S.W.A.T. Recap 01/31/19: Season 2 Episode 13 “Encore”

S.W.A.T. Recap 01/31/19: Season 2 Episode 13 "Encore"

Tonight on CBS their new show S.W.A.T. inspired by the television series and feature film airs with an all-new Thursday, January 31, 2019, episode and we have your S.W.A.T. recap below.  On tonight’s S.W.A.T. season 2 episode 13 called “Encore” as per the CBS synopsis, “The team races to find a militant group that escaped their capture months earlier, when the criminals take hostages in exchange for a $500 million ransom from five corporations they deem corrupt. Also, Hondo’s emotional turmoil begins to affect his team leadership.

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SWAT begins tonight with Hondo (Shemar Moore) waking up to dogs barking and sirens; the silence is getting to him. He puts his phone down and its 3:23 am.

SWAT surrounds a house as a father, Allen (Tyson Turrou) demands from Becca (Alison Rood) where the children are; when he feels she is lying and is about to kill her, SWAT breaches the house and arrest him, making sure the hostage is safe. Chris (Lina Esco) tells Becca is was only bean bags they shot, but Becca says they should have used real ones!

Luca (Kenny Johnson) informs the team that renovations should be completely done and he was thinking of ordering pies, and they can christen the pad, but everyone turns him down. Hondo stops them for a team brief, saying they know the drill and to hash things out here and now. No one says anything so Hondo goes down hard on Chris for the mirror and how she didn’t adjust accordingly; so they are lucky they didn’t have another victim on their hands. He expects better from all of them, as this doesn’t cut it! Deacon (Jay Harrington) offers to put extra training on the schedule for all of them.

A while van halts beside a car and a masked man with a gun takes a man hostage, then quickly take Cindy Martinez (Liz Burnette); but before they can escape a security guard is able to shoot one of the men. He is able to get inside but the rest of the building is locked down. He is inside with 6 people in reception. The SWAT team learns that several abductions have happened in the last 30 minutes. The gunman shoots himself in the head to avoid revealing who he is working with. Hondo and Deacon agree that this is from the ski-masked men from a few months ago.

Outside, Deacon shows Hondo a video from the same group who had warned them to be good. That morning they have taken 5 employees from 5 of the largest corporations in LA, doing investments. For too long, these companies have been avoiding paying their fair share, hiding billions overseas and evading taxes while ordinary people struggle to make ends meet. Jessica (Stephanie Sigman) and Hicks (Patrick St. Esprit) watch as the ransom orders are given to each company, with the funds being due in 12 hours; if not, they will kill each one of their employees.

It looks like they took all low-level employees, forcing the corporations to choose between money and blue-collar employees. Luca learns the intel his grandfather gave them a few months ago is not going to work this time. SWAT has to pick up the hostages’ loved ones, to find out if they have seen anyone suspicious around the past few weeks. Hicks heads out to meet with the CEOs, leaving Jessica in charge.

Tan (David Lim) reveals the dead guy’s real name was Dr. Ronald Campbell, only 29 years old; but is known for writing a thesis on radical groups. Deacon is concerned about this group getting away from them before but Hondo says it’s not happening again. Deacon asks Cindy’s daughter questions but she has no idea what they would want from her. He promises that if they find anything, he will tell her immediately. He says they will do everything they can to bring her mom back.

SWAT breaches an address which is clear of any people, but they discover a lot of C4; Hondo wants bomb squad there and the rest roll. The Mayor says the temperature in the CEO office sucks; he jokes that is his kind of party. They bicker about whether they should pay for their employees but as soon as Hicks walks in Jeremy Dewitt (Vincent Duvall) gets in his face while Hicks asks them to hold off, no tweets or anything; leaving it the authorities hands. Dewitt doesn’t feel like bending over and his specialist says he should make a statement; Hicks reminds him they have never dealt with this group before! Dewitt doesn’t trust the public sector and isn’t going to start now; Hicks steps aside.

Luca and Jimmy Street (Alex Russell) are working on the case, but Luca has bummed out that no one is willing to come out to his house warming party. Luca shares a story about his dad taking him to the police bar when he was 12; the point is this is the only place he ever saw his dad relax and had hoped his new place would be the SWAT’s new “Charlies”. Jessica shows them the conference Dewitt hosted when he threatens the radical group and suggests they come to his face to deal with hit.

Annie talks to Deacon about after having the baby, she wants to return to work as 2 incomes are better than one. Deacon worries about the other kids as half of what she earns will end up in childcare. She tells Deacon to be safe.

One of the reporters is ordering food when she spots one of the employees that has been kidnapped. He walks into the building, where security stops him, demanding his badge. He reveals he has a bomb on him and if he doesn’t get a message to Mr. Dewitt, they will blow him and the bomb up with anyone around him. Security returns, saying, Dewitt, is not coming; he quickly apologizes and runs off again. Dewitt was taken out the back door, but when Jessica says it is at least 15 minutes for the bomb squad; Hondo calms him while Luca and Jimmy chase a man who is extremely interested in his phone.

