S.W.A.T. Recap 03/07/19: Season 2 Episode 17 “Jack”

S.W.A.T. Recap 03/07/19: Season 2 Episode 17 "Jack"

Tonight on CBS their new show S.W.A.T. inspired by the television series and feature film airs with an all-new Thursday, March 7, 2019, episode and we have your S.W.A.T. recap below.  On tonight’s S.W.A.T. season 2 episode 17 called “Jack” as per the CBS synopsis, “The SWAT team tries to zero in on the next target of a carjacking ring that’s using deadly force to boost luxury vehicles all over Los Angeles.  

Also, Hondo takes a big step to help his childhood friend’s incarcerated son, Darryl (Deshae Frost), and SWAT team leader Mumford (Peter Onorati)weighs a major decision.  “

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SWAT begins tonight with Daryl getting stabbed in the prison laundry room, it appears he got lucky but Hondao (Shemar Moore) isn’t pleased with what is going on. He confronts the doctor about this being the second time D has been attacked; she doesn’t like where things are headed. Hondo returns and learns that Daryl’s dad called him from lock out, telling him to “man up”. Hondo tells him that is one choice, but what does he truly want. Hondo says if he is ready to make change and put in the work, he can help him; he can get him an early release after being attacked like this but he needs his mom to sign custodial papers. Hondo says if he gets him out, he needs to commit to the good life which includes no more drinking and no more gangs; he agrees to turn his back on all the noise and lead a different life than his dad.

Luca (Kenny Johnson) and Jimmy (Alex Russell) walk into the SWAT lockerroom and finds Deacon (Jay Harrington) getting dressed; both shocked he is there. Deacon is proud to be back on the job in 3 weeks, after specialist predicted at least 10 weeks. Street says there is rumors that he is up for the police star after saving all those people. Luca wants him to spend the next month with Annie and the kids but realizes he can only do that with OT, worrying about paying Luca back earlier.

Jessica (Stephanie Sigman) feels that Deacon being 90% is not 100 and SWAT isn’t just any Department; at the end it is her call and she demands that he takes the 7 more weeks to recover and that is the only way they can be sure he is 100% back for the job. Deacon is disappointed.

Gary (Matt Kaminsky) and Sharon (Rene Ashton) are driving up their long drive, when she notices someone is driving up behind them. He believes it is someone who just has the wrong house, but it is men with gun. They order Sharon out of the car, leave the two lying down; but security arrives causing a shoot out before the car thieves are able to take off.

Street quickly joins Hondo, showing him there is a carjacking happening as they speak, explaining along with Mumford (Peter Onorati) about what is happening; thus far there have been 4 incidents in Hidden Hills. They knows Street worked the street racing gig and got to know many of the people there, but never ran across a player this aggressive. Deacon joins in, saying a 5th one has just occurred, bringing in Catherine Shumacher from autotheft taskforce. She believes this is different from everything they have been dealing with as these rides are all new and stolen within the last 4 hours. Jimmy has no clue but is sure there is a crew that will know what is going on. Luca walks in, revealing a 6th victim just was robbed for her new Mercedes. All of them have 2 attackers just like the rest. Hondo realizes the first 3 are going in one direction before the tracker stops, while the earlier 3 are going in the opposite direction. All the vehicles are headed to East LA. Hondo delegates their roles, asking Street to talk to anyone he could get intel from.

The first person he goes to see, saying he is out of the loop but is able to give him some information; its not just the specific car, as they have a unique satellite GPS, so they would have to have someone who is disconnecting it the same time someone is hacking the satellite and besides him the is about to give him a few names of the hackers. As Street takes off, he says to the hacker he doesn’t owe him anything, they are simply friends now.

Hondo meets with Daryl’s mom, Justine (Christine Horn), revealing he did see Daryl and he got stabbed earlier that day. He takes her into private to speak, where he explains the judge is willing to release him into her custody but she doesn’t think that is a good idea and doesn’t want the trouble in her home. Hondo feels Daryl doesn’t need to end up like Leroy his father, as there is still some good in there. She blames herself that Daryl has never seen what it was like to be a real man; but Hondo insists she just needs to take a chance on him because he just wants to see D make it. Hondo gives her the paperwork, showing the courts are more than willing to let her take her son home. He wants her to take her time making the decision.

Deacon goes to see Mickey (David Meaunier) talking about overtime and side jobs, but Mickey isn’t please to hear that Deacon isn’t there to pay him back the money he owes or even pay any of it. Deacon is only asking for an extension, but Mickey explains how things work in his world, since Deacon isn’t the only one who has to answer to someone. Mickey threatens to go to Deacon’s employer and explain how Deacon shook him down, wondering how they will frown upon that – Deacon thinks he has problems now, but imagine how it will be suspended without pay? Mickey says if it isn’t cash, then he needs to do favors.

He tells Deacon about how these guys are taking over her mother’s neighborhood and expects Deacon and his cop pals to go there and take care of the situation. Deacon promises if what they are doing is illegal, they will take care of it; this time only!

Chris (Lina Esco) goes to a bodyshop with Victor Tan (David Lim) where an employee insists the boss is gone but Tan finds all the information about the carjacking. They are able to him before he can escape, but all he demands for is a lawyer; his watch revealing where the next holdup is happening.

