Sister Wives Finale Recap 04/21/19: Season 10 Episode 13 “Tell All Part 2”

Sister Wives Finale Recap 04/21/19: Season 10 Episode 13 "Tell All Part 2"

TLC’s reality show about a polygamist family Sister Wives returns tonight with an all-new Sunday, April 21, 2019, season 10 episode 13 called “Tell All Part 2” and we have your weekly Sister Wives recap below. On tonight’s Sister Wives season 10 episode 13 as per the TLC synopsis, “The looming question about the motive behind Meri’s desire to buy the bed-and-breakfast is finally answered.”

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Part II of Sister Wives picked up on the most contentious issue from this season. Unfortunately, it was Meri’s Bed & Breakfast that got to the adults in the family. It was originally planned that Meri opens this business and have her mother run it but there had been some questions at the time if Meri was buying this other house as a means to leave the family. She was buying a property in a different state and everyone knew that she wasn’t in a good place in her marriage to Kody. Kody also didn’t see her house as a good enough investment and so he thought Meri was buying it more for sentiment than business. And if she was going do that then there was nothing to stop her from just moving there.

Meri told everyone that she wasn’t going to move there. She even went through such an uphill battle to purchase this house because she wanted to run it as a business and have the property back in the family. She was in Flagstaff now and so she proved that she wasn’t going anywhere, but this was a case of needing to see it. They needed to see Meri pack up her old house and come with them. They have stopped questioning her commitment to them and Meri also wasn’t closing herself off anymore. She was speaking to them about her struggles as she did on this past season and she realized that she felt like she was on the outside looking in because she didn’t have a good relationship with Kody. And it was hard to be a sister wife when someone doesn’t feel like a wife.

Christine probably said it best. She said it was hard as a sister wife to have another relationship with this woman that was basically sharing her husband with her. Christine herself knew Meri’s struggles because there was a time when she felt distant from Kody and so she didn’t want to see him have a better relationship with another woman. It led to breakdown to a lot of relationships she had with the others and in a sense, she pulled away from Meri long before Meri pulled away from her. Christine and Meri used to have a great relationship because when it was merely Meri and Janelle the two women were arguing all the time and so the addition of a third wife helped create a balance.

The adults were asked about their children and if they would ever encourage their kids to live a polygamous lifestyle, but they mostly left it to their kids. They’ve seen examples of bad sister wife relationships and on bad days they sometimes doubt if the principle was right for them. Janelle said that the first five, then, and twenty years weren’t that great. She struggled with Meri in the beginning and now that she’s been married twenty-six years she says the last six years she has found her stride. The adults were asked if their children have thought about plural marriage and the only one that has truly consider it was Aspyn because she married Mitch. Mitch also comes from a plural marriage background and he wouldn’t mind living it as well. And so he left to Aspyn.

Many just assume that it’s the husband that decides if he’s going to get married again, but the truth is that it’s more the women. The women go to their husbands with a possible suggestion and often the potential wives would approach the wife to make an introduction because that’s just how it’s done. It’s not seedy or lecherous at all. The fact some people think that’s what happens in these situations is a misconception. It was actually Meri that pointed out Robyn to Kody and Kody had to pray on this decision before he realized it was the right one. He and his family approached Robyn in courtship and she was on over. She didn’t think she was going to live the principle until it happened and so the same might be said of Aspyn.

Aspyn is saying “no” for now. She still might change her mind and so unless anything happens she’s just fine with no sister wives. Maddie didn’t want them either and neither did Mykelti. The only one that seriously thought about it when they were young was Mariah and this was before she realized she was gay or met her now fiancée Audrey. Audrey and Mariah were living together in Chicago and soon they’ll get married. So the family was looking towards the many events that will come their way. They have another wedding to plan and they’re expecting another grandchild from Maddie and Caleb. There was no news with Mykelti because she and her husband were happy with being parents to their dogs. And so again who knows what will happen.

The family was finally in a good place and looking back it was noted that their sessions with Nancy helped them to develop healthy relationships. Their friend and counselor helped them to see that if their family was to work that they had to be open and feel like they were in a safe enough environment to want to share. The adults even started to sound a little like Nancy with the way they talk about safe space and the health of their relationships but they can laugh about it now. They could also laugh about everything else and they have.

They ended tonight’s episode going over their dancing and they really can’t dance but they do have fun.