Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists Recap 05/08/19: Season 1 Episode 8 “Hook Line and Booker”

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists Recap 05/08/19: Season 1 Episode 8 "Hook Line and Booker"

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists returns to Freeform tonight with an all-new Wednesday, May 8, 2019 season 1 episode 8 called “Hook, Line, and Booker” and we have your PLL: The Perfectionists recap below. On tonight’s Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Episode 8 as per the Freeform synopsis, “Mona, Ali and the Perfectionists concoct a plan to turn the tables on Dana Booker. Ali and Mona separately try to deduce how much they can trust Taylor as part of their team. Caitlin is left reeling when she finds out Jeremy may be keeping secrets of his own.”

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Pretty Little Liars (PLL): The Perfectionists begins with Mona Vanderwaal (Janel Parrish) talking to Ava Jalali (Sofia Carson), Dylan Walker (Eli Brown) and Caitlin Lewis (Sydney Park), while Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse) sits in. Caitlin suggests how they can profile Dana Booker (Klea Scott); Mona jokingly calls her “Spencer”. They caught a break since it is staff and faculty appreciation day, but they need to not talk in the bathrooms as there are cameras in there. Mona advises they don’t give Dana anything to use against them; but Dylan confessed that she might have something on him, revealing he cheated after he felt backed into a corner.

Ava says she has a plan, they can use Jeremy Beckett’s (Graeme Thomas King) computer so it can’t be traced back to them. Ava says she will hack into the portal and delete it before the Professor can see it. Alison reveals they have another player on their side – Taylor Hotchkiss (Hayley Erin). Mona tells them to all act normal until they get what they need to bring Dana down as Caitlin says they can trust Taylor since she loved her brother, Nolan (Chris Mason) and wants to find his killer as much as they do.

Dylan is anxious as Ava is busy hacking into the system; Caitlin worries that he will get an incomplete but he says he will make it up next semester. Ava informs Caitlin that Jeremy has some files on his hard drive that are mega-encrypted, which is unusual for a personal computer. She feels this is the next level of military security. Ava is able to remove Dylan’s file, but wants to know what Jeremy does at Hotchkiss; Caitlin wants to know too.

Taylor and her mother, Claire Hotchkiss (Kelly Rutherford) arrive at the school, where Alison is happy to see them. She admits that things have been quiet with Taylor not being there. Alison learns that Claire has been trying really hard, wanting to take care of Taylor barely leaving their side. They know Dana is playing a game they know all too well, but Mona has a plan, to use a speed round game to get inside Dana’s head. Mona approaches them, introducing herself to Taylor, admitting she is the one who stole her RV. Alison reminds them to play nice as they are all on the same team now. Mona tells Taylor she may be in the circle but she will never be IN the circle. Mona receives a message from Mason asking her to play a game of chess in person and she agrees.

Zach Fordson (Garrett Wareing) comes to Ava’s place, saying it was unfair for them to be paired together; but he quickly reveals they are the ones who aced the historical art and now the twins are furious about it. He looks around, saying he never pegged her as a cat person; since he doesn’t want to start at square one, he is going to lie that he likes cats. Ava laughs, something Zach feels is nice. Ava remembers a moment with Nolan, and how they were going to skip Christmas, him saying two turtle dogs; making her snort with laughter. He tells her that he loves her laugh and kisses her. Zach calls out Ava’s name, saying they should get to class. She says there is something she forgot to do and will catch up with him there.

Dylan comes to see his Professor who is raving about his submission, saying he can’t stop listening to it and is submitting him to the Davis Concerto Competition, maybe by this time next year he could be world famous. He tells Dylan to just keep playing.

Caitlin studies with Jeremy, asking him how the rocket business is; but he insists it is boring. She comments that there must be a lot of secrets on his laptop, he says it is his personal one; but questions why she is so interested in his laptop and job all of a sudden. He gets a call that he has to take outside, leaving Caitlin alone with the computer.

The speed round begins as Alison and Mona begin asking other faculty members; Alison finally meeting Gabriel Evaristo (Lucas Salvagno). She says she is learning Spanish from an app, asks she asked what she said. He laughs at her but the bell sounds with him suggesting she needs a tutor, not an app. Taylor sits down in front of Mona, telling her to use her phone, that can tell if she is lying. Mona is impressed that she has a truth detector as Taylor asks who is in the circle now? Dana sits with Mona, revealing she entered law enforcement because her sister was bullied to the point she killed herself. Mona slyly says it’s funny how they sometimes become the thing they hate.

Zach finds Ava at home, asking why she didn’t show up to class as earlier she was happy and what has changed. She says that he reminded her of someone she lost. She is wearing Nolan’s shirt but tells Zach she can’t talk about it. Zach is sorry for her loss and leaves her drinking alone in her room. Dylan walks into his room, finding Dana there. She knows about his injury and that he can’t play now; congratulating him on his original recording. She found this out from the Beacon doctor, she is there offering him a lifeline and this all goes away. She wants him to reveal where the others were the night Nolan was killed; she is certain Dylan didn’t do it because he doesn’t fight back. She will give him an ironclad alibi and make sure his friends never learn he was the one who ratted them out. She suggests he thinks it over.

Caitlin admits that Jeremy isn’t her new friend as they have been seeing each other for about a year. Ava is shocked to learn they started dating when Ava began seeing Nolan. Ava is sorry she looked the other way since Nolan was such a jerk but Caitlin feels there was a time Nolan cared about her but Ava got the best of him. Ava reveals a guy made her laugh the way Nolan used to make her laugh; she felt like she was betraying Nolan, but Caitlin tells her Nolan would want her to be happy. Caitlin reveals she told her about Jeremy now because she believes he is keeping something from her and needs to know what it is.

