Suits Premiere Recap 07/17/19: Season 9 Episode 1 “Everything’s Changed”

Suits Premiere Recap 07/17/19: Season 9 Episode 1 "Everything's Changed"

Tonight on the USA Network their critically acclaimed drama, Suits returns with an all-new Wednesday, July 17, 2019, episode and we have your Suits recap below. On tonight’s Suits season, 9 episode 1, “Everything’s Changed”,as per the USA Network synopsis, “Harvey and Samantha fight to keep Zane’s name on the wall; Alex warns Louis of the consequences.”

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Suits Season 9 Premiere begins with Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) in bed with Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty), admitting to her that he wished he came to his senses sooner; just before they fall asleep they realize that everything has changed. Meanwhile, Samantha Wheeler (Katherine Heigl) receives a phone call from Katrina Bennett (Amanda Schull) while she is at the gym. Katrina says she was in the officer early in order to deal with the Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce) situation when the call came in. She orders Samantha to get into the office immediately.

Donna phones Rachel, revealing that it happened; but hangs up when Harveywalks into the room. He mocks her saying that he knows she told Rachel and she better hope she gets the message before he listens to his. Louis confesses that he is glad he came over the previous night and plans to come back tonight, but before he can explain to her what changed his mind and made him come over there is a knock at the door and Donna tells him that she knows who it is and “it is bad!”

They decide to chance fate and Donna opens the door to Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) who acknowledges they are still in the same clothes from the previous night but jumps to the conclusion that they were up all night trying to figure out how to handle the Zane situation. He doesn’t care that they left him out of the strategy, but as long as they came up with a solution. Harvey says that Donna is great at releases and she returns the compliment as Louis says he released a statement this morning; Donna agrees with it, saying it is great saying they are still behind their partner. Once Louis leaves, Harvey can’t understand how Louis is such a great lawyer and can’t see what is right in front of his face; Donna reminds Harvey that he didn’t see it for 12 years either. Donna feels they shouldn’t reveal their news when there is so much blowback coming from the hearing. She reminds him it is not the time, suggesting he goes home and prepare to fight for Robert’s good name.

Alex Williams (Dule Hill) is going for his morning jog when he is stopped by Stephen Falkner who is from the NY Bar. He says he showed a lot of courage for him exposing Robert Zane; he admits it wasn’t easy as Stephen reveals he is there to take the next step of removing Zane’s name from the letterhead. Alex knows what Robert did was wrong, but doesn’t feel it is his call. He is advised to take his side when they go to court.

Donna calls Thomas Kessler (Sasha Roiz), asking him if he is free for lunch and to call her back. Harvey meets with Samantha feeling they need to lock some of Robert’s clients away but she informs him that 3 have already left the firm; it gets worse because she phoned another 6 clients and they will not return her calls; both fearing that someone already poisoned the well. She shows him a memo that went out 2 days prior, feeling it is the same man who is trying to take down Robert and just went after Harvey. She informs him they are going to pay a visit to Eric Kaldor (Jeffrey Nordling).

Alex comes to see Thomas, who is furious that he was forced to lie the day before and insists that Alex can make this right. Alex appreciates what he did, apologizing for how everything turned out.

Samantha and Harvey wait at the ice rink to see Eric who comes off the ice, mocking them about being too busy cleaning up Robert’s mess to come to play hockey. Samantha and Harvey warn him that they’re not going to stand by and allow him to ruin a man’s reputation and steal all his clients. Samantha reminds him that the entire firm is fighting him, but Eric taunts her saying if it wasn’t for Harvey, all of Robert’s clients would still be at her firm. She says he can try to drive a wedge between all of them, but Eric says the only way to end this is for Harvey to give him 10 of his clients; after he calls Samantha “sweetpea” she grabs him by the throat and says he didn’t drive a wedge between them; advising him to call her sweetpea one more frigging time. Eric tells them to think about his offer but if she lays a hand on him one more time he will have her disbarred and disgraced; Samantha rolls her eyes.

Louis tells Alex that Harvey and Samantha are working on keeping Robert’s clients so they may need backup. Alex informs Louis that he can’t even keep his own clients since Kessler left them for lying for them at the hearing. Alex says he got approached by the NY Bar and if they don’t take down Zane’s name, they will do it for them. Louis wants to know why Alex is so worked up, but he says he has been punched in the gut two times in the past hour and he can’t just stand by; Louis says he will check out the laws and if they can’t do what they are threatening then they can go screw themselves.

