Survivor Recap 11/13/19: Season 39 Episode 8 “We Made It To The Merge!”

Survivor Recap 11/13/19: Season 39 Episode 8 "We Made It To The Merge!"

Tonight on CBS Survivor airs with an all-new Wednesday, November 6, 2019, Season 39 episode 8 and we have your Survivor recap below. On tonight’s Survivor season, 39 episode 8 called “We Made It To The Merge!,” as per the CBS synopsis, “Castaways enjoy a merge feast before individual immunity is on the line.

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After tribal council Noura tells her tribe that she was told to write Jack’s name down after Jamal pressures her, she tells them it is Kellee. Kellee feels that Noura set her up, it is true, but this means she is backstabbing her two closest people in the tribe. After Kellee denies everything, Jamal doesn’t believe it.

Lairo, day 20, there is an idol frenzy – everybody is looking for one. Kelle is excited, she found the hidden immunity challenge.

There is mail for the tribe, it is time for the merge. The two tribes gather together for a feast and put on their new buffs. Dan was closest to Janet and Kellee and he plans on renewing that. Right now, Tommy has two options, he is just smiling – let the games begin. Elizabeth finds it overwhelming to have the two tribes together.

Tommy tries to convince Kellee and Janet to join the “new” Vokai 2.0. Tommy doesn’t like the way this is looking, everything he tries to pitch the two women is getting shut down.

Kellee bonds quickly with Missy when they discuss how Dan is too touchy. Kellee thinks it is frustrating because they really can’t say anything because it might affect their game. Missy thinks Dan’s touching is very inappropriate. Kellee is hoping that Janet will be the one to put a stop to Dan’s touchy ways.

Tommy is worried about Kellee, she is so smart, she went to Harvard and downplays how smart she is. Lauren agrees, maybe it is time to vote out Kellee.

Kellee is upset, Janet comforts her and feels like she can’t ignore how the girls feel. Her first take on Dan is that he is old school and there are no bad intentions. Meanwhile, Missy tries to convince Elizabeth to vote out Dan even though he hasn’t done anything to her.

Kellee thinks it over, she needs to make game decisions based on what is good for her game and not get emotional about Dan. Lauren goes to talk to Missy and tells her that Kellee is wanting to get her out.

The following morning the producers met with all the players, both as a group and individually. They were cautioned about personal boundaries and reminded that producers are available to them at all times. Based on the outcome of those discussions, the game continued. In addition, producers met privately with Dan, at which time he was issued a warning for his behavior. Producers continue to monitor the situation.

Time for the Immunity Challenge, Jeff shows off the new immunity necklace for individual immunity. Today, the players are going to hold on to a table with three balls on top. Every time they lower that it locks into a new position, making it more difficult. Get too low and their balls will drop. Lose all their balls and they are out. It doesn’t take long for this challenge to become very grueling. It’s down to Aaron and Jamal, both are struggling. Jamal lets go and falls down backward. Jeff is worried that Jamal may need a medic, but he is ok. Aaron wins the first individual immunity.

Missy needed to win that immunity and it sucks. Lauren works on Tommy and Dean to vote out Kellee. Dean has a problem with that, Kellee just saved his life in the game by giving him that immunity idol in the last Tribal Council.

Tommy goes to Aaron and convinces him to vote out Kellee. Meanwhile, Jamal works on Noura to make a move with him, he wants Dan out. Noura is pumped, she wants Dan out. Jamal goes to Janet next and gets her on board – she actually likes the idea, it gives her a great sense of relief. Janet then approaches Elizabeth to get her on board, but she thinks Janet is pulling the wool over her eyes and is going to vote out Missy. Elizabeth tells Elaine, who in turn tells Dan. Whatever happens, Kellee doesn’t have to worry, she has her immunity idol. But, Kellee sneaks off and what does she do? She finds a second idol. The tribe has certainly underestimated Kellee.

At Tribal Council, Dan tells Jeff that trust trumps deception in this game. Jeff asks Kellee if tonight’s game is about trust or deception, she says trust. Tommy says that there is a lot more Vokai than old Lairo, and maybe that is the way to go. Dean, on the other hand, is looking for some trust after his tribe was going to vote him out last week and Kellee saved him. Missy says that tonight is why did you apply for this game and are you good at it.

Time to vote. Kelly asks Lauren if they are ok, she says and nods yes. Jeff tallies the votes, then asks if anyone has a hidden immunity idol that they want to play. Kellee does not play her idol. The first vote is for Dan, then Kellee, Dan, Kellee, Dan, Kellee, Dan, Kellee, Dan, Kellee, Kellee, Kellee. That’s enough, Kellee is voted out and she has two immunity idols in her pocket; I believe that it a first.