Mona walks towards Mason, who has the chess board set up; she says, “Game on!” Alison meets with Gabriel, who complains that his place is tiny. He admits that he worked all the way through college too, saying he taught ballroom dancing, something Alison laughs at. She didn’t expect it. She stopped dance classes as her teacher was mean, he feels that is terrible since dancing should be fun. Alison takes a swig of her wine as Gabriel grabs her hand, teaching her very easily. Their dance is interrupted when her alarm goes off, saying she needs to get ready for the mixer. She thanks him for the dance before he says he will see her there.

Mason and Mona continue to play chess as Mona compliments him on his good move; their hand’s touch but Mona tells him they cannot do this. He insists they are only playing chess, but she knows better. Alison walks over to where Dylan is raising his voice at Ava and Caitlin. Ava is sure she deleted this and it must have been Dana who sent it in. Alison tells them this isn’t the time nor place to do this, Mona looks over and spots Dana smirking at them.

Claire welcomes everyone, celebrating the staff and faculty as it is an annual tradition but recent events made her take a hard look at this. She feels with responsibility comes repercussions, she has decided that success at BHU will not be strictly about academic performance as they will move forward with a more balanced approach and curriculum. Taylor says this is the first time she is hearing this, asking Alison what being okay even means any more. Gabriel joins them asking if they want some drinks, he escorts Alison to the bar after Taylor declines, but she watches them closely.

Caitlin returns as Jeremy asks if she has been messing with his computer. He packs up and says he needs to go to work, saying he loves Cait before he walks out. Mona finds Taylor, asking what she is looking at and she is going to keep Taylor’s phone. Taylor says she needs to hurry up because Dans is a distraction and she needs to find out who killed her brother. Taylor overhears her mother saying this change is inspired by Taylor, hoping that BHU will become a leader in a broader movement of change. Claire walks up to Taylor, saying she knows she will say she is using her situation to promote the school but insists she really wants the place to change because of her and for her. Taylor says she knows what her mother is doing, just like last time; always coming up smelling like a rose.

Jeremy drives down the street as Caitlin follows him into the woods. She spots him under very suspicious circumstances. Meanwhile, Dana tells Dylan he has come to the right decision but he just wants to get it over with. Dana shows him the video, confirming that he was at the dorm when Nolan was killed, willing to manufacture evidence for him. He wants to be certain that his friends will never find out, saying this is a very hard thing to do. Dana tells him to think it over and come by her office. Dylan locks the door behind her, telling Ava and Mona that she is gone. They feel they have everything they need on Taylor’s phone. Mona says that Dana can’t lie her way out of this one and the bitch is going down.

Alison sits with Gabriel calling him a good teacher when she is able to say a whole sentence in Spanish. Her phone goes off as they are kissing, a message from Mona saying they got what they needed. She apologizes to Gabriel, who says he knows what it is like to be attached to her students as his wife is always calling him out on it. Alison had no idea he was married, but he says an open relationship works for him and his wife. He understands that their lifestyle isn’t for everyone and he won’t push. Alison isn’t judging but agrees to still be friends; saying she will treat him to coffee for another Spanish lesson.

Jeremy opens a bag, glancing around before his gloved hands take a drill to his laptop. He throws it into the lake, Caitlin gets a call from Ava saying it actually worked that Dana would give him a fake alibi. She feels they got her and can prove that Dana is corrupt; Caitlin hears a car door slam and says she needs to go. Ava thinks it is weird but waits for Caitlin to call back.

Dylan thinks he should start packing up as Ava forgot what this was all done to him. She hopes that the ethics committee will give him a second chance after they learn what Dana has been doing. He says he is surprised that if he gets kicked out, he can live with it; the whole semester feeling like they are in a hamster wheel. Ava reminds him that he belongs at BHU. They reminisce how they became friends as Ava encourages him not to give up. He promises that no matter how it turns out, he will be okay and happy for her and Caitlin.

Ava comes home, looking at Nolan’s shirt. She holds it to her chest as she remembers the first night she spent with him, with Christmas music playing. Nolan comes in dressed as Santa as she asks if she has been naughty. She didn’t get him anything for Christmas but he feels she gave him the best gift – her! He hands her presents because nothing makes him happier than to see her happy. Ava opens a box and finally packs away his shirt, seemingly closing the chapter on Nolan, remembering those words, “Nothing makes me happier.”

Mona is matching the baselines, explaining to Alison what is up and how she will reveal this to Claire, who wouldn’t want Dana as her head of security. Mona and Alison feel they may finally be able to live their best Beacon Heights life. Mason asks Mona to another match, she is about to they can’t but erases the message. Ava meets with Zach at the cafe, smiling and having fun. Mona sits at her table when the doorbell rings and it is Mason at her door. He says he would never do anything that would get her into trouble but he can’t stop thinking about her, saying she can do what she wants with that. He is almost out the door when Mona brings him back in, kissing him. He carries her to the kitchen counter and both undress.

Taylor comes to see Alison, saying she didn’t come alone as there are two guards on her porch, she wants to be the one who gives her mom the news about Dana. She needs it to come from her so her mother can know how valuable she is. Alison reminds her that Mona doesn’t trust her, but she knows Alison does. Jeremy catches Caitlin looking into his car, telling her she shouldn’t have followed him and demands that she get in the car.