Inside while removing the bomb, they triggered something and are able to quickly remove it, narrowly escaping the building. Chris takes the hostage, as Hondo tells Luca he made the wrong call by letting the suspect escape, and it wasn’t his job to help Hondo out. Deacon says they have a win, saving everyone and a hostage. Jessica hears all of this, as Hondo seems to be getting out of control. The crew contacts the police, saying this is just the first act, but since there are fatal consequences for their mistakes and their time to gather the money has been cut in half; giving them 4 hours now.

Hicks gives updates to Chris and Deacon, but he asks Deacon to hold back. Hicks is concerned about Deacon, who reveals he is somewhere in the middle of losing the house and another baby coming. Hicks advises him that even though he is spread thin, the one thing he will never regret is spending time with his wife and kids.

Jessica hauls Hondo into her office, about him freaking out on his team. He has the right to run his team as he sees fit, but she knows something is going on with him. Hondo admits he doesn’t know what is going on with him, but as soon as this case is over, he will try to figure it out.

At the hospital, Chris and Deacon question Jonas, the hostage. He knows the drive to the building was only 15 minutes away and Chris is able to identify the possible location since Jonas could hear a power driver from where they were kept. Hicks believes they found the location and while he secures warrants he sends SWAT out there.

SWAT surrounds the warehouse, blasting a massive hole in the walk to make entry. They are in the room from the video as Hondo tells them to sweep the rest of the place. Someone opens fire on Ran, but Chris swings over on a chain and tackles the person down. It is a young blond woman, who was placing trip wires, rigging it to blow. When Hondo asks where the hostages are, she suggests he answer this because it is for him.

Hondo learns factories like where he is was flourishing until the unions got busted, workers were replaced by cheap laborers or robots. They locked the people in ghettos and called them projects and the police stopped working, letting the gangs pump their veins with poison and only then did the police return to imprison the very addicts and dealers they created in the first place. Institutions give them to neglect, abandonment and destitution. He asks Hondo how it is working for him being a black man at such a high level in the police force; and since they tried it Hondo’s way, now they will try it his way… Burn it down and build it up from the ashes. Hondo finds the camera as the man actually hopes they don’t pay, as it would be more fun.

The CEOs decide they don’t want to pay since Dewitt and his employee got off scotfree. The mayor says she tried to talk them out of it, but the press conference is going to happen.

Hondo interrogates Kate Stein, wanting to know how daddy’s little rich girl end up with these low lives. She denounced her family’s name for a social change. She orders Hondo to call her “Jolena” not Kate. Hondo asks how they are supposed to take these people seriously when they are nothing but trick or treaters with guns; she says it is a mistake to underestimate him? Hondo compares him to Jim Jones or Manson; reminding her how it turned out for their followers. She shouts that this isn’t about the hostages; it is about cutting the head off the snake. Hondo says they are after the CEOs. Hicks warns all the CEOs, who think this is another trick until shots are fired into the room.

SWAT comes to the building as shots are fired on the 12th floor. Hondo tells SWAT to stay sharp as Hicks works with the Mayor to get her out of the gunman’s sights. Hondo’s team turns their lights off and now are using night vision. Throughout the fire, Deacon shouts for them to hold fire; it is a remote control gun and the people in the room are the hostages. He knew that because of the bracelet, the same as her daughter’s. Street and Tan are to stay with the hostages and the rest give chase to the actual gunmen.

Hondo orders them to remove the masks, the leader smirking at Hondo when he calls out his name. Hicks learns from the mayor she has been better and once again in SWAT’s debt. She tells him if there is anything she can do, he asks her to tell Commissions to stop cutting SWAT’s budget as he needs his team saving lives, not just making ends meet. She assures him she will try.

Jessica tells Hondo that they will work on a link between Kate Stein and the original group, leaving it up to the FBI to do the rest. Hondo appreciates that she was checking up on him earlier. Luca hears Jim talking to the team, who all feel they should kick back with a drink; maybe at Luca’s place. Deacon turns him down, saying he needs to spend some time with his family.

Once at Luca’s home, Jim shows him they got the arcade game from Charlie’s just for him. Jim understands that Luca bought this house for all of them, and he hugs him tightly. Annie thought it was Lila at the door but it is Deacon home, with flowers. He admits that he misses his family but she worries about them being able to afford him taking the night off. Deacon says they will be fine and he has this under control. He promises her and they both smile, holding each other.

Hondo arrives at Luca’s place, saying they never did their team debrief so it’s happening now. He says these last few months he has been really tired, spending endless nights on how to be perfect but the fact is even if they were 100%, they still wouldn’t be able to save her. For him, the wins haven’t been making up for the loses and he has a restlessness in him that he can’t get a hold of. He apologizes, but the only reason he can get back on this hamster wheel is that of all of them; something he could never thank them for. They all promise to always be there for him.

Hondo steps out the door, when he gets a call, asking if he enjoyed this show as he surely didn’t think this was over! Hondo learns the sick purpose for this is marketing. The hostages were rabbits willing to spread his message. He tells Hondo to enjoy the intermission, now that he has funds to build up towards the next gig.


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