpener won’t work. She finds a note inside that says, “Dreamer. It’s time to go. Make sure you’re not followed. No one can know.” and she is given some coordinates on a map. Ava remembers her dad used to call her “dreamer” and reminisces a moment of when she kept telling him that no one is perfect and he will always be there for her. Together they take a selfie for her mom to see; that photo she picks up and looks at.

Ava comes to see Dylan and Caitlin apologizing for interrupting them but tells them they need to stop Mason Gregory (Noah Gray-Cabey) before her fashion show. She reveals Mason is threatening all of them, causing her unable to work nor design. Caitlin assures her that she will do anything to help her as Ava tells her she needs to get her to Nolan’s cabin where they can drug him and get his murder confession on tape. Dylan mocks her but realizes she is serious, feeling this is a simple plan. Caitlin says she will do it only to prove she is truly sorry. Dylan wants to stop him but feels this is extreme but Ava and Caitlin push him to stand up to Mason, just like they did with Nolan.

Mona enjoys the peanut brittle as Ray explains that he feels Nolan got what he deserved. He talks about Taylor Hotchkiss and that their family is the first to be there. Taylor figured him out and knew about Angela, his girl. Ray tells Mona that Taylor isn’t the first person to jump off the bridge; causing Mona to look down when Ray says it might have been that which gave Taylor the idea. He does agree with Alison that Taylor may be alive but she needs to stay far away from there. He even warned her; Mona figuring out he was the one who wrote, “They’re Watching” on her wall.

Taylor stops the truck, returns to the trailer with a crowbar, ordering Alison to get out of her house. Alison wants her help, suggesting if Taylor really wanted to disappear she would be in Florida by now, not living in the forest outside Beacon Heights and she firmly believes she stayed to find out who killed her brother. Taylor says Alison coming there has put her in a lot of danger, revealing someone tried to kill her and that is why she faked her death. She believes that the same person probably killed her brother. Alison is only there for answers, but Taylor says her mother used Mona’s program to find Alison because not only do they look alike, they think alike too. Her mother knew if she was alive, Alison would be the only one to find her. Taylor knows she needs to get out of there but she now has a flat tire.

Caitlin walks into the common room, where she sits with Mason talking about her most important interview coming up and ranting about the professors. Mason says he gets her and will be there as a friend. She talks about a senior week and going to the cabin; he says you can’t help but relax at the cabin and tells her they should go. She quickly agrees as he hugs her and says they will go later that afternoon.

Ava is working on her designs when she receives a call, telling her at the tone it will be 11:30 pm. The phone begins playing a lullaby as she stares at her father/daughter photo. She moves the phone away from her ear looking worried.

Mona calls Alison, warning her not to bring Taylor back to town if she finds her. Caitlin sits with Dylan who wants to know why she is fighting with Ava. She doesn’t answer because she gets a message from Mason saying to meet at the cabin. Dylan says, “Game on!”

Taylor can’t be sure it is her mother that wants her dead, but Alison says she knows a grieving mother and she felt her mom’s pain as she is family. Taylor talks about coming out there to watch a Meteor shower, with her mom and her staring up at the sky, like floating in space. Her mom laughed, holding onto her making sure she wouldn’t fall. Taylor admits she would love to go home but it isn’t safe. Alison feels she owes it to Nolan to go home, but Taylor demands to know why her brother’s death is so important to her. She reveals whoever killed him is threatening people she cares about and she needs her help because Taylor knows Nolan the best.

Caitlin is surprised Dylan has to play all that music at his audition but he frets about Mason possibly killing him first. She sits with him, revealing Ava hates her because she is the rat who outed Ava and her family to the school. Dylan is furious but she wishes she could take it back. She feels he is on Ava’s side but he yells that it is about respect as Caitlin ruined her chance to speak about her family on her own terms. He is grateful no one outed him to his parents before he was ready as she admits she screwed up. He advises her to give Ava time as he is sure she will come around.

Taylor questions why Nolan trusted Alison, something she cannot answer. She talks about the night he died and waiting for someone on the roof; and that someone was her. Taylor remembers him saying that there was someone he could trust but she never thought the person could be her. Taylor talks about coming to the cemetery after everyone left as Alison is glad she got to say goodbye, but Taylor said she didn’t get a chance as her mother never left the crypt that night. Alison wants to know why she can’t trust her.

Ava is discussing her design show, but Zoe (Roxanne Stathos) is ignoring her; she finally tells Zoe this is her cue and she begins to sway her hips, making fun of “working it.” Zoe is busy on her phone, completely ignoring her. Ava is looking through the slide show and discovers a photo of two boys laying in each other’s arms. She unplugs the machine before Zoe can see, who wants to know if she is okay because it looks like she just got punched in the gut?

Caitlin and Dylan are waiting at the cabin when Ava brings in the slide photo and confronts Dylan, calling him a “liar and a cheater”, demanding to know how long their relationship was going on? Dylan says it was before Ava, causing her to ask if this is why they hid it from her and Andrew Villareal (Evan Bittencourt). They begin to bicker but Caitlin tells them to shut up so they can just do this. Ava tells them what to do with the drugs and how they are going to proceed with everything.

