Riverdale Recap 10/16/19: Season 4 Episode 2 “Chapter Fifty-Nine: Fast Times at Riverdale High”

Riverdale Recap 10/16/19: Season 4 Episode 2 "Chapter Fifty-Nine: Fast Times at Riverdale High"

Tonight on CW their drama Riverdale airs with an all-new Wednesday, October 16, 2019, season 4 episode 2 called, “Chapter Fifty-Nine: Fast Times at Riverdale High,” and we have your Riverdale recap below. On tonight’s Riverdale season 4 episode 2 as per the CW synopsis, “Archie encourages Mad Dog to attend Riverdale High and join the football team. Jughead meets Mr. Chipping, who offers him a spot at an elite school called Stonewall Prep.

Veronica is conflicted when information about her involvement in Hiram’s arrest leaks to the public. Kevin applies for a spot on the Blue & Gold to make amends with Betty. And Cheryl goes head to head with Mr. Honey, the school’s new principal.

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It’s the last night of summer vacation and the first day of senior year. Mr. Honey is a new principle and Monroe starts school at Riverdale, Kevin tries to talk and make things right with Betty and apologizes to her, he signs up to be apart of the newspaper team, she is visibly still upset and doesn’t trust him.

Jughead gets an offer to transfer to write at Stonewall prep but turns it down his father persuaded him to give the school a chance. The paparazzi storm the school taking pictures and trying to get a comment from Veronica about her trying to have her parents killed, her and Archie pull the school alarm down to escape the madness.

Cheeky and Toni meet with Mr. Honey and he tells them the back to school dance is canceled which doesn’t sit well with Cheryl. Monroe, Reggie, and Archie practice in the field and Reggie is being scolded my Marty after Monroe catches a pass over him they both get into a scuffle in the locker room.

Betty finds out Kevin is still in contact with Fangs back at the farm her and Charles come up with a plan to infiltrate the farm and lure Fangs by telling him they have a possible witness. Cheryl decides to throw a back to school party instead of dance at her house. Jughead and Betty go to visit Stonewall.

Veronica and Mr. Honey discuss the drama going with her family after a story is printed and suggest she take a sabbatical from the school until things are settled.

Kevin meets with Fangs to relay to him some information Betty has told him about the investigation which was all apart of her plan to see if he could be trusted Fangs states Kevin can’t come back until he gets more information and the farm members don’t trust him, she walks up after Fangs has left surprising Kevin.

Betty and Charles question Kevin and Charles decide to not use Kevin feeling he’s traumatized. During practice, Reggie’s father Marty scolds him again and Archie intervenes trying to defend Reggie from him but instead, Reggie turns on Archie.

Veronica goes to visit her upset that he told the world about the family’s troubles. Betty talks to Kevin to ask him to help her mother and try to get Edgar’s hideout from Fangs. Cheryls back to school party is shut down by jugheads dad who’s the sheriff, he states there was noise complaint by the neighbors who’s Cheryl says are deaf he then states it came from Mr. Honey which pisses her off.

Reggie and Archie talk about the abuse Reggie father have been doing to him in where he recently gives him a black eye, Reggie decides to take a stand against his father, they head back to Reggie’s garage where his father’s red car is parked and he begins to hit the windows with a bat. Betty tells Jughead he should take the opportunity to transfer to Stonewall prep and he worries about their relationship but she reassured him they will make it and be fine.

Veronica continues to be stalked by paparazzi at her home she gives in and says she will make a statement at her club and tells she doesn’t stand with her father in the upcoming trial but with herself. Cheryl retaliates against Mr. Honey and places a big bees nest with honey on his desk and bees are flying everywhere. The show ends with the town doing a mass search for jughead in the woods.