Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists Recap 05/01/19: Season 1 Episode 7 “Dead Week”

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists Recap 05/01/19: Season 1 Episode 7 "Dead Week"

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists returns to Freeform tonight with an all-new Wednesday, May 1, 2019 season 1 episode 7 called “Dead Week” and we have your PLL: The Perfectionists recap below. On tonight’s Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Episode 7 as per the Freeform synopsis, “The Perfectionists try to get their personal lives back in order during Dead Week at BHU; Caitlin attempts to take her relationship with Jeremy to a new level; Dylan’s nerve damage threatens his solo project; Ali makes inroads with Taylor.”

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Pretty Little Liars (PLL): The Perfectionists starts tonight with Mona Vanderwaal (Janel Parrish), approaching her apartment after she saw a signal that told her Nolan Hotchkiss (Chris Mason) was there. She finds the apartment dark and empty, feeling like a fool until she spots a box on her desk with cupcakes inside, spelling out the words, “Can we be pals” and two eyeballs.

Ava Jalali (Sofia Carson), Dylan Walker (Eli Brown) and Caitlin Lewis (Sydney Park) are at Caitlin’s house, learning that her mother already returned to DC. They tell Caitlin she needs to take it easy after getting hit by the car, concerned that she will be there on her own. Ava reminds her that the week is called “Dead Week” for a reason but are forced to admit they have quite a full calendar themselves. Caitlin says they cannot let Dana Booker (Klea Scott) distract them this week, as they know she wants to divide and conquer but they need to stay united and deal with her after.

Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse) asks Taylor Hotchkiss (Hayley Erin) what she is supposed to do with the smart monitor; Taylor says she wouldn’t be staying there if she was afraid of it. Alison wants to make sure she is okay and safe while she will be gone a lot; stressing about all the work she has to do, Taylor suggests wine and thanks her for letting her crash there as her life is about to go viral when her mother, Claire Hotchkiss (Kelly Rutherford) releases her statement to the media.

Taylor thinks Alison is right as it is going to take time to earn her mom’s trust because Alison is the only one who knows the real reason she faked her own death. Alison feels Taylor doesn’t need to fear her mother, but their talk is interrupted when she gets messages regarding her children. Taylor says her brother trusted Alison, that is enough for her.

Ava admits she was wrong, thinking the class was going to be an Easy A, Dylan thought it would be too. Alison arrives, revealing the press is sitting outside the Hotchkiss estate waiting on Claire’s statement, wanting them to hear it from her first that Taylor is alive. She knows it is a lot to process but Taylor faked her suicide; everyone wanting to know how she could do this to everyone. Alison also reveals that Nolan knew Taylor was alive, only lying to them all to keep them safe. Alison says Taylor escaped because someone tried to kill her, ordering them to keep it between them.

Ava wants to know if she thinks the same person who tried to kill Taylor, also killed Nolan? Dylan reveals they believe it was Dana who ran over Caitlin. Suddenly, Mona arrives frustrated that they were certain the killer was Mason Gregory (Noah Gray-Cabey) but they were dead wrong, revealing that someone else is acting suspiciously – Taylor. She informs them that someone left her a box of cupcakes the night before, showing them the message.

She is forced to admit she knows that someone used Nolan’s ID card to access her apartment, revealing to Alison that she took Taylor’s RV and hid it in the woods. Mona talks about the underground bunker she was trapped in, the students want to look it up but Mona tells them they were minors and the records are sealed. They want to know who “A” is, saying they need to think of A as a bully who makes a game out of making them squirm. They are certain Dana is not an “A”, telling them to focus on their work and she will see if Taylor can point them to the killer. Mona hopes it wasn’t Dana because she is on the inside, but they also hope she is wrong about Taylor because she is a Hotchkiss and people cannot be more inside than that.

