Shameless Finale Recap 03/10/19: Season 9 Episode 14 “Found”

Shameless Finale Recap 03/10/19: Season 9 Episode 14 "Found"

Tonight on Showtime the uniquely twisted and highly entertaining show Shameless returns with an all-new Sunday, March 10, 2019, season 9 episode 14 called, “Found,” and we have your weekly Shameless recap below. On tonight’s Shameless episode, as per the Showtime synopsis, “As the Gallaghers decide what to do with a bedridden Frank, Fiona has to make a decision about her future; Carl and Debbie share their heartbreak together; Lip has to deal with a distressed Tami.”

Tonight’s Shameless season 9 episode 12 is going to be great, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to bookmark this page and tune in for our coverage of Shameless tonight between 9 PM – 10 PM ET! While you wait for our recap, make sure to check out all our Shameless spoilers, recap, news & more, right here!

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Shameless begins tonight with Fiona (Emmy Rossum) smiling and crying over her $100,000 cashiers check for her part of the property. She hides in under her bed as she catches Carl (Ethan Cutosky) and Debbie (Emma Kenney) sneaking out of the house who are going out to screw up someone’s truck. Fiona comes downstairs and cleans up the living room. She makes a fresh pot of coffee as Frank (William H. Macy) asks her for some pain meds, but she refuses to give him any as he isn’t due for another couple hours. He demands that she wake up Debbie, but she encourages him to go back to sleep; she refuses to change his bandages nor give him a sponge bath. Fiona shakes her head as Frank tells her that he is going to be like this for at least 3-6 months.

Carl and Debbie try to avoid the motion detector lights, put on their ski masks and find Kelly’s (Jess Gabor) truck, spray painting it, puncturing the tires and adding sugar to the gas tank. Unfortunately, when they break the lock to the tank, the alarm sounds off and Kelly spots them fleeing from her place.

Lip (Jeremy Allen White) gets out of the shower, checking Liam’s (Christian Isaiah) room and he is nowhere to be found. Fiona is busy getting ready for her hearing for punching Liam’s “lemonade lady.” She is okay going alone as her charge has been knocked down to a misdemeanor. Lip is shocked to learn that Frank’s recovery is going to take 6 months, she says she didn’t give him a sponge bath but there is a massive dump in his bedpan. Lip suggests adult diapers, but no one wants to clean him up after that.

Carl and Debbie return to the awful smell from Frank’s bedpan; Debbie reveals it is Carl’s shift to take care of Frank, who is yelling at Debbie for his oxys. She gives him one and says he better enjoy it as it is the last one for 8 hours; the kids joke about throwing Frank under a bridge but then they would all do time for elder abuse. Lip says they could put him back on disability and a nurse could come in to take care of him. Everyone wonders what happened to the money he got from Randy; Ingrid’s ex. Frank reveals he has spent all that money and his “rainy day” fund but Fiona says it is time to get him a homecare worker, as no one loves him in the family.

Lip worries about Liam as no one has seen him again. Fiona reveals she is going to an Al-Non meeting and Lip tells her to let them know how it is as it could be a fun-filled activity for the whole family. Fiona offers to make everyone breakfast, but all they want is coffee. Kelly continues to message Carl, who just laughs. Debbie wants to know what Fiona’s future plans are, but when she says she has no idea; Debbie suggests that she and Fiona switch rooms so her and her daughter, Franny would have more room, which Fiona agrees to.

Kevin (Steve Howey) and Veronica (Shanola Hampton) are having sex and it has been over 47 minutes; she tells him that it needs to come to an end as she is not going to do the entire 60 minutes. Kevin celebrates, saying “Screw you vasectomy. I am a man again!”

Fiona feels bad that Carl didn’t get into military school, as he feels they never would have accepted someone like him anyways. He rushes off to work as Fiona looks around the house. Debbie takes care of Frank’s wounds, which look pretty nasty. She reveals she called a couple of homecare health places and tells Frank the prices; he feels they are unnecessary as they can just give him his oxys, some booze and the remote and he will be fine. Debbie says he needs someone to take care of him. He calls for Liam as it is his shift but she says she hit all the oxys and he won’t be able to ask for any more.

Frank asks about the GI Jane chick Carl was banging and Debbie was trying to steal. Frank was surprised that Kelly would fall for a loser like Carl. Frank bugs Debbie, saying she might not be tempting enough to sway her to being bi; unlike Fiona who is street smart and if it was her the softball girl would have fallen for Fiona. He says that too much pretty like Fiona could be a bad thing too; Debbie calls Liam, telling him it is his shift as Frank is driving him crazy.

