Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists Recap 05/15/19: Season 1 Episode 9 “Lie Together, Die Together”

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists Recap 05/15/19: Season 1 Episode 9 "Lie Together, Die Together"

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists returns to Freeform tonight with an all-new Wednesday, May 15, 2019 season 1 episode 9 called “Lie Together, Die Together” and we have your PLL: The Perfectionists recap below. On tonight’s Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Episode 9 as per the Freeform synopsis, “On the night of a school gala, the gang is convinced they know who killed Nolan and set out to prove it. However, Dana continues to complicate their lives by exposing a critical secret between the Perfectionists.”

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Tonight begins with Jeremy Beckett (Graeme Thomas King) driving with Caitlin Lewis (Sydney Park) in his car, explaining that he isn’t a monster, he did this to protect her and her family; explaining that Nolan Hotchkiss (Chris Mason) got what he deserved. He begs her to leave with him tonight, for then she will be safe and he can explain everything; reminding her that she wanted Nolan gone too.

Meanwhile, Ava Jalali (Sofia Carson) and Dylan Walker (Eli Brown) are working with Mona Vanderwaal (Janel Parrish) and Alison DiLaurenis (Sasha Pieterse) to figure out Dana Booker’s (Klea Scott) voice on whether she is lying or not; but they are distracted that Caitlin isn’t answering her phone. There is a knock at the door, causing Alison to remind them all that they can trust her, as she let Taylor Hotchkiss (Hayley Erin) into the house.

Taylor takes the recording, hoping they can finish this quickly so she can get back to hunting down her brother’s killer. Taylor and the gang play the voice recording to Claire Hotchkiss (Kelly Rutherford) who says she has heard enough and thanks to them for sharing. She is confident that Dana Booker will find out who the killer is, demanding her daughter to stay out of Dana Booker’s way. Dylan gets a message from the ethics committee and feels that Booker must have ratted him out.

Claire finishes a brief meeting then confronts Alison about trying to entrap her head of security and why is Taylor involved; Ali pulls no punches, saying Taylor wants to know who killed Nolan and knows Dana Booker is on the wrong track. Claire wants to trust Alison but if she is lying to cover for her students, even though they are good people, they do make mistakes. They argue about how strong Taylor is, Ali obviously feeling she is stronger than her mom gives her credit for. She demands Alison doesn’t bring Taylor into her mess.

Dylan comes home to see Andrew Villareal (Evan Bittencourt), admitting that the ethics committee suggest he call his parents. Andrew feels he can’t be defined by one mistake but Dylan isn’t so sure. He doesn’t know when he has to go, but at least he has today which makes Andrew feel they shouldn’t waste a minute of it.

Taylor doesn’t understand why her mom would want to co-chair the gala, finally admitting that she doesn’t want Taylor obsessing over who killed her brother. Claire says they are doing this together and won’t let Taylor go down the same road when it happened to her father. Ava finds Dylan, saying Caitlin wasn’t in class; he suggests they go to Caitlin’s to check on her, but before they can talk any further, Dana Booker stops them, thanking them for playing the tape for Claire as she now knows Booker is willing to do anything to find who killed her son.

Booker confronts Ava about paying tuition with cash and since she hasn’t left the campus for days that means the stash is close by and it’s only a matter of time for her to find it and get them all kicked out of there. She finds it interesting the Ava is still keeping secrets from the others. Dylan and Ava both get a message from Caitlin, saying she needs to see them immediately. She reveals to the entire group that she believes Jeremy was making a confession; Taylor making her says word for word what he said. Taylor learns that Caitlin left it by telling him she loved him so he dropped her off and could be heading into the city. Ali says they need proof now that they have a suspect; Taylor is sure she will find a way to prove it today and the others promise to stand by Caitlin, as she says there is no way to make this better; she only wants to find out the truth.