Harvey thanks Samantha for not allowing Eric to drive that wedge, impressed with how she acted. She isn’t tempted, but the one thing she learned from Robert is if one teammate is being attacked, you don’t leave their side. She suggests the best defense is a good offense. Harvey laughs, as he is reminded how much alike they are, toasting to going on the offense. Samantha thanks Harvey for checking up on her the previous night because she was hurting; wanting to know why he up and left. He admits he was hurting too and she believes he needed to be alone, something he didn’t correct. She knows it is tough for him, knowing what Robert gave up for him; both promising to go after Eric.

Donna receives a call from Thomas, who apologizes for not returning her call and firing Alex had nothing to do with them as he was just business. He reminds her that she said everything she needed to say yesterday, and he doesn’t need her to soft-peddle it; suggesting maybe they get together another time, both saying their goodbyes.

Meanwhile, Louis comes home, revealing the bar wants them to take Robert’s name down. He is told that all the students who were going to apply at the firm, are holding back feeling if he is not going to distance himself from someone who has been disbarred then he doesn’t care about the reputation of his firm. He refuses to do it, even though Jessica’s name has been removed because she was guilty. He confides in her that Robert took a huge bullet for Harvey and Donna. She reminds him that he doesn’t have a choice but she informs him that if she didn’t know him the way she does, she would feel the same way her students do about it.

Donna talks to Harvey, who admits he is not going to be there tonight. She knew it since she told him to put on his armor. He admits he didn’t tell Samantha about them, he lied to her, letting her believe that he wanted to be alone last night. Donna understands him not wanting to hurt someone, telling him that she and Thomas ended things; saying he never knew they were still together. She swears Harvey didn’t do anything wrong; he thanks her and hangs up. Samantha walks in with files, already thinking like Harvey and going after Ellen Rans.

Louis calls Henry, saying it is not a social call. He informs him they don’t have a single applicant from any of the top ten schools, asking if he can steer some of them towards the firm. Henry reminds him he is not a recruiter, Louis wants to come to one of his lectures, suggesting he be one of his keynote speakers, but Henry says there is no way they would allow him to be a keynote speaker. Louis pleads with him, saying he has nowhere else to turn for help. He agrees to help, only if Louis tells him the truth. Louis says if he has figured out that Robert didn’t do this, then he can figure out the rest for himself. He demands to know how Harvey could have done this on Louis’ watch. Henry says he is only concerned about Louis; who angrily tells him to concern himself with what he asked him before the end of the week.

Samantha and Harvey work on the individual people, who insist they cannot ignore Robert Zane problem; both denying they have a problem and stand by Zane, who is a great lawyer and an even better person. People say they will only consider working with them if they let Samantha Wheeler go too, but she is adamant she isn’t going anywhere either. They will not sign with them and if they think anyone else will, they are not the great lawyer’s everyone else have said they were.

Samantha calls Harvey, demanding to know where he is because if they don’t figure something out soon; Eric will end up with all the clients. She admits to Louis that things are not going well with Zane’s roster. He knows their reputation took a hit, but they have to stand tall. She isn’t sure about their theory and since she cannot get a hold of Harvey, she has to wonder if he even gives a shit about this at all. Louis lets it slip that Harvey does care, as the night this happened he spent the entire night at Donna’s trying to figure out what to do. Samantha sits back, telling Louis this is good to know and he might have just given her an idea on how to keep Robert’s clients at all.

Alex receives a call from Stephen Falkner and reveals he knows they don’t have any precedent to take out Zane’s name. Falkner informs him he is not there to just check-in, but for him to also become a managing partner; revealing they have the authority to make changes to a firm’s leadership when it fails. He won’t betray his partners as he likes them and reminds “Steve” that he is already facing consequences, so his threats are idle; telling him to “go to hell” and to “go fk himself!”

Harvey finally returns to Samantha’s office, saying he was trying to come with some good news but failed. She informs him that they are going to give Eric what he wants – Harvey’s clients. She says things have changed and advises him to suggest he ask his girlfriend; revealing she knows that he went to be with Donna and knows they were not talking all night. She tells him to skip up until the part that he is giving up his clients. He insists she is jealous but she says she lost everything that night as Robert was everything to her and she lost him because of Harvey who was too busy having a little romp with the person whose fault this really was. She tells him if his answer is “no” she is going to put him through the wall.

Sheila comes to see Katrina, admitting they don’t like each other but they will both kill for Louis and they need to work together. Katrina admires Robert but doesn’t think his name should stay on the wall; Katrina agrees to do it but Sheila wants her name left out of it, saying she was out at a book club meeting. Katrina stirs the pot, saying she should pick another book as he would probably want to read it with her, suggesting another book that is about hockey; something he would never like. Sheila tells Katrina that her beauty is a turn-off and she might want to front that a bit.

