Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists Recap 04/24/19: Season 1 Episode 6 “Lost and Found”

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists Recap 04/24/19: Season 1 Episode 6 "Lost and Found"

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists returns to Freeform tonight with an all-new Wednesday, April 24, 2019 season 1 episode 6 called “Lost and Found” and we have your PLL: The Perfectionists recap below. On tonight’s Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Episode 6 as per the Freeform synopsis, “When Alison brings Mona into her investigation of Taylor, Mona makes a surprising discovery. While preparing for the campus fashion show, Ava comes into contact with Zach, a fellow student with an unexpected connection to her past. And the Perfectionists struggle to recover from recent events.”

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Pretty Little Liars (PLL): The Perfectionists begins tonight with Ava Jalali (Sofia Carson) sitting with Dylan Walker (Eli Brown), waiting for news on Caitlin Lewis (Sydney Park). They both decide to be hopeful as Ava can’t imagine losing someone else; both apologizing to each other. Dylan says he would have told her about Nolan Hotchkiss (Chris Mason) and him but he never figured out how to say it without hurting her. She is sorry about what she said about Andrew Villareal (Evan Bittencourt). He admits he hasn’t heard from Andrew but feels this might be better if he isn’t around so Mason Gregory (Noah Gray-Cabey) can’t mess with them. Ava assures him that Ava did everything to steal Mason’s phone so they are definitely together.

Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse) and Mona Vanderwaal (Janel Parrish) arrive at the hospital, trying to figure out how they are going to explain Taylor Hotchkiss (Hayley Erin) to them. Mona replays everything that happened, forcing Alison to agree they have a lot to worry about. Alison walks to Ava and Dylan, with Mona wanting to know what happened. She says they can trust her and wants to know who killed Nolan as much as they do. Dylan explains about Mason’s blackmail; making Mona sarcastically saying they have done this. Ava explains that Caitlin stole Mason’s phone last, Alison chastises them for doing this without talking to her first.

Two police officers walk in, Ava feeling they can end this now. They mention Dana Booker (Klea Scott) and how she suspects them of killing Nolan. Dylan leaves it up to Ava, who says they owe this to Caitlin. Mona praises Alison for doing this as she never would have. Ava tells the officers they would like to make a statement about the case; but Dana walks around the corner, sneezing. She thanks the officers for working so rapidly but this being the Senator’s daughter, Mrs. Hotchkiss has hired her to take control of this investigation. Dana asks them about a statement, but they say they are there to support their friend; no matter what.

Alison tells Mona how she found Taylor, believing Taylor is heading back to her camper. Alison has to head back to campus, not feeling very fashion forward. Mona feels Ava and her little proteges are safe for now as it might take Mason a few days to get back. Mona says she will head out to the camper, as gone girl trumps mystery list.

Ava tells Dylan about the messages, wanting to believe it was her dad. He can’t believe Dana did all that to lure her to the woods. It’s like she is playing some sick, twisted game that she is serious about winning. Ava warns Dylan about her, but he gets a message from Andrew, asking about Caitlin. Dylan reveals he is at the hospital but Andrew apologizes for not being ready yet. Ava and Dylan hug when they learn that Caitlin is out of surgery, there is not much they can do until Caitlin woke up but Dylan believes there is a way to prove Mason killed Nolan, revealing the phone fell into the sewer and he will get it. Ava has the fashion show, he promises to meet up with her when he has the phone.

Alison is busy working on Ava’s fashion show when she rushes in, after giving updates on Caitlin, Alison tells Ava to relax as she is exactly where she is supposed to be. Alison knows that when Caitlin wakes up she would love to hear that Ava did the fashion show and following her dreams. Alison introduces Ava to Zach (Garrett Wareing), but when she asks for help, he tells her that she needs to take a number and wait her turn.

Dylan tells Ava that there is no luck because the cops have the road blocked. He can’t Mason’s phone but he is told Caitlin is awake and something is wrong because the hospital is crawling with cops. Dana orders everyone to clear Caitlin’s room, it is all clear when her mother comes in.

Dylan and Ava know they can’t see Caitlin but they will go back tonight to the drain to retrieve Mason’s phone. Dana assures the Senator that whoever did this will be found, excusing herself when an officer knocks. Caitlin is frustrated talking to her mother, who wants her to push herself for a track meet. Dana brings in two cups of coffee as the Senator says she likes Dana because she is proactive.

Dylan listens to a message from his doctor, who reminds him he is not invincible and needs to call to reschedule. He ends up chatting with Andrew through message, saying he saved him a ticket to Ava’s fashion show. Meanwhile, Mona searches the camper when her phone rings; its a message from Bad Bishop, “Your turn.” She wants to know why he didn’t show up yesterday, but he says something came up, asking her to play.

Mona calls Alison, saying she found the RV but Taylor isn’t there. She is sad to know that Taylor was really alone; knowing exactly how it feels. She wants to stay a while, hoping Taylor would come back. Their call is interrupted when a message pops up on the TV “The crew team lost their first race and is out of the tournament. They’ll be back at 10 pm. Come support your Eagles!” Alison warns her that Mason is coming home tonight.

Ava tells Alison they have to get to the phone before Mason does; Alison offers to put them to the end of the fashion show but she questions if they can do that in a small amount of time. Zach brings in daisies but Ava ordered snapdragon, reminding him that this needs to be perfect. He mocks her waiting on an internship, working all summer so she doesn’t have to pay for school. Ava goes through the slide show as Alison asks her to stop, she recalls her conversation with Taylor, quickly telling Ava she has to go but will be back.