Ava shows the bag of money to Caitlin and Dylan; she has been paying for school with the money from her dad. She admits that it is only a matter of time before Booker finds the money there but Caitlin suggests them moving it off campus. Meanwhile, Taylor is back in her RV, reviewing footage and anything to do with Jeremy. Caitlin isn’t sure the money is safe at her place, but they all know Dana Booker won’t be barging in there. Suddenly, Caitlin’s mother, Senator Park-Lewis appears as she was invited to the gala by Claire. She doesn’t seem impressed with Ava’s family history as her father is a well-known criminal and on the run. She tells Caitlin they have no time to argue as they need to get ready for the gala.

Mona is in a beautiful red gown for the gala as Mason Gregory (Noah Gray-Cabey) says he hates it and wants to help her get out of it, but Mason gets a call from Claire, making it curious for Mona. They kiss when he doesn’t take the call and end up in bed together; just like Andrew and Dylan. Dylan promises he isn’t going home and together they will find a way for him to stay there. Andrew gets Dylan an anniversary gift, a watch that is engraved with 12:16, the exact moment they met at orientation. Dylan presents Andrew with a song he wrote for him and plays it for him.

Taylor gets a message from her mother, wanting to know why she isn’t at the hall, suddenly alarms sound announcing an intruder. Taylor poises her gun and sees it is Ava, but she says what would Nolan do if she shot the one he loved as her happiness was always more important than his own. She admits that Nolan slept with the other girl to push her away, to protect her.

Taylor says she got too close to the person who hijacked Beacon Guard tried to kill her. Taylor feels if it was Jeremy who did this, he did it for Caitlin and that is what got Nolan killed. She reveals to Ava that Jeremy wasn’t a student but he was on campus a lot, stalking Nolan like a jealous boyfriend. Jeremy has no idea of the program Taylor created and tells Ava that Jeremy was walking towards the Hall moments before the blackout. Ava is shocked that he killed Nolan.

Caitlin continues to call Jeremy, saying this wasn’t an easy decision to make and she loves him. She says she has changed her mind and will do whatever it takes to be together; he promises to message her within a few hours. Caitlin knows she shouldn’t care about him after what he did to Nolan she is reassured by everyone that they will be there when she meets Jeremy and he won’t get away; Ava hoping this will all be over and Dana Booker will be off their backs.

Dylan gets a sweet message of what he is wearing to the gala, but Taylor says they have too much going on to go. Ava sides with Alison, saying they all have to act normal. Mason visits Claire as he says goodbye to her; as soon as he leaves she places a call for active surveillance on Mason.

Ava sits beside Zach Fordson (Garrett Wareing), complimenting his art. She informs him that a prominent artist will be at the gala tonight and this is his shot to show off his work. She refuses for either one of them to pass up the chance, but he says he is working the gala, simply passing out champagne.

Taylor continues to stress about not hearing from Jeremy, but Alison tells her to put it on the backburner until Caitlin gets the word. Claire arrives at Ali’s place, infuriating Taylor when she realizes her mother has her on active surveillance. Taylor insists she is fine. Meanwhile, Caitlin is about to leave the house when she spots her mother and Booker in the living room with a bag of money. Her mother demands for her to start talking.

Booker is supposedly doing them a favor by keeping her name out of this mess, and her mother is furious that it became so easy for her to lie; Caitlin reminds her about remaining mum about her affair. She is told she is going back to DC right after the gala to live, and she will go to Georgetown next semester. She confronts Caitlin about all the tragedies that have befallen her recently, but when Caitlin refuses to speak to her, her mother tells her the issue is settled and she is leaving.

Mona arrives at the gala, where Mason slips her something before she enters. Claire is busy introducing Taylor to everyone who comes in as Dana quietly observes everyone. She says Dylan cleans up well, but what was the point unless he has something to tell her; he taunts her, telling her to wait. Dylan is introduced to the Senator, who wants to know if they are seeing each other but she quickly says Dylan is “out and proud”; they are able to escape when another member wants to talk to the Senator.