Ava and Zach Fordson (Garrett Wareing) are paired together in a school assignment, neither thrilled about it. They are looking at a puzzle piece for a paper they are supposed to write, with Ava suggesting they could cheat, he taunts her saying, of course, she would take the easy way out, just like her dad. Dylan needs more time to record his solo piece but the midterm project, hoping he can get an extension, rubbing his hand. Ava thinks his professor would understand but if he finds out Dylan can’t play it will jeopardize his scholarship; he admits he doesn’t know if the damage is permanent. Andrew Villareal (Evan Bittencourt) approaches them, saying he got Dylan’s text but he couldn’t make it. He congratulates Ava on her fashion show but bolts for another class. Dylan feels Andrew hates him but Ava assures him it is a fine line between love and hate, and Andrew only hates him because he loves him.

Caitlin studies with Jeremy Beckett (Graeme Thomas King), feeling she will ace this intern interview. He wants to know more about Taylor, wondering how she could do that to her mother. Caitlin doesn’t feel better hiding the truth from her mother but slips up saying “Dana” instead. Jeremy undresses, telling her that the game is over. She suggests he remove the briefs but he wants to take her for coffee; she does give in, saying it is time they stop hiding out. He says they will run into each other on campus and it is a date! They fall onto the couch, making out.

Mona explains everything to Alison, who says she trusts Taylor because they share the same life experience; but Mona feels she can’t will someone to be trustworthy. Mona tells the search can scan the entire campus population as this program can reveal walking patterns. Alison says she is going to try to talk to Taylor.

Caitlin is frustrated that Dylan and Ava are not focusing on school work when Dana walks in and approaches them. She says they have solved the case, saying it was a teenager who was joyriding and thought he hit a deer; Caitlin feels that was too easy, but Dana notices they are real friends now, calling it a name changer; they started the game and she is the one who will finish it.

Dylan and Caitlin both feel it is scary that Dana thinks she can get away with this story but Caitlin feels it is scarier than she thinks they killed Nolan. Caitlin gets off the phone needing to focus, several of the interns, worry that they won’t get the spot since Caitlin is a legend who never sleeps. Taylor sits at home with Alison, while the media talks about her mother’s press release. Alison admits she remembers how isolating it was to be away from her friends and family; but Taylor thinks she will miss the isolation, worrying that she will be a target again. Alison questions how she stayed connected with no wifi or phone; Taylor doesn’t reveal the computer, saying it was liberating being cut off from the world.

Caitlin has her interview, admitting she doesn’t really watch TV, they are impressed with her resume but want to know if she has pets, but again she says she doesn’t own any. Caitlin doesn’t understand the questions, she is told that working with a Senator on the hill will have her in contact with constituents directly; they know she is academically qualified but they want to know who the real Caitlin as politics is as much about people as it is policy.

Alison is talking to students who are more interested in Taylor’s return. She understands how exciting it is that “Gone Girl” is back but they need to focus. Dylan pulls Alison aside revealing he is getting incomplete, saying he took on more than he could handle. He says this is worse than an “F”, she will speak to his professor to see if he will change his mind.

Ava is busy studying when Zach messages her that he is stuck at work and can’t make it; she decides to go to him. Ava walks into the diner, walking up to Andrew, who says he knows Zach but hasn’t seen him. Ava confronts him about not coming to the show even though he wanted too. He reveals he might not be able to say it out loud that he still likes Dylan. He was the one who was hurt, causing Ava to admit she was too but would give anything to have a second chance. Ava leaves the table finding out that Zach isn’t working until tonight; she calls him but gets his voicemail – asking him for someone who is always judging her, where does lying fit into his moral code?

Mona calls in Mason, talking about his achievements and wants to know what she can do for him. He says since Nolan’s death he has been distracted and a jerk to everyone, including Nolan’s friends. He is scared that Taylor did something so drastic, and that could be him. Mona encourages him to step back, he needs to prioritize his work and take a break. She suggests various things he could do to relax, he says he plays piano, learning by ear. She advises him to find a music practice room and take a break.