Harvey tells Donna that Samantha knows and isn’t taking it well. Donna doesn’t blame Samantha for that but he says Samantha had some very harsh words; and it sounds like she is spoiling for a fight so Donna tells him to get into the ring at the gym in the morning with her and allow them to get it over with; saying the most pissed off person wins and if he doesn’t give her the fight he is not protecting her; he is disrespecting Samantha.

The following morning, Harvey has gloves on, where Samantha refuses to fight him. She wants to put him through the wall but she doesn’t want him to feel bad when she does it. He taunts her, saying she is in the ring with the man responsible for disbarring her mentor. She advises him not to do this but she begins swinging and the fight is on; neither one hitting lightly, with Samantha knocking him out cold.

Katrina comes to see Alex’s office, saying they need to talk before the building is crawling through. She says the longer they keep Zane’s name on the building the worse it will be. It will come down to a vote, and she reminds him that he owes her as this is the right thing to do. He confesses that Robert didn’t do this, but it doesn’t matter because he said he did. Alex relents, saying he will get Louis to agree.

Samantha and Harvey continue to spar with words but neither one wants to fight again. He agrees to give up his clients to Eric but she admits that Robert wouldn’t want this either. She says they will fight for his clients and keep who they can keep, but Zane’s name is to stay up no matter what. Harvey agrees he can live with that.

Louis is in his office when Henry calls him; he tells Louis not to think twice about this but Harvard students are not going to be fooled by his speech, they will respond to his actions; reminding him that he needs to stop avoiding the one action that needs to be done. Alex walks in, seeing Louis got some bad news. Alex is there to talk to him about their reputation; saying that even Katrina knows this is the right thing to do. He tells Louis that he has been approached about taking over Louis’ position; worrying they if this is what they can do, what else can they do. They need one more person’s vote, feeling Harvey is their only chance and he won’t like it. Louis says he may agree if he sees Harvey by himself.

Harvey is on the phone with clients, saying there is nothing left to say; hanging up when Louis walks in. Louis says they are losing too many clients and need to put an end to this and take down Robert’s name. He says the bar is up to their asses and if they don’t do this, they won’t have any associates next year. He says Harvey’s vote will happen, something Samantha overhears, reminding Harvey that he gave her his word. She says if he does this, she will be gone and he will be lucky if she doesn’t tell the bar what really happened. She storms out but Louis feels they need to close up shop if his name stays up.

Harvey says they need to simply keep Robert’s clients and he knows exactly where to start. Harvey walks into Eric’s office, telling him he is backing off and backing off now. Eric learns the clients are Harvey’s, suggesting he takes the win and goes home. Eric promises to treat the clients well as Harvey orders him to never say a bad word about Robert again.

Donna finds Samantha, informing her that Harvey gave up his clients to Eric; he does have one more, but it is one of his favorites, so Donna hands over the file. Harvey wanted to make a gesture, saying this is 100% his idea but she wanted to deliver this, saying she put herself over the firm and it cost Samantha dearly. She doesn’t know if she would have done it any differently. Samantha confesses that Robert left the firm for something he felt responsible for years earlier and for what it is worth he is gone. Donna reminds her they are both there to pick up the slack.

Alex tells Katrina that he still owes her, but she says he did that when he went to convince Louis. Alex knows he doesn’t owe her but that doesn’t mean she won’t come knocking. Katrina wonders if he knows something she doesn’t but he tells her it is nothing worth telling her and bids her goodnight.

Donna wonders why Harvey asked her to meet him at an apartment. She feels it isn’t crazy that he created a fake tenant and kept the place the entire time. He tells her that she reminds him of all the things he lost but now it shows him everything he should accept. He tells her it feels like they have always been together. He thought he was going to lose everything at the hearing, he didn’t but felt empty. He won and she wasn’t there, but that night everything finally made senses. He is finally where he is supposed to be, she agrees for herself too. He tells her the name he put on the fake lease was the name of the kid who never showed up for the interview; he says that is what he loves about her and they kiss.

Louis walks to the elevator, staring at the names on the wall; but a woman walks off instead, saying she is Faith Lee and there on behalf of the NY Bar Association. She gives him a court order, giving her full control of his law firm. Louis shakes his head, she says he is correct and can refuse but if that is the case, tomorrow morning the bar will suspend every partner in this firm for 6 months. Louis is told the only way to avoid that outcome is to sign the document right now.