Lori (Sarah Colonna) tells Carl that the Captain is there and wants to meet him. She brings him to the owner who Lori raves about. He talks to Carl about the quality control about the popcorn shrimp and praises him for saving his ass from the gunman trying to rob the place. He explains that Captain Bob’s is growing and Carl could have it all if he makes the right choice today – He has another store that has been robbed 6 times in the past month, offering Carl the assistant manager position and he could start right away. He says the sky is the limit, causing Carl to smile.

Brad (Scott Michael Campbell) tells Lip that one of his mechanics violated his parole and now he needs to find a new one, as Lip suggests hire Jason who is always sweeping up the place. Lip is willing to teach him how to do things and Brad agrees to see how it goes. Tami (Kate Miner) comes in and tells Lip that she needs to call the doctor’s office for her results. Brad spots her, but she tells him to piss off. Lip goes with her to make the call.

At the bar, Kevin says they could make some money if they rent him out as Jesus for parties and stuff; Kevin says it would be like a Christmas party or he could be a Jesus stripper. Fiona walks in and sees the cross as Veronica explains what it is about. She continues to stay sober, asking for a coke. She shows Veronica the check, who is thrilled for her. Fiona feels she has a second chance and has no idea what she is going to do with it.

Debbie knocks on Ty’s door, where Liam appears saying he is getting ready to go to church and he isn’t going home to take care of Frank as he moved out of the house last night. He retells her the story about how he asked to move out and no one acknowledged what he said. He tells Debbie to excuse him as he is late for church.

Tami makes the call, saying she needs to think it over. She hangs up and tells Lip she is positive, as it is baby good. Lip is glad she won’t be jumping off any buildings. She screams out, saying she doesn’t want to have a baby just to save her tits. She wants to have an abortion, working how all the chemicals she works with will make the baby sick. Lip says if the baby reduces her chances of having cancer than she should have the kid. She vents asking what will she do, have the baby and die when the baby is 13, just like her mom did to her? Lip promises the baby wouldn’t be an orphan as he would take care of it. She says it would be a miracle if he makes it to 40 the way he smokes.

Tami talks about having her own chair at the salon and now she can’t as she will be busy having a baby and then a double mastectomy. She kisses him and wants to have sex, but then gets angry with Lip, accusing him of not wanting to have sex with her because she is pregnant. She rushes off in her car and takes off with Lip chasing after her; driving off together.

Fiona learns they have agreed to settle her case for a $2500 fine and time served. Fiona is thrilled because the woman she hit still raves about the people in her neighborhood. Fiona promises she has the money as her attorney tells her to leave the southside hoodrat crap behind her and get on with being an adult; once again causing Fiona to think.

Frank is sick of the TV, demanding another beer, but the only person around is baby Franny. He complains how relationships are hazardous to your health and filled with lies. Debbie walks in, saying she found Liam, who has moved out. Frank wants another beer but Debbie is busy with her own daughter.

Carl has the music cranked and packing up all his military stuff; Debbie tells Carl that Liam moved out as he doesn’t want to be a Gallagher anymore. He informs Debbie that he dropped out of school and is taking Bob up on his offer. She tells him he is being stupid and is going back to school. He screams that he is a reject, with a family history of alcoholism and drug abuse and that is bound to catch up with him sooner or later. He wants her to simply accept him for who he is, she says she is going to get Liam and bring him home but Carl feels Liam is better off where he is.

Lip and Tami are parked under a bridge getting busy in the car. She runs out of the car, causing Lip to follow her. Lip lights up a cigarette as Tami reveals her mother died at home in pain, after 8 months of her slowly fading. She begs him to promise to shoot her if that happens to her. He says only if it happens in 50 years from now. Tami reveals she is going to have the baby, and Lip tells her that is good; he is glad she has decided to keep the baby. She says she plans on giving the baby up for adoption but Lip isn’t okay with some kid of his out in the world thinking it wasn’t wanted. She says he will be a shitty father. Lip wants to raise the baby together, saying he likes her and they could end up loving each other, asking if she wants to get married. When asked if she loves him, she says that she is actually starting to hate him and bails on him.

