Shameless Recap 02/17/19: Season 9 Episode 11 “The Hobo Games”

Shameless Recap 02/17/19: Season 9 Episode 11 "The Hobo Games"

Tonight on Showtime the uniquely twisted and highly entertaining show Shameless returns with an all-new Sunday, February 17, season 9 episode 11 called, “The Hobo Games,” and we have your weekly Shameless recap below. On tonight’s Shameless episode, as per the Showtime synopsis, “The finals of the Hobo Games have arrived, and Frank faces off against his friend and greatest opponent while Ingrid grows anxious about his commitment to their future family.

Lip prepares to officially adopt Xan, but his plans collide with Fiona’s party. Debbie starts developing feelings for someone surprising, and Carl excels at the shrimp shack.

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Shameless begins tonight with Frank (William H. Macy) waking up in his makeshift hobo bed, when Ingrid (Katey Sagal) calls him on the phone, saying her and the embryos are pissed about hiding in the basement from Dr. Kwan and she wants him home right now. He tells her that he can’t quit now as he is doing this for the kids and will be home tonight. Mikey (Luis Guzman) taunts Frank about things being rough on the homefront with his lady; but Frank denies it, saying she is just encouraging him to win and come home. He refuses to quit this as he is the Hobo Loco Mofo!

Fiona (Emmy Rossum) wakes up with her head on top of a pizza box, she climbs over several people to use the bathroom before stealing a bottle of oxys from someone’s purse. She is able to escape, laughing at them. Debbie (Emma Kenney) sits with Carl (Ethas Cutkosky), Xan (Amirah Johnson) and Keyy (Jess Gabor) when Lip (Jeremy Allen White) comes into the kitchen, watching everyone enjoy the baked goods Ingrid’s ex, Randy (Andy Buckley) brings over.

Debbie is looking for a new furnace, but Carl says Kelly needs to go to softball camp; she chooses a girls’ day instead. Tami (Kate Miner) rushes into the room, saying she has no problem driving Lip and Xan into the city later.

Veronica (Shanola Hampton) yells for Kevin (Steve Howey), but he tells her to meet him there. He googled vasectomies and won’t get one. She reminds him that he agreed to do this, but she orders him to get out there right now before she does the procedure herself.

The final day of the Hobo Loco challenge is upon them, there are 3 rounds up today. First round, they have to make as much money begging as they can in two hours. Mikey and Frank size up their competition, as they are being tested for their alcohol level; both currently even there.

Xan and Lip are waiting for Tami, when Debbie and Kelly come into the room, looking at the vent that goes into the basement furnace. Lip says Tami is bailing on them, but Debbie and Xan both tell Lip it doesn’t look good for him and his relationship. He thinks they are wrong.

Lori (Sarah Colonna) wants to know if Carl can work in the kitchen, he believes he can. Meanwhile, Kevin talks to a nurse about why his wife can’t take a pill, even though it makes her crazy instead of him getting his testicles ripped off? He is getting a local anesthetic, but he begs to not feel anything from his waist down. He is told he will be in pain for a day or two, with his pain meds already waiting at the pharmacy. The nurse goes under the gown and has no feeling when he is touched. He is told to relax and enjoy the “musack” and be “comfortaball”!

Ingrid comes up to talk to Debbie for advice. Debbie tells her again that Frank will not be for her and the six babies and she should go be with her ex. She insists that Frank can change but Debbie says there is no way. Kelly suggests she tests him to see how he truly feels about her, saying she should tell him she has cancer and dying in 3 days. Fiona walks in, saying if it has a dick it cannot be trusted. When Debbie asks her for money, Fiona says she will be back in 20 minutes to help her out.

Lori introduces Carl to the kitchen staff, telling them to go easy on him since this is his first time working on a line. They tell him that they work until 11 pm and by 11:01 pm they are all outside smoking and blunt and now he is part of that crew.

Mikey and Frank sit with a sign that says “Homosexual War Veterans”, telling them some BS stories about how they were let go from the military because they were gay; even kissing each other to make it believable.

Fiona stands on a corner, where she meets someone who buys her bottle of pills for a wad of cash. Lip is called into the meeting where he tells them he would like to apply to foster a non-blood relative. He reveals that no one knows where her mother is, nor any of her family. Lip is told that no one in their right mind would give him, a 20-something heterosexual male a young girl. He learns he simply can’t take a child in and start fostering her!

