The 100 Recap 5/28/19: Season 6 Episode 5 “The Gospel of Josephine”

The 100 Recap 5/28/19: Season 6 Episode 5 "The Gospel of Josephine"

Tonight the CW series The 100  airs with a Tuesday, May 28, 2019 season 6 episode 5 and we have your The 100 recap below. On tonight’s episode called, “The Gospel of Josephine,” as per the CW synopsis, “Jordan investigates Sanctum. Meanwhile, Octavia and Diyoza discover the threats of the new planet firsthand. Lastly, Bellamy and Clarke butt heads.

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Clarke has fully morphed into Josephine following her procedure. Josephine’s parents are thrilled but nervous. They cannot let those from Earth know what happened to Clarke. They also want Josey to learn more about them while keeping what she is and her people a secret. The people from Earth could be the key to saving them.

Clarke goes to see Madi, Bellamy, John and the others. She lets Madi go to school. Bellamy likes this new attitude, he tells Clarke. Meanwhile, John is upset over Delilah and her memory issues. She doesn’t know who he is and he is confused by what happened to her at the ceremony. No-one will give him answers.

Clarke heads to see her mother who hasn’t slept for days. She is trying to save Marcus. She asks Clarke to take notes for her. Abby picks up on Clarke writing with her right hand and asks why she is doing it. Clarke freaks a little silently and then changes the subject to redirect Abby’s attention.

Clarke sees Bellamy and Murphy head to the palace and let themselves in. She follows them. Bellamy and Murphy head into a room to find Jordan and a bunch of skeletons in a room referred to as Sanctum’s Holiest Place. They learn the skeletons aren’t commanders. They find videos showcasing experiments and procedures. They all watch in horror.

After watching the video, Jordan becomes angry. The girl in the video was not a willing participant. Meanwhile, Charmaine and Octavia are sinking in quicksand after being trapped by the enemy.

Clarke and the other meet up at their local spot within Sanctum. Jordan confronts some of the leaders about Delilah. He is carried away. Meanwhile, Bellamy confronts Clarke alone. She stabs him with a needle in the neck. He drops to the ground.

Charmaine and Octavia are up to their necks in quicksand. The enemy asks how many people have blood alterations. Suddenly, the landscape changes. Bright colors light up the sky. Charmaine gets free but Octavia is stuck. She slides under the sand which freezes. Charmaine saves her.

Abby works to find more ways to save Marcus. Clarke witnesses her meltdown. She needs to save Marcus because he is one of the few good ones. Clarke leaves to see John. He figures out she isn’t Clarke. Josey offers to make him immortal. He wants to hear more.