Caitlin breaks the news to Ava that Booker has her money, Ava worries about spending stolen money being a federal offense but Dylan reminds her that Dana never turned it in or she would already be in jail and maybe there is a way to get it back. Caitlin says they need to help her first, revealing her mother’s plan. They try to call Jeremy again, Caitlin telling him she is getting nervous and to call him. The computer makes a list of names – Caitlin Park-Lewis, Alison DiLaurentis, Ray Hagadorn, Ava Jalali, Dylan Walker, Mona Vanderwaal, Taylor Hotchkiss; announcing the list is complete.

They all know Dana is playing a mind game, like a cat chasing a mouse before it kills it; they desperately need Jeremy’s confession. Claire gets a message from Booker then approaches Alison and Mona, asking Ali to excuse the two of them. Claire tells Mona things are not okay as she just found out a member of her staff is having an inappropriate relationship with a student and fires Mona on the spot!

Ali asks Taylor about what her mom was talking about earlier. Taylor confesses that when her father was murdered she created Beacon Bird and when she saw that it was working she couldn’t stop from trying to make it better; it was at that point her mother locked her out of Hotchkiss and everything, she was 14 years old. Ali knows that it is easy to get lost down a rabbit hole. Taylor reveals she was there when her dad was killed, remembering the scent of gun powder, the blood. She felt she had no choice but to create beacon guard as it was her calling and that was why she wasn’t there that day to save her brother; Alison promises together they will bring his killer to justice.

Mason finds Mona at the gala, but she rushes off to the coat closet, very upset. She says this was a mistake and Mason didn’t do anything wrong. She orders him not to call her as this ends now. Meanwhile, Ava talks to Vogue about her designs but she leaves her conversation to take the champagne from Zach, telling him not to waste his passion; she will cover for him, kissing him and saying she believes in him.

Dylan approaches Claire, saying he never did anything to hurt Nolan; he needs her to vote for him with the ethics committee. She orders him to stop, saying if Dan Booker is right about him, being expelled from BHU will be the least of his problems. Andrew asks how the talk went, but tells Dylan that he is going to make sure it happens for him when it comes to his music. Andrew takes the microphone, promising the piece they are about to hear is special and created by Dylan Walker.

Just as the music begins to play, Jeremy tells Caitlin to meet her by the river in one hour. Taylor is distracted, asking her mother if she just saw Mr. Benson and her mother confirms it was him as they both feel it would be good for her to spend some time at the retreat. Taylor refuses to go as Claire asks her not to make a scene because Taylor would be the one who will embarrass herself. Taylor shakes her head and the rest of the group attempts to leave without her, but Alison doesn’t think it is right; Taylor makes her mom and Dana follow her out the other way.

The group rushes out of the hall except for Caitlin who is panicking. Dylan and Ava assure her she is not facing this alone as the best thing for Jeremy is to confess; it looks like everyone has lost everything but until now they didn’t have friends like them who feel like family. Caitlin tells them she loves them as Mona shouts for them to get going. They park on the Riverbend when a boat approaches, Caitlin tells them to stay back so he doesn’t get spooked.

Caitlin walks down the dock, just as Taylor arrives in an SUV from the retreat; Alison stops her saying Caitlin would have a better chance of having him confess if it is just her. Jeremy hugs Caitlin, kissing her cheek. He questions about the car and realizes she isn’t coming with him. He begs her to go with him because if he stays both their lives would be over. Taylor notices Jeremy trying to leave, as Caitlin told him she believed he would do the right thing. Taylor draws her gun and shoots Jeremy, Dylan calls 911 as Taylor screams that he killed Nolan and he was going to get away with it. They all say Jeremy was charging towards Taylor and they all saw it, she needed to defend herself. They set the scene but Caitlin says he is alive; causing everyone to pause as sirens approach.