Kevin signs the paperwork, told the doctor will be with him momentarily. He stares around the room, but when he hears a man whimpering he beings to panic.

Lip is busy filling out forms with Xan; saying he would have to get a bunk bed with Debbie. He is frustrated that Xan needs to sleep somewhere, saying he will buy the bed and they can figure it out from there. A drunk Fiona walks in, giving Debbie money for the utilities and anything else she owes; asking them not to wake her.

Kevin comes out in a wheelchair, telling Veronica that it is all done. He wheels himself out, as she tells him she is so proud of him.

The semi-finals for the Hobo Loco is the “Southside Emergency Room Challenge”. The closest hospital boasts the longest waiting time in all of Chicago – 11 hours. Their challenge is to get seen by a doctor in an hour or less; Mikey and Frank begin to work their strategy.

Lip brings Xan into the shop, asking Brad (Scott Michael Campbell) for a socket set to build the bunk bed. Lip hugs his friend JZ who has been clean for 100 days; he needs a sponsor and Lip says he will meet with him in the morning at 8 am. Brad is confused when Lip asks about Tami, saying he hasn’t heard anything but she might not be cool with the whole Xan thing. He says all women want to be asked about everything as Lip thinks it is crazy for Tami to even think there is an option.

Veronica is running around, trying to pamper Kevin, worried about him. She says he is supposed to ice it every 20 minutes as he takes the pain meds. She wonders if he will be okay watching the kids today, but when he is severally stoned, she knows he can’t and brings them to Debbie and Kelly.

At the ER, all the hobos are in there for various reasons. Mikey brings out a knife and gets Frank to cut both their hands, they quickly drink the blood and act like they are coughing it up. A “Code Red” is called, they are brought in by wheelchairs and into quarantine immediately. Meanwhile, at home, Fiona barges down the stairs when there is a pounding on the door.

It is child social worker, Peter to see Lip, but when he learns that Lip is gone but Xan is there. He is there to do a home safety test, opened by Lip. She allows him to come in and he spots an open floor in the hole as Fiona explains that Debbie is qualified to do it. He sees the other children in the playpen, and Fiona is unable to call Debbie, who is supposed to be watching them too. Fiona says she was there, but he questions that she just said she was sound asleep. She says Xan sleeps on the couch most of the time, but promises they are taking really good care of her. Fiona brings DCFS worked, Peter upstairs for a tour too.

Outside, Debbie and Kelly are playing with the water hose outside. Fiona brings Peter out to meet her, but she has no idea who he is and he feels there is nothing else to question nor see, excusing himself. Fiona runs after him, as Lip and Xan come in. Lip is willing to take over for the tour, but he learns Fiona did it already. Peter says he is busy as Lip pleads for him to come back in a couple hours, but Peter apologizes, saying he is done there!

Carl is sitting outside the restaurant with the kitchen crew. He shows them a photo Kelly just sent him of her and Debbie; everyone thinks the picture is of two hot lesbians. He tells them it is his sister and girlfriend, but they all feel Debbie is “macking” on his girl.

Lip confronts Fiona, who shouts back that she isn’t a mind reader and this isn’t her fault. Lip says the old Fiona would have covered for everyone and he doesn’t expect her to be drunk in the middle of the day. She laughs at him saying she is tired of playing “Susie Sunshine” and if she wants to be drunk in the middle of the day, that is her business. Lip storms out of the kitchen as Fiona tears up.

At the bar, Veronica shares that Kevin has a vasectomy. Both patrons, tell her she needs to be nice to Kevin as he is going through some serious business “down there.” The phone rings at the bar, and Veronica learns that Kevin never had the procedure, and they are calling to reschedule. She wants to know what is going on since his pain level is a 10 and he is taking the pain meds. Kevin, in the meantime is home, dancing and enjoying everything he can’t when Veronica isn’t home, including watching porn.

Lip calls Tami, leaving another message knowing she is getting off work soon but he is going to a meeting as he needs one. He explains he had a shitty day, asking for her to call him back. Carl comes home with food from work, seeing Kelly and Debbie drunk and laughing like crazy. Kelly goes upstairs to change clothes from Debbie’s closet. Carl confronts Debbie about trying to steal his girlfriend; Debbie plays along saying Kelly could eventually turn out gay as she has the vibe. He tells her to cut it out.

Fiona comes down, concerned that she can’t get a hold of Lip and needs to find him; Xan tells her that Lip might be at the shop.

