Shameless Recap 02/10/19: Season 9 Episode 10 “LOS DIABLOS!”

Shameless Recap 02/10/19: Season 9 Episode 10 "LOS DIABLOS!"

Tonight on Showtime the uniquely twisted and highly entertaining show Shameless returns with an all-new Sunday, February 10, season 9 episode 10 called, “LOS DIABLOS!,” and we have your weekly Shameless recap below. On tonight’s Shameless episode, as per the Showtime synopsis, “Frank meets his match in a fellow participant in the Hobo Loco competition; Fiona has a dark encounter at Patsy’s that scares her into cleaning up her act; Debbie throws herself into home improvements as she gets closer with Kelly.

Tonight’s Shameless season 9 episode 10 is going to be great, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to bookmark this page and tune in for our coverage of Shameless tonight between 9 PM – 10 PM ET! While you wait for our recap, make sure to check out all our Shameless spoilers, recap, news & more, right here!

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Shameless begins tonight with Fiona (Emmy Rossum) counting up the money for the night at the restaurant, but leaves the money on the bar while she retreats to the office to get some more alcohol. When she returns to the dining room, three men are waiting. One asks if she is hiring, while another taunts her about drinking on the job; they leave when they see the cook come out to check on everything. Fiona quickly locks the door behind them, saying everything is good.

Frank (William H. Macy) rolls in the mud outside as Debbie (Emma Kenney) and Liam (Christian Isaiah) walk into the house. Ingrid (Katey Sagal) is busy eating cereal, telling Debbie it sucks to be an adult and having to worry about homeowner stuff. Debbie sits at the table, saying Ingrid is going to have to cough up cash if she is going to be living there. Carl (Ethan Cutkowsky) and Kelly (Jess Gabor) come into the kitchen, where Kelly makes fun of him becoming legit. Liam reminds Debbie to call a plumber for the tub when Frank returns, smelling and informs everyone he is trying out for the hobo loco competition. He says goodbye to “family one and family two” as Debbie jokes about them not even holding a competition when it comes to alcohol and just give Frank the prize.

Eliza (Rebecca Field) arrives at the restaurant to see all the staff waiting outside; she delegates all the work when one of the wait staff finds Fiona sleeping in one of the booths. Eliza wakes her up and Fiona pulls out a large butcher knife, explaining what happened. Eliza questions her about leaving the cash out when she went into the back office, but Fiona just gets up to go home and take a shower.

Lip (Jeremy Allen White) enjoys a shower with Tami (Kate Miner), who introduces him to her kind of shampoo, they talk about going on a date after work, since Boone went back to the military. Suddenly, Kevin (Stev Howey) and Veronica (Shanola Hampton) are startled awake by Santiago shouting out for them to help; they find him duct taped, handcuffed and beating beaten by bats from the little girls. Kevin tries to explain that Santiago and his sister are going to live with them because bad people were trying to turn them into sex slaves. Kevin tries to spend some quality time with Santiago but needs to hug him instead when he cowers in fear.

Frank arrives at the Hobo Loco competition where he finds he might have some real competition with some of the people. He doesn’t think the posers can steal their thunder and joins forces with Mikey O’Shea (Luis Guzman) to barge to the front of the line. They both have way over the legal limit for blood alcohol level, chugging the Hobo Loco glass before timing could even begin; congratulating each other for making it to the next level.

Carl’s new boss seems to have the hots for men from the military, offering to help him get dressed; he learns his job is to be the “street corner sign spinner”.

Fiona gets home, takes some aspirin, throws out all the empty vodka bottles and makes some toast. She finds Debbie snaking the tub as Ingrid is experiencing morning sickness. She undresses to take a shower, saying she never had time to worry about other things, raising 5 kids and Frank. She apologizes for snapping and will have money for her later today; Ingrid steals her toast.

Tami and Lip arrive at a nursing home, where she volunteers once a month. Lip is happy to help her wash the elderly women’s hair. Liam goes to Kevin’s, finding him cutting off the sleeves of Santiago’s shirt so he can look more “American.” Liam is happy that Santiago’s sister is coming today but tells Kevin that Santiago looks like a cheesy American now.

Frank talks to O’Shea about his love life, as they both talk smack about who is going to win the contest. The top 20 contestants are called with both Mikey and Frank called. Lip tells Tami that he has to go grocery shopping for the house, as it is his turn in the rotation. Tami talks to Lip about her volunteering at the center. Lip smiles at Tami, enjoying that she does this on her day off; suddenly Audrey grabs his junk causing Tami to stop it.

Liam walks into a store, saying he is 25, but they tell him to come back when he is 31. He wants to know what they do with the squeezed out lemons. Meanwhile, the contestants have to start their first challenge, where they have to create their own bedding and will be judged on their creativity; given one hour to do so. Carl works hard spinning his sign as douchebags throw drinks on him.

Kevin and Veronica are cleaning the bar, as it is something Santiago likes. One of the patrons tells them that Santiago told them the girls were trying to murder him this morning and he is calling them “Los Diablos,” which means the devils. Santiago insists he is okay with it because he doesn’t want them to send him back, but it causes debate in the bar where people say the girls might be mad that they are a different color brown. Kevin worries about the girls wanting to try to kill Santiago’s sister when she arrives; promising to talk to the girls about it, so they understand.

Liam brings home the box of lemon peels, saying he is going to sell lemonade so he can sleep in the house again. Debbie is busy vacuuming the dryer vent to prevent fires as Randy (Andy Buckley) tries to convince her to return to him as he would love for her to have twins and he will help her raise them. She orders him to get out, but once he is gone she can’t get any reassurance from Debbie that Frank is committed to her and their six unborn babies.

