Sister Wives Recap 03/17/19: Season 10 Episode 8 “Aspyn’s Royal Wedding”

Sister Wives Recap 03/17/19: Season 10 Episode 8 "Aspyn's Royal Wedding"

TLC’s reality show about a polygamist family Sister Wives returns tonight with an all-new Sunday, March 17, 2019, season 10 episode 8 called “Aspyn’s Royal Wedding” and we have your weekly Sister Wives recap below. On tonight’s Sister Wives season 10 episode 8 as per the TLC synopsis, “Aspyn and Mitch are getting married with bagpipes, kilts and lots of flower girls.

It’s a perfect day but the officiant has lost his voice and the Browns are stressing because they now have to move to Flagstaff within a month.

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The family discussed the move one final time before the wedding. Everyone knew how much Aspyn wanted the attention on herself in the lead up to this wedding and so her parents gave themselves a couple of days to panic on the other stuff. Like how they had bought the land in Flagstaff and it was going to be some time before they begin building, therefore, the family needed to find places to rent. Christine was downsizing and so she didn’t need as much space as she had now, but all of Robyn’s children were coming with her and she knew she needed enough space for them. Robyn went on to find a seven bedrooms house to rent and even Janelle was seriously considering a place. The only one that didn’t find a place was Meri.

Meri was more concerned about location. She wanted to live in the downtown area for once because she wanted to be near everything and not have to deal with inconvenient traffic, but she was beginning to concern her family as she was drawing out the process. Meri didn’t hide how much she didn’t like the area they were moving to and so everyone was whispering if she was truly going to come with them. They’ve asked her several times in the past and she said she was coming. Meri even grew frustrated with how many times they were going to ask her that because she said she would have mentioned it if she suddenly decided to change her mind. She hasn’t and so she was still going.

It was just everyone continued to doubt Meri’s word as she was fine with being the last one behind. Meri said her focus was first on Mariah and moving her daughter to Chicago, but she also brought up how she was following behind the rest of them and would eventually join them in Flagstaff. She wasn’t going to stay on in Las Vegas and live next to total strangers while her family was gone. She was going to join them and so the family needed to let go of their misgivings. They’ve beaten a dead horse by asking Meri over and over again about if she was coming and now was the time to either trust her at her word or wait to see what happens when the move actually occurs. The family ran out of things to say about the move and so it was finally time to get into wedding mode.

The family first had to gather to travel to the wedding site and that alone was a hassle. They had needed a good fifteen cars to get everyone there along with their stuff, but the worst part about it was Kody’s complaining. He doesn’t it like it when the family takes too many cars. He thinks they could travel by just one car per wife and ignores how he also likes taking his own car. One of his wives brought up and another said why don’t they follow Kody’s idea on the next one. How will he liked it once they take minimal cars and have no place for their stuff? Everyone knew that Kody would freak and so they had a laugh at his expense. It was literally impossible for such a large family to make a little footprint and the wives knew that Kody would learn that lesson the hard way.
The traveling aside, the family had no problem with making it to the venue and so they began getting everything in order. They talked to the wedding officiant who was Meri’s brother-in-law and Kody’s best friend through the man himself couldn’t say much. Nathan had lost his voice and he was hoping that it would return in time for the wedding. He didn’t say anything while he was visiting to reserve his voice and in the meantime, the mothers finally got the chance to see their wedding hats. They weren’t hat people for every day and so it was just for this one wedding because Mitch’s mother creates hats for a living. She was pretty good at it too. The mother-in-law created four very different hats and the majority of the sister wives liked them.

Meri’s house was kind of usual because it was like a flower tower, but everybody had said that it was edgy and while Meri didn’t see it herself she was willing to work with edgy. She pretended to like her hat and she didn’t insult Mitch’s mother. So it all worked out! The rest of the wedding preparations weren’t half as easy. Kody had needed to figure out what to do with his hair because he’s had a bad hair year and so he went with the curly option. He curled up his hair and even did the same with one of his daughters that was struggling to make a decision. And so the final days up to the wedding had flown by because they didn’t have to work as hard on this one as they did with the others.

Then again the wedding venue that Aspyn and Mitch picked out had come with a complete wedding package and so that’s why it easier on everybody. All the wedding guests had to do was get dressed. Kody and some of the guys had to get into their kilts. It was a unique experience for Kody who was still trying to navigate wearing a kilt and so bending down for the first time had come as a surprise to him. Kody didn’t know that his kilt picks up in the back when he did that and so he flashed the groomsmen once accidentally before doing it on purpose. He had fun with it and he had been looking forward to walking Aspyn down the aisle. Aspyn had gotten dressed with all of her mothers there and she later met her father on the steps.

Aspyn didn’t want the bridesmaids or such a large fuss, but while she may have settled for a bigger wedding than what she wanted she still didn’t want the adult bridesmaids. She had the little kids proceed her and her youngest sister had been a laugh as flower girl because she dropped all the flowers at once. But the rest of the wedding had been beautiful. Not even a still whispering Nathan could have taken away from the moment and so the couple had been really sweet when they said the vows they had written themselves. They promised to be there for each other and love each other as always. They also giggled through the ceremony itself and couldn’t help making jokes to each now that they’re husband and wife.

Mitch was very shy. He didn’t like talking too much and tends to leave it to Aspyn to decide, but he truly cares about her and one of the ways he showed it was by not smashing the cake in her face. Aspyn hates that and she was glad he didn’t do it though she went ahead to do it to him. The bridal couple also had fun on the dance floor. They’ve been practicing their dance for little more than a month and they did it to a song that held special meaning to them. It turns out they had both been thinking about this song when they first met and so “Dream A Little Dream” was a sweet dance. Aspyn went on to dance with her father and the rest of her family. And her father got into a dance-off with Hannah the mother-in-law.


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