Frank and Mikey are blindfolded, appreciating each other before the final challenge starts for them; the two final hobos. The final test is for fifty thousand dollars, but both get edgy when they hear a train horn approaching. The host explains that they are to jump onto a moving train and the hobo who is on the train at the finish line wins, but they first must drink 4 shots of the Hobo Loco. Ingrid stops Frank, saying she is in pain, spotting, and worries that she is losing a couple of the babies. Frank tells her to sit on the comfortable benches and he will be back in a few minutes. She demands to know if he will come with her or not. He walks away from her, saying he loves her but will be back after he wins this.

Fiona arrives at the shop where she runs into Jason (JZ). He says Lip isn’t there as she acknowledges that Lip is avoiding her because she screwed something up for him, but it appears she owes everyone an apology. He suggests that she talk to him about it. She says “shit is going down!” She is broke, living back home, boyfriend is married, got fired and went to jail. She punched a racist and is now facing an assault charge and today she sold drugs.

She laughs, saying it was fun and now she is in a fkd up the place, wondering if he has ever been there. He knows what she is talking about. She talks about all the motorcycles, talking about hopping on one of them. He keeps looking at the alcohol and finally asks her for the bottle, which she willingly gives. She continues talking about how she taught herself to ride a bike, as JC stares at the cup of booze in his hand.

Lip catches Tami leaving her work. She tells him it is not a good time and he needs to slow his roll. He tells her about DCFS and Fiona answering the door drunk. Tami says this isn’t about Lip, revealing she is pregnant. She feels insulted but is sure the baby is Lips. She doesn’t know what they are going to do, but their talk is interrupted when Jason calls Lip. Tami says she needs to go as Lip tells her they need to talk about this. She feels it is okay if he wants to call her later, or not, but leaves. Lip finally answers his phone to shocking news.

Mikey and Frank are extremely drunk, talking about how they can work together and split the money. Frank says there is no “we” in “win”, the countdown is on and both begin to run beside the train. Frank falls but is able to surpass Mikey, both jumping to the dirt as the train passes the finish line with neither one of them on it. Frank wants the big fat check, but the stipulation neither of them knew about is whoever has the biggest social media following wins and it is Gloria from University, as she posed topless for fans. Mikey and Frank give each other the middle finger before walking away.

Frank takes his jacket and a bottle of Hobo Loco juice before leaving the train yard. Carl comes down, finding Kelly and Debbie enjoying popcorn. Carl tries to spend some time alone with Kelly, but she is staying with Debbie to watch “Showgirls”. He pushes Kelly to come upstairs with him, but she doesn’t.

Lip rushes to sit with Jason, who is sorry for screwing up. He washed 100 days down the drain, but Lip says they all have slipped; what is important is getting back up. Lip finds out it was Fiona who brought Vodka and he drank it, then he called his guy to shoot up drugs. Jason feels it was his fault, as he asked her for it. Lip reassures him that he is a good guy, but he breaks down crying as Lip holds him.

Veronica comes home, telling the kids to go to bed. Kevin says his pain level is a 12, as she mocks him about being so brave. She brings the stuff to make him his hot wings, but it is a lot of work after being on her feet all day. She wants to check his wound to make sure it is not infected. She tells him to show it and not be shy. Kevin says he has a lot of gas, but she grabs his crotch, making him admit he never had the surgery but will rebook it right now. She storms off, as he asks if she is still making the wings.

Frank finds Ingrid leaving. She says it was a test and he failed, as she was lying about the miscarriage and he failed miserably. She says Randy is going to take care of her, with her reducing the pregnancy to two. She doesn’t think Frank is good enough for her as he will always love alcohol more than her and the kids. Randy gives him paperwork, wanting him to sign over rights to the kids. Randy offers him 5 grand, but he says 10. Randy writes the check as Ingrid gets in the car.

Fiona returns home, upset that she missed showgirl. She pours herself a drink, talking about Carl shoving candy corn up his nose. Lip angrily tells Fiona that Jason was 100 days sober, his sponsee and she just got him drunk. He shouts, extremely mad, causing everyone to stare at him in shock. She isn’t sad for Jason, but sorry. She doesn’t think she is at fault. Lip tells her that Jason shot up heroin after she left him. She didn’t know but Lip feels she didn’t care enough to know. He tells her to listen to him as he wants her out of the house. She smirks as he walks away.

Frank walks in, sitting on the chair, asking what he missed. Fiona’s eyes fill up with tears.


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