Caitlin questions if they are sure they want to do this but Ava reminds her that she owes her. She apologizes for her mistake, but she is concerned about the felonies. Dylan throws it is Ava’s face that the felonies probably come easy for her as it runs in the family. They all feel they can’t concentrate with this hanging over their heads. Caitlin asks if after tonight they are going to act like they were never friends. Ava tells her they never were friends!

Mona sends Alison a text but Dana Booker (Klea Scott) walks in, asking if she can get Mona’s opinion about Alison. She wants to know why Mona is protecting Dylan, Ava, and Caitlin. Mona says the three look like they needed help and Alison is very nurturing. Dana sees a pattern of what happened in Rosewood when they were in high school and what is happening now; people who were dependent on her and it shows a great deal of what kind of person she is. With Nolan now gone, Alison seems to have taken the others in the group in. She questions Mona about not revealing to the police about her past, but she feels it isn’t relevant. Mona throws it in her face that she got in trouble with the FBI for making connections that weren’t there and clouding her judgment with obsessions and that is what got her fired – illegal short cuts. Mona tells her research goes both ways, demanding the chess piece; saying everyone needs a white knight some time.

Alison brings Taylor home, who says she did a lot to the place, but Alison says they redecorated before she moved in. Taylor tells her not to be sorry as this is her home now. Taylor feels she wants at least one night where she feels safe after Alison asks her if she is sure she doesn’t want to go see her mom. Taylor walks away and Alison plugs in her dead phone, seeing the message from Mona about not bringing Taylor back.

Ava wonders where Mason is, but Dylan says he needs to go in order to make her audition. Caitlin is sure Mason knew it was tonight, but he would never be an hour late. Ava feels they got played and they should call it. Dylan asks what that means for the three of them and Ava says she doesn’t need to be friends she cannot trust. Dylan and Ava leave Caitlin to clean up the cabin, once they leave she receives a text from Mason who says he is on his way, sorry he is late. Caitlin tells him she will be waiting.

Dylan goes into his cello audition, which he has a hard time performing. He stands up but when asked if there is a problem, he sits back down, attempts to concentrate and begins playing the piece again. Meanwhile, Ava opens a bag full of money, as a piece of foam falls out; giving her memories of her time with Dylan and Caitlin. She takes a deep sigh, grabs her coat and leaves. Dylan finishes the piece with sweat all over his face; nothing is said to him as he exits the stage.

Caitlin pours the drinks, notices the camera is recording when Mason walks in. he brings in her favorite food as she brings him his favorite whiskey. He made a pact with the team to not drink, but he makes fun of her being naughty suggesting he lie to them. He thought he would have to deal with Jeremy Beckett (Graeme Thomas King) but she complains about it being chilly. He reveals he saw some firewood and once he gets that, the two of them can warm up the place together.

Ava walks into the cafe, sure Dylan killed his audition; both apologise for what they said at the cabin earlier. She says “bye” to him, but he promises he will still come to her fashion show. She turns to leave but stops telling him that she understands about him and Nolan. Nolan couldn’t express himself but he was really good at the passion and sometimes that was the only way he could show how he felt. It was sometimes overpowering and something you couldn’t turn away from; suggesting he explain it that way to Andrew.

Mason likes the idea of keeping Caitlin to himself, suggesting they never leave the place. Caitlin whacks him over the head with a golf club. He falls unconscious to the ground, bleeding but quickly wakes up as Caitlin runs away through the forest.

Ava looks at the coordinates on her phone, calls out for her “daddy” but ends up running into Dana instead who tells Ava is it quite the surprise running into her like this. Dana reveals she read the file and she can play the games anyway she wants to now that she isn’t wearing the badge anymore. Dana suggests she can keep the bag if she tells her which friend killed Nolan Hotchkiss, or if it was her teacher. Ava throws the bag at her but there is only a sweater and shoes, saying she isn’t so easy to fool, asking Dana if she thought she would find a severed head.

She returns the bag, but Ava has no interest in her offer since all Dana wants to do is bury the past with the rest of her family. Dana suggests that Nolan found out about the money and Ava is the one who killed him. Ava says she should stay there for a few hours and think about it, while a bear might eat her.

Alison wants to know why Mona would believe a crazy guy who lives in the basement, but she insists. Mona reveals that Ray is the one who wrote the message on the wall. Mona worries that Beacon Heights is just as back as Rosewood in its own creepy way. Alison walks up to the stairs, wanting to know what she is supposed to tell Taylor as Mona says she needs to convince her she made a mistake. Alison shouts to Mona that Taylor is missing.

Ava returns to her car and fights back her tears. She takes out the bag of money from her glove compartment and returns it to the leather bag, puts on her seatbelt, listening to her voicemail. It is Caitlin, telling her she is wrong and can trust her. She has Mason’s phone and gives her a location to meet her as Dylan is also on his way. Caitlin stops and tells Dylan she has the phone, as Caitlin stands in the middle of the road thinking Ava is approaching but the car speeds up. Dylan screams out Caitlin’s name as the car races out, almost hitting Ava’s car. Ava looks in horror while Dylan is on the phone with 911. Ava screams for 911 learning Caitlin got hit by a car. Caitlin lays unconscious on the road.


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