Debbie is walking down the street when Kelly stops her, saying 19 nails in her tires and sugar in her gas tank, but Debbie acts like she has no idea what is going on and it is terrible. Debbie sees the graffiti on the side of the truck, denying she did it as she knows how to spell. Kelly shouts to Debbie that she is sorry she led her on but she isn’t gay. Debbie yells back that she broke Carl’s heart and he is now throwing his life away because of Kelly; explaining that Carl is rejected and giving up. Debbie is furious that both she and Carl fell in love with her, but Carl giving up is on Kelly.

Fiona walks through the prison gates, where she happily hugs Ian (Cameron Monaghan). She explains that everything is usually at home; giving updates on everyone. She finally reveals that it might be time for her to move someplace else. She can’t believe she actually said it out loud but hasn’t told anyone else but him. He feels she should get the hell out, as far away as she can. She is shocked as she thought he would talk her out of it, admitting she is scared and now crying. She plans on leaving soon before she chickens out. He tells her to get as far away from there as she can and never look back as he will always be there for her.

Lip finds Tami’s car, where Brad welcomes him back. He learns Tami is out front and “Oliver Twist” is still waiting for him to show him how to do things. Tami bitches about the crappy reading material at the shop, apologizing to Lip for kicking his ass. He admits he doesn’t like her but she offers to take him for something to eat but he has a couple of bikes to finish up, but she promises to wait for him.

Lori is in the middle of teaching Carl all the ins and outs of the restaurant when Kelly drives up. He tries to bolt but she chases him into the kitchen and drops him. She zip ties him, telling Lori she isn’t law enforcement, but a friend. He shouts for Kelly to let him go and tells Lori that Carl just quit. She throws Carl into the back of the truck and takes off with him.

Debbie shoves her way into the house, demanding for Liam to come down. She tells him she has had enough and it is time to go home. He asks if she notices that he is black and she isn’t. He is upset, saying she has never made a point of having him around his own culture and racial heritage. He brings her into his room, where he has been sleeping there a few nights a week since the summer and no one has noticed. He gets a fresh meal every night, saying he is a proud young African American man and gives her a list of demands, saying if she follows them he will consider coming home.

Franny sits with Frank when Debbie comes home, saying Liam is living with the Thompsons and hands him the list of demands. Sheamus comes over, and can stay for a few weeks as long as they feed him; Debbie says Shamus will give him a sponge bath no problem.

Kelly drives Carl home and cuts him loose. She is furious that he won’t go back to school, telling him to stop feeling sorry for himself and “man up.” She suggests him getting into some other school and earn his way by being a tough fkr. She asks him if he is done being a pussy and back to being the man she loves. She kisses him, gets out of the truck and tells him she needs a beer, asking if he is coming inside with her.

Debbie tells Fiona about finding Liam and his conditions, but she spots Fiona packing. Debbie tells Lip that Fiona is leaving and he rushes upstairs. Lip nods his head as Fiona just smiles, saying she doesn’t know where she is going. She asks about the baby, but he has no idea as that is life. She tells Lip to take care of everyone for her and he promises. Tami interrupts them, saying Sheamus is bathing Frank. Lip leaves the room, saying Fiona cannot leave without a party and she better have a good time.

All the Gallaghers round up things for the barbeque as Frank orders Sheamus to give him the things to wash. Fiona alone in the kitchen leaves a letter on the fridge as Frank asks if she is going somewhere. He says everyone has left to get stuff for her party, she says she is skipping out on the fun because if she doesn’t go beforehand she won’t go. Fiona says bye to Fiona and thanks her for stepping up and doing a good job. She says she didn’t help, she did it ALL! She tells Frank she will see him around, but he says, “I doubt it!”

Fiona walks down the street with her suitcase, taking one last glance at the house, smiling before she leaves to the train station.

Everyone returns with lots of food, Lip calls out for Fiona running through the house for her and realizes she is gone, standing solemnly in the hallway before heading back to the kitchen. Everyone has a party anyways in the living room. Lip tells Kevin he is going to be a shitty dad, revealing Tami is pregnant and isn’t too interested in him being a part of it. Kevin knows Lip didn’t have much of a role model as a father, but Kevin reminds him to simply love his kid and it is hard to screw them up if you just love them; Lip says he can do that.

Debbie finds the envelope from Fiona and a check for $50,000 with a note that says, “Love you!” Debbie watches her family with love as Fiona continues her journey, getting on the plane for the first time in her life.


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