Frank tries to get away from Mikey, who is following him, thinking they could make a pact and split the winnings. Frank calls him “crafty” but he is a lone wolf and orders him to leave. Frank attempts to steal some supplies from a construction site as Mikey honks the horn, knocks Frank down and steals the insulation from him.

Lip and Tami walk up to the house, after spending a great day together; finding Xan (Amirah Johnson) sitting on the front steps, saying she had nowhere else to go. Carl is spotted by Little Shins (Cleveland Berto), who is surprised to see him there, saying he took over this corner and doesn’t like any competition. Carl insists he has no stash, but Little Shins’ crew shakes him down anyways.

Lip wants to know where Xan’s mom is, but she hasn’t seen her since she left to go get pizza and never came back. Xan says she got kicked out of the motel a few days ago, hanging out a truck stop her mom hangs out at; but her mom never showed up. Lip freaks out about her mom ditching her again; Tami takes over the situation saying she will give her a bath and find out if anything happened.

A construction truck shows up for lemonade, but the neighbor returns home and is furious they are blocking her driveway. Fiona returns to work, telling Eliza that the previous night messed with her but she is sober. Margo arrives at the restaurant, saying she got a 911 call about a possible robbery; but when the police arrived the restaurant was closed. She doesn’t want Fiona’s lies and fires her, revealing she has been getting calls from customers, vendors, and employees for the last month, saying she has been drunk on the job. She doesn’t believe Fiona has turned a corner, and won’t give her another chance. She tells Eliza she is acting manager and has to make sure she clears all her things out and leaves. Fiona calls all of the rats and if it wasn’t for them, none of them would even have a job. She orders Eliza to STFU and tells all the customers that the cook rubbed his dick on all of their meals; asking them to enjoy!

Carl returns to the restaurant as the owner who wants to cuddle him. Carl doesn’t believe the sign holding is a great job. She tells him that sales are up 20% and gets him to confirm he will be back tomorrow.

Kevin and Veronica talk to the girls about Santiago staying with them as they stare at a picture they drew of killing him. Veronica and Kevin try to explain things to the 4-year-old girls, but they are interrupted when Martina arrives; the little ones look slyly at each other.

Frank confronts Mikey, as the spokespeople for Hobo Loco’s talk about how well the alcohol is rising. Mikey wins the challenge as Frank fumes. The next challenge is announced of dumpster diving for their dinner and the winner will be whoever brings back the best meal.

Fiona returns home, drinking a can of beer. She retrieves all the bottles of vodka as Tami talks to Xan. She wants to make sure she is safe, but there are a lot of people out there who would say stuff and hurt a little girl alone on the streets. She takes her to Lip’s closet to find some clothes to wear. Fiona barges into the house when Ingrid tells her to shush her, while she is on a phone therapy session. She tells Debbie she got fired, saying she might drink and eat all day; asking Debbie to stop whining about money for two seconds. She enjoys the popcorn shrimp Carl brings home from work.

Debbie goes to the basement, where she is testing for carbon monoxide. Her monitor keeps sounding as she crawls under the floor and accidentally pulls out the gas hose. Debbie calls out for help, but Fiona is busy answering the door, while Ingrid is on the phone. Fiona lets Randy and Ingrid’s OB/GYN Dr. Kwan (Joy Osmanski) in the house; they both try to convince her that she needs to get rid of some of the babies or she will die. Ingrid refuses and Kwan grabs her, saying she is coming back to the office right now, or she will go “North Korean” on her.

Ingrid flees, saying she is trying to kill her babies and locks herself in the basement. Fiona only laughs. Debbie shouts that she is trapped, but Ingrid says they all feel like that. Debbie calls her a “crazy bitch” and she needs to get out of there to turn off the gas before the house blows up. Kelly returns home and hears Debbie outside. She suggests Debbie take her pants off as she rips the screen off the wall. Debbie comes out in her underwear as Kelly compliments her on her ass.

Mikey finds food in a fast food restaurant dumpster. Frank seals the dumpster, saying, “All is fair!” and takes off with his food. The police arrive at the lemonade stand, where the neighbor called saying they are causing a disturbance. The officer tells the boys to turn the music down and move the stand down the street. She is furious as she just got her car washed. He gives the kids $20 and tells them to shut down for the day, as it isn’t worth the aggravation and for them to get a permit.

Kevin and Veronica serve dinner with both Martina and Santiago eating, but the young girls are just frowning. Martina talks about the holding cell and how she thought America was supposed to be so great. Martina says they plan on leaving tonight with their uncle back to Guatemala. She thanks them for offering to foster them, but their country doesn’t want them to be safe and free.

Lip watches Xan sleep, suggesting Tami can leave as this might be too much for her to deal with. She says she doesn’t do anything she doesn’t want to and stays put. Downstairs, Fiona is playing video games when Liam reveals he got the police called on him for selling lemonade and the lady says they spilled water on her fancy car. Fiona is furious when she finds out who it is, as the woman is angry it was all black kids.

Mikey makes it back just in time for the buzzer, saying the garbage truck arrived to rescue him. Each contestant is forced to each the food they brought with them, to see who is really a hobo.

Fiona gathers plenty of people, saying the bitch pulled racist shit on her brother and for everyone to join the block party. Everyone shows up with lots of music and shouting, where Fiona welcomes her to the Southside!

Kevin and Veronica bring the kids to meet their uncle. Santiago says he knows they are not one of the bad ones and hugs them both before he gets into the van and leaves. Veronica assures Kevin it was something good, as Santiago was smiling.

Fiona confronts the neighbor, saying it was her brother with the lemonade stand. She is shocked as Fiona says she has lived there her whole life, kids have always sold lemonade there and no one had an issue with them until these racist assholes showed up. She jumps the fence and punches her out just as the police arrive. Fiona bolts and the police give chase. Everyone boos as Fiona is taken away in handcuffs.


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