Caitlin is busy on her phone, while her mother talks about memories with Caitlin. Caitlin tells her mom she is swamped as she has to prepare for midterms, cancel her work shift and somehow to move her interview with Senator Hastings. She orders her mom to stop as she can take care of herself. She tells her to go back to DC, wanting to see her mother; but Caitlin has not been answering her calls or texts. Caitlin blurts out that she knows she cheated on her mom; when she asks how? Caitlin gets the confirmation she needs.

Mona sits quietly in the trailer, opening a chess game; contemplating if she will play it. She grabs a glass of water, suddenly realizing the table is on a raised floor, she snoops through the cupboards and drawers finding a remote. It opens up a computer that says, Welcome to Beacon Guard”.

Caitlin is given an apology, insisting it was a mistake and ended it months ago with the man. She says they were going through a rough time and it was a moment of weakness. Caitlin doesn’t want her to justify herself. She needs Caitlin to lie to her mother because she is running for Governor.

Alison walks through the cemetery remembering that Taylor said no one looks for a dead girl in a cemetery. She finds her behind a tree, crouches beside her wanting to know why she would risk sneaking out. Taylor needed to say goodbye to her brother, revealing a heart Nolan gave her after their dad died; making sure she knew he loved her. Alison says until she really comes back, she can’t be safe. Taylor questions her about making the dead girl living again.

Caitlin doesn’t want to keep secrets, knowing this would bring her two moms closer; but her mother won’t take the risk. She reminds her about how she would sit them down and together decide what to do. She calls her on her bullshit about putting her career before her family and doesn’t accept her apology. Caitlin finally agrees to keep her secret because they always do whatever it takes for her mother to win the race.

Dylan checks to see, but Andrew never picked up his ticket, but he is confident he will show up as he never misses a performance. Dylan shows Ava a recruiter from Vogue. Ava talks to the models, ordering them to lean and not sit while Dylan takes her away.

Mona begins to snoop through the computer, realizing that Taylor’s beacon guard tracks people’s locations. She becomes curious about what else this can do. Meanwhile, Alison suggests Claire Hotchkiss (Kelly Rutherford) to sit down, offering her a sip. She doesn’t like surprised but she turns around and sees Alison on the stairs; dropping her glass.

Jeremy (Graeme Thomas King) visits Caitlin, who tells him that Nolan isn’t the only one who knows her secret and explains about Mason. Alison tells Mona that the package is secure and it is all good to leave. Claire continues to hold her daughter in a loving embrace when Alison spots the bg box on the wall; she quietly makes her exit forgetting her phone on the table.

Ava complains about crawling into the sewer looking like perfection, but they agree this is for Caitlin. Neither one can see anything, but Dylan looks up, spotting a pink balloon, that explodes, making Ava scream and fall into the sewer. Mona receives the text from Alison, discovering that Mason is back in Beacon Heights but she was sure he wasn’t coming back until tomorrow. She messages everyone, warning them.

Dylan walks through the sewer calling out Ava’s name; he hears a scream and gives chase. Caitlin is sleeping in her hospital bed when the door opens, terrified that it is Mason. Alison is looking for both Dylan and Ava, who haven’t been around since the show started. Alison grows concerned. Ava covers Dylan’s face, saying they are not alone there as something pulled her in. Mason orders Caitlin to be quiet so he can finish what he started.

Ava and Dylan run out of the tunnel, wondering who that was. Ava says they have 15 minutes to get to campus, but Dana is there; questioning why Caitlin would have Mason’s phone. Dylan blurts out that Mason killed Nolan and the phone has proof on it. Dana thinks they are telling this story to throw them off the real killer. She says Mason was nowhere near the place when Nolan died; having several witnesses as a real alibi.

Mason feels he is to blame for everything happening. He pressured her at the cabin, and she had every right to do what she did. He admits he screwed up, but he admired Nolan, always being number one without any effort and when he died, Mason had the chance to be him. Caitlin asks him how he knew everything, but he was Mason’s insurance policy so at least one person knew who his enemies were. Caitlin wants the box that Nolan kept at the greenhouse, he denies knowing anything about it. If Nolan had a box of secrets stashed away it was obvious that Nolan had two insurance policies.

The fashion show continues with Ava and Dylan rushing in. Dylan tells Alison they couldn’t get the phone as Dana has it but Mason is definitely not the killer. Alison reassures Ava that the flowers she wanted came in and the models are doing great; her, however, smells like sewage. Zach tells them they are on in two minutes, telling Dylan that his friend didn’t make it and he gave his seat away.

Ava has an idea, telling Dylan to take off his filthy jacket and go play his ass off, asking him to trust her. The fashion show begins and everyone is clapping, but the vogue recruiter. Alison assures Ava she looks like a hot mess. Ava walks out covered in dirt, thanking everyone for coming. She explains how she started the collection, spending her whole life trying to be perfect, trying to be clean but that is not how life works and sometimes the most beautiful things come from the ugliest places. From the dirt, blooms the flower; the vogue recruiter is the first one to clap.

Ava finds Dylan backstage, both feeling awesome and couldn’t have done it without the other. Ava approaches Zach, asking him what his damage is. He tells her about some court documents and her dad stole his parents’ life savings, his college fund; everything. Ava looks at Dylan.

Caitlin questions Ava and Dylan about the “pig man.” She feels it is a warning that someone out there has their secrets and wants them to know it. Ava sits down, apologizing for the things she said to her; Caitlin says she has every right to be mad. They believe the game has changed as Dylan thinks they have been looking at this all wrong; maybe the person who is doing this believes they are the ones who killed Nolan; using their secrets to break them apart – Dana Booker! Caitlin thinks it is extreme, but they agree if they are right they will match her game and do whatever it takes.

The computer lights up, revealing that Nolan Hotchkiss is in motion. Mona can’t believe it, and Nolan is at her apartment.



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