Janet can’t believe it, this was a vote for standing up for what is right, not about the game. She is feeling very betrayed on a moral level, then she finds out that Tommy and Lauren voted for Kellee. Janet was trying to do something for the girls, Elizabeth says she appreciates it, but she wasn’t ready for it.

Janet goes to speak to Dan and tells him that Missy, Elizabeth, and Lauren all went to her crying and freaking out how inappropriate he had been and they were glad that she is back. The talk today was about him, she got played and they crossed the line playing her. The women played her on Dan’s reputation.

Dan speaks to Missy and tells her that Janet just told him something that rips his soul in half. Missy denies everything and says if that were true, they had the power to get him out and he would be gone. Elaine gets in the conversation and says it is something that got misconstrued by Kellee and Janet. Dan goes on to say that Janet is disgusted for them the way they played her. Elizabeth feels that it was never serious, it was just gameplay.

Dan is playing both sides. He then goes to speak to Janet and tells her that the women said they never spoke to her and it is a complete and utter lie. Janet is fuming, Missy was hearsay, but Elizabeth said it right to her face and she plans on confronting them.

Janet confronts Elizabeth in front of Dan and asks her if she said she was uncomfortable and thank God she was back; Elizabeth admits it. Janet leaves and Elizabeth tells Dan that some things had to be said to Janet to get her off her back.

Missy and Aaron are idol hunting, they pass Janet on the beach – she needs an idol, so she follows them. Janet loses them but she doesn’t give up and keeps looking. Janet can’t believe it, she found an immunity idol – she got it from not giving up.

Jamal and Karishma are out walking, they feel like they are the minority in the tribe and don’t know how to get themselves out. All of a sudden, Karishma sees something tied and hanging from a tree, it reads “you found me I’m yours,” and Jamal grabs it. Inside it says to bring it to Island of the Idols, he tells Karishma if It is something good it will be for the two of them.

Jamal leaves for Island of the Idols when he gets there he meets Sandra and Boston Rob. Rob asks him how he got there, and Jamal says he found the note. Jamal takes out the note, it reads, “you just learned a tough Survivor lesson, if it seems too good to be true, it usually is. The minute you grabbed this vote you lost your vote at the next tribal council.” Rob tells him there are no free passes on Survivor, everyone who comes to the island gets a lesson and it was the art of sabotage. Rob says he is going to give him a test. Sandra hands Jamal a note, it is blank. Rob says it is an opportunity, the note can be anything he wants it to be. Jamal has a pencil in his hands, a first on Survivor, and he can write anything he wants on that note. Jamal returns to his tribe and tells them that he got a legacy advantage. Jamal gives the advantage to Dean because it is his birthday. Dean doesn’t trust Jamal and doesn’t like that he put a big target on his back by doing this. Dean asks Dan if it could be fake, he says no.

Time for the Immunity Challenge. Today they are going to hold on to a handle over the water. At regular intervals, Jeff will lower them closer to the water. When the pain becomes too much they will fall into the water and out of the challenge. The last woman and man will win immunity, two people will be safe at Tribal Council. Aaron and Missy win the challenge and are safe from being voted out.

The girls are going to vote for Karishma because this whole time she has been on the bottom, the guys are going to vote for Jamal because he went to Island of the Idols and may be holding something back. Tommy goes to see Janet, tells her she is ok and she should vote for Jamal. Janet went from this wonderful person to the worst person on the earth, and just in case, she is bringing her idol with her.

Time for Tribal Council. Noura tells Jeff that were a lot of upset people after the last Tribal Council. Janet says she thought everyone was voting for Dan because she was told that. Missy says it is not true, her name was going to be written down. Janet says that was true, but then the women went to her and she changed her vote. Janet says it was her mistake, she should not have gotten involved and went with her gut. Aaron says Janet is now acting like a victim and this could ruin Dan’s life. Jeff asks Dan what he is feeling. Dan says that it was inappropriate to bring this into the game. The vote was about trust and deception.

Karishma says perception is a reality in this game. Janet perceived what was going on, and that is because some of the women went to her. Jeff asks Dan if there was a specific incident or moment, or is this just thing that is being said Dan says he works in the industry where the me to the movement was empowered and if anyone feels uncomfortable for anything that he has done, he is truly sorry. He says it doesn’t matter if he knew it happened, it matters how someone feels and he is truly sorry.

And, he thinks what made Janet upset is that it turned into gameplay. Janet says that she is trying to decide if she wants to stay in the game and all she feels is hatred in the last few days. Jeff says it would be a shame to walk away. Jeff summarizes what went down, Kellee shared a story with Janet and this is how it all got started. Time to vote. Jeff asks if anyone has an immunity idol, Janet comes forward. The first vote is for Janet, then Janet, Karishma, Karishma, Karishma, Jamal, Jamal, Jamal, Jamal, Jamal.

Jamal is voted out and is the third member of the jury,