Caitlin is busy ordering her very specific food from Luke (Nick Cassidy), but just as she is getting to enjoy it, Jeremy messages her, asking if they are still on for their first date; she says she is but reveals that she tanked the interview. Luke walks up to her table asking if she wants dessert, but when he mentions chocolate tacos, she chastises herself for not saying “tacos” at the interview. She continues to vent to Luke, who doesn’t know what weird new age she is taking but there is no right answer between pizza and tacos. She rushes out, saying this was very insightful. Ava notices the garbage being removed, taking a deep sigh.

Caitlin returns to where her interview was, giving her the answers she should have given regarding her favorite show; she is told it is a nice answer but she already had her interview. Caitlin admits she was trying too hard to look good on paper but is denied a due over at first. She never asked herself who the real Caitlin is, and would like to see what the answer is, she agrees to help her.

Mona finds Alison on a bench, apologizing for being right about Taylor. Alison is disappointed, saying she had hoped life would be drama free in Beacon Heights. Mona reminds her that she still sees herself as the girl from Rosewood, but she needs to reinvent herself and give it a fresh start. Alison plans on telling Taylor to leave when she gets home, but Mona defends her, saying until they know more about Taylor she needs to be careful. Mona’s phone pings, saying it is a message from Bad Bishop, Alison noting she is really into this person. Mona suddenly realizes she knows who the person is.

Alison informs Dylan that his professor won’t budge, but he is busy looking for a vinyl record, making sure no one can find the piece online. Ava looks hard at the puzzle piece, believing the piece is from the Italian Renaissance. Dylan uses the record to pretend he was the one playing it for his solo cello piece. He momentarily questions what he is doing, but sends it anyways, rubbing his sore hand. Andrew walks in, saying he should have come to see him play but he was pouting. Dylan apologizes for really hurting him, looking at the record, saying this is their favorite. Dylan switches the records, Andrew putting out his hand, pulling him in as they slow dance; saying he wants to come home. Dylan reminds him he IS home, promising no more secrets.

Ava returns, being sorry for the message she left Zach, saying he was right and gives him the paper she has written for both of them. Jeremy is at Luke’s when Caitlin walks in, pretending they have never met. Meanwhile, Mona walks through the music rooms, finding Mason playing the piano beautifully. He stops when he sees her, she says he said “music is the art of math” but the message from Bad Bishop says, “Chess is the art of math.” He is surprised that she was his opponent, both saying checkmate; she quickly tells him the next move is his, running off when she gets a notification that the analysis is done.

Caitlin tells Jeremy that she threw out all her index cards and flying by the seat of her pants is amazing. She is glad she tanked the interview because she learned if you are honest, there are no wrong answers. Jeremy holds her hand, feeling she aced the test.

Alison finds Taylor packed, saying she needs to go as she left something in the woods that can help them find who killed her brother. Alison reveals she knows about the Beacon Guard; Taylor apologizes for hiding it because she wanted to figure out what it did first to show her and she could trust her. She needs to find it, but Alison says her friend has it, as she stole it and it is safe. She tells Taylor she doesn’t have to leave but Taylor says she can’t stay there forever as she came back to find out who killed Nolan and then its time to be a Hotchkiss again.

Ava says she didn’t take a shortcut as she was up all night working on it, admitting Zach was right and she was sort of right. Zach feels she didn’t have to include his name on it, but she says she couldn’t have figured this out without him. He admits that he was wrong to say she was just like her dad. Ava feels bad for what her father did to him and his family; saying she probably would have taken it out on him as he did to her. They part with a smile.

Dylan sits with Caitlin and Ava, staring at Dana. Ava suggests they spy on Dana, but Caitlin just wants to stop talking about her, or Nolan or anything that has to do with the murder. Suddenly the speakers are blaring the piece that Dylan sent to his professor as Dana glares at him. Dylan leans in, saying he did something really bad that could get him kicked out of the school and Dana knows it.

Mona follows the beacon, which leads her directly to Dana. Alison is saying goodnight to her children when Mona rushes in, saying she refuses to be a doll and Alison was right about Dana and she is the one who left her the cupcakes. Alison says Dana is playing her game. Mona tells her she will win and, “Let’s take this bitch down!”