Project Runway All Stars Recap 01/23/19: Season 7 Episode 4 “Of Corsets Fashion”

Project Runway All Stars Recap 01/23/19: Season 7 Episode 4 "Of Corsets Fashion"

Tonight on Lifetime their Emmy Award nominated series Project Runway All Stars airs with an all-new Wednesday, January 23, 2019, episode and we have your Project Runway All Stars recap below!  On tonight’s Project Runway, All Stars season 7 episode 4 “Of Corsets Fashion,” as per the Lifetime synopsis, “International All Stars create outerwear from underwear by transforming corsets into runway looks. Rebecca Minkoff and Olivia Culpo guest judge.”

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The contestants had begun feeling the heat once Seth was eliminated. He was a two-time champion and was considered one of the favorites for this season but all it really takes is one mistake. One mistake whether it was a simple one or not could send someone home and so everyone was on board for their next challenge. The constants were seated by the runway when a slew of beautiful women in their lingerie came out. Some of them had realized that they might have to work with lingerie and that seemed to bother a few of them. Not everyone has taken part in that trend and so it was Alyssa Milano that helped put some of that ease. She came out and introduce Adore Me. Adore Me was a brand of lingerie that was all about making women feeling sexy without sacrificing comfort.

Adore Me was an incredible brand and it was sponsoring the latest challenge. The challenge this time was Underwear as Outerwear. The contestants had to create a high fashion look with a standard corset. The corset and the silhouette had to remain apparent in the look and so that got quite a few excited. There were some that have worked with corsets before and therefore it wasn’t going to be hard for them to recreate looks from their past. Others weren’t so lucky because they’ve never worked with corsets and so there were some accidents in the showroom. Like Michelle nearly cut off her finger, but luckily it was all good in the end and its not like this challenge was hard. The contestants were given two hundred dollars, the corset itself, and have all been around long enough to learn a thing or two.

Even Anne didn’t think this challenge was hard. She walked into the showroom and said that no one should be having a problem because corsets were huge in the nineties. Anne also named some prominent designers that continue to use the corset and so she wanted to be impressed with the designers today. She went around and she saw some things she liked, but she felt people like Django weren’t pushing it enough and so she warned him not play it safe. She had to say the same to Anthony because he too hadn’t wanted to take a risk too big in case it eliminated. He was scared after Seth went home and so he chose to settle for the middle while secretly judging everybody else. He didn’t think Dmitry’s look was high fashion because it had one sleeve that looked a little 80s.

Anthony wasn’t the only one to judge. Evan had felt the same about Dmitry’s look and had told  Dmitry to his face, but Dmitry hadn’t let that get to him because he was secretly judging others as well. Both Dmitry and Michelle had judged Jasper because Jasper had glued lace onto his corset. He should have stitched it on like a true artist according to them. They didn’t bother saying anything to Jasper himself because he was running around like a madman again and this time Jasper was walking into fights. He tried to tell Christina that her look wasn’t up to the challenge because he couldn’t see her corset and, luckily for him, she ignored him. She wanted to create a whole look that appears as a corset and she hadn’t been the only with that idea. And so she called Jasper a hater.

Then came time to ready the models with accessories though Irina again stood out because she created most of her own accessories to go with the model. But before they knew it, it came time for their looks to be judged. Each of the outfits had seemed like they deserved to be on the runway and so that’s probably the nicest thing that could be said. The reality of the situation was that some of the looks were on point and others were just too weird. The looks that were chosen and the artists that were asked to stay behind were Christina, Jasper, Dmitry, Cynthia, Irina, Django. And the looks that the judges didn’t care for were Jasper’s, Cynthia’s, Django’s because either did too much or not enough.

Jasper’s look was called dated, Cynthia’s boring because it was just a dress, and Django had tried to put too many design theories into one dress. They were all equally horrible but the judges had to announce a winner before they could say who was in the bottom two and so the winner of this challenge was Christina. She got ten thousand dollars and could wait to spend it. Christina even got the last laugh because Jasper and Cynthia were in the bottom two. They both had been uninspiring and so the judges decided to eliminate the look they hated the most. They eliminated Jasper for his worst look and now the man that was so quick to judge will have no one to offer his wisdom to.


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