SWAT rushes over to the Country Club where there is a shoot out as they attempt to flee the parking ltt while bullets fly. Mumford is shot but only in the helmet, causing him to be in shock and startled. Hondo and Luca give chase, feeling they may have the faster car, but Luca is a better driver. Luca release wiring that entangles one of the tires and before he the jacker can steal another vehicle they capture him. Upon closer examination of the wheel Luca wrapped, they find a brick of heroin in it.

Street and Lim learn the Lamborghini arrives from Panama only a week ago, same as the rest of them. They feel something is wrong, as these cars are not very discreet. Another officer arrives to let them know that there are 8 cars, not 7; but that cannot be sure what the last one is as it was covered and removed late at night from the shipment container. Street says the make and model that has to registered at customs could be something to go on, even if they are exotic cars in LA.

Deacon hands Hondo some paperwork from the front as Hondo can’t wait for Deacon to be back, even though Street is doing a great job. Luca comes to give Hondo an update, saying they have never seen anything like this heroin in the chem lab and neither does the label. Hondo feels whoever they are, they have resources and are making a lot of noise. He tells Deacon and Luca to find out who these newcomers are on the street.

Deacon finds Calvin in the hallway, congratulating him on the promotion. He reveals the logo isn’t a mountain but a volcano owned by Alberta Taska; but it can’t be him as he was found in Mexico the previous week. Deacon explains what he learned to the team and how this is a ruthless mobster who has been betrayed and robbed from, coming to LA for the drugs. Lorenzo Bettiga is the mob boss and he has send Li Moncao “The MonK” who is a hit man, known for killing at least 34 people since 2001. Jessica orders them to notify the airport. Deacon and Hicks (Patrick St. Esprit) feel he isn’t leave the country until they get what they want. Chris and Victor are in pursuit of the last remaining car, while Jessica comes up with an idea.

Street goes to Whip’s place, where he calls for backup, claiming it as a possible abduction when he sees the place destroyed and no sign of his hacking friend.

Back at base, Street feels guilty for leaving Whip alone but Hondo says they will do anything they can to keep them from hurting Whip. Street talks about how him and Whip were friends since they were young and thanks to Buck’s advice, he stayed friends with Whip because he made him “up his game” as he functions on a higher bandwidth than the rest of them. Hondo says Plan B is to find someone else track this car. Chris and Tan continue to interrogate with the hacker they found, who says whoever wanted the car would want it off the grid. Chris wants to know what kind of rich guy would want to buy a vehicle would want that kind of vehicle and he mocks her.

The rest of the team check out the “house arrests” in the area and is certain that Whip could hack into them as he could use their signals as deterrents. Jessica tells Street to get Whip ready to help them. SWAT races off to the scene as Hondo reveals the place is like a fortress, but Jimmy worries Whip is stuck right in the middle of all of this; Chris promises to get him out of it.

The famous rapper continues to work on his music as others continue to use Whip to hack into the system. SWAP pulls up, Jimmy immediately recognizes Whip’s tracker. Hondo says they more than likely have Whip inside with them. Shots are fired inside and the team races in the darkness to the house. Street has visual on Whip and he believes one of the two men on him is Bettiga. SWAT quietly enters the house, some surrounding the Ferrari. Whip is tied up when LAPD breeches the room. Street becomes trapped in the kitchen when a bullet prevents him from firing his rifle. He grabs his gloke and shoots, shouting for Stevens to cover him.

A physical fight ensues with the two men ending out a second story window and in the pool. He even attempts to drown Street who refuses to give up and finally knocks him out. The rest of SWAT is about to arrest the rapper, while Whip scream out for help, he is okay, explaining that Bettiga wen to take out the Ferrari. He raises his gun to shoot Rocker (Lou Ferrigno Jr), but Mumford puts a bullet in Bettiga’s shoulder instead.

Street brings Whip home, saying they will keep LAPD outside his place for a while and his brother will be there later tonight. He says his shoulder is good but it could have been a lot worse. Jimmy jokes about what breaking out of an ankle monitor can teach them. Jimmy is more than happy to stay there wit him, as they talk about all the exotic cars in that garage.

Deacon sits in the locker room, revealing what he was told about the drug house in one of his CI’s neighborhood. He promises Deacon they will check it out. Meanwhile Mumford comes to see Hicks and Jessica announcing that he is done and can’t do SWAT anymore. He promises this is different as they both encourage him to rethink it. He is turning in his 30 day notice and wants them to pick Deacon or Rocker as a new Team Leader. He says the truth is he can’t keep up with these guys but sooner or later, it will happen; just like it did with Buck and its better to leave a day earlier than a day too late. They cannot talk him out of it as Hicks says this is the end of an era.

Mumford walks solemnly out of the office.

Hondo brings Daryl home to his mother’s place, reminding him it will take some time of getting gused to. Hondo doesn’t seem to please that there is a guy names Ronald staying at his mom’s place, but Hondo says D is a new man and going to finish school there. Ronald doesn’t want to raise another man’s kids, so Hondo takes Daryl with him; but it’s clear Daryl is disappointed. Hondo promises to call her later as D breaks down crying when he walks away.

Hondo brings D to his mother’s house, who is eating like a horse. He thinks he is going to find a place for D in social services but she readily agrees to help him, keeping Daryl there. Hondo says his dad is smart as hell, but D has to wonder why his dad didn’t make anything of himself. Hondo says it is because of his mother!


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