The Amazing Race Recap 06/05/19: Season 31 Episode 8 “You’re The Apple in My Eye”

The Amazing Race Recap 06/05/19: Season 31 Episode 8 "You're The Apple in My Eye"

Tonight the CBS series The Amazing Race airs with an all-new Wednesday, June 5, 2019, season 31 episode 8 and we have your The Amazing Race recap below. On tonight’s season 31 episode 8 called,“You’re The Apple in My Eye” as per the CBS synopsis, “While in Switzerland, teams are surprised with the first ever public U-turn vote, where racers have to vote in front of each other.”

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Seven teams remain, Tyler & Korey are the first team to depart and drive to the village of Ballenberg where teams will find their first clue. Two by two, the rest of the teams depart.

Rachel has a good feeling that this is going to be a good leg. Nicole & Victor are in last place but Victor has confidence that they can catch up.

In Ballenberg, teams are getting their clues but the place doesn’t open till 7 am which puts all the teams back at the same place.

Rachel & Elissa are trying to make up with Leo & Jamal, but they aren’t. going to trust them.

The gates open and teams race to the Ballenberg community hall where they find Phil. He says that Switzerland believes they have the oldest democracy in the world so it seems only fitting that before they begin this leg of the race, they have a U-Turn vote. This is out loud, this is in front of each other. Every team gets a vote until they determine two teams that have to complete the U-Turn. Phil announces that there are no more non-elimination legs in this race. Rachel & Elissa choose Colin & Christie. Nicole & Victor choose Leo & Jamal. Colin & Christie choose Rachel & Elissa. Leo & Jamal choose Colin & Christie. Becca & Floyd choose Colin & Christie. Tyler & Colin choose Nicole & Victor. Chris & Bret choose Rachel & Elissa. Colin & Christie, Rachel & Elissa are the two teams that are being U-Turned.

Teams run to get their next clue. This Detour involves making hay while the sun shines. Using an old scythe, one team member must cut a layer of grass, the other must rake up behind them. When the grass is properly stacked they will be rewarded with a clue. The next Detour is called Cow Festival and involves teams to dress up a cow and lead them to the party to be judged.

Having arrives last in the previous leg, Nicole & Victor must fold the 26 flags representing the 26 states of Switzerland.

Rachel & Elissa finish the headdress for their cow before Colin & Christie, they get a little head start but then their cow decides that she doesn’t want to walk anymore. Becca & Floyd are the first team to finish making hay, they now have to drive themselves to Oberschwanden to find their next clue. Both U-Turned teams finish making their cow headdress and head over to make hay. On the way, Rachel & Elissa lose their clue and ask Colin & Christie if they can see theirs, they refuse, so Rachel & Elissa keep a close eye and just copy what they are doing.

Tyler & Korey, Becca & Floyd get their next clue, its a Roadblock called Tell’s Test where teams have to use a crossbow and hit an apple target.

Chris & Bret are in 1st place, they hit their apple target and receive their next clue, they have to take a small motorboat to the Pit Stop and find Phil in the beautiful gardens of the Grand Hotel in Giessbach. Tyler & Korey are in 2nd place and on there way to the Pit Stop. Rachel & Elissa are in last place, they need to catch up or they are going to be eliminated.

On the way to the Roadblock, Leo & Jamal get lost and waste about 40 minutes, and give Rachel & Elissa time to catch up.

Tyler & Korey are the first team to arrive at the Pit Stop and they have one a seven-night luxury river cruise. Chris & Bret are the second team to arrive.

Leo & Jamal, Rachel & Elissa just hit their apples within a minute of each other; it is going to be a race to the finish.

Colin & Christie are team number three at the Pit Stop; a U-Turn didn’t stop this team. Becca & Floyd are team number four. Nicole & Victor are team number five. Leo & Jamal are team number six.

Rachel & Elissa are the last team to arrive and are eliminated from the race.